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Wednesday, April 10, 2019

Lots O' Lambs

And they are all super always ;-).

Final Frontier Farm, Paris, Kentucky

Tuesday, April 9, 2019

Babydoll Lamb Camp

It's been crazy busy around here, but I was so happy to make a trip out to visit the Bergamascos' Babydoll Brigade this spring, because there's just about nothing cuter than Babydoll Southdown lambs :-).

Monday, April 1, 2019

Peeking In

Several times a day I go peek in on everyone to make sure all is well in the barn.  This is one of my favorite things to do, especially on a sunny, but chilly "winter" day.  As I quietly walked down the barn aisle I noticed Maisie cashed out (one of my most favorite sights) so I quietly walked out, grabbed my camera and snuck back in.

The little darlin'.

Jared, aka Big J, soaking up some sun.

I seldom catch Kaala asleep.  She's always "busy".

Petunia, with Tavia and Clover Belly on the left.


Rebecca Boone, for the first time looking like she might be happy(ish) moved into Easy Breezy.  I've been trying for several days to get her settled in there.  A Cotswold with an opinion... ;-).

Good afternoon!

Saturday, March 30, 2019

Wanna Go To Lamb Camp?

Being as this is a Kentucky Fiber Trail sponsored event, I really should title this post something like "Want To Know Where Your Fiber Comes From?", but who would I be kidding...everyone really just wants to come out and snorgle some baby lambs ;-D.

This spring you actually can come out and experience a busy lambing shed and even snorgle a lamb or two if the mommas are agreeable.  The Kentucky Fiber Trail has put together a central Kentucky area tour that includes our farm (no lamb...yet ;-), Final Frontier Farm (lots o' lambs), Last Move Farm B&BfeltLOOM and Rebelle Yarn Store.  

Each stop is jam packed with fun, experiences, insight and education...on where your fiber actually comes from ;-).  

We hope you join us!

Monday, March 25, 2019

Daniel And His Bell

Let me tell you a story about Daniel.  Don't worry - it's a sweet story with a happy ending :-).  

Daniel is one of our more complicated sheep.  Not "Maisie complicated", but complicated more like an easy going middle child who doesn't demand special attention...but sure would enjoy a little...if someone would just notice him.

Daniel doesn't follow me around, pushing and shoving for back scratches or treats.  He doesn't climb on me or the gate, not letting me through with the hay.  In fact, Daniel is never underfoot.  Daniel is always well behaved and polite...and overshadowed by his rowdy brothers and sisters.

I am aware of this and mostly make sure I've said hello and rubbed his ears and asked him how his day was, but sometimes life gets extra busy and while I always make sure everyone is well fed and in good order, I may not think to take an extra minute to check in more personally with a sheep like Daniel.

When this happens, inevitably Daniel gets "sick"...which immediately gets my notice.  He looks droopy and sad and Eeyore-ish and I check his eyes, his ears, I rub his neck and shoulders and we have a talk about what might be the matter...and if he needs to have his temperature taken.  He never does ;-).

I really don't think he's deliberately faking being sick to get my attention.  I think his feelings are truly hurt and he's a tad depressed and therefore actually "sick".  Luckily a little special attention and some extra nose smooches perk him right up.

Petunia had gotten a small nick on her neck during shearing last week.  Over the weekend I noticed that her collar and bell had aggravated the spot and was not letting it heal properly.  I immediately removed the collar and as I was getting ready to set it on the ground so I could get a better look at her neck, I notice Daniel standing nearby, watching.

"Would you like to wear Petunia's bell for awhile?" I asked. 

I placed the collar around his neck.  He stood still and didn't seem to be at all concerned.  I fastened one side of the buckle and let it hang for a second, ready to remove it if he got upset. Some sheep really don't like the bells.  He moved his head a bit..and the bell tinkled...and special Daniel stood a little bit taller :-).    

Sunday, March 24, 2019

Lamb Camp Begins

Stella and I got to go snorgle some cute lambies yesterday at Tring Farm :-).  I can't decide which picture I like best and I really need to go get busy, so it's a self serve blog today. You can pick your own favorite!