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Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Carnival of Music: Ashes Edition 

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Cricket and music. They go together like tea and toast, trust me. Most people agree that this Ashes contest has been one of the greatest Test series of all time - not least for the fact that we won it!!! - and so (with apologies for some tardiness) this week's carnival is an hommage to the best England team in years.

Opening partnership: the immovable Londonist opens with a post on the controversial selection policies of the Vienna Phil; they're partnered by the fluent Musical Perceptions with a post listing things opera can teach you;

Number three: the role of the flamboyant stroke-maker is taken by Prent Rodgers at Microtonal Podcasts, who presents Podcast1024: Maple Manytet by Bill Sethares, a microtonal take on a well-known Scott Joplin rag;

Number four: the role of gritty heart in the middle of the innings that-should-have-been-played-by-Ian-Bell is instead taken up by Fred Himbaugh, who blogs on the differences between perfect pitch and synaesthesia;

Number five: in a stark change of mood, Helen Radice writes movingly on the sounds of Auschwitz;

All-rounder: the majestic Riddim Method collaborative blog pulls out another big hit, on New Orleans and Clarence 'Frogman' Henry;

Wicketkeeper: some of the best music blogging on Katrina however has come from, here here and here;

Spinner: googlies, wrong-uns and chinamen are bowled by Music for Maniacs who turn a couple of tunes by a Polish Gameboy orchestra from out of the rough;

Fast bowlers: in the spirit of reverse swing, Aaron Wherry presents a selection of nice things said this year about terrible records; the fast bowling attack is led by aworks on what makes an American composer and Gutterbreakz whose latest edition of Gutterbreakz FM is self deprecatingly presented, but contains some excellent exclusive tracks.

12th man: and finally, Kyle Gann's Postclassic Radio turned one at the start of the week.

Chairman of selectors: John at TexasBestGrok. No one is signed up to host nhext week's Carnival, so visit the Carnival homepage to volunteer.

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