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I'm pleased to see that my latest article entitled American Pravda: How Hitler Saved the Allies is doing quite well, with excellent traffic and over 850 contentious comments, totaling almost 150,000 words. Some of the commenters indicated they'd very much like to have access to hard-copy versions of the series, which are sometimes more convenient... Read More
Over the last decade, Amazon has gained a near-total monopoly over Internet book sales, and late last month, we saw the dangerous consequences of such intellectual control as the company suddenly banned dozens of books, many of them of excellent scholarly quality. Apparently, activist organizations such as the ADL and the SPLC had succeeded in... Read More
At the end of November, I noted the remarkable increase in the readership of our webzine over the last couple of years, especially when compared with that of its competitors, both in the alternative and the more establishment opinion media. Three months later, I'm now pleased to say that these trends seem to have continued... Read More
As some of you have probably noticed, our small webzine has recently expanded a bit, bringing on board additional voices of the Left and the Right regularly excluded from the mainstream media. This frequently includes their extensive archives, which in these troubled times might otherwise someday vanish without a trace. For over a dozen years,... Read More
Although virtually everything you see and use on this website is based upon our own PHP code, the underlying foundation upon which it has been constructed is WordPress, a very widely used platform that provides numerous helpful third-party Plugins. After more than four years of using the same version of WordPress, earlier today we finally... Read More
I'm pleased to announce that our webzine is now further expanding its coverage by adding an Arts & Culture selection, initially focused on film reviews. Towards this goal, we've now taken on Trevor Lynch who has long covered that area for Counter Currents as a regular columnist and have also incorporated more than one hundred... Read More
I'm very pleased to announce that the longtime blogger calling himself "Audacious Epigone" has now joined The Unz Review. AE's blogging career stretches back over a dozen years, and we've imported his past archives. These are very considerable and amount to more than 2,300 posts totaling 1.3 million words, as well as nearly 25,000 comments... Read More
As many readers may already be aware, I originally launched this small webzine five years ago in the wake of my sudden and unexpected purge after eight years as publisher of The American Conservative: Since TAC had been the primary venue for my own writings, I was faced with a major challenge, but a sudden... Read More
I'm very pleased to say that both our traffic and our comments have been growing nicely over the last few months, now regularly getting close to 3 million pageviews and easily breaking 40,000 comments with 4 million words on a monthly basis. We have certainly come a very long way in just a few years,... Read More
Propelled by the national furor surrounding the Brett Kavanaugh Supreme Court nomination, September was easily a record-breaking month for The Review, with our webzine falling just shy of 3 million pageviews, and October has been very strong as well. Over the last three or four months, our publication has gained considerable ground, partly due to... Read More
Jonathan Greenblatt, National Director and CEO of the Anti-Defamation League since 2015. Credit: Gage Skidmore, CC BY-SA 3.0
I've recently taken a bit of a break after three long months of writing in my American Pravda series, during which I finally got around to publishing many of the very surprising discoveries I had made over the last fifteen-odd years. That total came to more than 90,000 words of text, and required me to... Read More
David Irving taken in London. CC by-SA 3.0.  Credit: Allan Warren/Wikimedia Commons
I'm very pleased to announce that our selection of HTML Books now contains works by renowned World War II historian David Irving, including his magisterial Hitler's War, named by famed military historian Sir John Keegan as one of the most crucial volumes for properly understanding that conflict. With many millions of his books in print,... Read More
Updated: I've now released our initial collection of nearly 30 "controversial" books, with the volumes being "controversial" in a wide variety of different ways: Although I've only read a fraction of them myself, I trust they all meet the appropriate criteria, and their convenient access on the Internet should help provoke all sorts of useful... Read More
After a considerable delay, I'm now pleased to announce the full release of my HTML Book presentation system, oriented toward the display of very long-form content, including scholarly books, in convenient web format. This system initially contains some 200 million words of mostly copyright-expired books, but I hope to grow it considerably over time. Here's... Read More
Last month I'd announced that I was adding a new Video section to this website, with a central motivation being the increasingly harsh ideological censorship that YouTube was beginning to impose upon its content, as had been originally announced last Fall. During the last few weeks, this regime of YouTube censorship has indeed intensified. A... Read More
The new Video presentation system first announced ten days ago has been fully released, now with commenting enabled and 10,000 additional Videos, along with a couple of new Channels, and various other features. (1) Popular YouTuber RamZPaul has decided to make The Review the "home base" for his Video distribution, this becoming our first "in... Read More
As mentioned, I've been absorbed during most of 2017 in building several new software systems that I'm now trying to release by the end of the year. Last week, I presented for initial testing my new Print Archives, containing the published works of over 400,000 authors and the complete archives of some 200 prominent periodicals... Read More
As some might be aware, I spent much of the 2000s creating a website intended to provide convenient access to a vast quantity of serious content material in PDF format from the last 200 years, encompassing nearly two million periodical articles and books by 400,000 different authors. Some of these publications and writers were once... Read More
Sorry the inconvenience of the server crash Friday afternoon, which involved absolutely nothing nefarious. As you've noticed, the website has now been restored from backup, and while things are being tested and fixed, commenting has been temporarily disabled. Unless unexpected problems appear, commenting should be restored shortly, but we would greatly appreciate if your comments... Read More
I've been very busy the last couple of months working on a very large extension/integration of the website, and have now finally released the new code to the Live server, though I'm not quite ready to announce the new systems. Although almost nothing I've been building relates to the parts of the system currently in... Read More
Important Update: Just as I'd promised, I've now added a new system intended to automatically notify commenters of any recent replies to their own comments. Currently, the system only looks a day or so back, and also may produce considerable false positives, but those restrictions/problems should disappear once it has been operational for a few... Read More
UPDATE: I've now addressed a number of the comments and suggestions, fixing some bugs and adding various new small features. * * * * * * Over the last few months, I've added quite a number of new software features to this website. Although some of these were connected with the development of my system... Read More
I'd think that the vast majority of all the serious writing ever produced exists in the form of books, yet currently there does not seem any fully satisfactory means of reading this huge accumulation of content material on the Internet. Most of those books currently available are provided in PDF-type format, but this is inconvenient... Read More
For decades I've been closely reading several major newspapers every morning, and for the last few years have noticed a striking decline in the quality of their scientific coverage, as exemplified in the weekly Science Section of the New York Times. Whereas in the past, dramatic discoveries in evolutionary biology or physics might be broken... Read More
Although I've been totally preoccupied with software issues for the last couple of months, I was very proud to see that the Washington Post included The Review in the official list of America's major "Fake News" Russian propaganda websites, apparently used by the Kremlin to subvert American democracy and thereby foster the spread of Godless... Read More
For most of the last year I've been too preoccupied with other matters to spend much time working on the software of our small webzine, which therefore remained largedly unchanged. But I've now spent the last week or two cleaning up the commenting archives and also adding some powerful new features, partly inspired by suggestions... Read More
Although I've been overwhelmingly preoccupied with software-related issues over the last couple of weeks, I'm been pleased to note that our small webzine has attracted a bit of notice from the mainstream public policy community, with an article in The American Interest on the conservative intellectual world of California characterizing The Review as "a Trump-friendly,... Read More
As many of you probably noticed, our website had been sluggish or even occasionally unavailable over the last few days. Although we'd initially assumed it was some sort of software problem, we gradually began suspecting that it was on the hardware side, and then suddenly late yesterday our server completely died. Since the server was... Read More
Just a few days ago I'd published an Announcement noting the millionth comment at our small webzine, and mentioning that stylistic standards would henceforth be tightened up a bit for commenters. In particular, poor spelling, grammar, or punctuation might cause comments to be trashed, as would the use of profanity or ethnic/racial slurs. We do... Read More
I'm very pleased to announce that our small webzine has now broken the million comment mark, with readership traffic also growing very nicely. Further, the comments are hardly the short and totally trivial dross so often found elsewhere, with the accumulated comment text being well over ninety million words, the equivalent of perhaps 500 good... Read More
America's mainstream media universally portrays John McCain as one of our country's greatest national patriots, a military hero who steadfastly stayed loyal despite suffering unspeakable torture at the hands of his Communist captors during the Vietnam War. Last year, I published a major article pulling together the strands of evidence suggesting that this widespread narrative... Read More
I'm pleased to announce that July was a record-breaking month of traffic for our small webzine, with readership nearly reaching 2.2m pageviews, especially propelled by the heated presidential race and various terrorist attacks. This tends to demonstrate the widespread desire for a website providing a wide variety of different ideological perspectives not regularly found within... Read More
As many of you have probably already heard, our Free Harvard/Fair Harvard campaign for the Board of Overseers failed yesterday, with none of the five candidates on our slate being successful. The highly contentious nature of this year's contest did boost the vote-by-mail turnout to 11%, considerably higher than the more usual 7%. But with... Read More
Palo Alto, CA---Dr. Ron Paul, the libertarian-leaning former Republican congressman and presidential candidate, has endorsed Ron Unz in his current U.S. Senate race in California. Mr. Unz, a software developer and former theoretical physicist with degrees from Harvard University and Cambridge University, is a leading Republican candidate for the Senate seat held by California's retiring... Read More
I was totally shocked and very pleased a couple of hours ago to learn that presumptive Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump had declared himself open to raising the minimum wage, an issue that has long been one of my own main policy suggestions: By adopting this sensible position, he joins a number of other prominent... Read More
For most of the past year, California's ongoing U.S. Senate race for the seat held by retiring Sen. Barbara Boxer has received virtually no public attention, partly because the lack of the usual millions in television advertising led few people to even realize it was even happening. More recently, the total focus on the Republican... Read More
As readers know, the "Diversity" opposition to our Free Harvard/Fair Harvard Overseer campaign did absolutely everything it could to avoid allowing a public debate between our respective positions, refusing to participate themselves and then heavily pressuring Harvard's Chinese Students Association to withdraw their sponsorship of a public debate. Fortunately, they failed, and the two hour... Read More
But I'm still trailing "Undecided" by over 40 points!
This morning's newspapers announced that the latest statewide poll showed that I was now in first place among Republicans in the California U.S. Senate race, despite having jumped into the race on the absolutely last day for filing. Given that my own support in the poll was merely 5%, placing me over 40 points behind... Read More
Without doubt the current election for the Harvard Board of Overseers must rank as the most significant and substantive of the last twenty-five years, perhaps even the last century. The results of our Free Harvard/Fair Harvard campaign could have tremendous national implications for tuition and admissions policy at our most elite colleges, with ripple effects... Read More
Earlier this month, The Nation, America's premier left-liberal opinion magazine, carried a long article about America's elite colleges that opened by describing Harvard as "a hedge fund with a university attached": Now where, I wonder, have I previously heard that particular description? With Harvard University about to mail out Overseer ballots to its 320,000 alumni,... Read More
Last summer when I began planning our current Free Harvard/Fair Harvard campaign for the Board of Overseers of Harvard University, I decided it would be helpful to collect together some of my related writings and publish them in book form. After all, much of the basis for my critique of Harvard and our other elite... Read More
I'm pleased to report that Harvard administrators yesterday informed us that our submitted petitions had contained sufficient valid alumni signatures that our names will appear on the forthcoming Overseer Ballot, and this morning the Harvard Crimson carried the story as their front-page lead article, appropriately titled "Unconventional Overseers Candidates Qualify for Ballot." We had had... Read More
For decades, the standard for astonishing scientific autobiography has undoubtedly been Surely You're Joking, Mr. Feynman!, which provides the zestful flavor of the remarkable life and times of perhaps the greatest theoretical physicist of the second half of the twentieth century. Now Robert Trivers, one of the most influential evolutionary biologists of the last half-century,... Read More
As regular visitors to The Review have surely noticed, I have never permitted Internet advertising on our website, and have no plans to change this policy in the future. I regard typical display ads as garish, distracting, and totally wasteful of screen space, while sometimes greatly increasing the load time of pages. Plus these days... Read More
As technologies and systems evolve, once important distinctions often become insignificant or entirely disappear. When I first launched The Review in late 2013, I made a sharp distinction between "bloggers" and "columnists," the former usually publishing one or more short "posts" per day, while the latter produced much lengthier and more substantial columns or articles,... Read More
I'm very pleased to announce that JayMan has now joined The Review as one of our regular Columnists, bearing the appropriate moniker "A Troublemaker for the Truth." JayMan first came to my attention in a 2014 column by John Derbyshire, who also more recently suggested that he would make an excellent addition to our stable... Read More
As regular readers of our webzine have probably discovered, I'm very reluctant to ban any commenters, regardless of how many crazy or stupid things they say. Among other reasons, a tendency to ban often becomes a slippery slope, and if I banned everyone who said things I regarded as crazy or stupid I might soon... Read More
So far this week, our small webzine has scored record-breaking traffic due to the ongoing media controversy regarding the doubts expressed by Donald Trump regarding Sen. John McCain's Vietnam War record. Although over the last few decades our dishonest national media has established Sen. McCain as perhaps America's greatest living war hero, the actual facts... Read More
Over the last year or so, the commenting technology I have developed has proven itself quite useful in facilitating discussions. But in most cases, these exchanges has been limited to the particular articles and topics selected by our various bloggers and other writers. At times, various commenters have complained about the lack of coverage afforded... Read More
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