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Bush George Zimmerman Germans Germany Gladwell Global Warming Google graduate-degrees Graphs #GreatWhiteDefendantPrivilege Gregory Cochran Guest Workers Haim Saban Halloween Hamilton: An American Musical HammerHate hate Hate Crimes Fraud Hoax Hate Hoaxes Hate Hypochondria HateStat Health Hegira Height Height Privilege Hereditarianism Heroes Hillary Clinton Hispanic Hispanic Crime hitch Hodgepodge Holder Hollywood Homer Simpson Homicide Homicide Rate Houellebecq Housing Hox Hoxby Huddled Masses Hug Thug Human Genome Humor Hungary Hunt For The Great White Defendant Hypocrisy Ibn Khaldun Ideology Idiocracy immigration-policy-terminology Immigriping Incompetence India Indo-Europeans Inept Smears Inequality Infrastructure Intellectual Discourse Internet Interracial Marriage Intersectionality Invade Invite In Hock Invade The World Invite The World Iran Ireland Is It Good For The Jews? Is Love Colorblind Islam Islamic Jihad Islamophobia Islamophobiaphobia Israel Israel Lobby James Watson Japan Jared Diamond Jared Taylor Jason Richwine ¡Jeb! Jeb Bush Jewish Intellectuals Jews John Updike Jurassic World Jussie Smollett Kaboom Kerry Killinger Kevin MacDonald Kids These Days KKKrazy Glue Of The Coalition Of The Fringes Kurds LA LA Times Lame Jesse Jackson Imitations Lame News Late Ov Law Of Supply And Demand Lebanon Lèse-diversité Libertarianism Lolita Loooong Books Mad Men Madoff Magic Dirt Magritte Male Delusions Manspreading Marcomentum! Marketing Major Postmodernism Massachusetts Math Matthew Weiner Media Merkel Merkel Youth Mexican Mediocrity Michael Bloomberg Michael Fassbender Michael Jackson Michelle Ma Belle Microaggressions Military Milner Group Missing The Point Moore's Law Mormons Mortgage Moynihan's Law Of The Canadian Border Mozilo Mulatto Elite Muslims Nabokov National Assessment Of Educational Progress National Immigration Safety And Quality Board National Merit National Question Nature Vs. Nurture Ned Flanders Neocons Neoconservatives Nerds New Orleans New York New York City New York Mania Newspeak Neymar Nicholas Wade Nieto Night In The Museum NIMBY Nirvana No Child Left Behind No Proof Bush In League With Lucifer Nobel Prize #NobelsSoWhiteMale #NotOkay Obama Wright Obamanomics Obey Giant! 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Who Whom Whooping Cough And Whooping Cranes Why We Can't Have Nice Things Willful Ignorance Woke Capital World Cup World War G World War H World War R World War T World War Weed World War Z Wretched Refuse Wretched Refuseism Writing Yamnaya Yezidis Yogi Berra's Restaurant You Maniacs You Blew It Up
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The Baby Boom is usually dated 1946 to c. 1964. While the spike in births in the U.S. can be dated precisely to 1946, there's no obvious end date to this famous generation: fertility fell throughout the 1960s, so although 1964 is usually chosen, that date, like most in generational thinking other than 1946, is... Read More
Via Doug Jones' Logarithmic History: Read the rest
News about America's rapidly growing Slavery Crisis was more than four times Fitter to Print in 2018 than in 2012, according to the New York Times.
Two stories of Old, Weird Eurasia, both featuring the tireless paleogeneticist David Reich. From the New York Times: The Mystery of the Himalayas’ Skeleton Lake Just Got Weirder Every summer, hundreds of ancient bones emerge from the ice. A new genetic study helps explain how they got there. Roopkund Lake, in the Indian Himalayas, is... Read More
So I finally got a picture of myself at my new weight of 175 pounds, down from the 220 pounds I spiked up to in 2015 during Merkel’s Million Muslim March. I appreciate you putting up with my stepping away from the keyboard long enough to walk a few miles per day. I hope to... Read More
From my new column in Taki's Magazine: Read the whole thing there.
From the New York Times news section: Uh, I think that headline is missing a couple of important words: "to Israel". The point, of course, of the headline is to rile up Jewish Democrats into imagining that Trump was anti-Semitically accused them of being disloyal to America, when he was pro-Semitically accusing them of not... Read More
This picture of the Chicago Cubs' Wrigley Field looks like somebody set off a tactical nuke in my old apartment on North Clarendon in Lakeview.
Is it to have lots of new farmland in case of massive Global Warming? Trump Greenland Greens Golf Club? My brother-in-law played in an annual Fourth of July Air Force golf tournament at Thule Air Force Base that is played over the rocks on Mount Dundas. Is it to terrify the Russians by being able... Read More
David Pinsen tweets: Right. Perhaps now semi-Canceled Harvard economist Roland Fryer could do a study to put the #MeToo Race Gap in percentile terms: What would be 90th percentile horndoggery for a white guy might be, say, only the 50th percentile for a black guy. Should we grade on a cultural curve? For example, Garrison... Read More
From National Review: Looks to me like Moynihan's Law of the Canadian Border (the closer a state's capital is to the Canadian border, the higher school test scores and other metrics of Nice Things it is likely to have). It was beyond the scope of our report to fully explain the reasons for this concentration... Read More
From the New York Times: ‘It’s Not the Same’: Why War Refugees Who Helped Revive St. Louis Are Leaving A population of Bosnians, up to 70,000 at its peak, is moving out of the city in search of safer neighborhoods and better opportunities. By Melina Delkic, Aug. 18, 2019 ST. LOUIS — It took Beriz... Read More
From the New York Times: Meanwhile, the Chinese Communist Party is also out to get Peppa the Pig. From the Daily Mail: Stop censoring Peppa Pig! Protesters picket the Chinese consulate after communist party deletes 30,000 videos of the kids' favourite because she's a 'subversive icon' Protesters flocked to the consulate in Sydney on Wednesday... Read More
From The Atlantic: This is a pretty vivid article by a yet another Yale Law School professor about how daily life in America has become more stressfully competitive, what with all the Tiger Mothers and the like. But as with most articles explaining the various causes of rising inequality in America since, oh, say, 1965,... Read More
In news news, WESH-TV News in Orlando is trying to help Twitter get four as-of-yet-unidentified children on the Mummy Ride banned from the Universal Studios theme park.
The 10th century Mesopotamian scholar Ibn Hawqal, who wrote an "unfortunately lost" book about how Sicilians were all idiots because they ate raw onions, would have done very well for himself on Twitter: Okay, people, this is not actually a serious post about IQ or Sicilians or onions, it's a joke about a certain personality... Read More
From an interview in Vox: Nobody except me ever calls Raj Chetty on his examples. Redwood City and East Palo Alto, for instance, are not obscure, remote places, they are near Stanford in the Silicon Valley. A huge number of smart people have some familiarity with them. Redwood City is home to Oracle, a vast... Read More
In National Review, Christopher Caldwell reviews Dr. Stephen Smith of Duke's African's Studies department new book The Scramble for Europe: Young Africa on its way to the Old Continent: The Coming Migration out of Sub-Saharan Africa By CHRISTOPHER CALDWELL, August 8, 2019 10:24 AM ... If Rome and Berlin have been transfixed by a nautical... Read More
From the New York Times opinion columns: The Abrupt End of My Big Girl Summer There I was, blissfully enjoying Lizzo, when the world had to intrude and remind me that it is still disgusted by normal female bodies. By Jennifer Weiner, Aug. 16, 2019 Call me crazy, but a few weeks ago, as the... Read More
From the Daily Mail:
So I finally got a picture of myself at my new weight of 175 pounds, down from the 220 pounds I spiked up to in 2015 during Merkel’s Million Muslim March. I appreciate you putting up with my stepping away from the keyboard long enough to walk a few miles per day. I hope to... Read More
From the New York Times: Something I've noticed growing in strength since 2008 is the feeling among black intellectuals like Mr. Morris that, while they haven't actually composed any songs, they still deserve to get a monthly royalty check for the contributions of blacks to popular music. If F. Scott Fitzgerald's granddaughter was getting a... Read More
From the New York Times: In other words, Brutalist architecture looks least ugly in tropical countries where all that raw concrete quickly gets swallowed up by The Jungle so that after a few years you can barely see the buildings anymore. For example, here are two Brutalist concrete chairs. One problem with chairs made out... Read More
Well, most of the world's music these days is largely rooted in European music. So one question is what non-European contributions are there? Compared to African rhythms, Native American music, with its plodding rhythms, is pretty dull. So, in Hispanic/Lusitanic America, mulatto music (e.g., Cuba and Brazil) tends to be better than mestizo music (e.g.,... Read More
This week, after 2.5 years in office, the Trump Administration finally got its ducks in a row enough to issue an update to the 1999 temporary guidelines on how to enforce the 1996 law directing the executive branch to work hard to keep out legal immigrants who are likely wind up as a "public charge."... Read More
The NYT's 1619 project to "reframe the country’s history, understanding 1619 as our true founding, and placing the consequences of slavery and the contributions of black Americans at the very center of the story we tell ourselves about who we are," which sounds like a parody I wrote but is actually real, is off to... Read More
As I pointed out in Taki's Magazine recently, San Francisco is like the Puerto Rico of billionaire cities when it comes to abysmal public school test scores. But don't worry, the San Francisco school board has a plan to make its students even more ignorant. From the San Francisco Examiner: Keep in mind that history... Read More
A few years ago, Ellen Pao's discrimination lawsuit against a Silicon Valley venture capital fund was heavily promoted in the national press as proving that the only reason most tech founders are male is because of bias. But then she lost bigly. Now Pao is divorcing her gay black disgraced financier husband Alphonse "Buddy" Fletcher.... Read More
From Slate: Uh, wasn't it Lazarus's friend from Richmond, VA, Constance Cary Harrison, the Betsy Ross of the Confederate Battle Flag, who persuaded Lazarus to write it? Lazarus's family had had a lot of business ties to the Confederacy. ... I spoke with Princeton professor Esther Schor, who wrote an acclaimed 2006 biography of Emma... Read More
From Slate, a transcription of an internal meeting at the New York Times between top editor Dean Baquet and disgruntled New York Times staffers complaining that the New York Times doesn't call Trump racist often enough. In other words, the New York Times went all in on RussiaGate and that exploded in their faces, so... Read More
From Urban Dictionary: From the New York Times Magazine: From the Washington Post, however: Trump is rewriting the meaning of America. Literally. By Max Boot, Columnist, August 14 at 5:04 PM When critics of the Trump administration warn that it is
From Vox, the umpty-umpth article denouncing robots for their lack of racial bias: The algorithms that detect hate speech online are biased against black people A new study shows that leading AI models are 1.5 times more likely to flag tweets written by African Americans as “offensive” compared to other tweets. By Shirin Ghaffary Aug... Read More
My favorite Jeffrey Epstein rumor so far has been that his missing partner in crime, Ghislaine Maxwell, daughter of the late Robert Maxwell and a prominent oceanography research philanthropist, was in hiding on a miniature submarine somewhere underwater. That would be fitting for a Bond villainess, no? Instead, she's holed up at the Universal City... Read More
From The Telegraph: Maybe. I dunno, though ... This idea of a Race Bomb has been kicking around for a long time. I can recall a discussion of the possibility back in the 1990s. It didn't sound all that plausible then and I don't think it's gotten more plausible as we've learned more about how... Read More
From New York Magazine: About 10 or 15 years ago, I noticed that my dad's favorite grocery store in Valley Village, CA now had a lot of customers who looked much like this guy, Igor Zinoviev, the MMA fighter who was Jeffrey Epstein's bodyguard, driver, and personal trainer. The Russian slang term for hired muscle,... Read More
One of Paul Johnson's observations is that aesthetic trends unite enemies. For example, King Louis XVI, Robespierre, and Napoleon didn't really get along politically, but they all felt the neoclassical style was the only fitting style for a public building. When I looked back on golf course architecture from the late 20th Century, it suddenly... Read More
At SlateStarCodex, Scott Alexander offers one of his extraordinarily useful book reviews: BOOK REVIEW: SECULAR CYCLES POSTED ON AUGUST 12, 2019 BY SCOTT ALEXANDER There is a tide in the affairs of men. It cycles with a period of about three hundred years. During its flood, farms and businesses prosper, and great empires enjoy golden... Read More
From Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin: In other words, most professional stand-up comedians are members of the Awkward Squad without the kind of personality that would do well in a t
From my new column: Read the whole thing there.
As you may recall, the timeline of the 2008 financial collapse got serious in March 2008, when the Wall Street firm of Bear Stearns started to go under due to mortgage-based securities. The New York Fed tried to bail Bear Stearns out, but it still became insolvent anyway. Then in September 2008, Lehman Brothers started... Read More
Russia has never been as rich as America, so they make up for it in competition with us by having crazier technology, like, apparently, nuclear-powered (not just nuclear-armed, but nuclear-powered) cruise missiles. That sounds like something Richard Feynman and Klaus Fuchs would have brainstormed over lunch at Los Alamos in 1945. U.S. Officials Suspect New... Read More
The Zeroth Amendment to the U.S. Constitution, as carved in marble on the Statue of Liberty by Founding Father Emma Lazarus in 1776, reads:
During his years of fieldwork in Africa, anthropologist Henry Harpending learned about African ways of thinking about witchcraft, which is conceived of very much like the now fashionable menaces of "systemic racism" and "implicit bias." It can harm its victims even without malign or merely conscious intent on the part of the perpetrators. That evening... Read More
iSteve commenter Hail writes: I'm reminded of the poem by C.P. Cavafy: Waiting for the Barbarians BY C. P. CAVAFY TRANSLATED BY EDMUND KEELEY What are we waiting for, assembled in the forum? The barbarians are due here today. Why isn’t anything going on in the senate? Why are the senators sitting there without legislating?... Read More
Andrew Yang would rather that Americans live in shipping containers due to overcrowding than that Americans use their democratic rights to vote to cut back on immigration. Also, maggot burgers!
From the Los Angeles Times: Police fear ‘suicide by cop’ cases. So they’ve stopped responding to some calls By ANITA CHABRIA STAFF WRITER AUG. 10, 2019 5 AM ... “I think almost anyone assumes when you call the sheriff’s office for help that you’re going to get some help. And they refused to go.” Plumas... Read More
From the New York Times opinion page: Well said, but another aspect is the rise of video games uses up an enormous number of male hours, so fewer males are reading books, so the publishing industry is signing fewer male writers, and the publishing industry itself is becoming more and more female. You might think... Read More
From Vox: A supercentarian is 110. Practically nobody makes it to 110. However, people living to be 100 is become less rare. Mrs. W. across the street from me died recently at 101. And when Claude Levi-Strauss died at age 100 in 2009, the 3 headlines in the NYT Obituary section that day averaged 101,... Read More
China is a good place to look for long-term impacts of different kind of agriculture because it had both rice paddy agriculture and drier grain agriculture (first millet, then wheat) for thousands of years. From Current Opinion in Psychology Emerging evidence of cultural differences linked to rice versus wheat agriculture Thomas Talhelm Highlights • Historical... Read More
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