Urban Outfitters would have a cool DIY on how to do wrapping paper, because it's how they roll. Although, there's no way I'm going to have time to do it - but I do like the triangle one! The eyes one would creep me out, but make me laugh.

Anyways, this was my last weekend in Switzerland before I head home to the Midwest for the holidays on Friday - I spent it hanging out with some of my favorite ladies in luzern and having sleepovers. While I'm so excited to see everyone at home, I'm also sad - Switzerland during Christmas is magical with all of the markets, the hot spiced wine, and tucking away in bars with bad music for beers with friends... and Samichlaus running around town (too bad it's not like this hilarious music video which is in German but still a trip) < -- seriously I've watched this almost 20 times now and learned the dance ;)). I will miss it so much!

Happy Weekend!
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