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Dr. Jess Wade—Another Minority Social Justice Warrior Pushing Science Into New Dark Age
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      See also: It’s Official: Even Hard Science Entering New Dark Age

      It’s become clear—not least from the savage anti-intellectual campaign taking place on British campuses [Universities are allowing free speech to be curtailed in favour of “rule of the mob”, former equalities chief warns, by Camilla Turner, The Telegraph, February 2, 2019] that there is a very specific social type who ends up leading the anti-academic charge at universities.

      These enforcers are:

      • From the extreme heights of the socioeconomic elite—in the UK they are part of the top 7% who attend private schools (very expensive in Britain) like Eton College;
      • Despite these massive educational advantages, a graduate of a university other than Britain’s Ivy league of Oxford and Cambridge;
      • From an ethnic minority background;
      • Clearly, manifesting known correlates of mental instability and psychopathic personality.

      So far, I have introduced you to student hack and philosophy postgraduate Ben Van der Merw e and single-earring rent-a-woke “scientist” and MSM journalist Dr Adam Rutherford, two of the people responsible for the attack on Dr. Noah Carl that led to his firing from Cambridge. Recent events have unearthed a third, and particularly fascinating, example: 30-year-old Dr Jess Wade, Post-Doctoral Research Associate in Physics at Imperial College, London.

      In June 2019, I reported the case of Dr Edward Dutton, who vlogs as The Jolly Heretic at both YouTube and Bitchute. Dutton had produced a video review of the latest Main Stream Media-hyped book to “refute” the reality of “race”: Superior: The Return of Race Science by British-Indian journalist Angela Saini. His review, though nice about the quality of Saini’s prose, highlighted its many illogical arguments, its evident lack of serious research, and its appalling errors of fact: Saini [Email her] even got the Darwin book that first presented evolutionary theory wrong!

      Based on Saini’s book, Dutton also explored Saini’s life and psychological profile, to make sense of why she had produced such as emotional and poorly-argued tome.

      But he began his video with an impersonation of this particular public figure; noting the incongruity between her body language, in interviews, and her professed certainty.

      The whole thing was apparently just too damningly accurate for Dr Jess Wade. Triggered, she pressured YouTube—which had previously specifically stated that the video was not “controversial”—to take it down. And she unsuccessfully pressured Oulu University to strip Dutton of his honorary senior lectureship, known as a docentship, the usual English translation of which is “Adjunct Professor.”

      So who is this sweet young girl? Jessica Alice Feinmann Wade is something of a worshipper of 38-year-old Angela Saini. Wade’s Wikipedia article—penned by friends who even concede their “Conflict of Interest”—explains that Saini is one of her “influences”. Wade’s Twitter photo has her wearing a t-shirt on which is emblazoned “Inferior,” the title of Saini’s second book, which “proved” (and I’m only slightly exaggerating!) that women are as significant to science, or potentially so, as men.

      Wade’s twitter also reflects her obsession with the interests of “LGBTQ” people, it is unclear whether Wade herself is a homosexual. Perhaps Wade isn’t sure what she is, which might help to explain her obvious emotional volatility.

      Of Wade’s mere 14 publications in academic journals, she is the lead author on only one…because she is far more interested in social engineering than Physics. Through appearances on the BBC, Sky News and on numerous other MSM forums, Wade campaigns for more girls to pursue “STEM” subjects, such as Physics. She is aghast that the British government multi-million-pound campaign to persuade girls to study science has failed. Apparently, she is completely ignorant of the evidence that females have different personalities from males, causing to them be less interested in studying science [Women vs Feminism, By Joanna Williams, 2017], and to have a different (more verbal, less spatial or mathematical) intelligence profile, meaning that they are simply not, on average, as good at hard science as are males. This difference is at least partly genetic. [The Science of Sex Differences in Science and Mathematics, by Diana Halpern et al., Psychological Science in the Public Interest, 2007]

      But when reality fails to measure up to Wade’s desires, she tries to manipulate how people see it, fanatically composing almost daily Wikipedia entries magnifying the supposed influence of some unimportant scientist on the grounds that they are female, non-white or LGBTQI+.[Academic writes 270 Wikipedia pages in a year to get female scientists noticed, by Hannah Devlin, Guardian, July 24, 2018]

      This when Oulu University told Wade that it could not legally withdraw Dutton’s docentship, meaning that he was still affiliated to that university, Wade edited Dutton’s Wikipedia page so that it stated that the university had indeed withdrawn his docentship and that he was not affiliated to the university, despite them explicitly tweeting to her the opposite:

      “No longer with U. of Oulu

      The article was updated to indicate he is no longer with the University of Oulu. I’m not sure when this happened, but this tweet from the school (I assume?) supports it. Grayfell (talk) 20:30, 29 June 2019 (UTC)

      This is correct; Jesswade88 added that he’s not affiliated anymore and I added the tweet as a source shortly thereafter. IntoThinAir(talk) 20:38, 29 June 2019 (UTC)” [ http://archive.is/tKYOL ]

      Note that, in spite of Wade’s clear hatred for Dutton, she also did not follow procedure and declare a “Conflict of Interest” in editing this entry.

      Similarly, Wade earlier campaigned (successfully) to get Prof Alessandro Strumia removed from CERN for his empirically-accurate statement that women aren’t as good at physics as men. [It is 2018, so why are we still debating whether women can do physics? By Jess Wade, New Scientist, October 1, 2018]

      For her efforts, Wade has been awarded the “British Empire Medal” for “Services to Diversity”—which, unlike more principled Leftists, she accepted from a hereditary head of state. Despite how in favour of “equality” she is, Wade apparently likes the trappings of the Empire that has oppressed her. (Reassuringly, however, nobody important, or who went on to be important, has ever received this medal).

      But, then, the hereditary principle matters in the case of Wade.

      The daughter of consultant John Wade [Cognitions, Chronicity, Distress and Disability in Temporomandibular Disorder (Idiopathic Orifacial Pain, By R. Geir Madland, PhD Thesis, University College London, 2002, p.20.] and consultant psychiatrist, Dr. Charlotte Feinmann [Lift others as you climb: Meet Jess Wade, By Isla Walton, May 1, 2018], Jess Wade—like Ben Van der Merwe, despite his Afrikaner name—is Jewish.

      From a wealthy background, Wade was sent to the fee-paying South Hampstead School for Girls, providing her with extraordinary potential advantages: one fifth of its girls go to Oxford or Cambridge. However, despite Wade’s massive academic silver spoon, she either failed to get into Oxford or Cambridge or realized that it was a waste of time trying. Instead, she studied at Imperial College, London…the Empire association again not seeming to bother her.

      Unlike researchers with humbler pedigrees, Wade would have had no trouble launching an academic career: both her parents are senior academics in addition to being doctors. Nor would she have had to fight to make MSM connections. Jess’ aunt, 70-year-old Dr Jane Feinmann—the elder daughter of Elozor Feinmann (1917-1983)—is not just a doctor but a minor media personality in the UK.

      In fact, Jess Wade has never really wanted for nor had to seriously work for anything a day in her gilded life. She is a hereditary public academic.

      It is, therefore, unsurprising that such a life—to the limited extent that personality is caused by environment—has produced a 30-year-old spoilt brat, seemingly low in Agreeableness and impulse control and high in Neuroticism.

      No better evidence of this can be found than in her tweets about Dutton’s review: “…well this is disgusting” she responded to his systematic critique. When the video was removed, she Tweet-screamed: “Take that racists!”

      In his video, Dutton had argued that Angela Saini was Neurotic—requiring the insecure certainty of a counter-empirical, good v evil, “religion of the sick soul”—and insecure and traumatized due to childhood experiences as an ethnic minority in London.

      It may be that Wade’s visceral response was “triggered” by Dutton having got to the root of Wade’s own life, in a way that she likely never quite had herself. Dutton’s video induced in Wade the “cognitive dissonance” of your sense of self crumbling before you…that results in a strong emotional reaction.

      Note that, unusually for a scientist, Wade did a “foundation year” at an art college in affluent Chelsea before turning to Physics. Being good at Art is very strongly associated with Neuroticism [Personality, By Daniel Nettle, 2007, Ch. 9] as well as low Agreeableness and poor impulse control, in other words aspects of psychopathology [Creativity and psychopathology, By F. Post, British Journal of Psychiatry, 1994]. Similarly, massive changes in identity—implicit in moving from art to physics—are also correlated with very high Neuroticism. [Primary personality trait correlates of religious practice and orientation, By Peter Hills et al., Personality and Individual Differences, 2004]

      Weirdly, Wade has a marked preference for darkness: dyed black hair, black nail varnish etc. This trait is also associated with Neuroticism, anxiety, and depression. [Hello darkness my old friend: Preferences for darkness vary by neuroticism and co-occur with negative affect,  Cognition and Emotion,July 2018]

      Jess Wade is clearly the “type.” But unlike for example Adam Rutherford, she seems so erratic that (like MSM-touted Swedish climate crusader Greta Thunberg) she’ll probably eventually give up and turn to something else.

      Lance Welton [Email him] is the pen name of a freelance journalist living in New York.

      (Republished from VDare by permission of author or representative)
      • Category: Science • Tags: Academia, Feminism, Political Correctness 
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      1. Rational says:


        Thanks, Sir. I am glad you are exposing these sickos. Her sickness can be understood a lot from the fact that she is a Judaist.

        Any woman who reads the Torah and does not leave Judaism is a sick, gutter woman, because the Torah is the most pornographic ancient book ever written, that promotes rape of women and incest.

        No wonder raping the country (“open borders” racket), pornography, prostitution, inciting white women to associate with blacks (who are all rapists or potential rapists), and incest (raping each other) are the hallmarks of Judaism. Incest is rampant as this article shows:


        Rampant incest also makes Jewish women severely mentally ill, and they become more loose and immoral (such as pathological lying, alienism, promoting race mixing and other gutter traits) and lose their natural revulsion to blacks and darker races.

        Thanks, Sir. I am glad you are exposing these sickos. Her sickness can be understood a lot from the fact that she is a Judaist.

        Any woman who reads the Torah and does not leave Judaism is a sick, gutter woman, because the Torah is the most pornographic ancient book ever written, that promotes rape of women and incest.

        Incest is rampant in Judaism, as this article shows:


        Rampant incest also makes Jewish women severely mentally ill, and they become more loose and immoral (evident from traits such as pathological lying, alienism, aka human trafficking, promoting race mixing aka rape mongering, and other gutter traits) and lose their natural revulsion to blacks and darker races.

        • Replies: @Wally
        , @niteranger
      2. Rational says:


        Was trying to merge/replace second set of paras into the first, but apparently it got concatenated instead.

      3. I am happy to hear that Dr. J. Wade recovered from my talk at CERN. By the way, the same bibliometric analysis reveals another scientific result: according to public codes that infer gender and ethnicity from names, the group most relatively over-represented among top-cited physicists is “Israeli”. I hope that this will not offend those nice people and institutions who care more about political correctness than about science.

        • Replies: @4justice
      4. Just a note about the “British Empire Medal”, and virtually all other “Honours” in the UK. The names for all but a few of these Honours are put forward by the political hacks controlling government. That is how Tony Blair’s “distinguished” Chartered Accountant/fund raiser, Michael Abraham Levy, became Lord Levy, aka Lord Cashpoint.
        It is a function of state, no different than opening Parliament. There is no evidence that the hereditary head of state would choose to be in the same room with them.

      5. anon[153] • Disclaimer says:

        Smelton, your diatribes are pushing writing into a new dark age.

      6. Mr. Welton, I read your article on VDare yesterday. I don’t know if you read the comments here, but I wrote to you with some advice a month or two ago: I agree with your politics here, again, and am glad to see someone else calling out the Orwellian speech control retards of the ctrl-left.

        HOWEVER: Please, please leave out the psychoanalysis that you put at the end of every other article. It is guesswork and quite possibly complete BS.

        You’re no psychologist, Lance, I’m no psychologist, and the reason I, for one, am not, is because the field is mostly a bunch of bullshit and has been since the time of Dr. Robert Hartley. Please stop writing when you get to that part, so, I’ll enjoy your articles more and you won’t get comments like Anon #153’s. Thanks in advance. I’ll still be reading … till it gets to the mumbo-jumbo.

        (I am so sorry that I couldn’t find the clip of a show in which Bob Newhart was going on vacation. His hot wife Emily said “But, Bob, what about your ‘Fear of Humidity’ group?” Bob: “I guess they’ll just have to sweat it out, Emily.” ;-} )

      7. 4justice says:
        @Alessandro Strumia

        Physics is a social endeavor as well as an academic one – that means groups that behave as a self-promoting mafia will become over-represented in such fields and above their relative ability. Yes, there is corruption in science – admissions, hiring, grant awards, prestigious awards. Over-representation of Israelis in physics is not in and of itself proof of anything. And the original political correctness is the one that says you are not allowed to notice these practices when Jews and Israelis are engaging in them. Was Einstein a plagiarist? Did Feynman admit in his own books he liked to make people think he was more brilliant than he was? I am sure there are many quite capable Jewish people who can do physics – but let us not forget there is also a lot of hype that shapes the end result of who gets where, especially when some believe in the meritocracy while others believe in their ethnic superiority and entitlement to rule.

        Steve Pinker’s talk on Jews, Genes and Intelligence is not a good look.
        “Goyishe Kop” is stupid or “Goyishe Kop” is not as motivated to make the bossman a bit more profit?
        Pinker thinks all success accrues to Ashkenazi Jews due to superior intelligence but he neglects the role of ingroup promotion. He thinks the “Goy” are angry at Jews because they are jealous when really they are just a bit tired of being scammed, conned and smeared by people like Pinker.

        I suppose I might as well add in a bit about women in physics since I have looked into the topic a bit. I can at least speak for the experience of undergrads and grad students. Many women are interested in physics, but it comes with a culture that is hard for most women to adapt to. I am not saying the culture has to change, but the reality is, it is not worth it to most women to work day in and day out with a population of – how shall I say it? – not the best socially adapted men. I know, such men need somewhere to go and math, physics and engineering is the perfect place for them. But I can assure you that a lot of women leave such fields for “social climate” reasons even if they are quite capable in the field. Another big factor is the time commitment in academia is not compatible with motherhood. Again, I say that is ok – some women will want to forgo having a family,and some will manage the to juggle it all, but many will leave for such quality of life reasons even if they love the material. Maybe on average women are not as capable as men in physics, maybe they are more capable, but you can’t simply look at who ends up being successful in the field and make assumptions about ability without considering many other social factors. That would be weak social science.

        • Replies: @Alessandro Strumia
      8. I do like well done satire, please play again.

      9. @4justice

        Dear 4justice, physicists like Einstein, Feynman, Weinberg are top-cited because what they did is great. Believing that they are top-cited because they are Jewish or because they are men is wrong. Such views are totally wrong, even when they are supported by scientific institutions that need funds. I agree that social issues exist, but people at top level are those less affected by social issues. No scientific mafia can produce what they produced.

        • Replies: @4justice
      10. Being good at Art

        What evidence is there for that?

      11. @Rational

        Another nutbag Jew professor. The saddest part of this is that Imperial College at one time was considered one of the finest science universities in the world. Unbelievable the Jews have now compromised just about every great academic institution in the world.

      12. 4justice says:
        @Alessandro Strumia

        So you say, but you might be an anti-gentilist aka Jewish supremacist who works (or at least fails to question) the Zionist movement that uses all manner of corrupt means to protect the image of Einstein. Einstein was skilled, but apparently more at wizardry, deception, and chutzpuh than physics or math. Christopher John Bjerknes exposes quite a bit of Einstein’s plagiarism and deception as well as the movement that worked to suppress those who dared to criticize him. Predictably if incredibly, those people were labeled anti-Semitic out of hand by the same Jewish supremacist cheerleaders.

        Feynman may have been the real deal – I am not claiming to know one way or the other – but he admits using deception in his autobiographical book. Other more humble scientists are very likely to be under-rated – those who participate in deception are more likely to be over-rated. And when the press and certain governments are dominated by Jewish supremacists who have a political agenda in overstating Jewish achievement and understating crimes by the Jewish community or even individual Jews, you can see how these perceptions get corrupted, even to those within the field.

        Perhaps Jews on average are better at physics, perhaps they are worse – but you can’t look at a database of names and ignore all the societal factors that shape who gets there and who is passed over to make a supposedly empirical claim about group supremacy. OK, you can, but not if you want to be respected as someone who knows how to do science.

        • Replies: @Alessandro Strumia
      13. @4justice

        I am not a suprematist of anything and I am not in any party. I am just a physicist who knows that Fenynman and Einstein did real great physics, who has data about authors of top-cited papers and who is interested in charachterizing them. Data show an excess of men, so I got attacked by J. Wade and by others who don’t like men and who tried to dismiss the excess as societal factors (the excess persists after correcting for societal factors). Data show an excess of some ethnicities, so I am attacked by those who don’t like Jews and who again try to dismiss the excess as societal factors. And data show an excess of joung people. And of humans. Then data can be attacked as sexism, racism, Judaism, ageism, specism, and by all wrong ideologies that disagree with data.

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