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In 11.6% White Newark, New Jersey, Black Elected Officials Meet with Rival Black Gang Leaders to Try and Stop Black on Black Violence...
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      In the ruins of one of America’s formerly great cities, what do you imagine life resembles in 2019?

      Mind you, this city is 11.6 percent white (in 1950, this city was 83 percent white. Heck, in 1960, this city was still 65 percent white).

      So, in a city devoid of white privilege, does a Wakanda flourish? Not exactly. [Gang leaders met face-to-face in Newark to talk peace, NJ.com, June 15, 2019]:

      Newark gang members and activists working for peace in the city gathered Saturday and reached a truce aimed at reducing gang violence.

      So-called “violence interrupters” and gang members gathered for private peace talks at 3 p.m. The talks were followed by a 5 p.m. “Kings Stop Killing Kings” rally at Newark’s Symphony Hall and march down Broad Street.

      A draft of the the agreement, which was passed out to those who attended the peace talks between the sometimes rival gangs, stated that public places such as schools, houses of worship, recreation centers and funeral homes would be “designated buffer or neutral zones against violence.”

      The agreement went on to outline expectations for the gang members, including not using social media to “dispute, call for, glorify or insinuate the killing of a member of another organization,” and not invading “upon each other’s community or neighborhood” without prior notice.

      Gang leaders sat around four tables, organized in a square in the center of the Terrace Ballroom, while Newark Mayor Ras Baraka gave an impassioned speech. He implored the gang leaders to cease violence and instead turn their energy towards building the community by doing things like purchasing empty buildings to start businesses or homes.

      “I’m not into coddling grown men,” he said. “Some of you guys know better…It is more comfortable for you to act like you are asleep, to blend in with everybody else, when you know better. And the reality of that is you just don’t just have no courage. You’re just scared.”

      Following the speeches from other anti-violence advocates, spectators and families were asked to leave the ballroom while leaders negotiated the truce. Cassady Fendlay, a spokeswoman for the Justice League NYC who was involved in the talks, told NJ Advance Media that the gang leaders reached a truce Saturday night.

      Over 100 people gathered outside the hall and began marching down Broad Street, under the watchful eyes of Newark police officers wearing bulletproof vests. Children sat on their father’s shoulders and young people carried signs and flags.

      “Stop the violence. Peace in the streets.” the marchers yelled as pedestrians on the sidewalk stopped to watch, some raising their fists in solidarity.

      Organizers said the crowd was there in honor of Nipsey Hussle, a Grammy-nominated rapper, who was killed on March 31, just one day before he was slated to meet with the Los Angeles Police Department about curbing street violence. Hussle, who was born with the name Ermias Asghedom, was known for giving back to his community.

      “This rally and peace march is a tribute to the late, great Nipsey Hussle, whose tireless work on behalf of social justice inspired countless activists to join our movement,” Carmen Perez, executive director of the Gathering For Justice and a former co-chair of the national Women’s March, said.

      The demonstrators marched about a mile, stopping at Washington Park around 6 p.m. There, several city employees — including one that offered to help residents find jobs and another that provided information from the Department of Health and Community Wellness — awaited the demonstrators.

      From a small stage in the park, actors, musicians and social media influencers encouraged the crowd to pursue nonviolent conflict resolution and told their own stories of getting shot, or explained the emotional trauma of a family member dying from gang violence.

      “There is a war on us, why are we at war with each other?” actress and producer Yandy Smith-Harris said.

      Other speakers included Justice League NYC member Tamika Mallory, hip hop artist and author Chi Ali, and leading “violence interrupters” and community organizers like Shanduke McPhatter and Jamila T. Davis.

      The Newark rally follows a similar demonstration in The Bronx last month where former and active gang members called for better conflict resolution among community members and a stronger City crisis management system, according to News 12.

      Still, violence remains an intractable problem in Newark. On Saturday, just minutes from where the gang leaders met to discuss peace, two men in masks pulled up on a woman in a car and shot her in the back. The woman was not seriously injured and that incident has not been determined to be gang-related.

      For the smattering of nonprofit and activism groups that organized The Bronx and Newark rallies, this street crime is exactly what they hope to prevent. Perez said she hopes “Kings Stop Killing Kings” becomes a movement that impacts not just Newark and New York, but the whole nation.

      Can you count the absurdities in the above story? This writer noted 18 mind-blowing admissions, not the least of which members of the elected city government actively working with known black gang members…

      Just your latest reminder, Wakanda isn’t real.

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      1. 10mm AUTO says:

        You probably caught every one Paul, but this one is burning letters in the sky:

        “There is a war on us, why are we at war with each other?” actress and producer Yandy Smith-Harris said.

        See, you can’t terrorize and shake down Whitey if you are “Kangs killing Kangs”. How are you going to keep the genocide of the White race going if you keep taking out your soldiers on each other?

        The depth of dementia in this whole article makes me feel sick.

        • Agree: CENTURION
      2. Name ONE other “community” that has “violence interrupters”… or needs them.

        They are not like us.  They have to go.  They don’t have to go back, but they can’t stay here.

      3. “Kangz Stop Killin’ Kangz N Sheeit”

        “There is a war on us, why are we at war with each other?” actress and producer Yandy Smith-Harris said.

        I was wondering when they’d get around to that. Underlying all of these “Stop Da Bilence” initiatives is the implication that blacks should be killing whites instead of each other.

        I guess “Stop Killing, Period” is too much to ask for Africans In America. 😐

      4. Glock45 says:

        Just your latest reminder, Wakanda isn’t real.

        And the response to this reminder will be to double down with make-believe by having even more blacks in commercials, ads, TV shows and movies, who are all cool, hip, suave, and smart.

        Surely that will change the negro…any day now.

        I stopped by Kroger’s yesterday to pick up a few items about the store. Every other aisle had these big cardboard advertisements for some such thing or another in the store. After passing by about 5 of these things, it suddenly occurred to me that they all had blacks on them. I bounded back to my starting point to look at them all again, and, sure enough, 4 of the 5 I had passed at that point were all filled with smiling, shiny, cool, hip and suave negroes. After making my way thru the rest of the store, out of about a dozen of these ad-signs, 9 out of 12 were nothing but blacks.

        The absurdity: this Kroger’s and my neighborhood is (thankfully) 97% white and blacks rarely, if ever, shop at this particular one.


      5. Gunga Din says:

        Brainwashing from (((you know who))).

      6. Anon[126] • Disclaimer says:

        Nice they were able to get members of the Justice League to participate but I think it would’ve been wiser to have more prominent members such as Aquaman and Wonder Woman show up to add a bit more gravitas to this famed accord.

        • LOL: Anonymous0619
      7. Anon[126] • Disclaimer says:

        They are conditioning people to take it easy when they chance upon a spooky person just standing around for no reason.

      8. Anon[126] • Disclaimer says:


        The Khazarian Mafia named a neighborhood after El Drumph. (((They))) aren’t like us either.

        • Replies: @D-FENS
      9. luludog says:

        And as another day dawns in BRA. The mayor of Phoenix is apologizing for the bad behavior of the city cops taking down a sweet innocent family whose daughter swiped a doll from a Family Dollar store. Wouldn’t say if the perps were black but did say the daddy and unwed mommy were named Dravon and Iesha. Of course their huckster lawyer wants $10 million from the city to settle. And of course the only reason the cops pulled their guns on the family is because they would not comply withe demands of the officers. So what we have is another winner in the million dollar sweepstakes of clown world.

        • Replies: @Loren
      10. Two words for you guys – Anthony Imperiale.

        Big tony kept the north ward safe during and after the Newark riots. He did so the way neighborhoods had been kept safe for a century before. He kicked the asses of those who came in intending to do harm

        That was the last time Newark, or at least a part of Newark, was safe.


      11. @Jim in Jersey

        Years ago I had to stay in a hotel in downtown Newark for work. I felt completely safe–because standing in the lobby was a serious looking guard with a shot-gun taller than I was. 😉

        Haven’t been near the place since….

        • Replies: @Jim in Jersey
      12. When I see the word “reparations” or “violence interrupter,” I see two words: KILL WHITEY.

      13. Loren says:

        Los Angeles–poster on outside of bus–Smiling Negro MD holding White baby.

        UCLA hospital–home of death and late abortions.

      14. Loren says:

        Arizona in north mexico.

      15. @Justvisiting

        Likewise, I went to an evening concert at the PAC in Newark many years ago. Knowing there would likely be security/metal detectors, I was forced to leave everything home.

        Wondering how they would pull this off, we walked out of the center close to midnight-the witching hour-into an army of police that lined the path from the door to the parking garage.

        No lie, they must’ve had 60-80 cops assigned just to the duty of keeping patrons safe as they returned to their vehicles after midnight in Newark.

        After everyone was hustled to their cars and on the road, the city was returned to its BRA state and the cops scurried back to the station. I’m sure the PAC had a moat that was filled with holy water after everyone left to ward off the evil spirits that inhabit the city.

        I believe Cory Booker was mayor at the time.

        So you know what you can expect should Cory become president. You’ll be safe till you get to your car, then you’re on your own.

        • Agree: CENTURION
      16. D-FENS says:

        I’ll bet “Trump Heights” gets better border protection than El Paso. Probably more US taxpayer dollars as well.

      17. Quebecer says:

        Not to mention the fact that 99% of multi-racial couples in ads are composed of a black man with a white woman. And in those ads, contrary to real life, the woman is not even fat and trashy looking.

        Imagine !!!

        • Replies: @Known Fact
        , @Susan
      18. I worked at a hospital with a nursing school 10 years ago .

        For the most part w.Women and as.women
        At lunch at best youd hear chuckling and chatter

        Out for lunch …back for lunch…quiet

        Got sent back there last year.

        Mostly a.a. Women students now …ok…cool
        The parking lot is full of garbage
        They file out for lunch screaming
        Howling ,running in circles
        Cussing up a storm

        They turn on Their cars stereos as loud as can be
        They dance like strippers
        They smoke weed
        Some drink… I’ve seen the bottles …liquor while at school in The middle of the day

        Boyfriends show up and they get loud

        For an hour an a half the parking lot of a Catholic nursing school …on the grounds of a hospital

        Is like a nightclub…..at 1230pm. Monday -friday .

        I’ve never seen anything like it

        • Replies: @Anonymous0619
      19. Downtown Newark is undergoing some redevelopment – the old Hahne’s store was converted into a Whole Foods store with apartments on top, a real supermarket opened in Central Ward in 2012 and cranes dot the skyline. If the town is redeveloped, where were the locals go?

        I recently drove through nearby Orange, NJ, and saw more Hispanics on the street than Blacks. Urban leaders like Hispanics because they are less crime-prone and possess a better work ethic and attitude, open little businesses and will forcefully ethnic cleanse the Blacks out of the neighborhood. Again, where will the locals go?

        • Agree: Anonymous0619
      20. @Jim in Jersey

        He, he, I remember Anthony Imperiale.

        In a White neighborhood, the Italians are typically the last to leave. Italians still have some bravery, plus, ahem, the boys keep the peace.

        A friend told me that rioting Blacks attempting to invade neighboring Orange were met with “old Italian guys armed with shotguns.” WWII vets?

        • Replies: @Jim in Jersey
      21. As a title for the rally, “Kings Stop Killing Kings” is nothing more than a display of the toxic egotism that many blacks are infected with. A more realistic and accurate name would have been “Gutter Trash Stop Killing Gutter Trash” but that wouldn’t have gone over very well as blacks believe the ridiculous myth that, back in Africa, their ancestors were all “kangs and kweens.”

        As I’ve related before, I once worked with Africans straight out of Africa and every last one of them egotistically and quite haughtily claimed to be the “son of a king!” To keep it short, one finally admitted that all that meant was that his father was the oldest person in the village and everyone came to him for advice. I suspect that “kweens” also occupied such “lofty” positions as well.

        In any case, the grandiose delusions, toxic egotism and rich and vibrant albeit childish fantasy life of blacks in America does nothing but make them look like a parade of ridiculous clowns and desperate fools but they’re too invested in their delusions to see that everyone is laughing at them. It’s like a collection of poor little slum dwelling peasants from nowhere (and nothing) claiming to be royalty. How cute. Bless their pointy little heads.

        • Replies: @Ris_Eruwaedhiel
        , @Noman
      22. m. says:

        trying to imagine America without tnb

        • Replies: @Not Woke--Not Broke
      23. @Non PC Infidel

        Blogger Whiskey wrote about Blacks:

        “Black culture’s fatal flaw: toxic levels of self-esteem mixed with manifest incompetence and lack of any driving fear of failure or doubt.”

      24. @Glock45

        Oh, it’s even more insidious than that. I recently heard a radio ad for flea and tick collars that featured (what was supposed to be) the “voices” of several dogs who were worried about going outside and were expressing those fears in the whiniest, white-sounding voices possible. Until, that is, they were reassured, by a dog with the wise voice of an old Negro, that the science of flea and tick collars would protect them all from harm. It was revolting. And that was radio!

      25. luludog says:
        @The Bland Enchilada

        The wise voice of the old negro must have been Morgan Freeman. He’s played the role of the US president in how many movies?

        • Replies: @Duke84
        , @europeasant
      26. While this pow wow takes place in Newark down in Atlanta blacks are congregated for the End Mass Incarceration Conference. Connecting the dots that one behavior (epidemic violence) leads to the other (mass incarceration) eludes the two groups. Wherever they gather mass stupidity is on display for all to see.

        ‘Rapper T.I. and Atlanta church work to end mass imprisonment’

        June 17

        ATLANTA (AP) – Music artist T.I. is lending his voice to a project involving the late Martin Luther King Jr.’s home church in Atlanta.

        Ebenezer Baptist Church plans a three-day conference at the historic church in Atlanta to address mass incarcerations. The Rev. Raphael Warnock said in a statement that the End Mass Incarceration Conference will run Monday through Wednesday at the church.

        Warnock said goals of the conference include helping communities to fight the rise of the prison industrial complex in the United States and systems that unfairly imprison people of color…


        • Agree: CENTURION
      27. Anon[126] • Disclaimer says:

        I’d really like to help kings quit killing kings but sadly the t-shirt costs 35 bucks!


        Maybe I should learn to play blues guitar and go blackface and bill myself as I.B. Kang!

        • LOL: Anonymous0619
        • Replies: @Jim in Jersey
      28. @Ris_Eruwaedhiel

        From what I understand, they were pulling bodies out of the sewers and abandoned building for years after the riots. I’m sorry, ‘protests’😏. Back then they just didn’t give them space to get in touch with their destructive side.

        Imperiale kept the north ward safe during and after the riots. If you were foolish enough to wander into the north ward looking for trouble, chances are it would find you first.

        But that was back when neighborhoods meant something. It was also a time when the cops would show up and ask the group of armed, white men, “is everything all right?”.

        The answer was always ‘yes’.

        • Replies: @Ris_Eruwaedhiel
      29. @The Bland Enchilada

        Reminds me of many years ago when I still had cable and there was a commercial on for dog food and a dog (a rottweiler, of course) stood up on its back legs and began dancing like a negro. If I recall correctly, the dog was dancing to rap crap. That too was revolting.

      30. @Quebecer

        The whole reassuring blacks-in-ads thing has gone beyond parody, but GEICO has a funny one with a nerdy white guy and large black woman paired off — I think they throw couples together with some kind of tongue-in-cheek random generator.

        • Replies: @Mr. Rational
      31. Way off topic… but this Canadian is sick of it all.. As millions poured into downtown Toronto to worship their favorite bakkaball negroes, shot rang out .It looks like united nations right now… Yep, two people shot and 4 people stabbed. Ironic, just moments before I heard this, the negro loving press said the crowd was 3x bigger than Trumps Inauguration. Funny…. I don’t recall any shots ringing out or people being stabbed at that event.. It will be intersting to see how the events wind down today and what happens as the alcohol flows later this evening in the downtown core and in ghetto areas across the city. I really dont give a shit one way or the other. Its just the filth of humanity proving to all of us just how wrong we are. Right?? I cant imagine if the GS Warriors had won…how many would be dead already. Or if they would have rioted in Toronto if they lost game 7. Diversity gets you killed.
        Havent heard of any deaths regarding the St.Louis Blues Stanley Cup win. It was their first championship as well. Go figure. Demographics or the type of people who worship their teams.???

        • Replies: @Anonymous0619
      32. Noman says:

        “Kings Stop Killing Kings”. Glad I was in my house when I read that. Too funny.
        “We was Kangz!”
        Unless the Black Panther is ruthless and ultra violent he would not last long in Newark.

      33. Noman says:
        @The Bland Enchilada

        Among dogs blacks would flourish.

      34. Noman says:
        @Non PC Infidel

        There are a lot of Nigerian princes.

      35. @Jim in Jersey

        Yup. A friend of mine was involved as a National Guardsman. Dead bodies were tossed under porches, etc.

        Thanks to the mere threat of dealing with armed, white men, everything was all right. I daresay a large number of them were WWII vets who didn’t scare easily.

      36. Svevlad says:

        Maybe if they would start killing based on intelligence in 3 generations the problem would be solved

        I call it “carrot and stick, but on speed”

      37. @bruce county

        Whether way down south or in the great white north…TNB remains the same.

        I’d love to hear the groid apologists explain black dysfunction in Canada without having “da turrible legacy of da slabery” to blame it on.

        • Replies: @eah
      38. @Harald Hardrada

        I’ve never seen anything like it

        I guess you’ve never been to the zoo… 😉

      39. @Anon

        The cost of the shirt also covers ammo.

      40. Duke84 says:

        He’s either the president or a brilliant black scientist.

      41. @Known Fact

        GEICO has a funny one with a nerdy white guy and large black woman paired off

        I actually knew such a couple.  I think she was/is an academic of some kind (university town).  They stuck together for quite some time but eventually he dumped her and hooked up with a white girl from the same social circle.

        They both smoked like chimneys.  Maybe that’s why the smell issue didn’t bother him.

        • Replies: @Jim in Jersey
      42. “The talks were followed by a 5 p.m. “Kings Stop Killing Kings” rally at Newark’s Symphony Hall and march down Broad Street. ”

        I wonder when the last performance by a symphonic orchestra was given at this venue.

        Deh prolly got thump-a-lonic orchestra concerts ery weekend now.

        • Replies: @Jim in Jersey
      43. @Jim Bob Lassiter

        I wonder if shots rang out…?

        • Replies: @Jim bob Lassiter
      44. @Mr. Rational

        Well, you know the old saying… once you go black, you’re not allowed back.

        At least that’s my take on it.

        • Replies: @William Badwhite
      45. @Mr. Rational

        Find me a 95% Black Community with the same, or lesser, crime rate as a 95% white, non-Hispanic Community.

        • Replies: @Loren
      46. eah says:

        Of course these articles never ask why so many young black men are engaged in criminal activity rather than eg being in school or working/pursuing a career — or by extension what kind of country you’d have if the average male had same demographic profile as the average black male.

        11.6% White Newark

        Which brings to mind a question: What exactly is the tax base of a city like Newark? — can a city like that actually be self-financing?

        • Replies: @Ris_Eruwaedhiel
      47. eah says:

        Like the ‘Holocaust’, the trauma of slavery is passed on in genes to the next generation — ad infinitum (or until whitey runs out of money or patience).

      48. Loren says:

        supposedly, in USA, Korean immigrants are most law abiding.
        That being noted, I oppose immigration, except whites from SA.

        • Replies: @ShermanFan
      49. So the next time Proboscus pulls a gun on Mudickius, the latter will swiftly pull out his copy of the peace agreement, which will immediately end the altercation.
        Blacks are noted for respecting laws and agreements. That’s why Wakanda is such a glorious place.

      50. Susan says:

        I’m beginning to see ads now with black women/white men. See that more in person, too. I live near Atlanta. It’s becoming common.

        • Replies: @Jim in Jersey
      51. @Jim in Jersey

        NYT Magazine Sunday Music Editor’s review– “. . . and the sublimely nuanced syncopated thumps set against a rich backdrop of a soulful chirping jiggabette choral section were exquisitely punctuated by the high tenor staccato ringing of the . . . which gave rise to yet more pieces of vintage plaster liberating themselves from the lathe of this architectural treasure.”

      52. @Susan

        I noticed it in Seattle and Portland while I was in the PNW. It’s noticed more in the larger, more socially liberal cities. NYC is rife with it. I’m sure anyone from any large, metro area can attest.

      53. @Jim in Jersey

        Well, you know the old saying… once you go black, you’re not allowed back.

        Lots of version of that for white girls “dating” black dudes: Once you go black, we won’t take you back; once you go black you’re a single mom; once you go black, so does your eye.

        That’s what is so weird about Bezos. Not only did his used-up love interest, “go black”, she’s the single mom of mulatto kids to prove it. A white guy that wants to buy that cow? Bizarre.

        However in the GEICO case, it was just a white guy “burnin’ a little coal”.

      54. @luludog

        He also played God in some movies. Itz almost like “1984” is upon us with all the propaganda and rewriting of history.

      55. @Mr. Rational

        Name ONE other “community” that has “violence interrupters”

        I believe that the vernacular term is “grifters”.

      56. For the smattering of nonprofit and activism groups that organized The Bronx and Newark rallies, this street crime is exactly what they hope to prevent. Perez said she hopes “Kings Stop Killing Kings” becomes a movement that impacts not just Newark and New York, but the whole nation.

        I recall watching a movie years ago (don’t remember the title) with the line “Ape shall not kill Ape”.

        • Replies: @Jim in Jersey
      57. @m.

        You don’t have to use your imagination.Just catch the Andy Griffin Show. The unarmed Sheriff had a one deputy swat team.Barney carried his assault revolver’s onr bullet in his shirt pocket.Of course,the pleasant little berg of Mayberry was a White town.Looked kinda nice though despite it’s lack of vibrant diversity.

        • Replies: @ShermanFan
      58. @Loren

        Koreans in the ATL hate TNB and the perpetrators there of.

      59. @Not Woke--Not Broke

        Mayberry was fake, a construct.

        REAL white small towns all over the USA weren’t much different, except the people carried guns. At least where I grew up.

        As a kid no one locked their doors, but everyone had a gun. Grandma had a 32 auto in the glove box.

      60. @Boy the way Glenn Miller played

        Was it ‘Hidden Figures”?

        Was Woopie Goldberg in it?

      61. @ShermanFan

        So true. It was only since the 50’s that gentlemen were persuaded (by making it illegal) to leave their pistols home.

        Before that, no gentleman would leave the house without slipping a small, hammerless pistol in his overcoat. The firearm industry had an entire line of pistols dedicated to solely that purpose.

        Now, we’re convinced that we need a $150 custom IWB holster and a $3000 hi-capacity race gun to protect ourselves instead of just following the design of our predecessors.

        • Replies: @ShermanFan
      62. The North Ward in Newark is actually kind of nice. Cubans and Colombians. Beautiful hot women, chic looking restaurants and stores.

        • Replies: @Ris_Eruwaedhiel
      63. Comedian Nick DiPaolo : Blacks are always saying “WE WAZ KINGS!!!!”….yeah, BURGER Kings!!!!

        • LOL: Mr. Rational
      64. TwistTie says:

        Noticing so many commercials with black/white couples….. brainwashing and indoctrination of white children.

        • Replies: @Mr. Rational
      65. @eah

        Nope. Newark is in eastern Essex County and I used to live in the still good west Essex area. We were taxed heavily to help subsidize Newark.

        The young men want to join gangs. They don’t expect to live long, but it’ll be fun until they meet their inevitable early demise.

      66. @Chaugnar Faugn

        Ironbound and Forest Hills are still good.

        • Replies: @Jim in Jersey
      67. @Ris_Eruwaedhiel

        I still wouldn’t walk around either at night. Ironbound has great Portuguese and Spanish restaurants.

        I’d disagree entirely about Forest Hill. There might still be some impressive structures there but you wouldn’t catch me dead there.

        The only good part of Newark is… across the river in Kearny and North Arlington.

        There are no good parts anymore. Haven’t been since the 60’s.

      68. @TwistTie

        Noticing so many commercials with black/white couples….. brainwashing and indoctrination of white children.

        More reason (as if you should need any) to keep the Talmudvision OUT of your house.  Not just for the kids’ sakes, but your own.

      69. @Jim in Jersey

        The only good part of Newark is… across the river in Kearny and North Arlington.

        Kearny smells like ass.

      70. @ShermanFan

        My Grandmother had a .22 Marlin rifle and was deadly accurate with it.Nobody,NOBODY messed with her. Even Grandpa’s dog stayed off the couch when she was around.

        • LOL: ShermanFan
      71. @Boy the way Glenn Miller played

        Nah. They’re capping the dumps down the meadows.

      72. @Jim in Jersey

        Thank you. I’ll pay attention. June through September is usually the worst. In my experience, 90 percent of New Jersey is great. I’ll be there all day tomorrow, starting in Haskell.

      73. @Glock45

        When watching anything on TV (very little now, canceled the Dish) and these idiot ads come on i can’t help from calling out the bullshit. I think my wife finally gets it now as she agrees with me now instead of dismissing my comments.

      74. @Jim in Jersey

        Conceal Carry pistols are coming back. But the laws in many states restrict the types and caliber.
        I have a variety for the day and dress. A nice 380 that fits in the inner breast pocket of my suit jacket.
        A nice 40 that’s almost always with me, or a slim 40 when I’m in shorts and a t-shirt.

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