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Who Would Win in a Fight?
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      Via Doug Jones’ Logarithmic History:

      ARDÈCHE, FRANCE—Saying that the recently discovered figurative art sheds new light on prehistoric speculative conflict, archeologists working at France’s Chauvet-Pont-d’Arc Cave announced Friday the discovery of a 300-century-old painting of an adult European mammoth squaring off against five sabre-toothed tigers. “This well-preserved and surprisingly detailed illustration shows us that ancient humans, people we refer to as cavemen, were capable of surprisingly sophisticated thought and probing insight, asking themselves mankind’s oldest philosophical question: Who would win in a fight?” said prominent paleolithic art expert Dr. David Whitley, noting that it was only a small intellectual step from sabretooth-versus-mammoth to such fundamental human debates as Hercules versus Gilgamesh, double-size Muhammed Ali versus one-tenth-size Godzilla, and the 1996 Bulls versus the 2012 Heat. “It’s a question that has shaped and molded all of human history. Also, I don’t care what this cave painting says—the mammoth would totally prevail unless it got, like, stuck in a tar pit.” …

      Read the rest here.

      I’m patenting the future of pay-per-view Saturday Night Fights: genetically revivified Ice Age megafauna battle at Caesar’s Palace to answer humanity’s age-old question: Who would win in a fight: Wooly Mammoths or Sabre-Toothed Tigers?

      Undercard: Giant armadillo vs cave bear.

      Somebody get David Reich on the phone. There are billions to be made.

      Update: Snopes warns that this mammoth vs. sabre-tooth drawing may not be 100% legit. On the other hand:

      Concerning Survey Finds Too Many People Believe Snopes Is A Legitimate Fact-Checking Website
      August 21st, 2019

      U.S.—A troubling new survey released by The Babylon Bee confirmed Wednesday that too many people think Snopes is a real fact-checking website.

      The survey found that over 60% of people believe Snopes is a real website, while only 25% understand that it’s satire. The remaining minority thinks that Snopes is the name of a gangsta rapper from California, “one of those guys who makes the hip-hop about the devil’s lettuce and shooting people.”


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      1. Twinkie says:

        Smart predators* – that is to say, those that survive – don’t prey on healthy, adult, large animals. They after the sick, the old, the young, the lame, and the abandoned.

        *Humans excepted.

        • Agree: Liza
        • Replies: @Jenner Ickham Errican
      2. Anonymous[375] • Disclaimer says:

        mankind’s oldest philosophical question: Who would win in a fight?

        This is a frequent topic of Joe Rogan, the foremost philosopher of our age aside from Ta-Nehisi Coates:

        • Replies: @Danindc
      3. Thomm says:

        Wooly Mammoths or Sabre-Toothed Tigers?

        How many Sabre-Toothed cats? Two, as in the picture.

        And is it Smilodon Populator or Smilodon Fatalis or Megantereon or Dinofelis? There was more than one type of Sabre-tooth.

        I hope you know that one Sabre-tooth has no chance against a vastly larger Woolly Mammoth. Two couldn’t bring down an adult Woolly Mammoth either.

        • Replies: @John Henry
        , @HA
      4. OT. Saw Tarentino’s movie last night with my teenage daughters. Three standout scenes. When Rick Dalton does Hamlet on the TV set, speaking to a Phoenix rise from failure; when Cliff Booth smashes the face of the degenerate and makes him change his tire, speaks for itself; and when Booth tongue-clicks his Staffordshire, unleashing him on the unprepared, speaking to the triumph of discipline over chaos. No comment on Bruce Lee or the flamethrower scenes.

        • Agree: PiltdownMan
      5. @Twinkie

        FFS man it ain’t supposed to be Mutual of Omaha’s Wild Kingdom—it’s about what would win in a genetically revivified Ice Age megafauna battle at Caesar’s Palace!

      6. @Anon

        Just because it was drawn with a Sharpie? How cynical.

      7. Bubba says:
        @Steve Sailer

        The reportedly 300 century old “figurative art” (cartoons?) with a Sharpie pen would be slightly more believable if Ghislaine Maxwell’s PR agent had tried to pull off the photoshop, but it would still laughingly fail.

        And I believe the guy with the Brooks Brothers golf shirt.


      8. Corn says:

        Don’t forget to put an aurochs on the fight card!

        • Replies: @Known Fact
      9. Mammoth. Seems most predators avoid adult elephants and always read that sabertooths were ambush predators who went for the throat (though that may be an out of date paleomeme, I’m not up to date on mammals). If they did that strategy, seems it would be difficult reach. Though, I don’t know, maybe they were like allosaurids or carcharodontosaurids in that they took chunks out of larger prey items and let them bleed out. Saber teeth have evolved several times in different mammal genera so it had to be successful, I just don’t know why.

        • Replies: @Prosa123
      10. The safe money is bringing back ancient deer, then stocking a hunting preserve with them.

      11. Hodag says:

        This was all figured out in Roman areans. The European Brown Bear/Grizzly wins all animal fights. Unless it is a monkey knife fight. Then all bets are off.

        • Replies: @Twinkie
      12. Anon[332] • Disclaimer says:

        Agree. There’s a Shroud of Turin quality to it. Charcoal mixed with fat wouldn’t make such a dark pigment. Steve has been completely suckered.

        • Replies: @Icy Blast
      13. Who would win in the end? As always, the [redacted] lawyers…

      14. Twinkie says:

        This was all figured out in Roman areans. The European Brown Bear/Grizzly wins all animal fights.

        Romans did not have access to Siberian tigers.

      15. Tiny Duck says:

        Black men beat up white boys in fair fights all the time

        Is it any wonder that white girls crave Men of Color?

        Like that old Muslim guy destroyed that white terrorist in Norway

      16. FPD72 says:

        Yeah, what part of “The Onion” do people not understand?

        It’s good to see that Steve hasn’t narrowed his reading of satire to just the Babylon Bee.

        I can’t wait to read what Snope has to write about this, or will they continue their double standard?

        • Replies: @Hypnotoad666
      17. Twinkie says:
        @Buzz Mohawk

        In a real fight between the two actors (not the film characters), Brad Pitt gets KOd in a few seconds by Mike Moh.

      18. Twinkie says:
        @Jenner Ickham Errican

        Mutual of Omaha’s Wild Kingdom

        Hey, you watched that too?

        • Replies: @Jenner Ickham Errican
      19. Anon[107] • Disclaimer says:

        Definitely fraudulent. Of course, they have discovered that most cave painting has been painted over several times over thousands of years, which is why they are so hard to date, but when the latest painting-over tests out to be Sharpie ink, that is a sign of a problem.

        I think the quality of this blog has been falling, and the failure to fact check and express reasonable skepticism is the canary in the coal mine.

        To show how easy it is to fake this stuff, here is one I did myself, rhino vs. musk ox, which would win?:

      20. Anon[233] • Disclaimer says:

        Paleoanthropologist Twitter is almost unanimous that this painting is fraudulent. I won’t go into the details, but there are several tells.

      21. @Jenner Ickham Errican

        The Great Occidental OrangeMangutan vs. Eighteen Social Dung Velocibeetles ?

        • LOL: Old Prude
        • Replies: @Dissident
      22. I’m going to say that fat eye-poking Mammoth will absorb fourteen brutal left hooks to the body in the fourth round, before he’s pummeled into delirium. Then the cats will dance an Irish jig.

      23. Anonymous[366] • Disclaimer says:


        Yet now, half a century after the Manson slayings, Tarantino has made a film that focuses on that dark side, even as it celebrates the oppositional “square” culture of Western movies and TV shows—even the Vegas-y Dean Martin. Indeed, the film is so eager in its execration of the counterculture that it tosses around an epithet of the era, “dirty hippie.”

        So, DiCaprio and Pitt are Hard Riders than ‘easy riders’?

        Politics aside — as most people in the movie industry are politically ‘liberal’ — , cinephilia was always more culturally conservative than rock culture. Storytelling is more about memory than pop songs that are about the thrill of the moment. Also, rock culture is about the latest hit whereas cinephilia is about movie history. Rock people do have a sense of rock history but have no interest in music before rock or outside english-speaking world. In contrast, cinephiles love old movies and are interested in world cinema.

        So, politics aside, the boomers who were into cinema — Lucas, Spielberg, Milius, etc — were more culturally conservative than rockers who were into the here-and-now.

        • Replies: @Steve Sailer
      24. syonredux says:

        In a real fight between the two actors (not the film characters), Brad Pitt gets KOd in a few seconds by Mike Moh.

        Which is why people are more interested in the Cliff Booth vs Bruce Lee debate….

      25. @Anon

        ‘…To show how easy it is to fake this stuff, here is one I did myself, rhino vs. musk ox, which would win?’

        In the spirit of this thread, rhino.

        Have you ever seen a rhino? They’re huge. Your question is like asking who would win? Peterbilt or Toyota Tundra?

        The musk ox is going to wheel around, face the charging rhino — and get run over.

      26. @Bubba

        What a bubbish!

        • Replies: @Anon
      27. @Jenner Ickham Errican

        “FFS man it ain’t supposed to be Mutual of Omaha’s Wild Kingdom”

        Marlon: “We’ll circle overhead in the chopper while Jim climbs the tree to lasso the wild cat.”

        • LOL: Liza
      28. syonredux says:

        ” Who would win in a fight?” said prominent paleolithic art expert Dr. David Whitley, noting that it was only a small intellectual step from sabretooth-versus-mammoth to such fundamental human debates as Hercules versus Gilgamesh”

        Does Enkidu get to lend a hand?Cause Gilgamesh + Enkidu would totally crush Hercules+ Hylas (Hylas is such a wimp)….

        Me, I’m looking forward to Herc’s rematch with Samson:

        • Replies: @SteveRogers42
        , @95Theses
      29. @Anonymous

        Going for a walk this evening, a car goes by playing “Out of Time” by the Rolling Stones that was used in “Once Upon a Time” to amazing effect. I barely knew that was a Rolling Stones song. Tarantino got amazing mileage out of recordings that he probably didn’t have to pay a huge amount for the rights to. Everybody else’s 1969 movie uses “Gimme Shelter,” but Tarantino uses “Out of Time” …

        The Jose Feliciano version of “California Dreaming” was wholly unexpected.


      30. @Tiny Duck

        I think we know the answer to this one:

        • LOL: bomag, TWS
      31. @Steve Sailer

        “Out of Time” plays during opening credits for Coming Home, which was touted as the first Vietnam War movie. The implication is that Bruce Dern’s military officer character is past, “all left out,” and so on. This is an old theme about the cultural turning point of the 1960s, almost as old as the 1960s themselves. It was maybe the whole propaganda point of that period and much of the culture that has flowed from it. Maybe it is a lie after all.

      32. J.Ross says:


        NPR has been aggressively pushing legalized swatting (red flag laws, or the end of due process). They have already conceded that this will not impact mass shootings and focused on bothering people who will commit suicide anyway — and who, in proof of the detail-orientation and general intelligence of our law school graduates, are not asked to give up their cars. Let that sink in for a minute. Their great illustration is an incident where the local legalised swat law was ignorantly applied by the sitting judge — the guy in question attacked cops after making a public disturbance, which would have meant bad things for him well before legalized swatting.

        • Agree: 95Theses
      33. Anon[314] • Disclaimer says:
        @bored identity

        Are In-N-Outs on Steve’s diet? I was under the impression that he was restricted to Eastern European yogurt from Jon’s Market.

      34. J.Ross says:
        @Steve Sailer

        I didn’t see Pulp Fiction until several years after it had come out, but as soon as it came out I was aware of renewed focus on pop music “also-rans” and b-sides, which enabled Tarentino to easily show off his pop cultural wisdom, and set off a general “curated soundtrack” thing. It’s sort of a musical equivalent of picking up on the fact that John Travolta is still alive, still charismatic, and available for cheap.

        • Replies: @Lurker
      35. @Anon

        That painting looks fraudulent to me.

        Chauvet-Pont-d’Arc =

        Patch on crude TV.
        Doc up that cavern!

      36. @Anon

        I think it was drawn by prehistoric Gary Larson.

      37. @Buzz Mohawk

        Whoa, footage of me and the Twinkster in one of our LeGeNdArY internet debates!

      38. unit472 says:

        I recall reading that California gold miners once pitted a grizzly against a bull. The match was indeterminate as the animals broke through the arena walls and some spectators definitely LOST.

        • LOL: Corn
      39. @Twinkie

        Moh’s push-up and bag routine is meh. Jesse would kick his ass.

        • Replies: @Twinkie
        , @Chris Mallory
      40. @Twinkie

        FFS man it ain’t supposed to be Mutual of Omaha’s Wild Kingdom—it’s about what would win in a genetically revivified Ice Age megafauna battle at Caesar’s Palace!

      41. @FPD72

        Yeah, what part of “The Onion” do people not understand?

        There is a subreddit called r/AteTheOnion https://www.reddit.com/r/AteTheOnion/ wholly dedicated to people not getting that an Onion article was satire.

        In people’s defense though, this one would be totally believable if the cave painting didn’t look like a bad Gary Larson drawing.

      42. @Steve Sailer

        Going for a walk this evening, a car goes by playing “Out of Time” by the Rolling Stones

        Cars walk in California now?

        Considering that Mick’s great-granddaughter is two years older than his son, which song is more appropriate: “Out of Time”, “The Last Time”, or “Time Is On My Side”?

        As for that picture, those tigers look awfully kawaii. This may be a reference to Chinese basketball. The Xinjiang Flying Tigers are routing the Henan Roaring Elephants.

        However, Korea’s ET-Land Elephants routed the Tigers:

        SUPER 8: Elephants stun Xinjiang Flying Tigers in Day 1

      43. Oh, piffle.

        Everybody knows that the real bout of the ages is: Mecha-Godzilla versus wind-powered New Green Mecha-Godzilla.

        • Replies: @Thirdtwin
      44. btw, the real tell of the fakery is not the Sharpie outline, but the art style, which is Late Neolithic 4th Grade Notebook Doodle.

        • Replies: @Steve Sailer
        , @Buzz Mohawk
      45. @Steve Sailer

        Ya think?

        I think you’re getting a good reminder here of just how spergy your amen chorus really is.

        • Replies: @Chrisnonymous
      46. @Bubba

        Also, if it were legit and 300 centuries old, it would depict negroes in that part of Europe. Because that’s what all Europeans were, and still are, sort of.

        You may say, it’s a portrait of animals, not people, so why would there be negroes? I can only answer with a million news-on-the-scene segments and you just tell me negroes won’t get themselves into any picture they can.

        • LOL: JMcG
      47. @Steve Sailer

        I too thought using the Jose Feliciano version of California Dreaming was brilliant, and somehow fit the setting (and the year) much better than the original The Mamas and The Papas version.

        Interestingly, there have been two movies that riff off 1969 and the Manson cult in a year. Last year’s homage to Tarantino by Drew Goddard, Bad Times at the El Royale and this year’s Once Upon a Time in Hollywood by Quentin Tarantino himself.

        And both of them used Deep Purple’s Hush and The Mamas and the Papas Twelve Thirty (Young Girls Are Coming to the Canyon) to similar effect at roughly corresponding points in the movie.

        Tarantino got me with DiCaprio singing Green Door, a 1955 hit song that was a favorite of my mom’s.

        Quentin Tarantino is simply exceptional at choosing soundtrack music from the hit lists of decades past. It’s not just a hipsterish affectation on his part. He gets it.

        • Replies: @Hodag
      48. Twinkie says:
        @Jenner Ickham Errican

        Moh’s push-up and bag routine is meh.

        Sure, but Pitt has no routine of any kind.

        I doubt Moh is trained in all phases of unarmed combat, but given that the vast majority of men don’t know how to fight (windmill arm punches and moronic headlocks are the norm), the outcome is not in much doubt.

        It doesn’t take a whole lot to be able to put a beatdown on most people – a few years of serious training in something like Judo, BJJ, Kali, wrestling, boxing, etc. combined with the right mindset will be sufficient against a large majority. (Introduce weapons, that’s a different story.)

      49. Anonymous[222] • Disclaimer says:

        The elephant represents ‘old Europe’ – that is the ancient, indigenous people of that continent.
        The jackals represent The Economist/EU sponsored ‘migrant’ attackers of old Europe.

        • Replies: @Anonymous
      50. El Dato says:

        George Galloway narrates how he got punched by Robert Maxwell at the BBC: Epstein: The Maxwell Connection

      51. I feel smug I spotted it was an Onion-type fake article not from the text but from the poor quality of the alleged cave painting! Real cavemen painted much much better art.

      52. If you go for the knees first any opponent is small enough to defeat.

        Now, about those old songs. I’m not old enough to remember most of them which is a good thing. Don’t know why you keep harping on that silly movie.

      53. @Steve Sailer

        Harrumph. I’ll have you know I hold an MA degree in Art History from Cosmo’s College of Connecticut, and wrote my master’s thesis on Neolithic Grade School Notebook Doodlery — though in fairness, I did focus more attention on the sub genre of Early Death Race 2000-style Murder Cars.

      54. Who would win? Yair Rosenberg in W[e]aPo[n] makes a point Steve might make about Derb:

        So is Trump a philo-Semite or an anti-Semite? The answer is both. The principle that explains his seemingly contradictory outlook toward Jews is simple: Trump believes all the anti-Semitic stereotypes about Jews. But he sees those traits as admirable.

      55. How about Bears versus Lions?

        • Replies: @JMcG
      56. Lurker says:

        Tarantino has developed sabermetrics for film making.

      57. TTSSYF says:

        It is really cute, and I can appreciate the symmetry and use of odd numbers.

      58. Hodag says:

        Stuck In The Middle With You went from a forgotten 70s pop song to a staple of classic rock stations due to it’s use in the ear scene in Reservoir Dogs. Reservoir Dogs never got a wide release, it was an art film. It came to my remote Midwestern city where I decamped for grad school about six weeks after it opened in Chicago. When it did arrive there were lines. Run Lola Run was similar.

      59. Anonymous[336] • Disclaimer says:
        @Steve Sailer

        The best version was a cover by UK one hit wonder Chris Farlow.

      60. @Bubba

        I knew that was fake right away because nobody reads a book at In-N-Out Burger.

      61. Thirdtwin says:
        @The Germ Theory of Disease

        We may never know. I read where PETA is demanding that YouTube remove all Battlebot videos because of “animal cruelty. Is that true, or is it Onion?

      62. @Thomm

        I see three attackers. Better chance. Accepting the premise this is genuine, there are many reasons the cats would prevail. A sick or injured Mammoth for one. Or they would not have initiated an attack.

        • Replies: @Thomm
      63. @Ozymandias

        Got to say I was wrong about the outcome of the hypothetical “Fat load kfc aficionado vs. refined physical specimen” the first time, but I still had faith in the Croatian sensation this go around.

        But even in victory I think he took the path of greatest resistance, more lateral movement to draw him into counters and/or mixing in intercepting knees and especially teeps to alleviate cormier’s pressure would have done wonders. A few small adjustments like that might easily have turned it from a gritty war into an embarrassing drubbing of dc. I was impressed with his jig though.

      64. @Anon

        I think the quality of this blog has been falling, and the failure to fact check and express reasonable skepticism is the canary in the coal mine.

        You know where the exit is.

        Mind the door doesn’t hit your arse on the way out.

      65. Danindc says:

        I looked into this. In the coliseum Bears didn’t do that well. There were good arguments for both Tigers and Lions being the King. Would love to get an expert to tell me which animal wins in a cage fight. This question needs to be settled.

      66. peterike says:

        1996 Bulls versus the 2012 Heat

        The Bulls. LeBron is a choke artist and Jordan the ultimate clutch player.

      67. Prosa123 says:
        @Senator Brundlefly

        In recent years the lions in a Botswana national park have begun preying on adult elephants. This is unprecedented, as almost all lion predation on elephants has targeted young, old, or otherwise vulnerable ones. There is ample other game in the park, so it’s not as if the lions are preying on the elephants out of desperation.


      68. @The Germ Theory of Disease

        Late Neolithic 4th Grade Notebook Doodle

        The common name of that style is “Tattoo.”

      69. Gordo says:

        That painting looks fraudulent to me.

        Agree, looks like something Calvin from Calvin and Hobbes would doodle.

      70. Dissident says:
        @bored identity

        Our Glorious Dear Leader Shall Yet Prevail!

      71. Anonymous[264] • Disclaimer says:

        The jackals represent The Economist/EU sponsored ‘migrant’ attackers of old Europe.

        Is this song racist?

      72. @Corn

        I got 10 units on triceratops

      73. anon[181] • Disclaimer says:
        @Steve Sailer

        It may not sound like a RS song because Mick & Keith originally wrote it for someone else:

        The most commercially successful version of the song was by the singer Chris Farlowe, an English solo artist. Farlowe’s single, produced by Jagger, peaked at number one in the UK Singles Chart on 28 July 1966 and stayed at the top for one week.[1] A shorter alternative mix of the Rolling Stones’ recording [I think without Brian Jones’ marimba intro] was released in the US in 1967 on the album Flowers. A third version featuring Mick Jagger’s lead vocal and the orchestration and backing vocals from Chris Farlowe’s cover version (plus a new female backing vocal) was released on the 1975 rarities album Metamorphosis and as a single.,,,Like all the songs on the second side of the UK version of Aftermath, the Rolling Stones have never performed “Out of Time” live. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Out_of_Time_(The_Rolling_Stones_song)

      74. JMcG says:
        @The Alarmist

        That’s how Diane on Cheers used to fill out her football pools. Hey, now that I think of it, the modern left IS Diane Chambers. Smug, prissy, and dismissive.

        • Replies: @The Alarmist
      75. Holy mackerel spiny dogfish shark, people! I just did a ctrl-f for “shark” and got nothing. You people are truly unaware of what’s going on in the world (OK, on TV, that is, and that actually makes me proud). Did every one of you miss the 3-week Shark Fest that literally permeated the culture at the end of last month?

        The kid are all into it. There are books with brackets like it’s the NCAA (spoiler, I can tell you who won – the Salt Water Croc beat out the Spiny Dogfish in the final round). It’s single-elimination, as you expect from Nature. Not all are just focused on sharks though. Some books have insect vs insect, rhino vs. elephant, etc.

        It’s too bad you wrote this post, Steve, without input from some 7-10 y/o boys. They could have told you who would win, anything.

      76. Who Would Win in a Fight?

        Kris Kobach or Mike Pompeo?

        Kansas SuperKraut Kobach would pulverize Mike “Can’t Push Away From The Table” Pompeo.

        Pompeo is Italian and English and some French.

        Kris Kobach is Norwegian and Polish and something called Belgian German. I suppose they found a tribe of Krauts with heads of such a large, blockish nature that they resembled Belgian blocks, so they called them Belgian German.

        Kris Kobach puts the interests of the United States first in all his considerations.

        Kobach is a Marshall Scholar — named after the Marshall Tucker Band.

        Kobach will make sure that the immigration policy of the USA puts the interests of the American People first and Kobach will make sure immigration policy is in the best interests of the USA as a whole.

        Mike Pompeo is a treasonous rat who pushes nation-wrecking mass legal immigration and sovereignty-sapping mass illegal immigration and multicultural mayhem.

        Mike Pompeo puts the foreign policy interests of other nations ahead of the foreign policy interests of the USA.

        Mike Pompeo is overly promiscuous in his desire to use the US military as muscle to fight wars on behalf of other nations. It is surprising that Mike Pompeo hasn’t had a heart attack considering all the promiscuous exertions he has engaged in in his passion to promiscuously use the US military to advance the foreign policy interests of other nations. Stay out of the chow hall, Pompeo!

        Kris Kobach Puts AMERICA FIRST!

      77. Who Would Win in a Fight?

        If the fight was over who did more damage to the USA while president and the fight was between baby boomers Bill Clinton and George W Bush, I would have to say George W Bush. Mostly because of the fact that George W Bush dragged the American Empire and the USA and the US military into the Iraq war debacle.

        Both Bill Clinton and George W Bush were baby boomer nation-wrecking rats who did great harm to the USA while president.

        Baby boomers Bill Clinton and George W Bush pushed mass legal immigration and mass illegal immigration and REFUGEE OVERLOAD and ASYLUM SEEKER INUNDATION and globalization and financialization and trade deal scams and multicultural mayhem and a whole lot of other treasonous things.

        Bill Clinton used the REFUGEE OVERLOAD racket to lower wages for US workers and to provide CHEAP LABOR for his paymasters in the Cheap Labor Lobby.

        Baby boomer globalizer Bill Clinton is a complete and total whore for the JEW/WASP ruling class of the American Empire. Ruling class puppet whore Bill Clinton flooded the USA with Bosnians and other REFUGEE OVERLOAD in the 1990s at the behest of the CHEAP LABOR FACTION in the Democrat Party and the Republican Party.

        Disgusting baby boomer rodent whore Bill Clinton pushed mass legal immigration and mass illegal immigration and REFUGEE OVERLOAD and ASYLUM SEEKER INUNDATION and sovereignty-sapping, job-killing trade deal scams and every other damn thing he could to attack workers in the USA.

        Mass legal immigration and mass illegal immigration and REFUGEE OVERLOAD and ASYLUM SEEKER INUNDATION lowers wages for American workers and increases housing costs and swamps schools and overwhelms hospitals and causes urban and suburban sprawl and harms the environment and increases income inequality and brings crime and infectious diseases and radical Islamic terrorism to the USA.

        The JEW/WASP ruling class of the American Empire has been using REFUGEE OVERLOAD as a demographic weapon to attack and destroy the European Christian ancestral core of the USA.

        Tweet from 2014:

      78. The unsafe money is on Aurochs or Bison Latifrons. Go Big or Go Home!

        aurochs from Denmark and Germany had an average height at the shoulders of 155–180 cm (61–71 in) in bulls and 135–155 cm (53–61 in) in cows, while aurochs populations in Hungary had bulls reaching 155–160 cm (61–63 in). The body mass of aurochs appears to have shown some variability. Some individuals were comparable in weight to the wisent and the banteng, reaching around 700 kg (1,540 lb), whereas those from the late-middle Pleistocene are estimated to have weighed up to 1,500 kg (3,310 lb)

        B. latifrons reached a shoulder height of over 2 m (6.6 ft) and may have weighed up to 1,250 kg (2,760 lb). The horns of B. latifrons measured as great as 213 centimeters (84 in) from tip to tip, compared with only 66 cm (26 in) in modern Bison bison. The known dimensions of the species are on average larger than the extant bovids, including both extant species of bison — the American bison and the European bison. Based on a comparison of limb bones between B. latifrons and B. bison, the mass of the former is estimated to have been 25–50% greater than that of the latter. In fact, B. latifrons is one of the largest bovid in the fossil record.

      79. “I think the quality of this blog has been falling, and the failure to fact check and express reasonable skepticism is the canary in the coal mine.”

        I think you’re a humorless idiot who lacks the ability to detect satire and lampoon.

      80. Anonymous[151] • Disclaimer says:

        Who wins in a fight, pro MMA fighter or football player? Answer: pro MMA fighter. Here is Roger Huerta, who is only 5’8 and competes at the 155 lbs weight class in Bellator, knocking out a 6’8, 250 lbs college football player who was beating up a girl outside a night club. To make a long story short, Huerta decided to be the girl’s knight in shinning armor:

        Who wins in a fight, Marine or Gangstah? Answer: Marine:

        • Replies: @Twinkie
      81. Thomm says:
        @John Henry

        In all hypothetical animal 1 vs. animal(s) 2, the standard assumption is healthy young males on both sides. There are many discussion boards (such as Carnivora) devoted to polls for all sorts of combinations of X vs. Y or Y vs. Z.

        Three Smilodons might have an outside chance against a Woolly Mammoth, but which species of Sabre-tooth this is has not been specified (there are many species’ across many sizes).

      82. @JMcG

        Hey, now that I think of it, the modern left IS Diane Chambers. Smug, prissy, and dismissive.

        And almost always wrong. You know, in that analogy, Trump is Sam Malone, and for some reason, the two love and need each other.

      83. Icy Blast says:

        The Shroud of Turin has repeatedly, definitively, and scientifically been proven authentic. Bad comparison.

        • Replies: @J.Ross
      84. @Jenner Ickham Errican

        Bruce Lee, Moh, Jesse…..bah. None of them could beat Master Ken.

        • Replies: @syonredux
      85. HA says:

        “is it Smilodon Populator or Smilodon Fatalis or Megantereon or Dinofelis?”

        Megantereon died out in Europe 900K years ago, and Dinofelis even earlier, so neither is a candidate. Populator and Fatalis have only been found in the Americas.

        Homotherium latidens seems a better fit.

        • Replies: @Thomm
      86. Thomm says:

        Homotherium latidens seems a better fit.

        OK. Homotherium was way too small for even three of them to take down a Woolly Mammoth.


        Even five couldn’t do it.

      87. Superman or Martian Manhunter?

      88. Anon[314] • Disclaimer says:
        @Steve Sailer

        This deserves to be fleshed out a little and promoted to a post.

        • Replies: @Steve Sailer
      89. Anon[314] • Disclaimer says:
        @Steve Sailer

        The Ramones covered it, I just discovered.

      90. @Anon

        The reason the catchy 1966 Rolling Stones song “Out of Time” that Tarantino made tremendous use of in “Once Upon a Time” is quite obscure for a catchy 1966 Rolling Stones song is that it’s highly similar in style and lyrics to another track on the same “Aftermath” album: “Under My Thumb.” I’d say that “Under My Thumb” is just a little bit better than “Out of Time,” so UTB became a classic while “Out of Time” was not played over and over on the radio.

      91. @Anon

        One heffalump, three kitty-cat
        In sixteen-legged, crudely-drawn spat.
        So amusingly fake
        That I make no mistake:
        My five-year-old kid can do that!

      92. Twinkie says:

        Who wins in a fight, pro MMA fighter or football player? Answer: pro MMA fighter.

        Would you expect otherwise? One fights for a living and learns all the technical details and conditions his body for fighting. The other guy plays with a ball, however aggressively.

        I’ve written this many, many times. The vast majority of people, including men, have no idea what they are doing in a fight and are likely to throw windmill arm punches and put on headlocks. If you train a realistic combat art – boxing, wrestling, Judo, BJJ, and such – seriously for a few years, you will be able to smash a vast majority of other men in fighting. One caveat, though, street fights are wild and unpredictable and all kinds of contingencies can happen (police intervention, crowd interfering, multiple assailants, weapons, etc.), so even the most experienced of fighters can have a bad day and get dropped.

        who is only 5’8 and competes at the 155 lbs weight class in Bellator, knocking out a 6’8, 250 lbs college football player

        That 155 lbs. weight is for like 5 minutes of weight-cutting peaking, 24 hours before the fight. Huerta probably re-hydrated back to 175-180, maybe even 190 (back when IV re-hydration was allowed) by fight time. And he probably walks around that or even higher when he is not in camp.

        You are still on point, but just wanted to clarify the weight disparity.

      93. Logan says:

        Interestingly, the Romans were on this. Cage (well, arena) matches between various exotic animals were a big draw at the Colosseum.

      94. I daresay most real life spontaneous fights happen between people who don’t know how to fight. At least, those which are not between groups of young men looking for a fight (i.e. gang fights).

        This video did the rounds on Twitter a couple of weeks ago. An elderly rural couple in India fight off a pair of intruders who wield machetes—but seem pretty wimpy in the face of an unexpected barrage of objects.

        • Replies: @J.Ross
      95. J.Ross says:

        Marc “Animal” MacYoung writes a lot about fighting. One of the things he says a person, who might be a trained fighter in a refereed art, doesn’t guess about real fighting, is the importance of being willing to embrace injury. If you hate the other guy enough to be willing to give up an eye or some teeth, you will almost certainly lose neither and clobber him, unless he’s well-trained.

      96. Who would win in a fight? In Germany, Catholics:

        How do you say “suck it up” in German?

        • Replies: @J.Ross
        , @Anon
      97. J.Ross says:
        @Icy Blast

        How can it be possible for the Shroud of Turin to be authentic, let alone proven authentic? Am I to read “it really did come from the medieval Western Mediterranean” as opposed to “it was inked in the nineteenth century” authentic?

        • Replies: @Kratoklastes
      98. Cliff Booth or Achilles?

      99. Rep. Jim Jordan or Bruce Lee?

      100. @syonredux

        Atlas sez if somebody else would just hold up the heavens for awhile, he’d be happy to school all comers.

      101. Anon[152] • Disclaimer says:
        @Reg Cæsar

        Well, in Germany isn’t it mostly a choice whether you like sixteenth-century heretics or twentieth-century heretics better?

        Though there have to be a few good dioceses.

      102. 95Theses says:

        Um … shouldn’t Samson have long hair?

        • Replies: @syonredux
      103. @J.Ross

        You’re using the wrong definition of “proven authentic”; for the average mouth-breathing religiotard, “repeatedly, definitively, and scientifically been proven authentic” can be taken to mean “an authority figure in my religion said this, and since I have the mental sophistication of a dim child, I took him at his word“.

        It’s a mediaeval forgery – because the person it purports to depict never existed.

        That last domino – that Jeebus was a myth – hasn’t fallen yet, but it will. As recently as the 80s “scholars” refused to accept that Moses was a fictional composite – but that has now repeatedly, definitively, and scientifically been proven – using the generally-accepted meanings of those words.

        • Replies: @Anon
      104. J.Ross says:

        Clair Quinn — Irish. I was guessing either Puerto Rican or Ellis Island Irish.

      105. syonredux says:

        Um … shouldn’t Samson have long hair?

        He’s got a tiny pony-tail.

      106. Anon[152] • Disclaimer says:

        Yes, I expect at about the same time that the Alexander (or Sikander) Myth becomes better understood.

        • Replies: @Kratoklastes
      107. @Anon

        Alexander/Sikander/Iskander (Αλέξανδρος Γʹ ὁ Μακεδών) is every bit as real as Ἡρακλῆς, שִׁמְשׁוֹן, Þórr and Batman.

        There seems to be a lot of evidence that Batman is real – there are many riveting first-person accounts that date from during his actual life that align with what is known about the period (i.e., the type of clothing worn; the hairstyles; the types of supervillains known to lurk in the night).

        It seems highly unlikely that some group of Batman-partisans would just inventtall tales about such a heroic figure. I am certain that one day the One True Bat-signal will be discovered – or parts of his utility belt, or shreds of his cowl.

        And of course there is a very large corpus of material captured on video, with him thwarting evil like some amazing evil-thwarting thing.

        If Batman’s not real – with all that evidence – then all bets are off.

        Except for Kek. Kek is real.

        HAIL KEK.

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