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Albania Alcohol Alcoholism Alexandr Trubetskoy All Human Behavioral Traits Are Heritable All Traits Are Heritable Alpha Centauri Alpha Centauri Bb Alpha Males Altruism Amazing Engineering America The Beautiful American Atheists American Flag American Revolution Amish Amish Quotient Amy Chua An Hbd Liberal Anatoly Karlin Ancestry Andrew Gelman Angelina Jolie Anglican Ann Coulter Anne Buchanan Anne Heche Antibiotics Antiracism Anywhere But Here Appalachians Arguing With Liberals For Their Own Good Ashkenazi Intelligence Asians ASPM Assimilation Assortative Mating Atheism Attractiveness Attractiveness Autism Automation Avengers Avi Tuschman Away Baby #2 Baby Boom Baby Bump Baby Girl Jay Backlash Bad Flying Bad Science Balkans Baloney Barack Obama Bariatric Surgery Baseball Basketball Baumeister Beauty Standards Believeing In Observational Studies Is Nuts Bernie Sanders Beta Males Better Than Flowers Big Five Bill Maher Birds Of A Feather Birth Order Bisexuality Bisexuals Bitcoin Black Belt Black Crime Black Hole Black-on-white Black Women Attractiveness Blacks Blowing Up Motivated Bs Artists Bmi Boderlanders Boiling Off Books Border Reivers Borderlander Borderlanders Boston Bomb Bowling For Columbine Brain Brain Size Brain Structure Brainwash Breaking Down The Bullshit Breaking It Down Breeder's Equation Brian Boutwell Bringing Up Bebe Britain Bruce Jenner brussels Bryan Caplan BS Burned-over District Busted 'puter C-section Caitlyn Jenner Cajuns Can You Smell It Canada Canada Day Canadian Flag Canadians Cancer Cannabis Cannibis Capital Punishment Captain Chicken Care Package Carl Sagan Cat Wisdom Categories Catholics Cattle Causation Censorship Chanda Chisala Changeability Charles Murray Charlton Heston Cheap Labor cheating Chechens Cherlie Hebdo Child-free Child Labor Child Services Childhood Obesity China Chris Rock Christian Fundamentalism Christianity Christmas Christmas Tree Chuck Civil War Clans Clark-Unz Selection Climate Cliodynamics Cloudburst Flight Cochran And Harpending Coefficient Of Relationship Coldplay Colonists Comedy Central Coming Apart Commenting Comments Commonweal Communism Confederacy Congregationalists Consanguinity Conscientiousness Conscripts Consequences Corporal Punishment Correlation Is Still Not Causation Corruption Corruption Perception Index Costa Concordia Cousin Marriage Cowboys Crime Criminality Crops Crowded Crowding Cryme Tyme Cuba Cuckservative Cut The Sh*t Guys Dads Vs Cads Daily Mail Dalliard Damn Technology Dan Freedman Daniel Callahan Danish Dark Tetrad Dark Triad Data Posts David Frum David Hackett Fischer David Katz Davide Piffer Death Declaration Of Universal Human Rights Deep South Democrats Denmark Dennis Mangan Depression Deprivation Desired Family Size Destruction Detroit Development Developmental Noise Developmental Stability Diabetes Diagnostic And Statistical Manual Of Mental Disorders Dialects Diet Different Peoples Is Different Discrimination Diversity Django Unchained Do You Really Want To Know? Doing What You Gotta Do Donald Trump Donate. Donations Dopamine Dr James Thompson Draftees Drd4 Drew Barrymore Drinking Drugs Dry Counties DSM Dunning-kruger Effect Dusk In Autumn Dust Bowl Dustin Hoffman Dylann Roof E. O. Wilson Eagleman East Asia Eastern Europe Eastern Europeans Economic Development Economics Economists Economy Education Elijah Armstrong Ellen Walker Elliot Rodger Elon Musk Emil Kirkegaard Emmanuel Todd England English Civil War Entrepreneurship Episcopal Ethnic Genetic Interests Ethnic Nepotism EU Eueueueueueueu ;) Eugenic Eugenics European Union Everything Everything You Need Evil Evolution Exercise Explain The Goddamned Evidence Extrasolar Planets Extraversion Extreterrestrials Facebook Facts Fallacies fallout Family Studies FAQ Far West Farming Fast Food Fat Head Fat Shaming Feminism Feminists Fetish Feuds Fields Medals Fifty Shades Of Grey Finland First Law First Principles Fitness Flag Flags Flattr Fluctuating Asymmetry Flynn Effect Food Fourth Of July France Francesco Schettino Frank Salter Frank Sulloway French French Canadians French Paradox Friendly & Conventional Frost-Harpending Selection Fulford Funding Fuzzballs G Spot Game Gary Gary Taubes Gay Germ Gay Marriage Gcta Gender Gender Equality Gene-environment Correlation Gene Expression General Theory Of The West Genes: They Matter Bitches Genetic Divides Genetic Load Genetic Pacification Genetic Similarity Genetics Genomics George Bush German Catholics Germans Germany Get It Right Get Real Get Your Stuff Straight Getting History Right Getting Up Go Away Trolls God Bless The First Amendment God Bless The Usa God Delusion Going Too Far Gone Dark Good Advice Good Puritan Values Gordon Gallup Great Depression Greater Appalachia Greece Greeks Greensleeves Greg Clark Gregory B Christainsen Gregory Clark Gregory House GRF Group Selection Grumpy Cat GSS Guilt Culture Guns Gynephilia H.B.O. (Half) Joke Posts Half-siblings Half Sigma Halloween Hamilton's Rule Hans Zimmer Happiness Happy Turkey Day ... Unless You're The Turkey Harald Eia Hate Speech Hatemi Have A Good Summer Have A Great Holiday! Hbd HBD Denial Hbd Fallout Hbd Readers Head Size Health Health Care Health Wisdom Healthcare Heart Disease Heartiste Height heiner-rindermann Help A Brother Out Help Fight The Good Fight Help The Fight The Good Fight Henry Harpending Heritability Hexaco High Iq Fertility Hillary Clinton Hispanic Paradox History Holiday Homicide Homophobia Honesty-humility House M.d. House Md Human Biodiversity Human Varieties Humor Hurricane Hydrogenated Oils Hypocrisy I Kissed A Girl And I Liked It I Love Italians Ian Deary Ibd Ice T Iceland I'd Like To Think It's Obvious I Know What I'm Talking About Ideology Idiocracy Ignorance Imagine Dragons immigrants In The Electric Mist Income Independence Day Infection Theory Infectious Disease Infidelity Interracial Marriage Inuit Ioannidis Iq And Wealth Iraq Ireland Irish Is It Racist? Is It Really Good For You Islam It Happens Italians Italianthro Italy It's Determinism - Genetics Is Just A Part It's Merry Christmas Damn It It's Not Nature And Nurture Jack 'o Latern Jamaica Jamaican Jamaican Accent James Horner Jamie Foxx Japan Japanese Jared Diamond Jared Taylor Jason Collins Jason Malloy Jayman Jr. Jayman's Wife Jennifer Raff Jensen Jesse Bering Jesus Jews Jim Crow John Derbyshire John Durant John Ladue John McWhorter John Williams Joke Posts Jonathan Mark jonathan-wai Judith Harris July 1st Junk Food K.d. Lang Kanazawa Kanye West Katy Perry Kay Hymowitz Keepin It Real Keeping Smart Liberals Going Kevin Mitchell Key & Peele Kin Altruism Kin Selection Kink Kiwis Kkk Klingon Korea La Terre Tremblante Lady Gaga Langauge Language Larry Summers Latvia Law Laws Of Behavioral Genetics Leap Day Baby? Lee Greenwood Left Coast Lenny Kravitz Lesbians Lester Holt Let's Move Liberal Creationism Liberalism Liberals Libertarian Wackyness Libertarians life-expectancy Life In Space Life Liberty And The Pursuit Of Happyness Lifestyle Little Miss JayMan Locus Of Control Logical Fallacies Long Ass Posts Look AHEAD Los Guerreros Lots O' Kids Love Low-carb Low-fat Ludwig M Factor M.g. Machiavellianism Maine Malleability Man Needs A Blog Mangan Manor Manorialism Manosphere Mao-a Maori Map Posts maps Marijuana marines Marriage Martin Luther King Mass Shootings Mate Value Math Mathematics Meaning Of Life Measurement Error Medicaid Mediterranean Diet Mega-Aggressions Mega-anlysis Megan Fox Meng Hu Mental Illness Merry Christmas Meta-analysis Meth Mexican Michael Moore Michele Bachmann Michelle Obama Migration Mike Huckabee Military Minnesota Miscellaneous Mitt Romney Mlb Mlk Moderation More Kids Mormons Mortality Mountains Moxie Mrs. Jayman Music Muslim Muslims Nancy Segal Nascar National Differences National Wealth Native Americans Navy Yard Shooting Nazi Nazis Nazism NBA Nbc News Nbc Nightly News Nelson Neocons Neoconservatives Neuropolitics Neuroticism Never Forget The Genetic Confound New Addition New Atheists New France New French New Netherland New Rules New Theme Newfoundland Nicholas Wade Nick Fury Nightly News No Free Will nobel Nobel Prized North Korea Norway Not My Car Nra Null Result Nurture Nurture Assumption Nuts O Mio Babbino Caro Obama Obamacare Occam's Razor Occupy Wall Street Omega Males Ominous Signs Once You Go Black One-child Open Borders Open To Experience Openness To Experience Operational Sex Ratio Opiates Origin Of Life Our Political Nature Out Of Wedlock Births Outbreeding Oxtr Oxytocin Palatability Pamela Druckerman Parasite Parasite Burden Parent-child Interactions Parenting Behavioral Genetics Paris Attacks Pathogens Patois Patriotism Paul Ewald Paul Lepage Paypal Peace Index Peak Jobs Pedophilia Peers People From Away Personality Peter Turchin Pfir Pietro Piigs Pioneers Planets Planned Parenthood Plasticity Please Help Pleiotropy Pol Pot Political Correctness Politics Poll Poll Results Polls Polygenes Polygenic Polygenic Score Polygyny Portugal Post 198 Post 199 Post 201 Post 99 Post Hoc Ergo Propter Hoc Pot precipitation Prehistoric Shoreline Presbyterian Prescription Drugs Presidential Victory Pretty Graphs Profanity Progressives For Immigration Reform Prostitution Proud To Be Black Psychology Today Psychopathy Puddle Of Mudd Pumpkin Punishment Puritans Being Puritans Pwc Qnexa Quakers Quantitative Genetics Quebec Quebecois Race Race And Crime Race And Iq Race And Religion Race And Violence Race Inheritance Iq FAQ Rachel Dolezal Racial Reality Racist Brain Ralph And Coop Ralph Nader Rating People Razib Khan Reaction Reaction Time Real Women Really Stop The Armchair Psychoanalysis Reciprocal Altruism Red State Blue State Red States Blue States refugees Regional Differences Regional Populations Religion Religion Religulous Rena Wing Republican Jesus Republicans Responsibility Revolutions Richard Dawkins Richard Lynn Richard Pryor Richard Pryor Live On The Sunset Strip Rikishi R/k Theory Robert Plomin Robert Putnam Robert Reich Robocop Robots Romulan Ron Unz Rooshv Ross Douthat Rural Liberals Rushton Russia Russians S.h.i.e.l.d. Sam Harris Same Sex Attraction Same-sex Marriage Same-sex Parents Samoans Samuel L Jackson Sandusky Sandy Santa Sarah Palin Satoshi Kanazawa Saudi Arabia Saying What You Have To Say Scandinavia Scandinavians Schizophrenia School Science: It Works Bitches Scotch-irish Scotland Scots Scots Irish Seduced By Food See Ya Semai Separating The Truth From The Nonsense Serenity Serenity Prayer Sex Sex Ratio Sex Work Sexism Sexual Antagonistic Selection Sexual Fluidity Sexual Orientation Sexual Revolution Sexual Selection Shame Culture Shared Environment Simon Baron Cohen Single Motherhood Single Mothers Sisyphean Sizes It All Up Slate Slave State Slavery Slavs Sleep Smart Fraction Smoking Snow Snyderman Social Constructs Socialism Sociosexuality Solutions Sometimes You Don't Like The Answer South Korea Southern Italians Southern Poverty Law Center Space Space Space Images Space Race Spain Spam Spanish Paradox SPLC Spock Sports Sports Teams Spread The Word Squid Ink SSSM Staffan Star Trek Star Trek Ii Star Trek Iii Statement Statins Statue Of Liberty Stealing The Enterprise Stephan Guyenet Steve Hsu Steve Sailer Steven Pinker Still Not Free Buddy Stolen Generations Stroke Belt Subsistence Living Suffrage Sugar Suicide Summing It All Up Sunset Super Bowl Superheroes Support Support Jayman Support Me Support The Jayman Supression Sweden Swiss Syria Take Care Tale Of Two Maps Tales Of Maps Talkin' Turkey Tangerine Dream Tard Tarder Sauce TAS2R16 Taste Tastiness Tatu Vanhanen Tau Ceti Taxes Tea Party Ted Ted Cruz Tell Me About You Tell The Truth Terman Terman's Termites Terrorism Terrorists Testosterone Thankgiving Thanks Everyone! Thanksgiving The 10000 Year Explosion The Blank Slate The Breeder's Equation The Daily Caller The Dark Knight The Dark Knight Rises The Dark Triad The Death Penalty The Deep South The Devil Is In The Details The Dustbowl The Evidence And Lots Of It The Facts The Facts Are The Facts The Far West The Future The Great Plains The Left Coast The Next Generation The Pursuit Of Happyness The Real Polar Express The Rock The Son Also Rises The South The Wide Environment The World Things Going Sour Those Damn Yankees those-who-can-see Tidewater Tiger Mom Timmons Tom Naughton Tommy Lee Jones Top 1% top-schools Tourists Traffic Fatalities Tragedy Trans Fat Trans Fats Transgender Transracial Transsexual Trump Trust Truth Turkheimer Twins Twins Raised Apart Twintuition Twitter Twittter Ukraine Ulster Scots Un Pellegrino Unemployment Unity Universalism Unwed Motherhood Utopian Vacation Land Vassopressin Vdare Veep Victorian England Violence Visual Word Form Area Vwfa W.E.I.R.D. W.E.I.R.D.O. WasPage Watsoning We Are What We Are We Can Never Be Equal We Don't Know All The Environmental Causes Wealthy Weight Loss WEIRDO What Can You Do What Is This Hbd Stuff About Anyway What The F---? What's The Cause Where Do Institutions Come From? Where They're At Where's The Fallout White Conservative Males White Nationalist Nuttiness White Nationalists White Privilege White Wife Why French Parents Are Superior Why They Hate You Why We Believe Hbd Windsor ON women-in-combat Women In The Workplace Words Of Wisdom World Values Survey Wresting Wwe X Little Miss JayLady Yankeedom Yankees Yes I Am A Brother Yes I Am Liberal - But That Kind Of Liberal Yet Another Jayman You Can't Handle The Truth You Don't Know Shit You're Telling Me? Zika Zika Virus Zones Of Thought
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The time has come for a review post on the laws of behavioral genetics. I will talk about why these laws are laws and why they are important. Eventually, this will be merged into my
Throughout my
In my earlier entry (
My earlier entry (
From: See my earlier column
In the preceding part (Why this vitriol? Donald Trump was always a talked-about and sometimes controversial figure, but no more so than most celebrities. There were always people who didn't like him, but few really hated him. But now it seems certain people definitely do hate Trump. Indeed, he has now become the Great Satan... Read More
Updated, 4/6/16. See below!
A persistent misunderstanding both in the world of HBD and general medical and psychological science at large is the notion of what constitutes a "disorder." When does a phenotype represent a physiological or behavioral malady? For behavioral issues, most people regard the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM) as the "final word" on... Read More
Chanda Chisala has been producing pile after pile of nonsense for quite some time. At first, I was content with simply leaving comments at his posts refuting his rubbish because it was rather easy to point out where he was full of baloney. Since then, I've been banned by him, mostly for my signature flair.... Read More
Many of the commeters here at Unz.com have complained about my heavy-handed treatment of commenters. Well, to those people, I say too bad. They key problem is that many critical commenters don't realize how ignorant about matter at hand they are. Realize that the whole reason you're reading me is because I know things that... Read More
Well, in this post, I'm here to straighten these people out on these things, as Bill Maher did in his interview with Brian Levin after the Boston bombing – video does not allow embedding. Please
I want to take the temperature of the room, so to speak. Here's your chance to let me hear from you. I encourage all readers to participate, including the occasional drifters, lurkers, etc. The more people participate, the more accurate the results will be. Please chime in! All votes are anonymous unless you choose to... Read More
It's that time again. There's been another horrific high-profile mass shooting. And as usual, all the nonsense that typically circulates when that happens is circulating again. "We need more gun control!" "The problem is mental illness!" Or "it's not mental illness!" "It's racism!" Chris Harper Mercer added another layer to the matter – the fact... Read More
Post updated, 9/23/15 9/22/15. See below! This will be the first column in a series on the broad human behavioral dimension dubbed "clannishness" by HBD Chick. I've talked quite about clannishness here, and of course it is the main theme of HBD Chick's blog. For background, see:
First of all, I've updated my earlier posting Third, the sex of the new baby. Little Miss JayMan is on her way:
Some really interesting and quite significant publications have appeared in recent days. Each adds key pieces of evidence
Welcome to my column! I'm going to be a regular contributor here at The Unz Review. All my blog posts and pages have been archived here. My regular readers pretty much know what to expect from me. All you've come to appreciate will continue here. For new readers, I've written several gateway/introductory postings in the... Read More
(Please see also link to older post at the bottom of this one.)   Previously:
Just as mainstream wisdom on human psychology and evolution is filled with heaps of rubbish (rubbish which I've covered here extensively – see The Problem with HBD, the Dark Enlightenment, Neoreaction, Alt-Rightism, and All That Jazz), but one pernicious piece of nonsense is the idea of "ethnic genetic interests." In short, this is the idea... Read More
Updated, 9/11/15 9/4/15. See below! Throughout this blog, I've talked a lot about the American Nations – a concept, based on
Some of you may have encountered a popular meme, shared by many celebrities and other people in the spotlight. Well in this post, I wanted to fix it just a bit: We've seen similar corrections to false PC memes, like the one at the left. But the above meme on the "racist brain" is clearly... Read More
The family is about to get a little bigger: The fitting score here:
(Emphasis mine.) It’s safe to say that Rachel Dolezal never thought much about the endgame. You
What does it take to make a nation great? What makes a country a great place to live, a healthy society, and a bastion of stability? Various theories and ideas have been put forward, and I think they are all pretty much bunk. I think we can apply a little reductionism here, and conclude that... Read More
Post updated, 7/23/15. See below! At long last, I reach my 200th blog post. It's been a quite a ride! Blogging on human biodiversity – or simply humanity – has taught me a great deal. Since the start, I hoped that I could offer some meager contribution to mankind with this blog. I will continue... Read More
An enduring mystery (among many mysteries) is the existence of women exhibiting sexual attraction to other women. Unlike male homosexuality, where a likely explanation has been put forth (see
New material added 6/12/15. See below! Yes, I know several of these deserve to be collected in their own posts. But, as I'm on a schedule with posting, and as these are much too good to miss, I will collect them here, at least for now. NEW (6/12/15) On religion and culture NEW On modern... Read More
One of the greatest pieces of evidence demonstrating that the family/rearing environment has no effect on eventual outcomes is the absence of birth order effects. Birth order is an excellent test for these effects: it is something that systematically differs between siblings and is bona fide non-genetic (mostly). Hence, it's a great way to see... Read More
This is a page that will collect my key posts in my series on the American Nations, that is the various ethno-culturo-political regions that make up North America. The U.S. and Canada (and to some extent, Mexico and the Caribbean) are divided according to these broad cultural zones formed by colonial settlement and shaped by... Read More
I've added a new page, which covers many of the key facts about obesity – facts which are conveniently ignored or misunderstood in the many emotionally charged discussion of the matter. See:
I'm starting this page to serve as a central repository of significant concrete facts about obesity. I'm making this a page because I anticipate frequently updating it as necessary. There will be no speculative musings or inferences based on partial evidence, everything here will be solid facts as per the research. Most people who comment... Read More
The Wall Street Journal has published a sequel to their infamous wave-generating article "
Post updated, 10/21/14. See below! It's general trope in the HBD community: people are getting dumber. The low IQ are outbreeding the high IQ, leading to a slow decline in genetic intellectual potential in the population. Indeed, my own analyses seem to have shown that there was a fair fertility advantage among the lower IQ... Read More
Can be quite substantial. Jump off the Empire State Building and see for yourself. But, beyond that, the question remains how much of the variation in health outcomes and longevity can be explained by behavioral variation? Well, we don't quite know. But we do have evidence which indicates that – at least in the developed... Read More
So the time has come for your gracious blogging host to request your assistance in helping my family meet our daily necessities. When my computer broke down, prompting my previous funding drive, you guys and girls literally came to the rescue, and allowed me to fix it right up. A deep debt of gratitude to... Read More
In his latest VDARE column, John Derbyshire has written a glowing discussion of yours truly:
What was his excuse? (From
Here are the results of my reader poll. All told, it looks like I had about 450 respondents. Unsurprisingly, it seems most of my readers are male. Most of you (at least of the respondents, anyway) are smart, with over 80% claiming to be college educated, and 1 in 5 having a terminal degree. Now... Read More
I'll let the tweets speak for themselves:
I want to get an idea of who my readers are. I have a fair idea of where I get my readers, thanks to the Wordpress stats, but I'd to know some things that they don't tell me. I'd like all readers, including lurkers and occasional readers, to please answer the ALL the following polls.... Read More
With the recent spate of mass shootings, (at least four high-profile incidents occurring in the U.S. and Canada in the last two weeks), the issues of guns and violence inevitably come up. Naturally, the politically correct wisdom, which is founded on the blank slate (or at least, a bare slate), wants to blame these events... Read More