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Bush George Zimmerman Germans Germany Gladwell Global Warming Google graduate-degrees Graphs #GreatWhiteDefendantPrivilege Gregory Cochran Guest Workers Haim Saban Halloween Hamilton: An American Musical HammerHate hate Hate Crimes Fraud Hoax Hate Hoaxes Hate Hypochondria HateGraphs HateStat Health Hegira Height Height Privilege Hereditarianism Heroes Hillary Clinton Hispanic Hispanic Crime hitch Hodgepodge Holder Hollywood Homer Simpson Homicide Homicide Rate Houellebecq Housing Hox Hoxby Huddled Masses Hug Thug Human Genome Humor Hungary Hunt For The Great White Defendant Hypocrisy Ibn Khaldun Ideology Idiocracy immigration-policy-terminology Immigriping Incompetence India Indo-Europeans Inept Smears Inequality Infrastructure Intellectual Discourse Internet Interracial Marriage Intersectionality Invade Invite In Hock Invade The World Invite The World Iran Ireland Is It Good For The Jews? Is Love Colorblind Islam Islamic Jihad Islamophobia Islamophobiaphobia Israel Israel Lobby James Watson Japan Jared Diamond Jared Taylor Jason Richwine ¡Jeb! Jeb Bush Jewish Intellectuals Jews John Updike Jurassic World Jussie Smollett Kaboom Kerry Killinger Kevin MacDonald Kids These Days KKKrazy Glue Of The Coalition Of The Fringes Knot Racism Kurds LA LA Times Lame Jesse Jackson Imitations Lame News Late Ov Law Of Supply And Demand Lebanon Lèse-diversité Let's Talk About My Hair Libertarianism Lolita Loooong Books Mad Men Madoff Magic Dirt Magritte Male Delusions Manspreading Marcomentum! Marketing Major Postmodernism Massachusetts Math Matthew Weiner Media Merkel Merkel Youth Mexican Mediocrity Michael Bloomberg Michael Fassbender Michael Jackson Michelle Ma Belle Microaggressions Military Milner Group Missing The Point Moore's Law Mormons Mortgage Moynihan's Law Of The Canadian Border Mozilo Mulatto Elite Muslims Nabokov National Assessment Of Educational Progress National Immigration Safety And Quality Board National Merit National Question Nature Vs. Nurture Ned Flanders Neocons Neoconservatives Nerds New Orleans New York New York City New York Mania Newspeak Neymar Nicholas Wade Nieto Night In The Museum NIMBY Nirvana No Child Left Behind No Proof Bush In League With Lucifer Nobel Prize #NobelsSoWhiteMale #NotOkay Obama Wright Obamanomics Obey Giant! 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Who Whom Whooping Cough And Whooping Cranes Why We Can't Have Nice Things Willful Ignorance Woke Capital World Cup World War G World War H World War Hair World War R World War T World War Weed World War Z Wretched Refuse Wretched Refuseism Writing Yamnaya Yezidis Yogi Berra's Restaurant You Maniacs You Blew It Up
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From the New York Times news section: How Much Racism Do You Face Every Day? By AMY HARMON JAN. 20, 2020 To see how your experience with discrimination compares with others', answer some of the questions that were posed to 101 black teenagers as part of a study measuring the racism they face on a... Read More
From FBI crime statistics for the 71% of murder victims of 2014-2018 (sample size 49,808) for which there is a known and specified weapon: Murder Victims 2014-2018 Known weapons 100.0% Handguns 64.1% Rifles 2.9% Shotguns 2.5% Knives or cutting instruments 15.6% Blunt objects (clubs, hammers, etc.) 4.5% Personal weapons (hands, fists, feet, etc.)1 6.7% Poison... Read More
As I've often pointed out, the existence of official government reports is important in establishing the respectability of a topic. For example, before the release of the Rotherham Report in 2014, it should have been obvious to anybody who didn't have his head buried in the sand that England had a massive problem with Pakistani... Read More
From the opinion section of The Guardian: Last year in Taki's I pointed out that it's interesting that the Great Awokening began not long after the collapse of Occupy Wall Street in late 2011. Perhaps the rise of Woke Capital was a response to the Occupy movement to exacerbate Occupy's tendency to fragment into identity... Read More
From NBC News' opinion section: Noah Berlatsky Trump voters motivated by racism may be violating the Constitution. Can they be stopped? Republicans and Democrats alike have been unwilling to reprimand voters or to hold them accountable. But racist voting isn't an accident. Image: Donald Trump Jan. 17, 2020, 1:30 AM PST By Noah Berlatsky If... Read More
From the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel: Yousef Omar Barasneh appears to be the son of a Jordanian Muslim immigrant father and a head-covering wearing Muslim mother. Mom looks like she might be a native Wisconsinite who converted to Islam for her husband. I won't link to the online evidence for their being Islamic (they have enough problems... Read More
From the New York Times news section: If Germany really wanted to do the world a huge favor to make up for certain unfortunate events of the 20th Century, it would undertake to show the world how to make nuclear power safe. If anybody can make nuclear power work safely, it is Germans, with their... Read More
For thou shalt worship no other god: for Diversity, whose name is Jealous, is a jealous god.
The first wave of advanced baseball statistics analytics coincided with the Steroids Era, which the ambitious sabermetricians were curiously unable to detect despite their statistical sophistication. The second wave of analytics, as exemplified by the Houston Astros, seems to be coinciding with a bunch of old fashioned ways to cheat like stealing signals and using... Read More
With little in the way of news coming out of Manchester, England recently, the Manchester [UK] Evening News reports: Coronation Street fans feel 'physically sick' watching the Geoff and Yasmeen abuse storyline Some Corrie viewers have been switching off and others have praised the harrowing storyline By Katie Fitzpatrick 16:32, 16 JAN 2020 It's been... Read More
The Theory of Intersectionality: The less you resemble Shakespeare, Newton, or Einstein demographically, the more you are a Hidden Figure with genius insights that have been marginalized since 1619. The Reality of Intersectionality: Black women talking about their hair:
From The Guardian: All this emotional labor is exhausting! No, his argument centers on the idea that quality and diversity are different concepts. Ava DuVernay ✔ @ava When you wake up, meditate, stretch, reach for your phone to check on the world and see a tweet from someone you
From Nature in 2015: The myopia boom Short-sightedness is reaching epidemic proportions. Some scientists think they have found a reason why. Elie Dolgin 18 March 2015 ... East Asia has been gripped by an unprecedented rise in myopia, also known as short-sightedness. Sixty years ago, 10–20% of the Chinese population was short-sighted. Today, up to... Read More
From Human Nature in 2012: The Importance of Physical Strength to Human Males Aaron Sell & Liana S. E. Hone & Nicholas Pound ... Warfare and the Hollywood Action Star If attitudes about warfare are causally tied to a man’s own sense of fighting ability, we would expect professions, industries, and coalitions of strong, powerful... Read More
Here's my movie review in Taki's Magazine: Read the whole thing there. For an example of Buster Keaton running:
By Charles Norman in Taki's Magazine:
As usual, I'm not going to watch the candidates' debate, but if you do, your comments are welcome. Lately, it's starting to look like Bernie, heart attack and all, just might be Last Man Standing.
In Education Week, a black lady reporter ponders a perennial question with less bigotry and hate than is the norm these days: Who's to Blame for the Black-White Achievement Gap? By Christina A. Samuels January 7, 2020 My SAT scores might have remained a bit of trivia had I not become an education reporter. But... Read More
As I've been pointing out for years, the main feature distinguishing Rotherham from many other cities in England where Muslim pimps also abuse underage English girls while the cops look away because they don't want to be seen as bigoted against Pakistanis, is that Rotherham commissioned an Official Report, published in 2014, that journalists could... Read More
Do you remember the distant past when it appeared that there might be grounds for compromise on gun control: urban gun control advocates wanted to reduce the availability of handguns to urban criminals while the National Rifle Association advocated for rifles and shotguns to be available to hunters and target shooters? But nowadays urban liberals... Read More
LSU quarterback Joe Burrow, the Heisman Trophy winner, finished up a fairly good season Monday evening in a 42-25 win over Clemson in the national championship game. Burrow threw for 5 touchdowns and 463 yards, down only slightly from his 7 touchdowns and 493 yards in the semifinal win over Oklahoma. A general pattern is... Read More
From the New York Times news section: The ongoing Not Enough Plaques for Blacks Crisis continues to mount. It's just a crazy hunch, but I'm betting that composer Hildur Gudnadottir is very white but not very male. Sam Mendes’s visually
From the Washington Post: Brazil eliminated daylight saving time. Now it’s light out before 5 a.m., and people aren’t happy. Terrence McCoy Jan. 12, 2020 at 11:21 a.m. PST ... In this latest chapter of humanity’s ongoing and continually controversial experimentation with time, Brazil, after nearly a century of begrudgingly changing the clocks every few... Read More
Half of The Iliad would consist of complaints about society's unfair attitude toward Helen of Troy's hair.
From the New York Times: Public school history textbooks in California are basically Hurray for the Goodies, Boo for the Baddies, while in Texas not so much.
From the New York Times news section: Who Signs Up to Fight? Makeup of U.S. Recruits Shows Glaring Disparity More and more, new recruits come from the same small number of counties and are the children of old recruits. By Dave Philipps and Tim Arango Jan. 10, 2020 COLORADO SPRINGS — The sergeant in charge... Read More
From Lancet, the famous British medical journal, a book review: For some reason, this lengthy book review fails to mention Emmett Till was also killed by whiteness. Capitalizing "Black" but not capitalizing "white" is a dead giveaway of racist animus in a writer. It's like the OK sign is in the minds of ADL Hate... Read More
It's interesting how it is easy to come up with candidates for malign intellectual influence among left of center 1970s heavyweights -- e.g., Foucault, Edward Said, Stephen Jay Gould, or John Rawls. But who since then? Kimberle Crenshaw for inventing the term "intersectionialism"? The guy who invented "microaggression"? Not exactly heavyweights... I've often pointed out... Read More
With criminal justice "reform" much in the news, it's important to point out a fact that the prestige press has gone out of its way to not bring to the attention of readers: that the early returns on this Establishment hobbyhorse have been disastrous: after a number of years of stability or decline, the total... Read More
From the New York Times opinion page: Black Britons Know Why Meghan Markle Wants Out It’s the racism. By Afua Hirsch Afua Hirsch teaches journalism at the University of Southern California. She is the author of “Brit(ish): On Race, Identity and Belonging,” which won a Royal Society of Literature Jerwood award. Jan. 9, 2020 The... Read More
From Vox: Statistician Andrew Gelman, however, is not impressed:
From Buzzfeed News: Perhaps a camera crew should accompany Carlson everywhere in case he is, say, fly-fishing in the middle of a river in Maine when the next foreign policy crisis breaks out.
From Scott Alexander's SlateStarCodex.com: HARDBALL QUESTIONS FOR THE NEXT DEBATE (2020) POSTED ON JANUARY 5, 2020 BY SCOTT ALEXANDER [For] Senator Warren: Despite your many years of service to the nation, media attention has focused on your claim to be descended from Native Americans. You told your former employer Harvard that you were of Native... Read More
These are registered voters, who presumably do better than non-registered voters.
From the New York Times: My vague impression is that Donald Trump's best chance for re-election is running on a record of four years of peace and prosperity.
From the New York Times entertainment section: After Oscar Season’s Wildest Week, a Troubling Takeaway As the field continues to narrow, female filmmakers and actors of color appear increasingly sidelined. By Kyle Buchanan Jan. 8, 2020, 1:06 p.m. ET The week before the Oscar nominations on Jan. 13 was meant to be the most exciting... Read More
From my new column in Taki's Magazine: Read the whole thing there.
What's your opinion?
And now Twitter wants to cancel Andrew Sullivan for his skepticism about the Conventional Wisdom's blanket dismissal of a certain "myth" about racial differences, even though I presume Sullivan has done a lot of first-hand hands-on fact-checking of this question over the decades ... Personally, I defer to Sullivan's expertise on this subject. By the... Read More
The Roman Catholic friends Hilaire Belloc and G.K. Chesterton were among the few writers in English in the first half of the 20th Century to predict the return of Islamic enthusiasm in the second half of the 20th Century. It's interesting to evaluate their forecasts. From Belloc's 1936 work The Great and Enduring Heresy of... Read More
Many of the peoples of Ethiopia, such as the Amhara, tend to look like a blend between sub-Saharan Africans and Caucasians. By their own legend, they are descended from the son of King Solomon and the Queen of Sheba, King Menelik I. But which Caucasians? From Scientific Reports: The Sea People are the mysterious ethnicities... Read More
A 2015 paper in
iSteve commenter Buzz Mohawk writes: People who argue for higher population must not have much feeling for the land. This commenter has had the “privilege” of living in the America of his ancestors. An open land. He still lives on open land by choice. Once you throw away open land, by overpopulating it, it is... Read More
From Penguin Random House: Another 666,666,666 residents of America will do wonders for global carbon emissions.
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