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YouGov inquired in 2017 about the perceived morality of ten different personal behaviors. The percentages who deemed them to be "morally wrong" (as opposed to "morally acceptable"), by age cohort:
COTW comes from 216 in response to MikeatMikedotMike on a question I often find myself pondering--does the quotidian degeneracy of the contemporary Western world have to bust through institutions and organizations standing in opposition to it like a battering ram against a fortified gate, or does it merely lean up against rotted wooden planks and... Read More
The following results are unsurprising, especially upon realizing that "others" includes American Indians. As Steve Sailer has noted, the white man and the red man are increasingly behaving like defeated peoples, their existences characterized by rising rates of depression, directionless, substance abuse, and suicide. Percentages who deem doctor-assisted suicide to be "morally acceptable", by race:
In early 2017, YouGov asked about various forms of speech they thought "people should be able to talk about in public". Five controversial subjects were evaluated--personal criticisms of the president, calls for violence, sexually explicit language, racial slurs, and religiously offensive remarks. The following graph shows the percentages, by selected demographics, who asserted that none... Read More
Or how over-policing is a problem over there, but not over here. Congress is bad but my congress critter is good. The police state is bad but don't take the police out of my state. From YouGov back in 2017, percentages who would "prefer to see in your local area" "a larger police presence", "no... Read More
The following graphs compare the last YouGov poll taken on the eve of the 2016 election with the most recent YouGov poll in mid-January of 2020 by race. One major distinction, of course, is that the 2020 Democrat candidate has yet to be determined. We are thus making a Clintons-to-Generics comparison. From a Trumpian perspective,... Read More
President Trump has focused the Republican electorate on immigration and re-calibrated its views on trade. When it comes to war, however, it looks like they still want more. The following graph is constructed using data from YouGov's latest release. "Not sure" responses, constituting 22% of the total, are excluded:
The following table, created from results of Democrat primary survey data in the most recent Quinnipiac poll, shows the correlation in relative support by demographic group between the top seven candidates. The demographic categories considered are political orientation (very liberal, somewhat liberal, moderate/conservative), sex (men, women), race (white, black), age (18-29, 30-44, 45-64, 65+) and... Read More
COTW from JohnnyWalker123: It doesn't require much in the way of imagination anymore. It is an environment conducive for electing a Democratic Socialist. though. Throw in the coming siege of the sexbots and pregnancy won't stand a chance: And another perfectly succinct one from SFG: The latter sentence would have sounded hyperbolic even five years... Read More
That people overwhelmingly think the general election candidate they support is going to be the one who wins the presidency raises some interesting questions, as Hypnotoad666 notes: It also sheds light on other aspects of American democracy, like why third parties are perpetually hopeless and why 'momentum' is a real thing. Though the phenomenon doesn't... Read More
The most recent YouGov poll includes a battery of questions concerning what types of behavior are perceived as constituting sexual harassment. All queried situations involve behaviors by men directed towards women who are not friends or romantic partners. They range from a man asking a woman out for a drink on the low end to... Read More
Is what the vast majority of people convince themselves they are doing. A winner not merely in some abstract principled sense, but the person who is actually going to win the election. Who Americans think will win the 2020 presidential election:
There are politicians who do not want to invite the world but who do want to invade the world. We call them conservatives. There are politicians who want to invite the world but who do not want to invade the world. We call them liberals. There are politicians who want to invite the world and... Read More
Talha, in reaction to changes over time among whites and by partisan affiliation for the favoring of close relatives marrying whites: The sample sizes are too small to break out non-white groups by year, so the following graph shows the percentages of people who favor and who oppose a close relative marrying a member of... Read More
If at first you don't succeed, try try again: There is presumably a non-disclosure agreement in play that will keep the settled amount private. If it's merely 2% of what Sandmann's family asked for, Nick is set for life. This is the dissident's answer to virtual mobbing, canceling, and doxing. This is especially true for... Read More
Here's another example of modern conservatism being little more than liberalism from ten--or in this case, six--years ago. The following graph shows the percentages of non-Hispanic whites, by partisan affiliation, who said they either "strongly favor" or "favor" a "close relative marrying a white person" over time:
Why did Bernie Sanders win New Hampshire in 2016 and why is he favored to do so again in 2020? The primary (heh) reason is because unlike Iowa and--crucially for Biden's chances--Nevada, New Hampshire is effectively an open primary. Participating voters must be registered Democrats when they cast their votes, but they are allowed to... Read More
COTW is originally from SSC but made it's way here via Anatoly Karlin, the silver standard in journalism on human intelligence. Scott Alexander wrote this in the Fall of 2016: One more warning for conservatives who still aren’t convinced. If the next generation is radicalized by Trump being a bad president, they’re not just going... Read More
From YouGov's latest, the demographic distribution of primary voter support among the top tier candidates follows. By sex: Biden also does well among Hispanics. While his Carolinian firewall is acknowledged, his consistent lead in Nevada doesn't receive much attention, but it precedes South Carolina. If Biden wins Nevada, he'll dominate South Carolina and the race... Read More
Afghanistan, Iraq, and Syria were costly blunders. They cost America lots of men, money, and prestige. A war with Iran could cost the US more of all of these things than the other elective regime change wars did. Iran has many more people and is much larger than the other theaters are:
Kratoklastes writes: The stereotype about atheists being pricks notwithstanding--or, to put it in psychological terms, low on the personality trait of agreeableness!--the research clearly backs his assertion regarding the correlation between religiosity and measured intelligence. The GSS shows a similar result. Mean IQ by theistic orientation converted from Wordsum scores assuming a mean IQ of... Read More
Most Americans report being better off now than they were four years ago. The following graph shows the percentages of people who rate their lives as better today than four years ago subtracted by the percentages who rate their lives as worse today than four years ago. "Not sure" responses are not shown:
Commenter joe2.5 requests: And, I hope, receives:
This week the COTW is operating under a consul system. Element59 on how pornography makes a mockery of everything Wokeists claim to stand for: 216 predicts the rise of what he calls "Neo-Victorian Feminism" in the coming decade. My guess is TERFs will continue to get steamrolled (ie JK Rowling), but past performance is no... Read More
For contemporary relevance, responses are from 2012 onward:
As one decade comes to a close, a favorite movie brings to mind what may be the defining question of the next: I have always and continue to maintain that war is hell and violence should be avoided at all costs. I sincerely hope the 2020s offer a way to realize as much. If I... Read More
From a recent YouGov poll, the percentages of people, by selected demographic characteristics, who correctly identified Hillary Clinton as the winner of the popular vote subtracted by the percentages who incorrectly identified Donald Trump as the winner of the popular vote in the 2016 US presidential election:
Bret Stephens writes an op/ed in the NYT sure to irritate everyone who is not, like Stephens himself, a secular Jewish neocon. Though I have no illusions about where Stephens stands, his column is a tremendous conversation starter. As such, it was immediately subject to relentless attack in corporate and social media. The contemporary meaning... Read More
Like Hector and Ajax, Kirk and Fuentes have fought to a standstill. Google search volumes over the last three months for the two variants of contemporary American conservatism: Fuentes' America first populism has an important edge in the upper Midwest and Pennsylvania. As demographic change forever surrenders the once reliably red states of Georgia and... Read More
The following graphs show partisan affiliation among native-born Americans and among immigrants from 2000 through 2018: The first thing to do when you're in a hole is to stop digging. They don't call the GOP the "stupid party" for no reason. GSS variables used: BORN, PARTYID(0-2)(3)(4-6)(7), YEAR(2000-2018)
The correlation at the state level between the share of Google searches in the US for "Happy Holidays" relative to those for "Merry Christmas" over the last year and Hillary Clinton's share of the 2016 US presidential election vote correlates at a vigorous .83. The top five Happy Holidays states: 1) District of Columbia 2)... Read More
The best thing for Biden's chances, short of a highly unlikely upset win of his own in one of the first two states, is for Buttigieg to come out on top in Iowa and/or New Hampshire. If Buttigieg becomes the putative frontrunner after winning those states, he goes into Nevada where Biden has an edge... Read More
President Trump's bizarre executive order first reported as identifying Judaism as a race and a nationality in addition to a religion for the purpose of providing legal privilege protection raised a lot of eyebrows. It looks like the initial reports were sensationalized and that the order won't change much. We'll see. According to a recent... Read More
Dissident gathers several strains of perspicacity together for the COTW: Yes, exactly! There is absolutely no comparison– on both counts. It’s night and day. Apples to elephants. I commend you as well as Talha and anyone else I may have missed at the moment who made this point. The infernal abyss that the vaunted blessings... Read More
I fear at some point the Wokeists will set their sights on the polling industry. Incredulity at the very existence of the (partially publicly-funded) GSS has been noted in the comments many times over the years here. In this vein, an empirical look at the scourge of anti-Semitism reveals it to be disturbingly darker than... Read More
Z Man also suspects things are coming to a head: The Federal Reserve is cornered. It cannot go to nominally negative in
From the most recent YouGov survey, 54% percent of respondents identify anti-Semitism as a very/somewhat serious problem in the United States, but just 15% percent identify it as a very/serious problem in their own communities. Lest I be falsely accused of anti-Semitism for allegedly insinuating perpetual gaslighting on account of making an innocuous if interesting... Read More
Quintessentially English, I desire the shire. Call me audacious, but I know I'd toss the ring into Mt. Doom. I'd never make it to the summit today, though. Middle Earth is no longer safe for hobbits. We did more than merely allow things to get this way--we celebrated it. In the 21st century's telling, the... Read More
White men--Jews included--take note. The Democrat party of the future has no place for you and your kind. Get out of the way before the monster you created eats you: To call it The Great Replacement is a hate crime, but to suggest that the Replacement is anything other than great is also a hate... Read More
Last week, YouGov included a couple of interesting but clumsy questions about jobs and trade. The organization has released a new poll this week with a much cleaner question that cuts to the chase. It asks respondents if "free trade is good or bad" for the US. The following graph shows, for selected demographics, the... Read More
The impeachment charade isn't working:
Four members of Congress recently urged the Department of Justice to prosecute producers and distributors of pornography using existing obscenity laws. Three Supreme Court cases in the late sixties and early seventies awarded pornography general constitutional protection, but stare decisis and contemporary public opinion are at odds, especially with regards to children. Says one of... Read More
COTW from an anon in response to polling data revealing the Republican electorate to be considerably more skeptical of free trade than Democrat voters: This result doesn’t surprise me in the least. It was obvious to anyone who took a look at the rhetoric being posted on Reddit politics and the late night “comedy” programs... Read More
Comments on the 2020 presidential electoral maps as they would appear if election day results were in line with the latest RCP polling averages included several along these lines: The corporate media pegged Clinton's chance of victory at some place well north of 90%. Nate Silver--who had been wrong about Trump again and again and... Read More
In addition to repeatedly pointing out how gun grabbing is a geezer's game rather than child's play, another hobby horse is drawing attention to the fact that women are more pro-life and less pro-choice than men are*. In 2018, the GSS asked for the first time about the moral dimension of abortion. Among women with... Read More
Cell phone video of a white boy being pummeled by several black kids on a public school bus in Florida: From blacks being sent to the back of the bus to whites already there being savagely beaten for sport in a couple of generations. Parenthetically, I've not seen evidence this attack was motivated by the... Read More
From news on the Conservative party's big night: Imagine if the unthinkable happens--this stunningly unexpected, enormous tactical gamble becomes a sustained political strategy.
It's yet to be seen whether Trump's stamp on the Republican electorate will be indelible or wash away once he's gone. Since becoming the de facto spiritual leader of the party in late 2015, though, immigration has jettisoned to the top of the issue importance list and free trade has come to be seen if... Read More
2020 electoral maps based on RCP general election polling for Trump vs Biden, Sanders, and Warren through December 9th, 2019 follow. The Biden brutalization: