A Jet With No Name


Ta’Kaiya Blaney – Earth Revolution


Alais Clay – Deadly Rain


Michael Jackson – Earth Song (Official Video)

Michael Jackson - Earth Song

“I Should Have Done Something” from “The Conspiracy Project”




Tha Ballad Of Why


Words & Music, Vocals, Guitars, Bass: Harry Gale
Drums: Mike Starkey
Backing Vocals: Dave Ray Burke
Bowed Bass: Sam Page
Percussion: Dan Ransford

“Working Class Hero” by John Brennon


Clouds Remix


This is an excellent and very moving song composition from Steve Hine. Such messages can be of great help in the critical effort to sound the alarm on the climate engineering insanity.

A New Song Protesting Geoengineering


Bluer Than Blue

By Kate Magdalena Willens

​Kate Magdalena Willens, environmental activist and singer-songwriter, releases her second song about geoengineering. "Bluer Than Blue" looks with longing and nostalgia to the deep blue skies of yesteryear, comparing them to the ‘gummy, crummy’ skies that we see today.  ‘Bluer Than Blue’ sings out the sky as the fragile shell of our earth, not a military zone, but rather "the amniotic sac of our earthly home", which we breathe "with every breath we take".  This new song joins Kate’s first song about geoengineering, "Up Up in the Sky", both of which are songs of awakening, and calls to save the earth.  Kate hopes that you will embed the song on your web site, and share it widely through your blogs and social networks. 

Kate Willens

The song features Kate Magdalena on vocals and guitar, Jeff Martin on 12 string guitar and moog bass, and Kim Atkinson on rebolo tan tan drums, triangle, and shaker.  It was recorded at "Studio E", Sebastopol, CA. 

Up Up In The Sky


Kate Magdalena WillensKate Magdalena Willens is releasing her new song "Up Up In The Sky" (download the MP3) which she wrote to awaken and inform others of the geoengineering occurring in our skies. Kate first became aware of chemical aerosols in 2011 when she began to observe the white linear aerosols left by planes, forming a haze which obscured the beauty of the natural deep blue skies of Northern California where she lives. She is aware of people's hesitancy to consider the notion that toxic materials are being sprayed upon our lands without our knowledge or consent. She realizes that this truth is literally unbelievable. However her research, as well as her sensitivity to the natural world, have led to her conviction that this spraying of aerosols is indeed occurring, and not only in the United States, but in many countries across the globe. In addition to her work as a chaplain and musician, Kate volunteers as an Associate at Carnicom Institute, where she helps to provide the public with honest and reliable scientific information. Kate has been singing all her life, and now she turns her talents to protest against the covert operations "Up Up In The Sky." The song has been well-received on her SoundCloud site where she posted the first recording, featuring her singing with guitar. Her track features the song accompanied by acclaimed guitarist Nina Gerber. Kate's voice has been described as pure, clear, and angelic.

How Can Our Children Play


Hazy Shade of Chemtrails


Deadly Rain


“Deadly Rain” is now what falls on us all. This is also the title of the excellent 3 minute music video below by Alias Clay. The state of the world is what it is because until now the vast majority have chosen to ignore the gathering dark clouds in order to pursue their personal pleasures or to hide from uncomfortable truths. Now the storm is upon us, ignoring this reality will only guarantee our collective demise. Every one of us must strive to be the pebble that triggers the landslide of awakening. All of us are essential to the whole at this most critical time. All of us are needed in the desperate battle to expose and stop the collective insanity that is running the world. This is our time, this is our mission, this is our choice.
Dane Wigington



Poison In Our Skies


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