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Tired of Hollywood’s Woke, and Failing, Actioners? Try Vox Day’s New Comic Book Series
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      Earlier by Paul Kersey: New PUNISHER Series Just More Anti-White Propaganda (Although Leftists Hate It Anyway). Time For An “Alt☆Hero”!

      Given woke Hollywood’s fare these days, the fate of Director Elizabeth Banks’s ultra-feminist reboot of Charlie’s Angels, like that Terminator Dark Fate, was as predictable as Banks’s hissyfit when it bombed on opening weekend. It earned a paltry $8 million against a $50 million budget. (This weekend was worse, barely over $3 million). Banks griped that American men who didn’t plunk down $9.25 for a ticket and $7 for popcorn were “reinforce[ing] a stereotype in Hollywood that men don’t go see women do action movies” [Elizabeth Banks suggests her ‘Charlie’s Angels’ box office bomb is because men ‘don’t go see’ female-led action films, by Joseph Wulfsohn , Fox News, November 18, 2019]. She’s right—men don’t! My advice: if you want a good actioner, forget pozzed Hollywood and the New York publishing houses. Instead, try Vox Day’s Alt-Hero comic book series—an effective antidote to the modern entertainment industry’s anti-white, anti-male egalitarian poison.

      Day, whose excellent website is a daily must-read, has just released Alt★Hero Volume One. Give it a read to see what Day and his collaborators are producing. One of them, by the way, is Chuck Dixon, the country’s top comic book writer and the co-creator of Bane. Dixon is writing Alt★Hero: Q.

      Even a glance at Alt★Hero Volume One suggests that Marvel President Kevin Fiege won’t consider it for the big screen. Here’s why:

      The Global Justice Initiative, led by Captain Europa, is a group of superheroes dedicated to preserving the European Union and stamping out any European patriot or member of Génération Identitaire who attempts to light a fire for sovereignty from this tyrannical regime.

      In the best of Volume One’s six issues, The War In Paris, the Global Justice Initiative employs Antifa, the shock troops of the state and ruling-class establishment, in a massive fight against French nationalists near the Eiffel Tower.

      During the climactic battle, Captain Europa tells the resistance leader Durand: “You defend what does not exist! They [the refugees] have the same right to be here as you. They are the new France!”

      As the battle rages, Durand reminds Captain Europa that France has been occupied before, that the Germans thought they’d won too.

      Captain Europa replies: “What is German? Now we are all Europeans and we are the future of all humanity!”

      Day, who is a devout Christian, even worked in Lord of the Rings.

      “I never sought this,” a resistance leader says to a woman member of the nationalist cause. “I never wanted this” he says while perusing her library … then stopping at LOTR.

      “They neither request nor require your assent,” she replies. “And those who have not swords can still die upon them.”

      Alt-Hero impressed me so much I asked Vox Day to answer a few questions about the series and his leadership role in the Dissident Right.

      What made you ditch Conservatism Inc. and go out on your own over the past five or six years?

      As I have stated repeatedly ever since I became a nationally syndicated columnist for Universal Press Syndicate many years ago, I am not, and I have never been, a conservative. Conservatism is not a political philosophy, it is not an ideology, and it is not even remotely viable.

      You’ve been a prolific science fiction author and write extensively about the Leftward drift of culture in the western world. What was your epiphany to help you realize that “no one was coming to save us” and you had to start your comic book company?

      Back in 2005, I was named to the Science Fiction Writers of America’s Nebula Award jury for the third time. While my previous two jury stints had been unremarkable, this third one sparked a protest by science fiction SJWs led by Patrick Nielsen Hayden, an editor at the biggest science fiction publisher, Tor Books. When an author whose work I still like very much, Charles Stross, told me that my political views had rendered me unpublishable by any mainstream publishing house, I realized I was eventually going to have to strike out on my own. After the SFWA board voted to expel me from the organization in 2013—a remarkable action considering the pedophiles and convicted child molesters who are still SFWA members in good standing—I knew the time had arrived. So, we founded Castalia House in 2014, Arkhaven Comics in 2017, and Viral Films Media in 2019.

      Who have been some of your greatest mentors?

      One of the things lacking on the dissident right are legitimate mentors for younger people who get interested in our ideas. For intellectual scope, Umberto Eco. For humanism, Herman Hesse. For rhetoric, Aristotle. For courage of conviction, my father Robert Beale. For writing fiction, Bruce Bethke and Joel Rosenberg. I have also benefited greatly from the experience of working with William S. Lind, Martin van Creveld, and the late Jerry Pournelle.

      Talk to me about your comics and the coup of landing Chuck Dixon (writing Avalon for you). For readers unfamiliar with Dixon, elaborate on his tremendous resume and his contributions to DC, IDW, and now working with your line .

      The Legend Chuck Dixon, as he is rightly known, is the most published comic book writer in the Western comics industry. He’s written everything from Batman to the Punisher to the upcoming Alt★Hero: Shade comic for Arkhaven. A lot of people were very excited to see he had backed the original Alt★Hero crowdfunding campaign, and when I saw that, I called him up and asked him if he’d like to write his own series with us. He was interested, and that’s how Avalon came to be. He’s astonishingly fast and it is very humbling to see how masterfully he develops both characters and storylines. I very much enjoy working with him.

      Who is your favorite character within the Alt-Hero pantheon and why?

      I’m particularly partial to Dynamique. She cracks me up with her insouciance and shamelessly mercenary approach to life. And who doesn’t like hot French redheads?

      What do you hope to accomplish with your comic line? Also, you’ve started crowdfunding for a full-length feature film. What are the goals for your endeavors for Arkhaven Comics over the next few years in all facets of media (print/cartoon/feature film/and, of course, action figures)?


      To fill the void in the space that Marvel and DC are in the process of abandoning. They’re interested in introducing readers to degeneracy and perversion, and indoctrinating them into Social Justice politics. We’re interested in telling great stories the readers will enjoy with great characters to whom the readers can relate.

      You’ve written some excellent books on SJWs, which have basically infected every institution in the western world. Where do you see the greatest hope for western civilization to prosper?

      Return to the Christian religious values, the Greco-Roman philosophical legacy, and the European nations that are the three pillars of the West. Remove any of them and the resulting society will not be Western nor will it be civilized.

      Building our institutions (whether it be comics, entertainment, pop culture or payment processors and subscriptions to exclusive web content as you’ve done with Owen Benjamin and others) must happen and you are one of the pioneers of this push. What advice or thoughts do you have those who are being deplatformed or who are starting in crowd-funding?

      Don’t worry about the deplatformings. They will soon be a thing of the past [Day says to read his book, Corporate Cancer: How to Work Miracles and Save Millions by Curing Your Company, to find out why].

      But we still need to build our own institutions and support our own projects rather than support the endeavors of those who hate us, hate America, hate the West, and want to destroy everything that is good, beautiful, and true.

      Paul Kersey[Email him] is the author of the blog SBPDL, and has published the books SBPDL Year One, Hollywood in Blackface and Escape From Detroit, Opiate of America: College Football in Black and White and Second City Confidential: The Black Experience in Chicagoland. His latest book is The Tragic City: Birmingham 1963-2013.

      (Republished from VDare by permission of author or representative)
      Of Related Interest
      Sex, Death and Optics in the Dissident Right
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      1. Lurker says:

        Re the Punisher article – both the butt kicking Muslim babe and white Frank Castle are actually played by jews.

        You are correct, I don’t recall a single sympathetic white character apart from . . . maybe . . . lemme see . . . nope, I don’t think there was a single one.

      2. while VoxDay and his vile minions kill Haxo’s comments @ the VoxDay site w/in minutes of their appearance – Haxo is merely a seeker of Truth and Penitence wandering in a world of lies and nonsense – there’s no question that VD is one of the finest minds and effective activists on the white HardRight.

        he does, however, have several pimples that still need to be squeezed out:

        1) Drumpf
        2) Israhell
        3) monkeyball

        absent these blemishes, his political complexion is clear.

        • Replies: @Corvinus
      3. As Haxo alluded to, Vox Day is a love/hate type of entity. I won’t ever fault a guy who is being proactive and literally creating alternate platforms & content. We need more people of that caliber in our thing. I also agree with 75% of what he says. However…

        He is a delicate little hot house flower with an insanely fragile ego. This is well known at this point in the dissident right sphere. An army of sycophants on his heavy handed and ultra-curated website are allowed to nod rhythmically in agreement with his every utterance. Challenge him even a little or question his self proclaimed genius IQ and be forever banished. He constantly rails against the ‘Gamma Male’ despite showing all signs and symptoms of being one and in bitter denial about this fact.

        I view him as a net positive, but just barely. If he wasn’t such an insecure egotist he’d be hugely more outsized in his influence but as it is, few people can stand dealing with the burden of his massive insecurities. His website use to be decent and a place of fairly good commentary like Unz. Now it is basically a circlejerk of suck-ups and hangers on. I read his articles but skip the comments basically.

      4. Corvinus says:
        @Haxo Angmark

        Your comments were purged from VD’s site because you were repeatedly off topic and made the conversation about you. Pray tell, we NOTICE that your website is fixated on the bosoms of Jews. Why?

        Interesting to note that VD–who is indeed a conservative–gives “exceptions” to media interviews only when it benefits him financially and when his narrative will be assured of an Alt Right audience. Apex Predator’s description is spot on.

      5. @Corvinus

        Re: Haxo’s website and its fixation on “Jewish bosoms.” I thought you were referring to Abraham’s bosom where the righteous Jews are said to sleep in the after-life. Having access to a link to Haxo’s site with his comment— which I never have before when I read Vox Day’s blog, as Haxo’s comments are swiftly deleted from there —I saw bosoms all right, but they weren’t Abraham’s. Haxo’s website is straight-up nasty! Good for Vox for throwing up a barrier between Haxo’s site and the VP blog reader, typically a Christian man committed to marital fidelity.

        Re: Apex Predator on Vox’s Fragile ego. Meh, I think the whole “How dare you contradict the Supreme Dark Lord!” schtick is part LARP (these are sci-fi fantasy fans after all) and part training for his Vile Faceless Minions (i.e. his most devoted followers) to do rhetorical battle against Social Justice Warriors, who are much more fragile and nasty. The VFM under Vox’s direction get a lot of things done: promoting his alternative information and entertainment projects so they reach a wide audience, and swelling the ranks of campaigns to support like-minded content-providers who have been the victims of criminal acts by mainstream platforms.

        • Replies: @Haxo Angmark
      6. @Apex Predator

        I can see how he might come across to you as a hot house flower as being blunt with people, banning them or being annoyed and impatient can be defense mechanisms for the ego.

        In Vox’s case however, I suspect he is just low in the personality trait agreeableness. As someone who scores lowly myself, it just means you have a lack of anxiety about telling people to get lost, so you tend to do it more often when it suits your needs.

        If he wants to keep stupid people out of the comments, then so be it, he has never proclaimed free speech as a virtue and its his site.

        He also does three things that Gammas don’t
        – he engages in conflict, now with legal battles but previously with Martial arts
        – he risks failure by being a writer, publisher and comic book author and now film maker
        – he frequently corrects himself or says he doesn’t know the answer on various topics

        He is an unusual personality type, not a fragile egotist.

        • Replies: @Corvinus
        , @ronehjr
      7. @Corvinus

        the site you refer to is a bait-and-switch re Jews/porn & the JP in general and, as such, a damn good one: in it’s various iterations, 3,000,000+ unique hits and approaching 20,000,000 page hits. Most get it….some don’t. Certainly the Jews do. And

        that’s why (((they))) have killed it 5X already.

        I notice the google Jews ((((Brin))), (((Page))), have yet to kill VD’s site.

        as to you: like most of VD’s Trumpaholic posse, you’re a

        complete idiot.

        • Replies: @Corvinus
      8. @Irene Athena

        it’s not a larp. As Apex Pred points out,

        VD (who hides out in Italy, much as his great enemy, Andrew Anglin, hides out in Lagos, Nigeria…where he’ll blend in with the local populace),

        is vertically challenged and thus somewhat insecure. As to Haxo’s short-lived comments @ Vox’s site,
        they are always on-target, informative, and often brilliant. Which

        is why VD or one of his pathetic enforcers kills them. He’s afraid Haxo will dominate the thread (cf. this one) and eventually the site itself. As, for one of several examples, he did @ Western Rifle Shooters over a couple years, turning it from a mediocre, neo-connish prepper site into the hardRight pro-White monument it is today. At any rate,

        resistence is futile.

      9. Corvinus says:
        @Haxo Angmark

        You bitterly complain about Jew domination, then proceed to worship their womenfolk. And, no, I’m not part of VD’s “Trumpaholic posse”, I’m merely pointing out your hypocrisy and your commentary impotence.

        • Replies: @Haxo Angmark
      10. Corvinus says:

        “he frequently corrects himself or says he doesn’t know the answer on various topics”

        That’s not Vox Day. He even had to invent a special designation–“Sigma”–on the (pseudo) social-sexual hierarchy.

        • Replies: @Delta Cygni
      11. @Corvinus


        is VD’s assigned policeman for this thread. But

        he’s not doing a very good job

        • Replies: @garuna
        , @Corvinus
      12. WHAT says:

        Devout Trump-worshipping christian associating with a sodomite and various pseudorightwing jew grifters, lol.
        Dalrock I think recently had a great post about Teddy propagating FI also. Such are alphasigma ways, goy.

        • Agree: Haxo Angmark
      13. WHAT says:
        @Apex Predator

        His proclamations how he banned such and such because such and such was a despicable gamma male and never talk to his wife’s site ever again are a riot to read, though perhaps not for the reasons Teddy intended.

        • Replies: @Ash Williams
      14. DR3 says:

        Vox and Owen have shown that rather than watch conservatives constantly lose, while getting their bowties in a twist, you can build your own platform. Funneling everyone onto FB, Youtube and other sites allows the left to control the culture and the narrative.

        VD has shown the way and created a turning point. Social Galactic will be huge, and the tide is turning. We owe him a great debt.

        • Replies: @Corvinus
        , @RadicalCenter
      15. garuna says:
        @Haxo Angmark

        Dude, I’ve seen your comments on the blog. They’re just anti-Jew spam. I don’t even like Jews and I think your spamtastic comments warrant a perma-ban. Instead of being so butthurt you should work on fixing your monomania.

      16. TWS says:
        @Apex Predator

        Delicate little hot house flower? No. He would go months and years bitch slapping ankle biters. Finally, he and the dread ilk got sick of it. He started banning after one warning and it’s much better. Crazies and soyboys no longer filth up the comment section.

      17. Corvinus says:
        @Haxo Angmark

        “Corvinus is VD’s assigned policeman for this thread.”

        You are now outright lying on top of your hypocrisy. The fact of the matter is that you worship a particular feature of the “tribe” while lamenting about its diabolicalness. It would appear that you channeling your inner Strom Thurmond…

        Just stop while you are behind, it’s embarrassing on your part.

      18. Corvinus says:

        Indeed, Vox and Owen are important to their own thought bubble crowd. They are no different in trying to direct culture and to craft their own narrative.

        • Replies: @Ash Williams
      19. @Corvinus

        Vox has repeatedly stated that he is not a conservative.

        Another perceptive person on the internet wrote:

        Conservatism in America isn’t even a real thing. It’s a bunch of think tanks and magazines run out of Washington, funded by a small group of rich Jews. It is whatever they say it is. Right now that is homosexual libertarian Zionism. If you aren’t that, you aren’t conservative.

        Given that I am inclined to take Vox at his word when he says he is not a conservative.

        • Replies: @WHAT
      20. WHAT says:
        @Peripatetic Commenter

        Did “perceptive person” finally elaborate on admitting a fed goon to the inner circle, by the way?

      21. Revan says:

        The comments on this article demonstrate why these same commenters are banned at Vox Popoli.

        • Troll: Chris Mallory
        • Replies: @WHAT
      22. @Corvinus

        This comment is perhaps the most unironically Jewish thing I’ve read on UNZ.

        • Replies: @Corvinus
      23. ronehjr says:

        I know that this thread is for those who want to comment about their feelings on Vox Day, but I just wanted to say good job on the review and interview Mr. Kersey. I appreciate what those at Castalia House are doing and support where I can, and encourage others to do the same.

      24. Dreadilk says:
        @Apex Predator

        I wish there was a lol/troll option. Gama identified.

      25. WHAT says:

        I just asked why american people’s wishes come after Adelson’s for Trump. Guess expecting that wall over licking israeli boots repeatedly was just too much for le Supreme Dark Lord Teddy.

        Then again, those were far simpler times, His Supreme Darkness was not yet informed just how retarded Q worship really is either…

      26. Thanks for this rare positive look into all the hard work of Vox Day to counter the convergence of Comics,(Alt-Hero comics and many other pro western choices) the convergence of Movies (Rebel’s Run), the convergence of media (News.infogalactic.com), the convergence of adult and children’s literature (Castallia House Publishing) and to counter the internet’s easily edited leftist brain that can destroy a good man with mere words (Infogalactic to replace wikipedia). He will also be releasing a replacement for twitter, that unlike other so-called alternatives, his twitter replacement won’t be filled with porn and vile trolls. Last but not least Vox has created UnauthorizedTV, finally a choice to get off streaming platforms that hate us like Youtube where all their algorithms want us to see is despair and defeat. UnauthorizedTV not only offers a high quality entertainment value (most content free, but only a mere $5 a month gets all content)but they give real life examples of real people showing others how they can get out of this defeatist mindset and start building a real future. These are all positive choices to counter the negative narrative and it gives people real hope when they have real choices. Instead of complaining about the replacement of Western civilization through all these mediums Vox has put his own time and money where his mouth is. I haven’t seen anyone else take on such a goliath venture to actually do something more than start one attack on one converged area only to quickly cave to the SJW’s, while the rest just leave snarky comments online which still leaves no real choices for those who actually want to win this cultural war. Thanks again for this rare “positive” preview of Vox’s work. It is much needed for millions of others to see they can replace the despair with real choices and through those choices we can turn this culture war around.

        • Agree: BlackFlag
      27. Came back here cause I read about a ‘gamma bomb’ going off that made VD decide not to do more interviews. To my disappointment I find 1 critical comment in a short thread of less than 20.

        Hard to interpret that as anything but thin-skinned. Pathetic.

        • Agree: AKAHorace
        • Replies: @BlackFlag
      28. fgt says:

        The hell does that have to do with the comment you replied to?

      29. @WHAT

        I’ lack the background to know what you are referring to.

      30. Steb says:
        @Apex Predator

        Last week, in the comments, I slagged off a video from Owen Benjamin that Vox had posted. And recently when he was talking about free speech I explained why I thought his argument was wrong. I also disagreed with his comments about Joker.

        Never banned, never threatened with a ban.

        All the bannings I’ve seen were for bores and monomaniacs. It’s what makes the comments readable.

      31. The Gammas screaming their anger at Vox are hilarious to behold.

        Go Boomers Go!

      32. “And for those who believe my decision has anything to do with being thin-skinned or unable to take criticism, all I can say is you’re far too short for this ride”


      33. Pathetic Comments by the gammas. But what else is new? As stated, all these guys were banned at Vox Day – for good reason.

      34. Mally says:

        Came here after reading Vox’s post about how he should have continued his policy of never speaking to media due to the ‘gamma bomb’ in comments of article.

        And amongst the few replies I found 1 obvious gamma/mentally ill commenter, 1 who was largely praiseworthy of Vox but with qualifications, and 1 defending him (fairly IMO).

        Disappointed it’s put him off interviews even with friendly media. Most comment sections are sewers (hence zero tolerance on his own blog) and should generally be ignored. Unz tends to be a rare exception in terms of having mostly HQ commenters; but as he says his ‘ankle-biters’ seem to sniff for him everywhere.

      35. If you want to know why your comments section is largely useless and not an asset to your readership, commenters like Haxo and Corvinus are why.

      36. jon says:

        As a recent father, having new stuff like this, and reprints of old stuff like the Junior Classics and Pournelle’s Sixth Grade Reader are essential. It’s great to see them getting exposure and be successful.

      37. karsten says:

        Vox Day is a love/hate type of entity. I won’t ever fault a guy who is being proactive and literally creating alternate platforms & content. We need more people of that caliber in our thing. I also agree with 75% of what he says.

        That’s pretty much my take as well. I think he’s entitled to HUGE amounts of leeway, simply because he’s doing the most important thing that anyone in the dissident Right could be doing, which is creating narrative content. We have no lack of people writing blogs and essays and tweets and comments; indeed, we have a superfluity of these. But what we desperately lack and need are more people writing short stories, novels, comic books, screenplays, making documentaries, making movies, etc. etc.

        We have to stop ceding creative fields to the tribe.

        Speaking of which, I find that Vox these days is much more critical of the tribe and of Israel than he used to be and even more supportive of ethno-nationalism than he once was. This is an encouraging development.

        I could make a substantial list of where I disagree with him, but really, who cares? I earnestly hope that Vox’s example motivates more dissidents to try their hand at creative narrative, in whatever form they prefer. The more that’s out there, the better the odds that some of it will be effective.

        • Agree: BlackFlag
      38. Mr Beale’s Alt-Hero, Selenoth, and SJW series are all brilliant. I follow his blog religiously, though I see no point in commenting there simply to echo his ever-narrowing window of approved opinions. His imperious personality is, in my view, an affectation, something he would vehemently deny. But as they say, the first action of a Machiavellian must be to denounce Machiavelli.

        • Agree: AKAHorace, Haxo Angmark
      39. @Apex Predator


        I’ve literally called the man out (and more than once) and while he slapped me down hard, I still comment there occasionally. The man not only builds up, over and around, he fights.

        Quit telling lies.

      40. @Corvinus

        He even had to invent a special designation–“Sigma”

        I remember that. Every commenter then proceeded to declare that they were Sigmas, too, and Vox Day had to correct them, carefully explaining that only he was a true Sigma. Maybe Chuck Norris as well, but certainly not the hoi polloi in the comment section.

        It was ridiculous posturing then, and is still.

        In any event, the inescapable fact is that it doesn’t matter how woke or red-pilled the comic book, it’s still a comic book. Comic books are not the front lines of the culture war. They are read and beloved by a subset of men who are so stunted that they read comic books and have strong opinions about them. It’s bizarre to battle on the front lines of the comic book cultural war. You might as well dispatch shock troops over to Japan to fight the anime wars.

        I have to give Vox Day credit for maintaining a cadre of enthusiastic supporters, though. It takes effort to cultivate and curate a worldview that flatters yourself and your followers enough that they will send money for whatever cracking new scheme you thought up.

        • Replies: @Throwawaywoc4Po
        , @Precious
      41. “One of them, by the way, is Chuck Dixon, the country’s top comic book writer and the co-creator of Bane. Dixon is writing Alt★Hero: Q.”

        Chuck Dixon is also writing Avalon, a superhero comic set in the Alt-hero universe. Both it and Alt-Hero:Q are exciting, action-packed titles full of great heroes and villains. I can’t recommend them enough to fans of the genre.

      42. @Delta Cygni

        In any event, the inescapable fact is that it doesn’t matter how woke or red-pilled the comic book, it’s still a comic book.

        And his Rabid Puppies’ destruction of the science fiction Hugo Award was described as a feat worthy of the Special Olympics. But both are more than any commentator here has accomplished in the culture wars. Despite his myriad faults, the man is fighting for real and gaining some ground.

        Plus you’re leaving out his aspirations to turn these into movies, and however improbable that might be, those are a front line in the culture wars.

        • Agree: BlackFlag
      43. Corvinus says:
        @Ash Williams

        “This comment is perhaps the most unironically Jewish thing I’ve read on UNZ.”

        Except it wasn’t.

        “Found the other Gamma”.

        Just because a person made a comment challenging your liege’s line of thinking? Wow, just wow.

      44. Precious says:
        @Delta Cygni

        In any event, the inescapable fact is that it doesn’t matter how woke or red-pilled the comic book, it’s still a comic book. Comic books are not the front lines of the culture war. They are read and beloved by a subset of men who are so stunted that they read comic books and have strong opinions about them. It’s bizarre to battle on the front lines of the comic book cultural war.

        Comic books themselves aren’t on the front line, but movies are. With the success of super hero movies and the lack of desire among Hollywood people to read novels, comic books are now used as source material for new movies.

        • Agree: RadicalCenter
      45. SFG says:

        The comic book’s pretty good and you should buy it. 😉

      46. BlackFlag says:

        Because of that comment, he has decided to refuse all interviews.
        Well, who cares? Does anyone else on the dissident right get as much done as VD? Good enough for me.

        By the way, he’s one of the few on the dissident right who hasn’t given up on Trump. Notable exceptions are:

        1) Vox Day
        2) Jim from blog.jim
        3) Kevin Michael Grace

        Interestingly, all are Christians.
        Any others?

        • Replies: @AKAHorace
        , @Corvinus
      47. AKAHorace says:

        Because of that comment, he has decided to refuse all interviews.
        Well, who cares? Does anyone else on the dissident right get as much done as VD? Good enough for me.

        I think that Vox is correct in his decision to refuse all interviews. He says that this is because mainstream journalists will distort his views, this is probably true. A second question is “why are they asking Vox for an interview ?”. Richard Spencer is invited on CNN news, Steve Sailer is not. If the mainstream media is wants to talk to you it may be because you are ridiculous enough to discredit the alt-right.

        His site is worth reading and picks up on stories that others miss, but he is probably not someone who should be an official face of the alt rght.

        • Replies: @BlackFlag
      48. Corvinus says:

        Jim from blog.jim is NOT a Christian. He constantly larps about his sexual transgressions when he was married.

        The jury is still out on Vox Day.

        • Replies: @BlackFlag
      49. not really. VD hung the jury and

        rode off on the shoulders of his posse.

      50. BlackFlag says:

        Well, this time he’s decided not to give interviews even to allies. No interviews that will be published on any platform that he doesn’t control.

      51. BlackFlag says:

        True doesn’t seem a sincere Christian like VD and KMG, but doesn’t he think that the West must return to it in order to survive?

      52. @DR3

        Agree, and we have just ordered the hardcover compilation of Volume One, which includes the first six issues.

      53. @WHAT

        VDARE is the best publication in America.

        Anyone who is interviewed by VDARE should feel honored.

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