• Who is Better: Niall Farrell V. Ludovic Geillich

    We ask two of the world's best poker players Niall Farrell and Ludovic Guilich to pick who amongst them is better at a wide variety of topics from bluffing to things that are very non-poker related. The two always-entertaining Scotsmen honestly answer questions about one another. Farrell shares a ridiculous story about an elaborate bluff he ran in a Canadian bar.  Teilen:
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  • PN Pod LIVE with High Stakes Poker Breakout Danny Tang

    High stake poker professional Danny Tang, who is a Pro for Natural8, joins Sarah Herring to talk about his life on the poker circuit.He talks about grinding from $1/$2 at his local Manchester Casino to winning at the biggest stakes in the Final Fifty and the EPT Prague High Roller.Tang opens up about
    -High Stakes poker scene-Asian Business poker players-Transitioning to High Stakes-Moving to Hong Kong-Hand in Final Fifty against Brian Rast that changed everything-Natural8Read more about Final Fi
  • PN Podcast LIVE 2019 World Series of Poker Hangover

    WSOP Hangover week—WSOP POY Standings: http://www.wsop.com/2019/poy/——Who goes to WSOP Europe?
    No mixed events in Europe except for PLO—Borgata comes after Ivey’s WSOP winnings:
    http://www.flushdraw.net/news/borgata-phil-ivey-update-judgment-docketing-approved-borg-sought-to-attach-wsop-winnings/—Poker After Dark Recap——Sammartino, Ensan, Berkey, Saliba, Kerstetter.....also Mike Matusow and Randall Emmett——Emmett draws a lot of criticis
  • PN Podcast LIVE Wrap Up 2019 World Series of Poker

    Sarah Herring and Jeff Platt join together to talk about the end of the 50th annual World Series of Poker Main Event.It took him about nine hours and things got a little rocky at times, but Ensan closed the deal. He eliminated both Alex Livingston and then Dario Sammartino across a little under 200 hands of play, securing the historic bracelet for the 50th running of the WSOP, as well as $10 million and poker immortality as the next world champion.He called the moment, the culmination of getting
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  • Highlights & Bloopers from the 2019 World Series of Poker

    The 2019 World Series of Poker had tons of amazing moments.From Nick Shulman winning his third bracelet and David “ODB” Baker winning his 2nd bracelet to WSOP Industry professional Garry Gates making the Main event Final table, the summer was full of non-stop action.Have a look at some of our favorite moments that you might have missed, and others we waited the whole summer to show you.See what Sarah Herring, Sasha Salinger and Oliver Biles didn’t want you to see and moments th
  • Hossein Ensan is 2019 World Series of Poker Main Event Champion!!

    Hossein Ensan had the chip lead every day coming into the final table!But the battle wasn't easy.He had a roller coaster of a day playing against formidable opponents in Alex Livingston and Dario Sammartino.But ultimately Hossein Ensan captured the most prestigious prize in poker and will take home $10,000,000.Sarah Herring talks to Ensan after his victory.For all the details and coverage of the Main Event check out:https://www.pokernews.com/tours/wsop/2019-wsop/main-event/  Teilen:
  • 2019 World Series of Poker Runner-Up: Dario Sammartino

    Dario Sammartino came into the Final Table 7th in chips but put up an incredible battle to finish the World Series of Poker Main Event in 2nd Place.After a lengthy heads up battle, Hossein Ensan raised to 11,000,000 on the button and Dario Sammartino came along out of the big blind.The flop came 10s 6s 2d and Sammartino check-called a bet of 15,000,000.Both rails fell silent on the 9c turn and Sammartino checked once more. Ensan now fired a second barrel of 33,000,000 and Sammartino pushed all i
  • 2019 World Series of Poker 3rd Place: Alex Livingston

    Alex Livingston had an incredible journey in the 2019 WSOP Main Event and managed to finish even stronger than his 13th place finish in 2013.He will take away $4,000,000 for his efforts.Alex Livingston shoved all in from the button for 41.1 million and Hossein Ensan quickly called in the small blind. Dario Sammartino released his cards in the big and the two players showed down:Alex Livingston: Ac Jd
    Hossein Ensan: As Qd
    Both players would pair on the 6d Jh Qs flop but Ensan kept his big lead. T
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  • 2019 World Series of Poker Main Event Final Day!

    Hello everyone and welcome back for your final update from the 50th annual world series of poker.It is the moment we’ve all been waiting for.The most prestigious poker event of the year will crown a champion tonight as the Main Event will play down to a winner as of 5:30 p.m. local time at the Rio All-Suite Hotel and Casino.Out of the second-biggest WSOP Main Event field of 8,569 entries ever in the 50th edition, three different nationalities will be represented when the cards go back in t
  • PN Pod LIVE from 2019 World Series of Poker: The Last Day!

    Sarah Herring and Jeff Platt get together one last time in the Rio's Amazon Room for the 2019 World Series of Poker Main Event Coverage.There are only three players left and life changing money on the line.Hossein Ensan Germany 326,800,000Dario Sammartino Italy 67,600,000Alex Livingston Canada 120,400,000They discuss the bust outs of Kevin Maahs and Garry Gates.You can watch full bust out interviews here:
    Garry Gates:https://youtu.be/0QCPKy9WMVsKevin Maahs:https://youtu.be/whlqFkWIXeY
    To watch t
  • 2019 World Series of Poker 4th Place: Garry Gates

    Garry Gates shoved all in for 29.2 million in the small blind and Alex Livingston woke up toin the big blind.Gates was dominated with .
    Theflop brought some backdoor chances for Gates. The turn closed those off so it was down to needing a river six for Gates. Though his rail chanted enthusiastically for one, the dealer delivered theinstead, harmlessly pairing the board.
    Still, Gates' rail chanted his name.He takes home $3,000,000Gates explains tearfully how this experience has changed his life.H
  • 2019 World Series of Poker 5th Place: Kevin Maahs

    Hossein Ensan raised to 4 million second to act. Kevin Maahs jammed in the small blind for 30.3 million and Ensan called.Hossein Ensan: 9s 9hKevin Maahs: Ah 10hThe Jh 5c 3s flop brought only backdoors for Maahs. The Js turn meant Maahs needed help on the river, but the 4h didn't do it for him.Maahs took home $2,200,000 for his fifth-place finish.He opens about his notorious tanking and why it might just be indicative of his "contrarian perspective."He explains why he decided to play starting on
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  • 2019 World Series of Poker Main Event Final Table: 5 Players Left

    Hello everyone and welcome back to our coverage of the 2019 world series of poker Main event, I’m Sarah Herring and this is what you need to know.The 2019 World Series of Poker Main Event final table began on Sunday evening with nine players remaining from the second largest Main Event field ever of 8,569 players. Hossein Ensan was well out in front with sizable chip lead and Garry Gates was comfortably in second place.
    After a tad more than three hours of play, Ensan remains chip leader.
  • PN Podcast LIVE from 2019 World Series of Poker: 5 Players Left

    Jeff Platt and Sarah Herring sit together before the start of the 2019 WSOP main event 2nd day of Final Table to discuss the action from last night when 9 players still remained.-Milos Skerbic busts in 9th
    -Timothy Su soon after in 8th with pocket 3s-Nick Marchington in 7th-Zhen Cai in 6th who was playing to win itKevin Maahs emerging as Villain:-First the Tankinghttps://twitter.com/dmoongirl/status/1150589019165560832-Then his Rail's behavior during exit from CaiGarry Gates 2nd in chips after h
  • WSOP 2019: Dario Sammartino "Tomorrow I have Nothing to Lose"

    Dario Sammartino opens up to PokerNews after the first day of the 2019 World Series of Poker Final Table.He shares about his experience playing down from 9 to 5 and what he was able to do and not do with his short stack.But, tomorrow, as he says, "Tomorrow, I have nothing to lose."To see the Live Reporting Hand for Hand check out: https://www.pokernews.com/tours/wsop/2019-wsop/main-event/Check out his interview from Day 7:https://youtu.be/t0j8640grwU  Teilen:
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  • 2019 World Series of Poker 6th Place: Zhen Cai

    Hossein Ensan raised to 2,400,000 from the cutoff, Kevin Maahs called from the small blind and Zhen Cai three-bet shoved for 28,700,000 from the big blind. Ensan folded quickly while Maahs confirmed the count before he called.Maahs: 9c 9sCai: As KdThe flop came down Qs Js 7s, keeping Maahs in the lead with his pair of nines.The turn was the 4d, leaving Cai just ten outs to survive.The river was the 2d, no help to Cai, ending his Main Event in sixth place for $1,850,000.To watch the LIVE reportin
  • 2019 World Series of Poker 8th Place: Nick Marchington

    Nick Marchington talks to Sarah Herring after busting the Main Event of the 2019 World Series of Poker.He shares advice for players watching the Main Event.His Bust out hand:Hossein Ensan raised to 2,400,000 from the cutoff, Nick Marchington three-bet all in for 14,000,000 from the button and action folded back to Ensan who called.Ensan: Kc KsMarchington: Ad 7cThe flop came down Jh 8c 6d, not much help to Marchington.The turn was the 5h, though, giving Marchington extra outs to a straight.The ri
  • 2019 World Series of Poker 8th Place: Timothy Su

    Timothy Su Eliminated in 8th Place for $1,250,000 at the 2019 World Series of Poker.
    Timothy Su open-shoved for 17,700,000 first to act and Zhen Cai from one seat over asked for a count. Cai went into the tank and folded, however, it was Hossein Ensan that made the call in the cutoff.Timothy Su: 3d 3cHossein Ensan: Ad JsThe Jh 5c 5d flop improved Ensan to jacks and fives to let the German rail celebrate. Nothing changed with the 10s turn and the Jd river further improved Ensan to a full house.Su
  • 2019 World Series of Poker 9th Place: Milos Skrbic

    Action folded to the small blind, and Garry Gates shoved all in for about 18 million effective.Milos Skrbic quickly called out of the big blind and both players tabled an ace.Milos Skrbic: As JhGarry Gates: Ac QhThe 10d 9h 7h flop brought a little help for Skrbic in the form of a straight draw. The 4d turn was a brick, as was the 5h river, rendering Skrbic the first player busted at the final table.Skrbic will take home $1,000,000!  Teilen:
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  • 2019 World Series of Poker Main Event Final Table

    After a week of 12-plus hour days grinding away at the felt in the Rio All-Suite Hotel & Casino, the 2019 World Series of Poker Main Event has come down to nine players. Nine players and one will walk away with $10 million and poker immortality.Five North Americans and four Europeans. An EPT champion with a monstrous chip lead. A poker industry lifer who crushes the WSOP Main Event. A nosebleed regular with over $8 million in cashes. A little-known software engineer who busted a legend with
  • Keith Tilston Wins WSOP $100,000 High Roller for $2,792,406

    After a sixth-place finish in the $50,000 High Roller for $275,874, Keith Tilston came into the final day of play in the biggest buy-in event of the 2019 World Series of Poker as the chip leader but the only player without a bracelet. That's all changed now after he wins his first WSOP gold bracelet.Converseley, runner-up Daniel Negreanu was the short-stack six-handed but doubled up five times at the final table, eventually falling short and eliminated when his opponent spiked a jack on the rive
  • The Final Table of the 2019 World Series of Poker Main Event

    The 2019 World Series of Poker Main Event. is down to just nine players. The final nine players are all guaranteed $1 million, but of course, each player has their eye on the first place prize of $10 million. The remaining players will have Saturday, July 13th as a day of rest and will return on Sunday, July 14th to play from 9 down to 6 players live on TV.Yesterday, Robert Heidorn was eliminated in 10th place. Alex Livingston busted the final table bubble boy.
    Coming into the final 9 as a massi
  • PN Pod LIVE from 2019 World Series of Poker: Final Table Preview

    Sarah Herring and Jeff Platt come together with the PokerNews Podcast family LIVE from the Amazon room at the Rio All Suite Hotel and Casino to talk about the 2019 World Series of Poker Main Event Final Table.There are only 9 Players left competing for a top prize of $10,000,000!!!
    Seat Player Country Chip Count Big Blinds1 Hossein Ensan Germany 177,000,000 1772 Nick Marchington United Kingdom 20,100,000 203 Dario Sammartino Italy 33,400,000 334 Kevin Maahs United States 43,000,000 435 Timothy S
  • Dario Sammartino - "This is the Best Tournament You Can Play"

    Sarah Herring talks to High Stakes poker player Dario Sammartino Deep in the 2019 World Series of Poker Main Event.Sammartino opens up about a hand he played with Sam Greenwood on Day 6, how being sick might actually make you better at poker and how the WSOP compare to other big tournaments he has played.For more from the 2019 World Series of Poker:https://www.pokernews.com/tours/wsop/2019-wsop/main-event/  Teilen:
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  • 888poker Qualifier Mihai Manole Wins Last Longer Package

    888poker Qualifier Mihai Manole is the last 888poker qualifier in the 2019 World Series of Poker Main Event.For outlasting all his fellow qualifiers he is getting a package into the 2020 Main Event!Manole talks about the experience of being under the lights and besting his former Main Event finish in 122nd place.He shares about a hand he played against Dario Sammartino long into the break.For more from 888poker check out their YouTube page:https://www.youtube.com/user/888behindthescenesTo follow
  • Garry Gates One Time for the Poker Industry People!

    Garry Gates has been well respected in the poker industry for more than a decade.He is also a lover of the game and a player.Like everyone in poker, a deep run in the main event is a dream. Gates admits he is living the dream.Gates talks to Sarah Herring about the moment where his dream could have died deep in Day 6 where he managed to win with AK against KINGS and what his emotional roller coaster was like during that hand.WIth 18 players left Gates seems confident and is chipping up,Could this
  • Latest News from the 2019 World Series of Poker: July 12

    Welcome to your July 12th update from the 50th annual World Series of Poker.It is Day 7 of the Main Event and in the lives of the remaining 32 players left, this is undoubtedly one of, if not THE most critical day of their poker careers so far.But before we delve too deeply into who is left, we must cover who is not.Many people were speculating at the start of play yesterday, with just more than 100 players left that Antonio Esfandiari was a favorite, if nothing else, he was a crowd favorite for
  • PN Podcast LIVE from 2019 World Series of Poker: July 12

    Day SEVEN of the Main!!!!!!***Thanks to our Sponsor Global Poker, the fastest growing poker site in America.
    Global Poker is the home of online poker in America - thanks to their massive weekly tournament schedule and the chance to win through their Jackpot Sit n Go's! With more than one million registered players in the United States. if you are not playing on Global Poker then you are missing out. Head to www.GlobalPoker.com and set up an account today• https://www.pokernews.com/tours/wso
  • Hand Analysis from 2019 World Series of Poker Main Event

    888poker qualifier and High stakes poker regular Sam Greenwood talks to Sarah Herring on Day 6 of the Main Event.1. Greenwood talks about his approach to a tough table draw after taking a hit.
    2.Greenwood analyzes a hand from Day 5 and how he managed to accumulate such a solid stack
    3.Finally Greenwood talks about the approach to the Main Event and how it is completely different than any other event.He also reveals that one must be keenly aware of how others are approaching the main event as wel
  • Latest News from the 2019 World Series of Poker: July 11

    It is Day 6 of the Main Event and what started as eight thousand five hundred and sixty nine has been whittled down to just one hundred and six.I mentioned yesterday that the real pay jumps start around 72 players left when we get to the six figure scores and every decision is rattled with the intensity of that hand and the implied value of the life changing final table everyone is reaching for.As I was walking through the halls of the Rio this morning the vibe has changed considerably from a pa
  • 2019 World Series of Poker Final Fifty Champion Danny Tang!

    The Event #90: $50,000 Final Fifty has now concluded with Hong Kong's Danny Tang topping the 123-entrant field to capture his first WSOP bracelet and the $1,608,406 first-place prize after defeating some of the best high roller players in the world.Sarah Herring talks to Tang about his victory and what it was like to best the absolute best in the world.The final table included Sam Soverel, Brandon Adams, Michael Addamo, Ali Imsirovic, and Keith Tilston.For more information from this event check
  • 2019 World Series of Poker Highlights: Week 6

    Welcome to your weekly Round up from 888poker at the 50th annual World Series of Poker.It is Week 6 and there has been a ton of action, this past week so lets get right into it.Brandon Adams who won the WSOP.com online high roller and explained to Will Shillibier that the jury is still out on exactly what an online bracelet means.https://www.pokernews.com/video/brandon-adams-wins-online-high-roller-for-411-560-12063.htmThe Final Fify concluded today after an incredibly stacked final table, which
  • Latest News from the 2019 World Series of Poker: July 10

    Hello Everyone and welcome to your July 10th update from the 2019 World Series of Poker sponsored by Global Poker, it is Day 5 of the Main Event!! 8,569 players are now 307 according to the clock.As I mentioned yesterday the payout jumps are very slight for the most part until you reach 72 players where we jump into the 6-figure pay days.The players left now are guaranteed about $30K.And for some that payday might matter more than others.One face that probably doesn’t need the money, but t
  • Made a Change in My Life & It's Completely Changed My Life

    888poker qualifier Dean Marrone opens about the choices and changes that have led him the most exciting day of his life!Like many poker players (and basically everyone) he explains how you don't have to stay in a dark spot and it doesn't take anything but the first change.
    He qualified for the World Series of Poker Main Event for $100 on 888poker and now he is at the top of the chip counts! He talks about the experience and how play and players change the deeper you get.You can follow his action
  • PN Podcast LIVE from 2019 World Series of Poker: July 10

    Day Five of the Main Event of 2019 WSOPThanks to Sponsor: Global Poker
    • https://www.pokernews.com/tours/wsop/2019-wsop/main-event/• 354 players left• All former Main Event champs are outo Chris Moneymakero Johnny Chano Qui Nguyen• 888 Poker Qualifier Dean Marrone has chip lead (4.98 million, 208 BB)o Second place has 168 BB• Fun to watch on TV: Antonio Esfandiari (2.58 mil)o Good for the game: Richard Seymour (2.75mil)o Guns show: Olivier Busqu
  • LIVE Facebook about World Series of Poker Circuit in Aruba

    Sarah Herring aka AuntyChardonnay sits down with WSOP - World Series of Poker Vice President Jack Effel and Jaromir Petronilia from Hilton Aruba Caribbean Resort & Casino to talk about the newly announced WSOP-Circuit event!It runs from November 14-24 and is sure to allow time for vacationing as well as the poker we all need.For more details check out:https://www.pokernews.com/news/2019/06/the-world-series-of-poker-is-heading-to-aruba-34324.htm  Teilen:
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  • Latest News from the 2019 World Series of Poker: July 9

    Welcome to your July 9th update from the 2019 World Series of Poker, I’m Sarah Herring and this is the time of the year we all wait for.It’s Day 4 of the Main Event and It's money time in the 2019 World Series of Poker Main Event! After three full days of grinding at the tables, players are finally getting paid.All players starting the day are guaranteed $15K and the pay jumps are pretty small until we get much closer to end of the tournament.There are 1,286 players starting the day
  • Tony "Johnnie Vibes" Moreno WINS Prop Bet w Shaun Deeb

    Earlier in the summer poker Twitter erupted with a case of the poker police calling out several poker players for having unethical markup.Shaun Deeb was one of the players leading the charge to lambast the players he felt were taking advantage of investors.Vlogger and cash grinder Tony Moreno, known as "Johnnie Vibes found himself in the middle of the controversy and decided the best approach was to take an even money bet against Shaun Deeb comparing their ROI in the same tournaments at the 2019
  • The Chainsaw Report: Kessler w Stack on Day 3 of Main Event

    Allen Kessler dishes out another compelling edition of The Chainsaw Report.With heaps of chips on Day 3 of the 2019 Main Event the Chainsaw finds himself in a position he is not used to.He dives into a chocolate chip ice cream incident which we thought was even better if it included the one and only Kelly Minkin.For more of the Chainsaw Report check out:https://youtu.be/ZEsU0Wg44F8And for more from the WSOP 2019 Main event: https://www.pokernews.com/tours/wsop/2019-wsop/  Teilen:
  • The Numbers Are In from 2019 World Series of Poker Main Event!

    Sarah Herring has the latest from the most prestigious poker event in the world.July 8th update sponsored by Global Poker, the home of online poker in America.Day 3 of the Main event, made even more unique this year because we now have the official numbers in from the WSOP.There number of entries totaled 8,569 which makes it the 2nd largest Main Event since 2006!Or as I like to call it, the biggest main event since the official poker boom.That is a 9% increase folks, so not only is poker not dea
  • PN Podcast LIVE from from 2019 World Series of Poker: July 8

    PokerNews Podcast Hangout night tonight at PH!https://www.pokernews.com/news/2019/07/pokernews-family-of-podcast-hangout-night-34434.htmo Global Poker is the home of online poker in America -
    • Official Numbers are in:o 8,569 players (9% increase vs last year, 33% vs 2015)o $80,548,600 prize poolo 204 short of 2006 recordo $10mil for firsto 2,880 players back for Day 3• Day 1C Craziness Recapo Two players DQd: https://www.pokernews.com/news/2019/07/the-muck-two-players-disqualified-fro
  • Facebook LIVE with Tony Burns from Seminole Hard Rock

    Sarah Herring and Tony Burns shoot a Facebook LIVE from the halls of the Rio during the 2019 World Series of Poker.They talk about re-entry vs freezouts, the numbers from 2019 WSOP, being at a booth in the halls and much more!Burns shares about the upcoming tournaments in Florida including some WSOP-Circuit Events and the Seminole Hard Rock Poker Open taking place August 1-August 4.You can find more details here:https://www.seminolehardrockpokeropen.com/And for more from the 2019 WSOP check out:
  • What is Your Favorite Part of the World Series of Poker?

    888poker always has a gorgeous gathering with food and drinks at the Palazzo Suites in the Rio during the World Series of Poker Main Event.Will Shillibier attends this year to talk to players about their favorite part of the WSOP.Ana Marquez, Tony Miles and Chris Moorman share their experiences from this year and previous years.For more from the event check out 888poker YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/user/888behindthescenesFrom more from the 2019 WSOP Main event find the PokerNews Live Reporti
  • Latest News from 2019 World Series of Poker: July 7

    Welcome to your July 7the update from the 2019 World Series of Poker. It’s Day 2c of the Main Event, and things kicked off this morning with a bang.888poker had a special grand entrance arranged for its qualifiers.https://youtu.be/OiAyFeBlP9E
    Scotty Nguyen did the shuffle up and deal baby so the Rio is hyped today!
    The survivors of day 1c are all coming together today to battle it out and there is a massive field of three thousand six hundred and sixty four players and that is before any l
  • 888poker's Grand Entrance to 2019 World Series of Poker

    Phil Hellmuth is notorious for his wild and entertaining WSOP Main Event entrances.Well this year, 888poker game him a run for his money.888poker arrived with their qualifiers in giant limos flanked by Motorcycles, cheerleaders, avatars and more.It was quite the spectacle and made for a great start to Day 2c of the Main Event.For more from the 888poker summer check out:https://www.youtube.com/user/888behindthescenesFor more live coverage of the 2019 WSOP Main Event: https://www.pokernews.com/tou
  • The World's Poker Media Flocks to the WSOP

    The world's poker media have descended on Las Vegas for the 50th annual World Series of Poker. Today is a special day for them as it sees the Media Event take place.Poker reporters, photographers and media personnel from around the world will put down their pens and shut their laptops for a few hours to see who will emerge triumphant.We caught up with some of the media from around the world to see how their respective countries have been doing at this year's World Series of Poker!For live update
  • Brandon Adams Wins Online High Roller for $411,560

    It was the biggest buy-in of the online bracelet events and it was Brandon "DrOctagon" Adams who triumphed to win his first bracelet and $411,560 in prize money.The $3,200 WSOP.com ONLINE High Roller attracted a field of434 entries and at the end of 12 hours of play, Adams stood alone.The author and Harvard University lecturer as well as high stakes cash game and fantasy sports player has been playing at the WSOP since 2006 and finally has a coveted WSOP gold bracelet to add to his poker resume.
  • John Hesp The Movie...Coming Soon?

    Back in 2017, John Hesp finished fourth in the World Series of Poker Main Event for $2,600,000 and quickly established himself as a fan favourite.This year, Hesp has once again swapped Bridlington for Las Vegas and is back here at the WSOP. Although busting the Main Event, Hesp has quickly jumped into the $1,111 Little One for One Drop, bringing his charismatic and exciting persona to the tournament...as well as his dress sense!But what about these rumours that he's signed a movie deal?For live
  • Earthquakes, Disqualifications and More at the 2019 World Series of Poker

    Welcome back to the latest daily update from the World Series of Poker after almost 5,000 players entered a ginormous Day 1c field of the Main Event.As always there was a field of star-studded players rubbing shoulders with amateurs and qualifiers alike, but that didn't stop Phil Ivey being eliminated from the 2019 Main Event in the first level.Also heading to the exit were not one, but two players who were disqualified.And to top it all of, play was suspended briefly late in the evening due to
  • Susan Faber Wins Salute to Warriors!

    With a 1,723 field the Salute to Warriors was a new addition to the 2019 World Series of Poker schedule, helping to raise over $40,000 for USO Nevada.The eventual winner was North Carolina's Susan Faber who wins $121,161 and her first gold WSOP bracelet. She becomes the first female bracelet winner of an open event this year.Rob Stark finished second for $74,785 and Dean Yoon third for $53,887.Start of day chip leader Taylor Carroll would have to settle for fifth and $28,897.Aso cashing in this
18 Aug 2019