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In addition to repeatedly pointing out how gun grabbing is a geezer’s game rather than child’s play, another hobby horse is drawing attention to the fact that women are more pro-life and less pro-choice than men are*. In 2018, the GSS asked for the first time about the moral dimension of abortion. Among women with a firm opinion, most think abortion is immoral. Among men with a firm opinion, most do not think it immoral:

Given that women are generally more left-leaning than men are, this is all the more remarkable. Do not be fooled into thinking pussyhats are representative. NAWALT! Really, most women aren’t.

According to the GSS, though, most women (53% of them) who do not think abortion is immoral report experiencing poor mental health over the last month, while the majority of women (also 53% of them) who think abortion is immoral report no mental health issues. Empirically investigating stereotypes is our raison d’etre, don’t forget!

GSS variables used: ABMORAL, SEX, MNTLHLTH(0)(1-30)

* This trend is not as pronounced as the inverse relationship between age and support for gun grabbing is, and some polls find women to be modestly more pro-choice or no less pro-choice than men. To pretend that the issue breaks along gender lines though, as the corporate media so often does, is blatantly dishonest.

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Cell phone video of a white boy being pummeled by several black kids on a public school bus in Florida:

From blacks being sent to the back of the bus to whites already there being savagely beaten for sport in a couple of generations.

Parenthetically, I’ve not seen evidence this attack was motivated by the victim’s support for president Trump. Maybe that’s being glommed on for the sake of sensationalizing the story, but the incident is actually more sobering if it has nothing to do with national politics than if it does.

After tracking down the combined middle- and high-school the students involved attended, I took a look at the school’s demographics:

Very diverse.

The school gets terrible marks across the board, but we can rest easy knowing that “diversity in school leads to long-term benefits for students”. Seriously, greatschools.org is a great resource, but the sort of activism it advocates will accentuate problems rather than ameliorate them:

I’d say the video provides a clue about the answer! On the other hand, white students at Hamilton are suspended at higher rates than blacks in the state of Florida on the whole are. This is hollowed out, drug-addicted, flyover America at its worst.

It’s tedious to have to perpetually repeat the point, but sources like World Star Hiphop and Colin Flaherty daily showcase incidents that would be, were the races reversed, national news stories replete with great wailing and gnashing of teeth. Because they get the Who? Whom? wrong, though, they stay confined to World Star and Flaherty, receiving a story or two in the local news at most.

Hamilton is a poor county in north central Florida. Just 10% of the adult population has a college degree, the median value of housing units in the county is $73,500, over one-quarter of the population lives in poverty, and the population is declining as people who are able to move out do so. The future is going to be hell for white kids from poor and working-class families–despised, outnumbered, and perceived to have coming to them everything they get good and hard.

• Category: Culture/Society, Race/Ethnicity • Tags: Crime, Violence 
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From news on the Conservative party’s big night:

The first big Labour scalp claimed by the Tories was shadow environment secretary Sue Hayman, who lost Workington on another 10% swing.

The typically working class ‘Workington Man’ voter was identified as a key target by a right wing think tank at the start of the election campaign.

Imagine if the unthinkable happens–this stunningly unexpected, enormous tactical gamble becomes a sustained political strategy.

• Category: Culture/Society • Tags: Europe 
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It’s yet to be seen whether Trump’s stamp on the Republican electorate will be indelible or wash away once he’s gone. Since becoming the de facto spiritual leader of the party in late 2015, though, immigration has jettisoned to the top of the issue importance list and free trade has come to be seen if not as the god that failed then at least as the god whose worshipers are experiencing a serious crisis of faith.

The following graph shows percentages, by selected demographic characteristics, who say it is more important “to keep industrial jobs in the U.S., even if prices in stores are higher” than it is “to keep prices low, even if some jobs are lost”. “Not sure” responses, constituting 24% of the total respondent pool, are excluded:

Libertarians wept.

The next graph shows pro-trade deal sentiment as measured by support for “the federal government negotiating more free trade agreements like NAFTA”. Sentiment is calculated as (2*%strongly support)+(%somewhat support)-(%somewhat oppose)-(2*%strongly oppose). “Not sure” responses are treated as falling between “somewhat support” and “somewhat oppose”:

Democrats are the real free trade extremists!

Cato and Koch are out. Who’s in to replace them remains an open question. There are rumors of a Peter Thiel damascene conversion. But why stop there? Mr. Michael “Borders, Language, Culture” Savage has a son worth twice what Thiel is. Let’s populist like a rockstar, already!

• Category: Culture/Society, Economics • Tags: Polling, Trade 
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2020 electoral maps based on RCP general election polling for Trump vs Biden, Sanders, and Warren through December 9th, 2019 follow.

The Biden brutalization:

The RCP average has Trump beating Biden in Texas by less than one point, and Texas was one of eleven states where Trump performed worse in the actual election than polling predicted he would in 2016. If Biden wins Texas in this scenario, the electoral blowout intensifies to 406-132.

Texas’ time is near. Being the only state in the country where whites vote more Republican than non-whites vote Democrat is not going to be enough in a place that is 41% white and falling and where just one-in-three births are to white babies.

On the other hand, Trump could have traded mighty Texas to Hillary in exchange for tiny New Hampshire and still won in 2016.

On the other other hand, Georgia may flip before Texas does, and once both have gone blue the GOP will have to take both Minnesota and Maine to fight to a 269-269 draw.

From the GOP’s perspective, Texas and Georgia are terminal but the party’s electoral winter need not necessarily set in during the 2020s. If the party is able to sustain its 2016 gains in the upper Midwest while additionally picking off a couple of small New England states like Maine and New Hampshire, Republicans could continue to win presidential elections into the 2040s.

Polling up to this point shows Trump not only getting crushed in Michigan and Pennsylvania but also beaten in Ohio, so seeing the path to continued electoral relevance and managing to walk down it are two very different things.

The Sanders savaging:

The Warren whipping:

Polling is incomplete for the rest of the Democrat field. Several states also have results for Buttigieg, but a few do not. He falls in between Sanders and Warren in how he fares against Trump in the states he’s included in.

Though the polls portend Republican disaster, the markets have general election chances at close to a coin flip, Republicans at 47% to Democrats at 54%.

Why? Polling modestly understated Trump’s performance in 2016, but they are a lot worse for him at this point in 2020 than they were at the same point in 2016.

Part of it is that Trump is a known quantity. Barring a market collapse, he’s at his floor. Though Biden and Sanders are familiar to low-information voters, they’ve not been fully scrutinized, so both are likely to come down upon getting the nomination if either does.

Warren’s situation is worse. She starts lower than her fellow Democrats yet she has farther to fall than they do. Many low-information voters don’t know who she is. They don’t know about her pretending to be non-white to game the affirmative action system, they don’t know she used to be a Republican, they don’t know what her voice sounds like. She is surely Trump’s best matchup in the Democrat field.

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Are there any municipalities in the US that provide home owners the option of making a lifetime property tax payment exempting them from property tax liabilities in the future? I’d envision something like this–a property is assessed at $100,000 and the county rate is 1.5%. The owner’s annual property tax bill is thus $1,500. The county offers to waive all future property tax assessments on the property for as long as the owner remains alive and retains the property for something like ten times that annual rate of 1.5%. If the owner takes offer and pays $15,000, he never has to pay again.

Searching around, I’m unable to find any such arrangement. I’m not sure why. Reducing current budget shortfalls at the expense of the solvency of future budgets is hardly unique in the world of government finance. Third-party lenders would step in, but it’s not obvious why that be a bug rather than a feature.

I’d think it would be an attractive revenue generator for local pols concerned about this year’s budget but not budgets a decade out, though it appears I’m incorrect. Countries that don’t have property taxes essentially mandate this by levying a stamp duty on property taxes. Monaco, for example, collects 6%-7% on property transactions but does not levy property taxes, so there is international precedent for it.

• Category: Economics • Tags: Taxation 
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COTW from Charles Pewitt:

If the so-called economy is “booming” according the corporate propaganda apparatus, why can’t the privately-controlled Federal Reserve Bank raise the federal funds rate above 3 percent? The answer is that the asset bubbles in stocks, bonds and real estate would immediately implode if the federal funds rate were to got to 4 percent, and that is 2 percent less than the normal fed funds rate of 6 percent.

The Fed attempted to gently increase the federal funds rate in 2018 with the stated intention of raising them four consecutive times in 2019. The result was one of the worst Decembers in the history of the American stock market. Instead of raising, the Fed has cut three times this year.

That the funds rate is headed to zero means we’re approaching the ultimate stress test for the global credit system. How does a system based on debt survive sustained nominal negative interest rates? In such a hypothetical scenario that will become all too real sometime in the next couple of years, cash under the mattress will generate a better real return than treasuries will. But the enormous asset bubble is sustained by credit, the credit is sustained by treasury debt, and the treasuries are sustained by providing a better return than cash. If cash provides investors a higher return than treasuries, investors will pull cash out of the system.

When a dollar is pulled out of the system, the total nominal value of the asset bubble declines by much more than one dollar. When that dollar was in the credit system, it was booked as an asset on the balance sheets of several institutions. I give the dollar to the branch bank, the branch bank gives it to an investment bank, the investment bank gives it to another investment bank, that investment bank gives it to a private company, that private company gives it to a supplier, that supplier gives it to a fund manager, that fund manager… at this point that single dollar is now counted as an asset by me, the branch bank, the two investment banks, the private company, the supplier, and the fund manager, even though there’s just one actual physical dollar in play.

If I’m not even going to get that dollar back when I withdraw my deposit from the branch bank, though, I won’t deposit the dollar in the first place. I’ll keep it under my mattress. I’m small potatoes, but the investment banks–and their clients–are not. For awhile, the investment banks will be able to put friendly pressure on their clients to make deposits with nominal negative returns, but that is not indefinitely viable.

However the situation resolves, the trifecta of free money, perpetual asset growth, and low inflation is coming to an end.

• Category: Economics • Tags: Economics 
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That used to be a frequent refrain on Radio Derb. Though the gag has been made emeritus, the advice is even better today than it was when the Derb introduced it. As he explains:

The percentage breakdown is private-sector 76 percent, government 16 percent, self-employed 8 percent.

So one in six of us works for a government, federal, state, or local.

Which group does best on salary? Go on: see if you can guess. It’s government workers, of course. Median earnings 52½ thousand. That’s six percent higher than the self-employed and fourteen percent higher than the poor shlubs toiling away in the private sector.

If you break down government workers into two further categories, state and local workers in category one, federal workers in category two, which does better?

Again, which did you think? Federal workers are way out ahead, median earnings 66 thousand. Even state and local government workers are ahead of us private-sector and self-employed losers, though.

Moral of the story: Get a government job! — federal for strong preference.

The public is in broad agreement. A recent YouGov survey asked respondents if they would encourage or discourage a young person considering working for the federal government from doing so. The following graph shows net encouragement by selected demographic characteristics. Net encouragement is calculated by figuring (2*%strongly encourage)+(%somewhat encourage)-(%somewhat discourage)-(2*%strongly discourage):

Responses for all groups are positive on net. That is, everyone is generally encouraging of the idea–old black Democrats especially so.

Though it is well known that a government gig is a gravy train, opinions of the people with said gigs is embarrassingly low as the results from several additional survey questions show.

First, how frequently the government can be trusted “to do what’s right”:

Uh, it looks like a couple of relevant potential responses are missing there. It’s not a transcription error on my part, though. Those were the three responses participants had to choose from. Dear citizen, please rate your experience at this mandatory government instructional seminar. Would you say it was great, good, or average? Zoomers (and young millennials) are singled out because they vary substantially from other age cohorts. Bernie, they sort of trust you! Even their relatively less suspicious inclination reflects poorly on American democracy. We view as slimeballs those we’ve chosen to govern us.

Why can’t the government be trusted to do what’s right? Because the people who populate it are crooks and liars. Asked whether “hardly any”, “not many” or “quite a few” people in the federal government are crooked, the following percentages answered with “quite a few” (“not sure” responses, constituting 12% of the total, are excluded):

Hard to imagine how all the mendacity and prevarication used to fabricate the Russia Ukraine Hoax has helped the government’s case much over the last three years.

Accompanying a strong sense of corruption is the perception of widespread incompetence. Presented with a binary choice between “the people running the government are smart” and “quite a few of them don’t seem to know what they are doing”, a solid majority chose the latter (“not sure”, at 21% of all responses, is again excluded):

But we’re one election away from setting everything straight. We’re always just one election away. This election. Yes, this election! Every election is that one election of paramount importance–the most important election of our lifetime!

Part of the reason Americans don’t trust the government is because many don’t trust the people the government is waving in. The percentages who say naturalized citizens are “only” or “mostly” loyal to the US rather than to the country they hail from (19% “not sure” excluded):

Dual loyalty leads to no loyalty. If America isn’t first, she will in time cease to be America at all.

• Category: Culture/Society, Foreign Policy • Tags: Government, Polling 
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Nearly a year ago, this audacious fool wrote:

To reiterate for the hundredth time, Kamala Harris will be the Democrat nominee.

The Harris Hawk is a majestic bird. There’s nothing majestic about the Harris Crow, though–and it tastes terrible.

That said, the path I predicted Harris would follow to victory has not proven impassable. It remains open, but it turns out Biden is going to be the one walking down it instead Harris.

Why couldn’t she secure black support? Brahmin mother, affluent mulatto father, even more affluent Jewish husband, Attorney General in the state with the largest prison population in the country, just to name a few.

Still, in the land of the blind, the one-eyed woman is queen. The Democrat field is quite white. To win the nomination in 2008, Obama only had to be darker than Hillary Clinton, not Bobby Rush. Harris’ POC credentials may not match up to Stacey Abrams, but they’re better than Elizabeth Warren’s!

So why the ill-fated prediction? My thinking about the skinsuit game was way too simplistic. Blacks obviously didn’t vote for Ben Carson, and they’re not going to vote for a silver-spooned wannabe quadroon just because she expects them to.

Maybe if Biden wasn’t in the race, she’d have been the black candidate. But he’s in, so she isn’t. Having served as Obama’s loyal lieutenant for eight years, Biden has earned their support.

The fatal flaw in heralding Harris was not realizing this. It’s also the fatal flaw in the steady stream of predictions that have been made over the last several months about Biden’s impending collapse. It’s not just that blacks don’t care about his dottering gaffes or alleged political missteps in the past–it’s that they view the reactions to these things that are unfavorable to Biden as attacks on their guy and thus on themselves. Harris learned that the hard way.

After all the ridicule and abuse, Biden’s black support is as strong as ever. The subsequent graph shows average support by candidate among black Democrat primary voters from the latest SurveyUSA, Hill, and YouGov polls:

The candidates are arranged from greatest total primary voter support to least total primary voter support. We see that while Harris and Booker punch modestly above their weight among blacks, Biden towers over the entire field.

Biden’s black support has remained impervious to bad media coverage, poor debate performances, and accusations of racism. Maybe losses in lily-white Iowa and New Hampshire will find the chink in his armor, but I wouldn’t bet on it.

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COTW from prime noticer:

it’s really terrible that Washington DC is attracting so many smart people. millions of europeans working HARD, every day, to make sure that America ends. it’s idiotic nonsense. all those people growing up to vote 90% democrat. what total garbage. the biggest misuse of brainpower in the history of the world.

Hyperbolic, probably, but what good rhetoric isn’t?

On the other hand, 90% is an understatement. In 2016, residents of DC were more likely to vote for Hillary Clinton than liberals, blacks, or Democrats were nationwide. The average resident of the Imperial Capital–not the average Democratic denizen, just the average person living there–is more hostile to Trump Republicanism than the most anti-Republican demographic groups in the country are.

• Tags: COTW 
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The corporate media is certain Asians hate–HATE!–being thought well of:

While Yang’s comments are in jest, feeding into the model minority myth [AE: You keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means.] has damaging effects on the Asian American community and beyond, Ocampo said. For Asian Americans, the stereotype creates an environment in which they feel pressured to adhere to standards of academic perfection, and Yang’s jokes could send the harmful message that “the only way they’ll be able to be heard is if they are willing to play off the model minority stereotypes,” he said.

In the latest YouGov survey, Yang gets 13% of “other” (predominately Asian) Democrat support, compared to just 3% of Democrat support overall. Asians don’t seem too concerned about his “feeding into the model minority myth”.

I get the sense that the obsession with Andrew Yang’s putatively problematic stereotypical behavior is driven by cosmopolitan SWPLs, not Asians. The assertion that they are tsk-tsking Yang is a fig leaf. Status-striving SWPLs are hypersensitive to how Asians are pulling away from white kids in the scholastic sorting game. The supine SWPLs dare not say it explicitly, but they don’t want Asian kids already out-performing their own to have a role model like Yang propelling them to even higher heights. It’s not fair!

It’s not just high-stakes tests like the SAT and ACT where the Asian-white gap is wide and widening, it shows up in no-stakes elementary school testing, too. The following graph shows the percentages of 4th graders who are classified as “advanced” in mathematics according to 2019 nationwide NAEP results:

Nothing evokes more visceral hatred from the Cloud People than an accurate stereotype accurately identified.

Parenthetically, the stereotype I want to see validated involves Yang getting hit over the head with a frying pan in the name of expediting convalescence.

• Category: Race/Ethnicity, Science • Tags: Asians, Election 2020, Media bias, NAEP 
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Michael Bloomberg kicked off his presidential candidacy in stark contrast to how Donald Trump introduced his own in 2015. To Trump’s intolerable implication that immigrants may not in all cases be superior to native-born Americans, Bloomberg laudably asserted immigrants are superior to native-born Americans in every way:

On his second day campaigning for the Democratic nomination, the former New York City mayor contrasted his views on immigration with President Donald Trump’s restrictive policies and laid out a vision of a multicultural society enriched by immigrants.

“We need immigrants to take all the different kinds of jobs that the country needs — improve our culture, our cuisine, our religion, our dialogue and certainly improve our economy,” the billionaire told reporters at a Mexican restaurant in Phoenix.

Culture, cuisine, and the economy are open borders boilerplate. But explicitly talking about how immigration improves the country’s religious composition is novel for a politician on the national stage so far as I’m aware. How long before Democrats publicly and explicitly celebrate immigration improving our racial composition for making it less white?

The most significant religious consequence of modern immigration into the US has been to make the country significantly less Protestant. Catholicism is the big winner, but Islam, Orthodox Christianity, Hinduism, Buddhism, and Judaism have all gained market share at the expense of Protestantism as well:

While religiously observant Jews presumably have more animosity towards Catholicism than Protestantism, secular American Jews like Bloomberg reserve their strongest resentment for WASPs on account of their historical golf course exclusivity.

GSS variables used: YEAR(2000-2018), RELIG, BORN

• Category: Culture/Society, Ideology • Tags: Election 2020, Immigration 
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Total population by state
Whites by state
Blacks by state
Hispanics by state
Asians by state
Whites by selected cities

The following graph shows extrapolated mean IQ by selected demographics from 2019 NAEP mathematics and reading results among eighth grade public school students. Estimates are computed by averaging mathematics and reading scores and then converting those to IQ scores, assuming a national average IQ of 96 and a standard deviation of 15. This does not take home-schooled or private school students into account:

Eighth grade girls don’t just outperform boys in reading. They also do marginally better than boys do in mathematics. The patriarchy works in mysterious ways.

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A reader wondered if the stellar NAEP scores among Washington DC’s white public school students is unique among the country’s big cities or if DC does well when included in state rankings on account of being exclusively urban.

The short answer is the former. DC’s whites do better than whites in any of the other metro areas NAEP provides results for. The following table and map show estimated mean IQ in several city districts from 2019 NAEP mathematics and reading results among white eighth grade public school students. Estimates are computed by averaging mathematics and reading scores and then converting those to IQ scores, assuming a national average IQ of 96 and a standard deviation of 15. This does not take home-schooled or private school students into account:

City IQ
1) Washington DC 111.8
2) Atlanta, GA 108.0
3) Boston, MA 106.7
4) Charlotte, NC 106.5
5) Denver, CO 106.2
6) Houston, TX 105.5
7) Austin, TX 105.3
8) Chicago, IL 104.4
9) San Diego, CA 104.4
10) Greensboro, NC 102.1
11) Miami-Dade, FL 101.6
12) New York City, NY 101.4
13) Tampa, FL 100.8
14) Louisville, KY 99.3
15) Los Angeles, CA 99.2
16) Fort Worth, TX 98.9
17) Las Vegas, NV 98.6
18) Baltimore City, MD 98.5
19) Albuquerque, NM 98.4
20) Jacksonville, FL 98.2
21) Milwaukee, WI 96.8
22) Philadelphia, PA 95.8
23) Fresno, CA 93.2
24) Cleveland, OH 92.6

The white student populations in Dallas, Detroit, and Memphis are too small to meet NAEP’s reporting standards and so were not included in the program’s 2019 report.

• Category: Culture/Society • Tags: NAEP 
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Has plenty of self-appointed chiefs but vanishingly few Indians:

And yes, the item’s sample size really is 1492. Sense of humor, subversion (but we repeat ourselves), or coincidence inside YouGov? Whatever the reason, I’m grateful!

• Category: Culture/Society • Tags: Polling 
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The following table and map show estimated mean Asian IQ by state from 2019 NAEP mathematics and reading results among Asian eighth grade public school students. Estimates are computed by averaging mathematics and reading scores and then converting those to IQ scores, assuming a national average IQ of 96 and a standard deviation of 15.

One drawback to these estimates is that they do not account for the 10% of the school-age population either being homeschooled or attending private school. Due to insufficient student sample sizes, data is unavailable for several states:

State IQ
1) New Jersey 112.5
2) Massachusetts 111.9
3) Connecticut 110.2
4) Illinois 109.3
5) Tennessee 109.3
6) Georgia 109.3
7) Maryland 109.2
8) North Carolina 108.7
9) Texas 108.3
10) Delaware 108.2
11) Virginia 107.5
12) Washington 107.3
13) Pennsylvania 107.2
14) Florida 106.9
15) California 106.4
16) Colorado 106.3
DoDEA 105.4
17) Oregon 105.0
18) New Hampshire 104.3
19) New York 103.9
20) Michigna 103.8
21) Nevada 101.7
22) Wisconsin 101.6
23) Nebraska 101.1
24) Kentucky 100.7
25) Minnesota 100.5
26) Hawaii 98.0
27) Alaska 94.2

What is the explanation for the relatively low scores of the two non-contiguous states? The NAEP breaks out results for “American Indian/Alaskan Native” and also for “Native Hawaiian/Pacific Islander”, so these potential confounds are not included in the Asian figures.

• Category: Culture/Society, Race/Ethnicity • Tags: Asians, IQ, NAEP, The states 
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CoD beats Hogg. Boomers want gun control. Millennials and especially Zoomers, not so much. This is a topic that has been visited and revisited here because it is one the corporate media and sloppy conventional wisdom so consistently get wrong.

The latest illustration comes from a recent SurveyUSA poll of residents of the state of Georgia. Three of the questions concern gun control. The graphs below depict the percentages favoring the pro-gun position on each question. “Not sure” responses, constituting 13% of the total, are excluded:

These results come despite the fact that whites are more pro-gun than non-whites and Republicans are more pro-gun than Democrats. Older cohorts are whiter and more Republican than younger cohorts, yet younger cohorts are more pro-gun than older cohorts. Though the relevant cross-tabs are not available, this suggests young white Republicans are very pro-gun and the non-white, Democrat opposition to guns comes from old people, not young ones.

• Category: Culture/Society, Ideology • Tags: Guns, Polling 
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Comment of the week via Dissident on the staggering successes of the gay lobby:

The Gay lobby has achieved in upending and completely inverting attitudes and policy. What has perhaps been the Gay lobby’s single most effective strategy/tactic/approach has been their dogmatic insistence that homosexuality is, in all cases and without exception, both innate as well as immutable; along with the conflation both of involuntary feelings with voluntary behavior, as well of male homosexuality, per se with the specific act of buggery (and even recklessly promiscuous buggery).

For the reality is that critical as all the aforementioned distinctions are, relatively few people appreciate or have even give much thought to them, let alone possess the ability to articulate them clearly and effectively. Anyone who does attempt to make such distinctions or who otherwise challenges, questions or opposes the doctrinal assertions, agenda, or credibility of the Gay lobby is summarily dismissed, a priori, as nothing more than a vicious, raving homophobe; as one so cruel and callous as to hate and condemn people merely for how they were born.

Tolerance was never the end goal. The gay lobby demanded–and won–celebration and adulation. Though gays make up two or three percent of the population, Westerners are more likely to witness–in absolute terms, not just proportional ones–gratuitous public displays of homosexual affection than they are to see gratuitous public displays of heterosexual affection. Gay pride parades alone ensure this.

Most people objecting to homosexual flamboyance would also object to the same degree of heterosexual flamboyance. But since the latter has no powerful lobby pushing it, it’s a non-issue. People who understand keeping sexual relations private a prerequisite for a civilized, orderly society are thus portrayed as homophobic troglodytes, and the rot runs a little deeper.

While sexual inclinations are deemed to be inborn and incorrigible, to suggest that any other behavioral or personality trait is inborn and incorrigible is the worst thing a person can do in the contemporary Western world. To deny that LGBTQs are born that way is to be cast into the outer darkness. At the same time, failing to deny that blacks, women, etc are born that way is also to be cast into the outer darkness.

Squaring that circle of cognitive dissonance is impressive enough, but as Dissident points out, the success doesn’t end there.

The conflation of feelings–which can’t be helped–and physical behaviors–which can be–is another masterstroke. Sure, this same line of reasoning breaks down when applied to pedophilia, but only bigots would mention homosexuality and pedophilia in the same day, so shut up, bigot, if you know what’s good for you!

Parenthetically, my best guess is now that we’re in the mopping up stages of transgender acceptance, the next outpost of traditional morality to fall in the culture war will be the taboo on pedophilia. Thus the paragraph above may become dated faster than Barack Obama’s winning presidential platform on same-sex marriage was.

It’s worth revisiting how brilliantly the gay lobby framed the question of same-sex marriage. For starters, they didn’t refer to it as same-sex marriage. They referred to it as gay marriage. Gays have always been allowed to marry, of course. What they wanted was to redefine the institution of marriage itself. And they successfully did just that. After all, love is love. Again, that line of reasoning breaks down when applied to pedophilia (or bestiality, or polygamy, or incest, etc), but only bigots invoke slippery slopes!

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The map below depicts demographic majorities of 4th grade public school students by state:

Most states remain majority-white, but the four most populous states do not. Consequently, the nationwide elementary public school population is now majority-minority. Assuming current demographic trends continue, the country will likewise have become majority-minority by the time these students reach middle-aged adulthood.

The following table lists states by the percentage of the 4th grade public school student population that is non-Hispanic white:

State %white
1) Vermont 90
2) West Virginia 89
3) Maine 88
4) New Hampshire 85
5) Montana 79
6) Wyoming 78
7) North Dakota 77
8) Idaho 75
8) Kentucky 75
10) Iowa 74
10) Utah 74
12) South Dakota 73
13) Ohio 69
14) Missouri 68
15) Wisconsin 67
16) Indiana 65
16) Michigan 65
16) Nebraska 65
19) Kansas 63
19) Minnesota 63
19) Pennsylvania 63
22) Oregon 62
23) Tennessee 61
24) Arkansas 60
25) Massachusetts 57
26) Rhode Island 56
27) Alabama 53
27) Colorado 53
29) Connecticut 52
30) Washington 50
31) South Carolina 49
31) Virginia 49
33) Illinois 46
33) North Carolina 46
33) Oklahoma 46
36) Alaska 45
37) Louisiana 44
37) Mississippi 44
39) New York 43
40) Delaware 42
40) New Jersey 42
42) Arizona 41
43) Florida 39
44) Georgia 36
45) Maryland 33
46) Nevada 31
47) Texas 27
48) New Mexico 24
49) California 21
50) Hawaii 13
50) Washington DC 13

Though the Great Replacement is a conspiracy theory only those wishing to be hurled into the void dare discuss, it is hard not to notice that in all of the once reliably red states now in the process of becoming blue–Texas, Georgia, Florida, Arizona, North Carolina–the next generation is majority non-white. It’s almost as though Democrats cannot lose in states where most of the population is not white.

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The following table and map show estimated mean Hispanic IQ by state from 2019 NAEP mathematics and reading results among Hispanic eighth grade public school students. Estimates are computed by averaging mathematics and reading scores and then converting those to IQ scores, assuming a national average IQ of 96 and a standard deviation of 15.

One drawback to these estimates is that they do not account for the 10% of the school-age population either being homeschooled or attending private school. Due to insufficient student sample sizes, data is unavailable for three states:

State IQ
DoDEA 99.5
1) Montana 95.0
2) Mississippi 94.6
3) Florida 94.4
T4) Indiana 94.0
T4) Ohio 94.0
6) Georgia 93.6
7) Hawaii 93.4
8) North Carolina 93.2
9) Kentucky 93.1
10) Illinois 93.0
11) Wyoming 93.0
T12) Louisiana 92.7
T12) Missouri 92.7
14) North Dakota 92.5
15) Arkansas 92.4
16) Alaska 92.4
17) Virginia 92.3
18) Wisconsin 92.2
19) Kansas 92.0
20) South Carolina 92.0
21) South Dakota 91.8
22) Texas 91.8
23) Michigan 91.6
24) Tennessee 91.4
T25) Arizona 91.4
T25) Massachusetts 91.4
T25) New Jersey 91.4
28) Colorado 91.2
29) Iowa 91.2
30) New Hampshire 91.0
31) Nebraska 91.0
32) Nevada 90.8
33) Washington DC 90.8
34) Oklahoma 90.7
35) Connecticut 90.7
T36) Delaware 90.4
T36) Idaho 90.4
38) Washington 90.4
39) Minnesota 90.4
40) Utah 90.2
41) New York 89.8
42) New Mexico 89.8
43) California 89.6
44) Maryland 89.2
45) Oregon 89.1
46) Alabama 89.0
47) Pennsylvania 87.6
48) Rhode Island 86.6

The highest scoring state with a large Hispanic population is, unsurprisingly, Florida. The heavily Puerto Rican northeast and the West coast do not fare as well as Hispanics in the country’s interior do. Once again, the children of US military personnel come out on top.

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