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Men report being modestly more interested in watching women’s soccer than women are:

In The Current Year, it’s unclear whether this is cause for celebration or censure. Men showing interest in female sports is a Good Thing, but many of these men are doing it for the purpose of ogling young women’s bodies, which is a Bad Thing. And the sisterhood failing to appreciate the success of these female athletes is a Sad Thing.

• Category: Culture/Society • Tags: Entertainment, Sex, Sports 
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If it is magnanimously granted that the corporate media’s primary job is to inform consumers of its content about what is going on in the world, that is. Parenthetically, I do not grant as much. Getting it this wrong cannot merely be the result of incompetence. Mendacity must be in play.

Anyway, a Harvard-Harris poll last Spring asked respondents “about how many people do you think are caught trying to enter through the southern border each year?”. Five possible ranges were offered as answers in multiple choice format.

The subsequent graph is extraordinarily generous in what is counted as a correct answer. Respondents are given credit for answering either “250,000 to 500,000” or answering “over 500,000”, since the reported total number of apprehensions for calendar year 2018 was 467,000, while 2019 is on pace to come in somewhere around 1,000,000.

So on a five item multiple choice question, we’re giving credit for two possible responses. If participants randomly selected answers, the rate of correct responses would be 40%. Well, not a single demographic category of the 26 the survey reported results for did as well as they would have had they randomly guessed:

The American public doesn’t just lack knowledge about what is happening along the southern border, it has anti-knowledge of the situation. The residuals for each of the demographic groups presented in the graph above errantly think fewer than 250,000 attempted border-crossers are apprehended annually.

If we don’t want extremist lunatics shooting up Walmarts in desperate frustration over what they perceive as an invasion the powers that be refuse to acknowledge even exists, let alone deal with–and I certainly don’t–we could stand to have our vaunted media organizations report something approximating the truth about an issue that consistently polls near or at the top of the list of the things Americans find concerning, instead of constantly lying through their teeth about it.

• Category: Culture/Society, Ideology • Tags: Immigration, Media bias, Polling 
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dfordoom samples a wide swath of those who have taken it:

There are people who believe passionately that the government should be spending immense sums on mass transit but who have have never caught a bus or a train in their lives. There are people who are True Believers in the coming Climate Change apocalypse but they don’t seem to think that their beach houses in Malibu will be affected by rising sea levels. There are the passionate antiracists who live in towns that are 98% white.

There are libertarians who seem quite happy to enjoy the benefits of living in a society with a government rather than heading off into the wilderness to put their beliefs in rugged individualism into practice. Zionist Jews who don’t want to give up their apartments in Manhattan to move to Tel Aviv. Liberals who think that intolerance is evil and believe that people who disagree with them should be sent to prison. People who think everybody should be free to love whomever they like but they’ll go berserk if their boyfriend decides to put that into practice by loving a younger hotter woman.

Of course one can quibble. The choice between striking out into undeveloped wilderness and enjoying the imperfect fruits of society that a mixed economy has provided isn’t a pure comparison. But there is New Hampshire.

• Category: Culture/Society • Tags: Human condition 
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Mr. Unz recently instituted a new rule on commenting that permits a per-hour maximum of three comments on any single post and ten comments anywhere on The Unz Review. Some of the regulars here have the celerity of mind and dexterity of digits to brush up against those parameters, so if they may apply to you, please copy the comments you are attempting to leave before trying to publish them so that you are able to successfully do so once the time limit has expired.

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That the sentiments of Jewish Republicans towards contemporary migration into the US is about the same as that of gentile white Democrats would seem to explain a lot about why conservative outlets like The Daily Wire, National Review, and Prager University are consistently at odds with their putative readership over issues surrounding immigration:

GSS variables used: LETIN1A(1-2)(3)(4-5), PARTYID(0-1)(2-4,7)(5-6), RELIG(1-2,4-13)(3), RACECEN1(1), HISPANIC(1)

• Category: Culture/Society, Ideology 
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The sentimental touchstone that causes non-British Americans whose ancestors came over in the 19th and early 20th centuries, right? Huddled masses, the poem, the search for a better life–the promise of America.

Though these non-British European immigrants of the past–especially Italians and the Irish–often serve as rhetorical ploys in the service of arguing for open borders in the present and indefinite future, the descendants of the original gentile settlers and the descendants of subsequent waves of gentile immigrants all feel the same way about contemporary immigration into America–they want less of it.

Those of German descent have the excuse of being significantly rural and thus significantly deplorable. Plus, they’re German by heritage, and we know what that means. But big city Italians wanting to slam the door hardest? Freaking fredos!

Members of the third group often invoked alongside Italians and the Irish in efforts to open US immigration policy as wide as possible are immigration romantics, however:

This is an observation gentiles are discouraged from making. But look at the masthead. This is his webzine, not mine, so go pound sand!

Speaking of Mr. Unz, he is often uncharitably referred to as a “self-hating Jew”, a phrase obviously intended as an insult. Would those same people refer to an ethnomasochistic white person as a “self-hating white”, and if so, would it be intended as an insult–or as a laud?

GSS variables used: LETIN1A(1-2)(3)(4-5), ETHNIC(7-9,11,14,15,19,21,24,26), RELIG(1-2,4-13)(3), YEAR(2012-2018)

• Category: Culture/Society • Tags: Europe, GSS, Immigration, Jews 
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A recent YouGov survey asked respondents whether male or female elected officials are better on thirteen different attributes of political leadership. The attributes followed by which sex is perceived to excel more at each of them among respondents who gave an edge to one sex or the other:

Handling immigration — Women
Working under pressure — Even
Maintaining civility and respect — Women
Handling economic conditions — Women
Working out compromises — Women
Standing up for what they believe in — Women
National security — Men
Creating a safe workplace — Women
Persuasion — Women
Compassion and empathy — Women
Serving as role models for children — Women
Dealing with the budget deficit — Women
Ethics and honesty — Women

The differences and some cross-tabs will come in a subsequent post, but this doesn’t look like patriarchy to me!

Channeling my inner Gibbon (or gibbon, mileage will vary), Christianity : Rome’s fall as Wokeness : America’s collapse? That analogy is at best strained. After all, Christianity flourished centuries into the future and without interruption in the east. My bet is that Wokeness, on the other hand, will not because it literally cannot–anymore than a fire can continue burning when all that is left of the log is char and ash.

• Category: Culture/Society, Ideology • Tags: Polling, Sex 
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Invasion has been bad for American Indians in the past. They sense it will be bad for them in the future. American Indians are the original nativists, even more nativist than native-born whites:

The nerve! Where do they get off thinking this land is their land, anyway?

Thanks to commenter t, with an appropriately laconic handle, for the heads up.

GSS variables used: LETIN1A(1-2)(3)(4-5), RACECEN1(1)(2)(4-10), HISPANIC(1)(2-50), ETHNIC(30)

• Category: Culture/Society, Ideology, Race/Ethnicity • Tags: GSS, Immigration 
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From SurveyUSA comes news that Americans estimate 38% of their fellow Americans are “racist”. The poll did not ask respondents what percentages of various subgroups they thought were racist. It only inquired about what percentage of Americans on the whole were perceived to be so tainted. The graph shows the average estimate by the subgroup doing the estimating (ie, men estimate 34% of all Americans to be racist, women estimate that 42% of all Americans to be racist, etc):

Though the term is increasingly being supplanted by “white supremacist”–it had to be made explicit to the dunderheads who thought it possible for non-whites to be racist that only whites can be so–there is no accusation that is more socially, economically, and even physically destructive for a person in the current year than to be accused of racism. Yet as we go about our daily lives, our working assumption is that more than every third person we come across is the most horrible thing a person can be. That’s definitely a recipe for civic flourishing!

Blacks assume that over 150 million Americans are racist. On the presumption that racism is only something whites can be afflicted by, this implies blacks see most white people as the worst thing a person can be. Three centuries on and 1-in-4 whites are given the benefit of the doubt. At this rate it’ll only take until the year 2933 for racial good faith to be achieved! Okay, even that’s overly optimistic, since younger people perceive more racism than older people do.

The Democrat figure of 44% is close to the 46% of the popular vote Donald Trump received in 2016. I guess that means every 23rd deplorable gets to go free!

There is one way to effectively end–or at least neutralize–racism. That is the Japanese option. But entertaining such an outlandish idea reveals the person considering it to be even more sinful than the average racist, so it’s obviously out of the question. Never mind that several Japans could fit comfortably within the boundaries of the US. Stop thinking about it, racist.

• Category: Culture/Society, Ideology, Race/Ethnicity • Tags: Polling, Racism 
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Adios, ADOS:

These newcomers, invited or not, are more American than Americans who’ve been here for centuries, after all!

Parenthetically, many of the based blacks and Hispanics who call for restrictionism are not cynical grifters–they want to stem the tide, too.

GSS variables used: LETIN1A, RACECEN1(1)(2)(4-10), HISPANIC(1)(2-50), YEAR(2012-2018)

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From the GSS:

Democrats and independents who voted for Trump in 2016 were almost as restrictionist as Republicans who voted for him. Non-Democrats who voted for Hillary Clinton were split down the middle on immigration, so Trump’s putatively hardline restrictionist stance doesn’t look like it’s what turned most of them away. And 2016 campaign Clinton was, at least rhetorically, considerably more restrictionist than any of the 20+ Democrat candidates for 2020 are, all of whom want to decriminalize illegal border crossings and provide literally anyone in the entire world free healthcare if they are able to make it to a hospital waiting room.

A recent Harvard-Harris poll finds that 64% of respondents oppose opening up the southern border to additional immigrants while 36% are in favor. Independents oppose it by a 2-to-1 margin. The same poll finds a slight majority favoring president Trump both declaring a state of emergency and building the wall, 52% to 48%.

Though the GOP establishment does everything it can to avoid action on immigration for putative political reasons, the reality is immigration restrictionism is more popular than the Republican party is. Trump’s (alleged) desire to stop the influx is similarly more popular than he is.

GSS variables used: LETIN1A, PARTYID(0-1)(2-4)(5-6), PRES16(1)(2)

• Category: Ideology • Tags: Election 2020, GSS, Polling 
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In front of a national audience. Bold!

• Category: Culture/Society • Tags: Election 2020 
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This is one way to force a level playing field:

Call it the Dissident Lottery. The $32.5 million settlement Oberlin College has been ordered to pay for harassing and intimidating owners of a local bakery is a recent precedent, but as Robert Barnes of the Free America Law Center explains in the video, suing individuals will have more of a chilling effect on the libel, slander, and censorship the corporate media’s marionettes mete out than suing actual corporations will. There is little reason not to pursue both avenues simultaneously–individuals to stop the lying, corporations for the payday.

The game changer will be when the nodes of the network are fully fleshed out through discovery. When Twitter is forced to turn over DMs from certain blue checkmarks in the employ of major news and shakedown organizations and those DMs lead to domestic terrorists, the opportunity to really take mendacity personified to the cleaners will present itself.

It’s easy to become discouraged by the increasing totalitarian effort to silence anyone who points out that the emperor is naked, but the desperation and hysteria of the forces hellbent on hiding increasingly obvious truths is an indication of a precariousness of their power:

• Category: Culture/Society, Ideology • Tags: Media bias, Take action 
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Among Democrat primary voters Biden is first choice among the following percentages of people, by race:

Whites — 19%
Blacks — 33%
Hispanics — 20%
Others — 21%

Funny that he is attacked relentlessly for his putative racism. Nobody sniffs it out better than SWPLs do!

• Category: Ideology, Race/Ethnicity • Tags: Humor 
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The following graph shows net immigration enthusiasm by selected demographic characteristics. Scores are computed by taking the percentages who say they favor increasing the number of immigrants in the US and subtracting from them the percentages who say they favor decreasing that number. For contemporary relevance, all results are from 2012 onward:

Affluent Asian and Jewish men with advanced degrees–there aren’t many of those working at Google, Facebook, Youtube, or Twitter, are there? It’s not like those companies have any influence over public opinion, anyway!

Parenthetically, you got me, Rosie.

GSS variables used: RACECEN1(1)(2)(4-10), HISPANIC(1)(2-50), SEX, CLASS, PARTYID(0-1)(2-4)(5-6), RELIG(1-2,4-13)(3), DEGREE(0-2)(3)(4)

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From the most recent YouGov poll:

Every single Democrat candidate running supports ‘free’ healthcare for illegal aliens. Are there any other issues so publicly favored by pols of one party while simultaneously so unpopular among the electorate? As previously noted, if the Trump campaign–the fate of which will be determined in the Midwest–and Republicans down ballot don’t use footage of the Democrat field unanimously raising their hands in favor of free healthcare for aliens again and again, they deserve to lose:

• Category: Ideology • Tags: Election 2020 
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It took a matter of seconds to find the personal addresses of several of these people (yes, I realize this information is publicly available through the FEC–it doesn’t matter). We are seeing the transition from the cultural wars being fought figuratively and by proxy through public champions to being literally waged against private individuals for merely expressing political preferences. If an American Sulla is what we’re collectively after, this is how one is going to come about.

We’ve steadfastly advocated against violence on this blog since its inception in the mid-2000s, hoping for a peaceful way out of the mess of a collapsing empire we’re living under, and though that hope appears increasingly quixotic, we will continue to do so until there is truly no other alternative.

The schoolmarm is going to become a martinet again. The definition of racial slur is from this point forward liberalized to contain moral descriptions of groups of people based on immutable characteristics (ie, “blue-eyed people are evil”). Empirical descriptions are of course appreciated (ie, “blue-eyed people commit more crime”).

The alternative is to potentially get the 8chan treatment (a site I’ve never visited and looks to currently be unreachable) or for UR to go the route of Taki’s and disable comments. I want to avoid both of those outcomes, obviously, and this empirical unit is not going to run through the virtual equivalent of machine gun fire to try and prove a point. To those who find these parameters intolerable, kindly do not comment here.

• Category: Culture/Society • Tags: Terrorism 
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Support for decreasing immigration was eight times as common as support for increasing it was in 2004. Less than fifteen years later, support for decreasing immigration has dropped to just twice what support for increasing it is.


This shift is staggering. When I started digging into sentiments on immigration as the Trump candidacy was getting underway, I found myself repeatedly surprised by how much support for open borders blacks expressed. Others I shared the findings with were incredulous, too. After all, low-skilled immigrants take jobs that could otherwise go to blacks and they drive down wages for the blacks who do get jobs, etc etc.

My assumption when I discovered this during the Republican primaries was that I must not have been paying much attention to it in the past–my default assumption had been that black opposition to immigration was high, especially relative to white Democrats and Hispanics. Well, when I started blogging in 2005, it was–but it’s not anymore. Old America, white and black, was then largely in agreement regarding immigration–it wanted less of it. No longer.

The drop in restrictionism doesn’t begin in earnest until after Obama’s election (the 2008 figures pre-date the beginning of his actual presidency), so maybe si, se puede is the bulk of the explanation.


This is the only major demographic group whose sentiments haven’t changed much over the last fifteen years.


Sample sizes are small, a bit under 50 per year, so take the graph with a grain of salt. That said, the results wouldn’t look implausible if the sample size was an order of magnitude greater than it actually is.

GSS variables used: LETIN1A(1-2)(3)(4-5), RACECEN1(1)(2)(4-10), HISPANIC(1)(2-50), YEAR

• Category: Culture/Society, Ideology, Race/Ethnicity • Tags: GSS, Immigration 
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In 2007, when the late senators Ted Kennedy and John McCain, congressional leaders of the bipartisan consensus on open borders, tried to jam an immigration amnesty down the country’s throat, “Middle America rose up and body-slammed the national establishment” as Pat Buchanan memorably put it. Having contacted all three of my national legislators in the uprising, I recall reassuringly thinking “while the elites control the commanding heights of the culture and our politics, we have the numbers. Quantity has a quality of its own, so as long as we remain vigilant, we can stop the sellout.”

That was true then. It’s not so much anymore:

A decade ago, immigration restriction was a majority position in the US. It no longer even commands a plurality. If the Great Awokening doesn’t burn itself out in the next couple of years, increasing immigration will be more popular than decreasing it a mere twenty years after decreasing immigration had more than five times the support that increasing it did.

The US had a great run.

GSS variables used: YEAR, LETIN1A(1-2)(3)(4-5)

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If for no other reason than bad DR3ing they could’ve included the non-Hispanic white unemployment rate, currently 3.1%, to incidentally show that flavescent POCs are doing better than pallor people are. White supremacy my arse!

But instead we get minority stats that together add up to 70% of the total population. EVERYONE is benefiting, you see. EVERYONE!

And is the awkward phrase “women unemployment” employed (heh) in deference to the contemporary feminist perception that “female” is a degrading term that should not be used on account of merely being a linguistic hop and a skip away from “cunt” or “whore”?

• Category: Ideology