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Lagggggwareeee :P

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The worst thing you can do for yourself is to install this crap. Lagging pretty badly, freezes out of nowhere, takes centuries to load simple action like, opening an app you want to use, not to mention draining your RAM and CPU. I am here to find alternative for this junk


I wouldn't recommend this for my enemies

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Bluestacks is probably the worst (working) android emulator I've ever seen. It takes chunks of resources to run, when it actually works, and it will bluescreen your pc for no reason, at random points. The blue screen doesn't happen often, but it happens enough to cause serious issues. As far as I'm concerned, if a program bluescreens your pc even once, it should be removed and given the worst possible rating, because that's not only unacceptable, but it's also dangerous to your pc, which may end up losing data, or worse, as a result.
It's this user's opinion that bluestacks be removed from the list, for the sole purpose that it is quite possibly the least stable program in the lists that I've seen it in. If the developer wants to reprogram it, improve it, and fix the performance issues (which are really bad), then they should do so, otherwise, it should be forgotten and disposed of, for everyone's sake.


Totally agreed. It's June 2017 and this garbage is still the same. Improvements from developers - none, zero, nada. I installed it, and when I tried to use it, I wasn't able cuz of unimaginable lagging, freezing and simply not working. In their help section, they said to solve lagging user should enable virtualization in the BIOS, and I had it enabled. Still nothing. Uninstalled and removed from my pc 4ever. Guys, simply forget about this junk, go for any other alternative, cuz even the worst alternative to bluestacks is way more better

nope- I don't recommend it

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This one requires you to install an app to use it... I assume they get ad revenue from it and don't have an issue with the concept. Bandwidth, hosting, development aren't free and if I am not giving them cash, I am ok with installing the occasional app to support them. Unfortunately it only worked for a while, then it asked me to install another app. After installing that one and the next 4 prompts I still wasn't back to being able to use BlueStacks. I'm OK with requests that will provide them with income, but I'm not ok with spending an hour installing things I have no interest in and still not having access to the program.


too much ads

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this emulator has Good compability and performance,
it can run most apps, and on 60 fps too BUT
Contain Silent Bloatware which install apps to keep using it on free plan

This emulator is good if there is no silent bloatware

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It doesn't even ask!

Worst App ever seen

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This is the worst emulator I have ever seen. It puts excess CPU usage without any reason. It is very laggy. I hangs even when we are using light apps(e.g. WhatsApp). I recommend to use Genymotion or Youwave or Droid4x or NOX and MEMu also.


This is NOT compatible with Linux

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No where on their site does it make any claim to be compatible with anything other than Windows or your smart phone. Please correct this entry.



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Requires you to install unwanted apps/games from appstore to continue using it...avoid.

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Looks fast enough yet, it is not rooted. And installs apps that i don't want to

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Engine wont start, reddit says that it's casual behaviour.


Terrible - use Andy in stead

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Completely stuffed with games / crapware. My experience was that the program often froze for no obvious reason. Especially after the PC was brought back from sleep mode, you need as a minimum to restart the application, but most often to restart the computer to get back in business. Andy works as a charm in comparison with not crapware, very stable and robust, easy installation and best of all: just continues after a rewake from sleep mode!


BlueStacks is crap.
You have literally no liberty, you have to use the crap launcher that is actually a store of promoted apps.

I'm using Droid4X. Very complete and good performance. Andy is cool too...

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BlueStack is the only!. The only because i can't use nothing else at the same time. After i've used (with a lot of patience) i must restart the PC because consume a lot of CPU and memory.

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Not great. VERY slow. Annoys you with nonsense about points and cards and whatever else. Outdated version of Android. Not really many pros about it. GPS spoofing is pretty nice.


Make sure you got the real one and it runs on android 7

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Have anyone tried BlueStacks 3 its awesome. I personally liked it, it has tabs plus i can have search and dedicated app center and boot time also is very less compared to nox.


Review About Bluestacks

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Using the software is very great it helps a lot of times when to do a lot of things.
Bluestacks can run most games and apps but not the rooted apps and games , he takes a a little of space in the ram but he keeps running very well , i think that Bluestacks is getting better every time , the only problem is to download an app to keep using it or to buy it for a limited time.

Bluestacks is Great 18/20