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Why Is Political Participation Predicated On Views About Holocaust?
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      The happening featured beefcake Donald Trump Jr. and bimbo Kimberly Guilfoyle.

      The couple was on stage at UCLA to promote the president’s son’s “book,” when they were jeered by dissident Deplorables for shutting down the Question-and-Answer segment.

      “Book” here is in quotations to denote “so-called,” because the staple, ghost-written political pablum, penned by ambitious political flotsam, relates to literacy as H. L. Mencken relates to conformity—not at all.

      Predictably, Guilfoyle opted out of the conversational give-and-take demanded by her man’s hecklers, and went straight for the groin:

      “I bet you engage in online dating, because you’re impressing no one here to get a date in person.”

      Why “predictably”? Well, a supple mind may not be one of Guilfoyle’s assets.

      Kimberley’s cerebral alacrity was seldom showcased when seated in Fox News’ legs chair. During one of her last televised appearances on “The Five,” a Fox News daytime show, Guilfoyle protested that, “the U.S. has already reduced its [toxic] ‘admissions’ enough.”

      I give you Guilfoyle, verbatim, in her own words: “So, we can keep doing what we’re doing. We can keep reducing our admissions. …”

      To Make English Great Again, you reduce emissions, not “admissions.”

      For a while, it even seemed that Trump, looking for curve appeal in a press secretary, was going for Guilfoyle. She certainly thought so and said as much, implying, at the time, that she herself is “a great communicator … with deep knowledge.”

      And no; I do not digress. This all goes to Guilfoyle’s knee-jerk, flirty, aim-for-the-groin reaction to her hombre’s hecklers.

      Tellingly, the taunting of Donald Jr. by dissident Deplorables was covered very differently by the American Daily Beast and the British Guardian.

      Descriptions of political positions and personalities were prefaced by the Daily Beast with “edifying” editorializing. The hecklers the Beast described as “fringe-right.” Their alleged instigator and inspiration was said to be “a white nationalist.” Perfectly legitimate demands from this disgruntled audience for a “Q and A” and for “America First,” the Daily Beast deemed tantamount to a right-wing insurrection or civil war.

      Discrediting dissent is all in a day’s work for the American press.

      What do you know? The hecklers at Trump Jr.’s book-flogging were also known, to the Daily Beast at least, as “Holocaust deniers.” As far as this reader can tell, the group taunting the empty suits on stage for refusing to answer questions had said not a word about the Holocaust. Nor had the disrupters been interviewed by the Daily Beast about their views on the Holocaust.

      More to the point: Why is participation in our democracy predicated on one’s views on the Holocaust? What the hell does an individual’s opinion about that topic have to do with his right to solicit answers from members of Donald Trump’s politically active dynasty? I say this as a Jew whose family tree was truncated by the industrial-scale mass murder of millions of Jews that was the Holocaust.

      Perhaps the Daily Beast is of the Daily Northwestern’s school of journalism. The Daily Northwestern, a campus Newspaper, had recently said “no” to fact-gathering if this, apparently archaic, journalistic practice proved too unsettling to campus snowflakes.

      Yes, Deplorables who aren’t dittoheads have dared to question The Donald.


      Many a Deplorable, among them Ann Coulter and Michelle Malkin, has refused the dittohead designation. Instead, these dissenters perceive President Trump and his unelected emissaries as reneging on doable promises to build a wall, to place a moratorium on legal immigration, and put the United States and its long-suffering people first.

      But to the Daily Beast, these positions are reason to libel those who hold them as awful, Israel-averse anti-Semites and Holocaust deniers. Trump voters inquiring about campaign promises hitherto unkept were wrapping “racist, homophobic, or anti-Semitic messaging” in the raiment of Trumpism, we were told. (My paraphrase. Beast journos can’t write.)

      Contrast the Daily Beast’s emotive, ad hominem laced invective with coverage of the same event by The Guardian, a British daily newspaper.

      It was not racists who “drowned out” Trump Jr. and his paramour, but “diehard Make America Great Again conservatives,” reported The Guardian.

      It was not the adjudication of the Holocaust that these “hostile conservatives” were demanding, but the need for a “Q and A! Q and A!”

      The fury of the “fringe group” was not white-hot racism, but that “of America Firsters who believe the Trump administration is captive to a cabal of internationalists, free-traders, and apologists for mass immigration.”

      There was a “factional rift on the Trump-supporting conservative right,” reasoned the Guardian,” intelligently, quipping further that hardly any “triggered” left-wingers were present to “clamor for Trump Jr’s silence.”

      In other words, by skedaddling, rather than staying to face the music, the president’s son, ventured The Guardian, had sundered his own case that it was he who was “willing to engage in dialogue, but that it was the left that refused to tolerate free speech.”

      And, OMG! Contra the new, woke journalistic credo established by the Daily Northwestern; The Guardian interviewed two dissenters and published their pungent criticism, namely that “the pro-Trump movement was being infected with ‘fake conservatism’ and that the president himself was at the mercy of a cabal of deep state operatives who wouldn’t let him do many of the things he campaigned on”:

      “We wanted to ask questions about immigration and about Christianity, but they didn’t want to face those questions.” Not a word about the Holocaust.

      As for Donald Trump Jr. and his gal pal Guilfoyle: Dumb in isolation—worse in combination.

      Ilana Mercer has been writing a weekly, paleolibertarian column since 1999. She is the author of Into the Cannibal’s Pot: Lessons for America From Post-Apartheid South Africa (2011) & The Trump Revolution: The Donald’s Creative Destruction Deconstructed (June, 2016). She’s on Twitter, Facebook & Gab. Latest on YouTube: “How Democracy Made Us Dumb.

      • Category: Ideology • Tags: Conservative Movement, Donald Trump 
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      1. For a while, it even seemed that Trump, looking for curve appeal in a press secretary, was going for Guilfoyle.

        Andrea Tantaros would have been a better fit: Better legs, better curves, less filler and work, and much better at thinking, analysis, and articulation.

        • Replies: @Trinity
      2. Realist says:

        Kimberly Guilfoyle is a gold digging skank. It is telling that Donald Trump Jr. is stupid enough to fall for Guilfoyle’s scam.

        • Replies: @Twodees Partain
        , @Sean
      3. Dan Hayes says:


        In this instance the old saw “The apple never falls far from the tree” reflects very unfavorably on the Trump family’s patriarch!

        And Ilana while some of your comments are couched in female bitchiness they nevertheless are completely on-target and called-for! Thanks for saying what had to be said as only a female can say it!

        • Agree: houston 1992
      4. @Dan Hayes

        Inarguably, this writer’s writing, like it or not, epitomizes manly in its spare, strong, machine-gun like quality.

        Guilfoyle stooped to sexualizing her response to her hombre’s hecklers. Rather than address questions, she insulted their manliness, which is a form of ad hominem (and dumb in the extreme).

        It is remiss and weak NOT TO use Guilfoyle’s folly as a hook to bring in her history of stupidity.

        The prose of most men and women today is distinguished by its billowing, flowery, self-indulgent quality, and by the attendant overuse of the Imperial “I,” which is a cardinal sin. (As is the dour aversion to fun or wit in writing. Lighten up. Don’t be so uptight.)

        Alas, it takes a MAN to recognize manly writing. Not many of them around, but here are some:

        An Unz Review reader: http://barelyablog.com/mercers-like-a-man/

        A Times Literary Supplement writer/reader: “Mercer Eats Nails For Breakfast”: http://barelyablog.com/mercer-eats-nails-for-breakfast-not/

        • Replies: @Dan Hayes
        , @nsa
      5. Trinity says:

        haha. Pot meet kettle. Not a big Trump fan, and certainly not a KG fan but this writer sounds “catty” as hell. I always found Kimberly not that attractive, a little dumpy and who knows what she looks like without all that makeup. However, I really can’t take this writer serious. Matter of fact, I lump her and KG in the same column.

      6. Trinity says:
        @The Alarmist

        Sheesh. That picture makes both women look like pudgy midgets with fat legs. Not a good picture for either one.

        • Replies: @Sean
        , @Jett Rucker
      7. Guilfoyle protested that, “the U.S. has already reduced its [toxic] ‘admissions’ enough.”

        She was talking about immigration, and stating her opposition to it — clearly 😏.

      8. nsa says:
        @ILANA Mercer

        attendant overuse of the Imperial “I”?
        Nothing compared to Saint Pat Buchanan’s use of the Papal “we”.

        • Replies: @ILANA Mercer
        , @Sean
      9. Anon[416] • Disclaimer says:

        I can’t respect any man that willing takes older sloppy seconds.. or with her more than trashy thirds. Have to ask Why??? Just what kind of weirdness keeps him diving into that slop bucket. Or what kind of cover does that worn out looking hatched beaked ‘thang’ provide. A man in his early 40s with a post menopausal been-around-the-block and then some skank? And he has the money? We know that the Duke of Windsor was a man of vienna sausage sized endowment…. I wonder what DJT Jr’s excuse is?

        • Replies: @Rich
      10. “I say this as a Jew whose family tree was truncated by the industrial-scale mass murder of millions of Jews that was the Holocaust.”

        Sure thing……..and yet lots of otherwise intelligent men here on Unz are willing to let this particular shyster get away with repeating this shopworn nonsense because she’s somewhat attractive and says nice things about “deplorables”.

        Think with your big head lads, not your small one. Remember who, and what Mercer is.

        • Agree: Trinity, Haxo Angmark
        • Disagree: Dan Hayes
        • Replies: @Trinity
      11. Notice that there’s no mention of the two men most responsible for the Groyper uprising against (((conservatism inc.))) – Nick Fuentes and Andrew Anglin.

        Both correctly understand that the battle isn’t between left and right here but rather an attempt to take back the right and stop Jews from hijacking yet another political movement to serve their own needs.

        Of course Jewish Ms. Mercer is trying to stop just that from happening and steer things back towards fellow shysters like Ben Shapiro talking about “leftist crybabies” and”safe spaces”.

        Before the American right can even begin to think about taking on the left, it has to clean house. And among the very first things to be done is getting rid of the pro Israel nonsense that too many on the right buy into.

        • Agree: Trinity, Neuday, mark green
      12. Trinity says:
        @Johnny Smoggins

        After the Keith Alexander interview on the Political Cesspool, no one with 2 brain cells should take this writer seriously. I was just about to purchase her book on South Africa, and I am so glad to have been listening to TPC on that night. You can probably find the interview in the TPC archives, it was from a few years back. Alexander was brilliant and he saved me some money.

      13. KenH says:

        Guilfoyle is half Puerto Rican and lauded low hispanic female unemployment in that screeching Latin American accent and tone on The View. She’s also a twice divorced, pompous, gold digging cougar and bimbo who offers no value to our side.

        Her insults to the male groypers in the audience about their supposed inability to get dates is an example of elite attitudes towards flyover white Americans, even if they’re supposedly on our side. Any white male who goes off script about solutions to America’s problems or isn’t sufficiently Israel uber alles is dismissed as an unwashed incel.

        She and Blompf Jr. expected the crowd to kiss their assess and ask puff questions about Jr.’s book that’s the usual cuckservative pap served up to the goyim who are waking up and grabbing their torches and pitchforks much to the dismay of (((the swamp))).

        I say this as a Jew whose family tree was truncated by the industrial-scale mass murder of millions of Jews that was the Holocaust.

        Let’s not forget the Jew inspired industrial scale mass murder that were the Bolshevik revolution and the Holodomor. Those two events claimed four times as many lives as the alleged German holocaust of Jews. But then the lives of goyim don’t matter.

        • Replies: @Trinity
      14. Anon[370] • Disclaimer says:

        Even if Guilfoyle is a step up because she’s a brunette rather than a blonde, can’t DJT Jr. do better? By at least finding a woman younger than himself? I realize he’s gotta be careful because of his dad’s situation (i.e., stay away from Russian or Chinese models) but with his money he could find a hot little honey. He’d be lovin’ life with a Asian woman:

      15. Crazy Horse [AKA "Gall"] says:

        I gave up on Trump when he launched missiles into Syria based on such an obvious false flag and his dictatorial and arbitrary cancelation of the Iran Deal and moving the US Embassy to Jews-rule-see-um and signing off on 38 Billions for Bibi when we could’ve used the money here and his support for red flag laws and everything else that has nothing whatsoever to do with putting America First.

        Also for allowing that skank beauch Hillary to run around poisoning wells instead of putting her in prison where she belongs. It seems the only difference between him and Obama is their complexion.

        • Replies: @WorkingClass
      16. I say this as a Jew whose family tree was truncated by the industrial-scale mass murder of millions of Jews that was the Holocaust.

        As a goy whose family tree was truncated by the industrial-scale mass murder of millions of goy, that had, I’m repeteadly told, had NOTHING whatsoever to do with the Holocaust, I ask:

        What does your family history add to your arguments?

        • Agree: Kali
      17. Binyamin says:

        Mercer misunderstands what the English newspaper Guardian is saying in the article she is approvingly quoting from. The Guardian article implies that the hard right can be every bit as intolerant as the hard left in shouting down speakers they disagree with. The hard right has started copying the hard left’s tactics including behaving like ‘snowflakes’ -fragile young things who become distressed when people put opinions they disagree with. The guardian noticed the irony- Baby Trump’s book is implying that he is prevented from speaking on campuses by the hard left and yet it is the hard right who prevented Baby Trump from putting his message across on this occasion.
        I doubt Mercer has become liberal overnight by quoting approving an article from an achingly liberal and PC organ. She remains the same hate filled vile person who virtually incited violence against our highly successful Indian American community in her previous so called article she posted on UNZ.
        It is hypocritical of Mercer to refer to the emotive topic of the holocaust (admittedly the worse crime in human history). Mercer is best pal with ‘Dr’ Boyd Cathy- a Southern segregationist and upholder of southern traditions which presumably includes Jim Crow laws, lynching and slavery. ‘Dr’ Cathy is also a holocaust denier. Now work that out.

      18. Rich says:

        Unfortunately, in the US, every woman over 19 is now somebody’s “sloppy seconds” as you put it. Females in the US have given up saving themselves for marriage, and are now typically even more sexually active than males in every age group. Religion is dead, birth control and abortion cheap and our culture in the gutter.
        I think one of the reasons so few young men marry is the thought that every available woman has already been through a platoon. Who’d want a slut as the mother of their children?

        • Replies: @Liza
      19. anon[222] • Disclaimer says:

        I say this as a Jew whose family tree was truncated by the industrial-scale mass murder of millions of Jews that was the Holocaust.

        How many times has that qualification –dare I say accrediting qualification — been repeated?

        How about this statement:

        I say this as an Italian whose family tree was truncated by the industrial-scale mass murder of millions of Italian civilians by Allied firebombing that was their Holocaust.


        I say this as a Frenchman whose family tree was truncated by the industrial-scale mass murder of millions of French civilians by Allied firebombing that was their Holocaust.

        not to mention — rather, mention at your peril:

        I say this as a German whose family tree was truncated by the industrial-scale mass murder of millions of German civilians by Allied firebombing that was their Holocaust.

        Of the four statements, which can be factually verified? Did only one happen in fact and in reality?
        Does one proper noun identifier signify more truncation than any other proper noun?

        In this era of multiculturalism, and the strength of diversity, is the truncation of a French family tree of greater or lesser diverse value than the truncation of an Italian family tree?


        If a German family tree was truncated in the forest of firebombing waged by Allies upon Europe, did it even make a sound?

      20. when

        is Ilana Issacson-Mercer going to show her true loyalties and

        make aliyah? Seattle is no place for a nice Jewish girl. And her efforts

        to keep the White hardRight Jew-safe

        will never succeed. As to

        the Issacson family tree and it’s purported pruning

        during WW2 in Europe, Haxo wants researchable proof:

        names, dates, ghettos, camps, fate, etc.

      21. @Crazy Horse

        We Deplorables are a large and cohesive yet unwanted constituency. We are the remnant of white America. We have been unrepresented in Washington since Bill Clinton kicked us out of the Democratic coalition. We would have opposed open borders and De-industrialization. We had been forgotten for so long that our “countrymen” were shocked when we crashed the party in Imperial Washington in the person of Donald Trump. But that’s all Trump is. A party crasher. He is not a leader. Now he is alone, an unwanted guest in Washington and we are no longer forgotten. Now we are hated and reviled.

        We await the emergence of real leadership. We will recognize it when it is leading us to establish a border between us and our successors. Remember borders? The new order is Jacobin. It wants to punish us. And Maoist. It wants us in re-education camps. We cannot ignore them. We cannot prevail against them. Our differences are not reconcilable. We must separate and go our own way.

        • Replies: @Haxo Angmark
      22. @WorkingClass


        the Jews will permit no

        White bantustans. (((They))) intend to kill us,

        all of us. And have said so,


      23. The Jews have said so? I guess that settles it then. Thanks.

      24. Thanks for this courageous and on-target column. You show, among other things, how our trashy culture destroys our politics.

        • Agree: Hibernian
      25. Dani says:

        This was all I needed to read to know I will never read another article from this person again:

        “industrial-scale mass murder of millions of Jews that was the Holocaust.”

        With all of the credible evidence out there in scores of books and hours upon hours of video of talks/conferences from the likes of David Irving, Carlo Mattogno, and Germar Rudolph, to use such an expression is just plain wacky – oh, and blatantly incorrect.

        Yes, many Jews died during World War II – plenty more white Europeans were killed – and don’t even get me started on how many of MY Ukrainian people were intentionally genocided via force famine/intentional starvation, a slow, hideous, cruel way to allow children, especially, to die. We don’t hear anything about it, though, do we? A TRUE Holocaust was Dresden, many thousands burnt to a blackened crisp! No reparations to be had is my understanding,

        Stephen Shitberg isn’t making any 6 million dollar movies on Dresden or Holodomor – they were merely cattle.

        The word Holocaust needs to be banned – especially as it pertains to the biggest lie of the 20th century.

      26. What the hell does an individual’s opinion about that topic have to do with his right to solicit answers from members of Donald Trump’s politically active dynasty? I say this as a Jew whose family tree was truncated by the industrial-scale mass murder of millions of Jews that was the Holocaust.

        That question you present is excellent. Are you willing to embrace the obvious answer? It is easier to destroy dissent than to accept responsibility for degenerate behaviour. The Holocaust story is an incredibly successful extortion racket and the people of the world are physically paying for it through taxes. To critically break down the lies presented as historical fact would mean that Israel and the Jewish Diaspora it proports to represent, as noted by the B’nai B’rith/ADL, would have to return falsely-claimed reparations. They would also lose all credibility and much political power.

        The fact that you are posting here means that you know of Ron Unz’s ‘American Pravda’ series. If Unz, who has an extremely high intellect, can critically arrive at the conclusions linked below, I am sure many others are able to overcome their cognitive dissonance. They could also begin to seriously evaluate more critically the massive errors in the mainstream historical narrative being programmed into society as a whole through education and popular culture.

        Are you critical enough to follow Ron Unz’s lead?


      27. Rebel0007 says:

        This is precisely the type of insanity and fascist bullying by a mindless cult society that has inspired me to boycott society, in addition to the fact that everytime that I leave, my home is broken into and vandalized and things are occasionally stolen by a white trash terrorist organization in my neighborhood.

        I have just decided to avoid the insanity of cults all together, and we do not have culture in America any longer, we have replaced it with CULTure. It is sickenning. It is total mind rot that people will resort to violating the rights and property of another just for the hell of it.

        This does not have anything to do with politics in the case of the breakins and gas-loghting terrorists and hackers in my opinion, but have decided to use it as a cover. The motive is theft. Regardless of anyone’s political views, there will always be people that disagree with them on their political views. Both Republicans and Democrats, Jews and Christians, in the hood have been involved. It serves as the ideal motive, but they are idiots because since I have lived here for 19 years, I know many of their political views.
        I have never done anything to these people, and it started prior to my blogging and painting on my driveway to free Julian Assange. Terrorism is now standard operating procedure in America.

        America has lost its collective mind.

        I will not be bullied around by feckless white trash low lifes. I am white, but I respect the rights and property of others unlike the scum in this hood.

        • Replies: @Jett Rucker
      28. What happened at this event should not be a surprise to anyone. Donald Trump (and family) has always been controlled by the Zionist Jews. They just like the Socialist Dem. candidates are all political puppets controlled by the Jewish Elites such as Addelson, Singer, Marcus, Kushner and his Sec. of Commerce Wilber Ross who was Managing Director for Rothschild Inc. for 25 yrs. There is no real liberal or conservative principal or real moral value for these hypocritical liars. Only the desire for complete control over everyone else.

        • Agree: Jett Rucker
      29. There is a worldwide pattern in the right of smart voters and stupid politicians. In the left, that pattern is reversed.

        In Brazil we have a similar problem as in the U.S.: a rightwing president that reneges on, as you said it, doable promises, and a presidential family (in our case, three politician sons going on four) that parasites on the paterfamilias’s power and causes him nothing but trouble.

        • Replies: @anaccount
      30. Sean says:

        That is a very inappropriate remark. Do you think you are booking a fashion show?

      31. Sean says:

        Kimberly Guilfoyle is a gold digging skank.

        From what I can gather she seems to be far more interested in sex than the average woman. It would only be a scam if she did not perform as advertised.

      32. Sean says:

        I avoid using “I”, but go out my way to use “me” in a grammatically correct manner for those cases where prigs are going to wrongly think I should have used “I”.

        “We” is only ‘royal’ or ‘papal’ when speaking, it is not impermissible for an article.

      33. Saggy says: • Website

        I say this as a Jew whose family tree was truncated by the industrial-scale mass murder of millions of Jews that was the Holocaust.

        You are a goddamned liar and I know that you will not deign to offer a pretense of evidence for this degenerate lie. There was no industrial-scale mass murder of millions of Jews and any rational discussion will lead to that conclusion in 10 minutes.

        Ilana Mercer should not be allowed to peddle her absurd lies on Unz.

        • Agree: Jett Rucker
      34. Cedar says:

        So goodbye then, Ilana Mercer; self appointed advocate of America’s whites. No one took any notice. Really sad.

        • Disagree: Jett Rucker
      35. anaccount says:
        @Brás Cubas

        Yep, the Brits are about to have the exact same experience with crypto Boris. I mean its almost like this is an international conspiracy or something. 🙂

      36. anonymous[245] • Disclaimer says:

        Is Ms. Mercer headed downpage to the Archived, joining Engelhardt, Lang, and Napolitano?

        We’re never told why, but my guess is that they tire of having their columns refuted by commenters.

      37. Liza says:

        I think one of the reasons so few young men marry is the thought that every available woman has already been through a platoon.

        Then maybe those young men should take it up with those men who can’t keep their fly zipped. As far as I can figure, it’s men and boys who are turning those once-virginal girls into slags.

      38. Jett Rucker says: • Website

        Which one is which?

        – Ignorant

      39. Jett Rucker says: • Website

        WHAT are “gas-loghting terrorists”? Have they stolen anything from your house?

        – Hopelessly behind

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