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H2O Man

The Mueller Report Unplugged

I find myself thinking about the simple wisdom of the former heavyweight's saying, that his son Marvis shared with me years ago. In my mind, it applies to two of the issues that are currently on my mind – the terrible behaviors documented in the Mueller Report, and the response of the Democrats in Washington, DC. I'll start by saying that in reading redacted versions of two of the three-part Mueller Report, I am fully aware that I am viewing two of the most important documents in our nation's history. And that it would be a shame if such documents served only to delineate the end of our constitutional democracy....


The minute we impeach is the minute we lose ownership of the narrative.

The Republican Senate would then take up the matter and turn it into the Mueller Report vs. the Steele Dossier, the FISA warrants, and the Strzok texts. The trial would be rushed and stage managed through the Senate by Senate Republicans and Republican Chief Justice John Roberts. It would be quickly decided in Trump's favor and would be Constitutionally over. We lose. Trump would be exonerated. The Republicans would make sure that the story ended on a high note for themselves and Trump. Any further investigation in the House would be cast as Dems not accepting a Constitutional verdict....


If impeaching Trump is legally right, constitutionally right and morally right, how does one

justify even considering whether it is politically right?

This is not to say that there should not be a thorough investigation of all possible causes for impeachment before actual Articles of Impeachment are filed, though our circumstances require that this be as expeditious as possible. Is there risk involved? Absolutely, but it pales in comparison to the mortal danger we face each day that pus-bucket squats in our White House.


Do you think Republicans really want to go thru an impeachment proceeding?

I don't.

I don't think they want their dirty laundry out in the public.

They are attempting to convince Democrats that it will backfire on them if they proceed. Remember what happened to them when they impeached Bill Clinton, they remind us....


The GOP was successful in creating a belief that Hillary was

not trustworthy by keeping her under investigation for years; longer than any other investigation they had; including 9/11

Now some are saying that if Congress investigates #45 through impeachment hearings it will help him someonehow?

The GOP knew what it looks like when someone is forced to defend their behavior in a court of law and they provided that visual to the American people over and over and over. Remember when Trey Gowdy admitted on Fox news that they knew that she could not have stopped the Benghazi attacks? They knew this at the same time they were accusing her of being responsible and hauling her in front of congress to defend herself. They even brought in a mother who lost her son in the Benghazi attacks to the GOP convention to say Hillary killed him! ...


To hell with the backlash mantra! If we are going to go down (and I don't think we will) we need

to go down fighting! We fight with legislation. We fight with impeachment proceedings. We fight with plain simple truth.
We cannot fight being fearful. We cannot win being weak. We cannot be victorious being vacuous. We cannot lead being led.



I was manipulated by the Russians, and we must assume everyone was.

After reading the Mueller report it's clear that Hillary and Bernie supporters were pitted against each other on purpose in 2016 in order to elect Trump and we need to recognize this. After the 2016 elections I deleted my Facebook account and limited my social media to creating book reviews on Instagram. I'm wary to be on the internet in a political context and my trust in online news sources started on this very website. I think everyone should be on high alert while being on the internet in a political context because there is no stopping the Russians from manipulating again in 2020. I'm hoping 2016 was a vaccine and we know what to do and what to look for, but we're at risk of it being a true illness that we can't shake off....

louis c

Can I offer a sobering note on impeachment?

I have been on this board saying that impeachment proceedings are a bad idea. I am for continuing the investigation through the various committees in Congress and concentrate on the 2020 election.

However, my opinion is not set in stone, and neither should the "impeach now" crowd be set in stone. One of my concerns is that too many of my friends here at DU are assuming Bob Mueller will back us up if and when he testifies under oath. Well, I'm not so sure. I've read the report and it is incomprehensible to me that Donnie Jr. wasn't indicted for conspiracy to defraud the United States, violating Campaign Finance laws, obstruction of justice and lying to Congress. On top of that, he was not indicted because Mueller couldn't prove knowledge and intent of a crime beyond a reasonable doubt, yet he never subpoenaed DJT Jr. I understand that the President of the Untied States can avoid a subpoena and challenge it up to the Supreme Court and can not be indicted under the 1973 finding of the OLC by virtue of his office, but that curtesy is not extended to his off-spring and their spouses. And, if as I suspect, Don Jr. would have pled the fifth to avoid testifying, that, alone would have spoken volumes....


Hold impeachment hearings and call them something else.

I believe we all could agree on this. Investigate, hold hearings like you would for impeachment, but don't say it. Watch how the American react to the investigation and OPEN hearings. Watch the poll numbers for, should Trump be impeached. If the poll numbers one day show the majority of people want Trump impeached. Go for it.

Time is running short. Once 2020 gets here nobody in congress will want to impeach. It will all be about the election. It has to happen this year. Just my opinion.

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UPDATE: Trump sues in bid to block congressional subpoena of financial records

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