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With Criticism Crushed in the West, Israel Can Enjoy Its Impunity
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      Recent events have shone a spotlight not only on how Israel is intensifying its abuse of Palestinians under its rule, but the utterly depraved complicity of western governments in its actions.

      The arrival of Donald Trump in the White House two-and-a-half years ago has emboldened Israel as never before, leaving it free to unleash new waves of brutality in the occupied territories.

      Western states have not only turned a blind eye to these outrages, but are actively assisting in silencing anyone who dares to speak out.

      It is rapidly creating a vicious spiral: the more Israel violates international law, the more the West represses criticism, the more Israel luxuriates in its impunity.

      This shameless descent was starkly illustrated last week when hundreds of heavily armed Israeli soldiers, many of them masked, raided a neighbourhood of Sur Baher, on the edges of Jerusalem. Explosives and bulldozers destroyed dozens of homes, leaving many hundreds of Palestinians without a roof over their heads.

      During the operation, extreme force was used against residents, as well as international volunteers there in the forlorn hope that their presence would deter violence. Videos showed the soldiers cheering and celebrating as they razed the neighbourhood.

      House destructions have long been an ugly staple of Israel’s belligerent occupation, but there were grounds for extra alarm on this occasion.

      Traditionally, demolitions occur on the two-thirds of the West Bank placed by the Oslo accords temporarily under Israeli control. That is bad enough: Israel should have handed over what is called “Area C” to the Palestinian Authority 20 years ago. Instead, it has hounded Palestinians off these areas to free them up for illegal Jewish settlement.

      But the Sur Baher demolitions took place in “Area A”, land assigned by Oslo to the Palestinians’ government-in-waiting – as a prelude to Palestinian statehood. Israel is supposed to have zero planning or security jurisdiction there.

      Palestinians rightly fear that Israel has established a dangerous precedent, further reversing the Oslo Accords, which can one day be used to justify driving many thousands more Palestinians off land under PA control.

      Most western governments barely raised their voices. Even the United Nations offered a mealy-mouthed expression of “sadness” at what took place.

      A few kilometres north, in Issawiya, another East Jerusalem suburb, Israeli soldiers have been terrorising 20,000 Palestinian residents for weeks. They have set up checkpoints, carried out dozens of random night-time arrests, imposed arbitrary fines and traffic tickets, and shot live ammunition and rubber-coated steel bullets into residential areas.

      Ir Amim, an Israeli human rights group, calls Issawiya’s treatment a “perpetual state of collective punishment” – that is, a war crime.

      Over in Gaza, not only are the 2 million inhabitants being slowly starved by Israel’s 12-year blockade, but a weekly shooting spree against Palestinians who protest at the fence imprisoning them has become so routine it barely attracts attention any more.

      On Friday, Israeli snipers killed one protester and seriously injured 56, including 22 children.

      That followed new revelations that Israeli’s policy of shooting unarmed protesters in the upper leg to injure them – another war crime – continued long after it became clear a significant proportion of Palestinians were dying from their wounds.

      Belatedly – after more than 200 deaths and the severe disabling of many thousands of Palestinians – snipers have been advised to “ease up” by shooting protesters in the ankle.

      B’Tselem, another Israeli rights organisation, called the army’s open-fire regulation a “criminal policy”, one that “consciously chose not to regard those standing on the other side of the fence as humans”.

      Rather than end such criminal practices, Israel prefers to conceal them. It has effectively sealed Palestinian areas off to avoid scrutiny.

      Omar Shakir, a researcher for Human Rights Watch, is facing imminent deportation, yet more evidence of Israel’s growing crackdown on the human rights community.

      A report by the Palestinian Right to Enter campaign last week warned that Israel is systematically denying foreign nationals permits to live and work in the occupied territories, including areas supposedly under PA control.

      That affects both foreign-born Palestinians, often those marrying local Palestinians, and internationals. According to recent reports, Israel is actively forcing out academics teaching at the West Bank’s leading university, Bir Zeit, in a severe blow to Palestinian academic freedom.

      Palestinian journalists highlighting Israeli crimes are in Israel’s sights too. Last week, Israel stripped one – Mustafa Al Haruf – of his Jerusalem residency, tearing him from his wife and young child. Because it is illegal to leave someone stateless, Israel is now bullying Jordan to accept him.

      Another exclusion policy – denying entry to Israel’s fiercest critics, those who back the international boycott, divestment and sanctions (BDS) movement – is facing its first challenge.

      Two US congresswomen who support BDS – Ilhan Omar and Rashida Tlaib, who has family in the West Bank – have announced plans to visit.

      Israeli officials have indicated they will exempt them both, apparently fearful of drawing wider attention to Israel’s draconian entry restrictions, which also cover the occupied territories.

      Israel is probably being overly cautious. The BDS movement, which alone argues for the imposition of penalties on Israel until it halts its abuse of Palestinians, is being bludgeoned by western governments.

      In the US and Europe, strong criticism of Israel, even from Jews – let alone demands for meaningful action – is being conflated with antisemitism. Much of this furore seems intended to ease the path towards silencing Israel’s critics.

      More than two dozen US states, as well as the Senate, have passed laws – drafted by pro-Israel lobby groups – to limit the rights of the American public to support boycotts of Israel.

      Anti-BDS legislation has also been passed by the German and French parliaments.

      And last week the US House of Representatives joined them, overwhelmingly passing a resolution condemning the BDS movement. Only 17 legislators demurred.

      It was a slap in the face to Omar, who has been promoting a bill designed to uphold the First Amendment rights of boycott supporters.

      It seems absurd that these curbs on free speech have emerged just as Israel makes clear it has no interest in peace, will never concede Palestinian statehood and is entrenching a permanent system of apartheid in the occupied territories.

      But there should be no surprise. The clampdown is further evidence that western support for Israel is indeed based on shared values – those that treat the Palestinians as lesser beings, whose rights can be trampled at will.

      A version of this article first appeared in the National, Abu Dhabi.


      Jonathan Cook won the Martha Gellhorn Special Prize for Journalism. His books include “Israel and the Clash of Civilisations: Iraq, Iran and the Plan to Remake the Middle East” (Pluto Press) and “Disappearing Palestine: Israel’s Experiments in Human Despair” (Zed Books). His website is www.jonathan-cook.net.

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      1. so the perpetual battle continues: who can descend deepest into depraved sub-humanity – the zionist or the shabbos goy.
        my shekels as ever, are of course on the zionist. He has three thousand years of practice.

        • Replies: @Morgyn the Mighty
      2. Israel is a great nation and I’m so happy President Trump stands with her! Kick Iran’s ass boys! 🙂

      3. A123 says:

        Yet more painfully obvious Taqiyya lies….

        … raided a neighbourhood of Sur Baher, on the edges of Jerusalem. Explosives and bulldozers destroyed dozens of homes, leaving many hundreds of Palestinians without a roof over their heads.

        And, now the truth:


        a total of 12 Palestinian buildings it considered illegally constructed were demolished in a controversial operation the previous day, while a UN preliminary assessment showed 24 people displaced.

        How does 24 = many hundreds???? Ah yes…. Pallywood non-logic… Hate is more important than facts. Even U.N. supplied facts.

        Also worth noting… The residents had *seven years* notice that the buildings were illegal. So, in *seven years* 24 people could not find legitimate living space! Really? Wow!!!

        The answer is *really easy*. If Muslim Palestinian occupiers of Jewish Palestinian land want better treatment, all they have to do is stop occupying Jewish Palestine.

        But, make sure to avoid Nasrallah’s stomping ground Muslim Lebanon… Lebanese Muslim brutality against Muslim Palestinians is much worse than anything found in Jewish Palestine.


        In Lebanon … Palestinians are banned from owning property, forced to live in run-down camps, and barred from formal education. In addition, Palestinians cannot own businesses in Lebanon and are banned from most decent-paying professions, including medicine and law. An estimated two thirds live in poverty.

        Nasrallah and Iranian al’Hezbollah care so much about Muslim Palestinines, they express the Muslim Pillar of Charity by forcing 2/3 of them to live in poverty. Somehow, that doesn’t seem very charitable….


      4. @Alf Tupper


        Is that you, the “Tough of the Track”? Are you still running and competing?

        • Replies: @Alf Tupper
      5. Paul says:

        I get a kick out of the Washington Post suggesting that Donald Trump is racist. The Post is a perpetual apologist for ethnic-cleansing Israel’s racism against the indigenous Palestinian people.

        • Replies: @Priss Factor
      6. So, Jewish Power took the homeland from Palestinians, and Jewish Power took away freedom of speech from whites in the West.

        Palestinians must accept invasion by Zionists, and white people must accept being gagged by Jewish globalists.

        In a way, the two are connected. Palestinians and whites. Whites enabled Jews in the destruction of Palestine, and now Jews take away with freedom and autonomy from whites. What goes around comes around. Whites should never have emboldened Jews to destroy the Palestinians. Now, Jews feel they can treat whites like More Palestinians. No land for Palestinians, and No Free Speech for whites.
        No Free Speech means whites will also lose their homeland as those who can’t say NO to mass-immigration-invasion are fated to go the way of dinosaurs.

        • Agree: Miggle
        • Replies: @Digital Samizdat
      7. @Paul

        But the irony is Trump totally supports Zionist destruction of Palestinians even though Jews are the forefront of treating whites as More Palestinians.

      8. The criminal enterprise of Israel has bribed most NATO-bloc governments with skimmed US aid, but they have a harder time controlling the free world. Institutional safeguards built into the treaty-body system choose expert staff as international civil servants acting on their own behalf rather than as national apparatchiks. So we have comprehensive documented evidence on the mechanics of programmatic Israeli extermination. Israeli government crimes against humanity are open-and-shut cases just waiting for Israel’s USG tools to lose one war too many.






        The state of Israel is hostis humani generis. BDS is half-assed bullshit banned only to distract you. You know we’ve got to cut the head off the Israeli snake with prosecutions for the gravest crimes.

      9. @Honnête Juif

        Honnête Juif. – honest Jew

        hostis humani generis – enemy of mankind

        “Institutional safeguards built into the treaty-body system choose expert staff as international civil servants acting on their own behalf rather than as national apparatchiks.”

        Apologies for my ignorance (and also, I have not had the time to listen to ALL of the testimonies, only about 45 min); I do not understand what “treaty-body system” signifies.
        Does it have institutional heft? Does “treaty – system” have enforcement capability, and also, mechanisms to protect itself/its members?

        (Agree, BDS = BS, a distraction for the masses)

        The Koch-Soros collaboration, Quincy Institute, might offer a glimmer of hope.
        Stephen Wertheim a Co-Founder of the Quincy Institute for Responsible Statecraft and Research Director of its Ending Endless War program. He is also a Research Scholar at the Saltzman Institute of War and Peace Studies at Columbia University.

        He’s a young man with an impressive body of scholarship under his belt–

        and ability to articulate calmly

        Is Jeff Gates still active?

      10. Right, SoCro, good question, I should have been clearer. In US law a treaty is supreme law of the land under the supremacy clause, specifically equivalent to federal statute per the La Paquete Habana decision. A treaty body is an organization of treaty parties (countries that made an international legal commitment,) organized as the treaty requires. Examples are the Committee Against Torture or The Human Rights Committee. The treaty party (the US government) commits to conform all municipal (domestic) law to the treaty’s terms. The treaty body reviews the treaty party’s compliance and gives interpretive direction. Treaty bodies get compliance information from charter bodies (e.g. the Human Rights Council,) special procedures like mandates or OHCHR rapporteur visits, and domestic human rights advocates (so you can go over your government’s head to the outside world, e.g. with ushrnetwork.org.)

        The teeth are concerted diplomatic pressures by treaty parties, often, for the US, amounting to public shaming and disgrace – and where non-derogable rights like torture are concerned, international criminal law comes in, permitting investigations and prosecutions in forums including the ICC, or state prosecutions in universal jurisdiction (both of those are happening to CIA and JSOC torturers.)

        Persistent noncompliance of a less egregious sort is met with a loss of international standing that jeopardizes institutional influence – as Britain found out when it got kicked off the ICJ bench for the first time. Their human rights abuses in the Chagos Islands cost them their longstanding privilege of drafting international legal precedent. The US got kicked off the Human Rights Commission for similar screwups, and the world tightened the screws on them while the US had no say. So the teeth involve pacific suasion and material loss of influence or soft power.

        That’s conventional international law. The US is also bound by customary international law as state and federal common law. So we have all these legal protections,


        enforced not by bribed and blackmailed US hacks in judge robes, but by the outside world. Considering how our shitty worthless toilet-paper constitution got revoked, the universal instruments are all we have. They’re handy when you’re ready to secede from this underdeveloped US shithole, too.

      11. A123 says:

        In US law a treaty is supreme law of the land under the supremacy clause, specifically equivalent to federal statute per the La Paquete Habana decision.

        The important thing to note about this standard is:
        — Treaties are equivalent to Laws.
        — Laws are subordinate to the Constitution.

        Therefore, treaties cannot transfer Legislative, Executive, or Judicial powers enumerated in the Constitution to another body, such as the U.N. Such a transfer would require a Constitutional Amendment.

        Well defined treaties (of limited scope) take this into account. For example, Trade treaties have a review process that stays away from judicial functions (more akin to arbitration). Similarly, the maximum consequences are explicitly defined. For example, a trade Treaty that reduces tariffs would suspend that reduction as a consequence.

        Trying to fit the activities of the U.N. into mandatory limits imposed by the Constitution is difficult to unworkable, as no Amendment transferred reserved and enumerated Legislative authority to the U.N.

        Here is a good example:

        The Treaty Clause is part of Article II, Section 2, Clause 2 of the United States Constitution that empowers the President of the United States to propose and chiefly negotiate agreements between the United States and other countries, which, upon receiving the advice and consent of a two-thirds supermajority vote of the United States Senate, become binding with the force of federal law.

        The UNSC Representative for the U.S. serves at the pleasure of the President. Thus, that Rep can negotiate a new treaty on behalf of the president. However, to bind subsequent administrations, such a Treaty still *must* as a matter of Constitutional law obtain a vote of 2/3 of the Senate.

        Barak Hussein did not submit the JCPOA to the Senate, and did not obtain the *Constitutionally Required* ratification to bind subsequent administrations. Instead he used the inherently transitory, Executive Order power to make JCPOA binding on his, and only his, administration. President Trump is 100% correct under the U.S. Constitution. None of Barak Hussein’s Executive Orders, including the one related to JCPOA, bind his administration.

        George Soros and his NWO Globalist, elitiest, anti-democratic crazies keep lying when they say the U.N. represents the supreme authority on the planet. Do not listen to their absurdist propaganda.

        In the past, both Russia and China have also refused to go along with U.N. findings that violated their national sovereignty, so it is not like the U.S. is alone. No nation of substance is submissive before U.N. authority, because it has very little actual power.


        • Replies: @SolontoCroesus
      12. @A123

        You conveniently left this bit out of your quote from yahoo news ….. “More than 300 people were affected by the demolitions, it said.”
        There … fixed that for you.

        • Replies: @A123
      13. @Morgyn the Mighty

        indeed, and sticking rigorously to the time honoured athlete’s diet of British fish and chips.

        • Replies: @jester
      14. @A123

        “No nation of substance is submissive before U.N. authority, because it has very little actual power.”

        Therefore, Israel is ipso facto illegitimate.

        • Replies: @A123
      15. A123 says:

        Therefore, Israel is ipso facto illegitimate.

        I think you have a serious typo. Let me help… Everyone understands you actually meant:

        Therefore, SolentoCroeses is ipso facto incomprehensible


        • Replies: @jester
      16. A123 says:
        @zigzag wanderer


        Take your racist swastika lies and go away….

        The 300 people “affected” were not allowed to move in and got their money back.

        I know you are a Nazi…. You know you are a Nazi… Everyone knows you are a Nazi…..

        No piles of dead Jews for you today….. Tough break….


        • Replies: @eah
        , @Anon
      17. Very interesting, A123! But don’t get all wrapped around the axle trying to parse the constitution cause it’s gone. You’re not getting it back. Remember when Rumsfeld went to DEFCON 3, invoking COG? COG created an indefinite ICCPR-illegal state of emergency that revoked your constitution and replaced it with Vietnam-style Phoenix centers called fusion centers in every state. You live in a totalitarian kleptocracy under the iron heel of dumbshit job-shopped DHS Nazis.

        It’s no loss, your constitution was an obsolete piece of shit anyway. No country has adopted anything like it for 100 years. If you ever get a chance to get one again you should adapt Russia’s, or one from any middling African shithole. They’re state of the art, much better protection for all your rights. You’ll be surprised how nice it is to have world-standard rights and not the niggardly hind-tit scraps of rights your criminal CIA government makes you beg for. They’re really not worth shit.

        • Replies: @jester
        , @Ace
      18. eah says:

        Anti-BDS legislation has also been passed by the German and French parliaments.

        In both of those countries — as in most European countries — you can go to jail for denying the ‘Holocaust’ — things aren’t that bad in the US…yet.

        And last week the US House of Representatives joined them, overwhelmingly passing a resolution condemning the BDS movement. Only 17 legislators demurred.

        A resolution is not a law.

        It was a slap in the face to Omar, who has been promoting a bill designed to uphold the First Amendment rights of boycott supporters.

        That’s all it was: “a slap in the face” — she can still promote the bill (whatever it is) — how far she’ll get with that is another question.

        It seems absurd that these curbs on free speech have emerged…

        Anti-BDS legislation is destined to fail — any such law will almost certainly not survive legal challenge: this already happened in Texas.

        Whether or not anti-BDS activity by government, eg the House resolution, has an effect on free speech, ie if it will discourage BDS activity by making it seem morally reprehensible, is not clear — it’s probably designed to do that.

        It all comes down to the ‘Holocaust’, as does the existence of the state of Israel itself — the ‘Holocaust’ is the Jewish franchise on victimhood — due to the alleged nature of the ‘Holocaust’, ie a state-sponsored plan of mass murder, even total extermination, aimed at Jews, the Jewish victimhood franchise is by far the world’s most valuable — this has to change.

        • Agree: Digital Samizdat
        • Replies: @jester
      19. eah says:

        Israel says the homes south of Jerusalem were built too close to its separation barrier cutting off the occupied West Bank, posing a security risk, and the demolitions were approved by its supreme court following a lengthy process.

        The ‘considering’ process in Israel seems rather flexible — just ‘consider’ some buildings to be “too close” (how close is “too close”? — is that some universal constant like the speed of light in a vacuum?) to some “barrier”, which can presumably be built pretty much anywhere Israel wants to build it, and presto the buildings are “illegal” and can be demolished — cool.

        Just like recently ‘considering’ that the Golan Heights actually belong to Israel — also cool.

        Yes, that whole ‘considering’ process Israel goes through works really well for the Jews, and is really flexible.

        • Replies: @A123
      20. Tsigantes says:

        It seems absurd that these curbs on free speech have emerged just as Israel makes clear it has no interest in peace, will never concede Palestinian statehood and is entrenching a permanent system of apartheid in the occupied territories.

        Hardly absurd, this is obviously by design.

      21. A123 says:

        The ‘considering’ process in Israel seems rather flexible — just ‘consider’ some buildings to be “too close” (how close is “too close”? — is that some universal constant like the speed of light in a vacuum?) to some “barrier” … … Yes, that whole ‘considering’ process Israel goes through works really well for the Jews, and is really flexible.

        In this case, the consideration was the height and construction of the buildings providing fortified “sniper’s nests” higher than the barrer, intended to allow violent PLO/PA assassins the opportunity to target defenseless Jewish children.

        If violent Jihadist invaders do not like the overly generous ‘consideration’ provided by Palestinian Jews, there is an *easy* answer. The Jihadist occupiers can exercise their ‘right to return’ to Mecca, Qom, or another ‘flexible’ Muslim locale that will accept them.


        • Replies: @AnonStarter
      22. jester says:
        @Honnête Juif

        I could not agree more. If the US constitution were toilet paper I would not wipe my ass with it !

      23. jester says:

        It has taken you and many other readers of this site a very long time to realize the Solonto is really an intellectually deficient cuckoo …kinda like a $5M study that concludes smoking is bad for your lungs.

        OR…did you realize he was a nut ball all along but you tried your best to be polite ??

        I dont read any of his tripe because what he says is disjointed, rambling, goes off topic and brings nothing new or logical to the discussion.

        Incomprehensible ?? You are extremely diplomatic !!

        • LOL: A123
      24. jester says:
        @Alf Tupper

        You ought to recommend this diet to some of our commentators. I rather suspect what they eat is contributing to diminished brain function if indeed any sort of brain exists and if it did, was it ever a functioning unit.

      25. jester says:

        Unfortunately those Jews ain’t going to discard something that works and is also profitable.

        I doubt any of them care whether it is true or false, the whole point of the exercise is maniipulation and PROFIT !

        As the old saying goes: If it works don’t break it and don’t fix it !

      26. jester says:

        Everyone loves these Palestinians so much but no other Arab country wants them. Further , the Western world trumpets their concerns and objections all day yet there they remain.

        Like a second son they must file a lawsuit for their daily bread only the case has been dragging on for how many years ?? I guess the judges are perpetually out of the office.

        Here is a suggestion,,all readers of this site who feel the Palestinians are hard done by are encouraged to sponsor a family:
        1. Send over enough money every month to cover their living expenses
        2. While doing so proceed to US Immigration and sponsor them
        3. When they arrive in the US, feed clothe and house them until they can get on their feet

        We already see the effects on Europe of mass and uncontrolled immigration. Many US states and cities are now beginning to feel the pinch from having these deadbeat residents both legal and illegal.

        I anxiously await the rush of bleeding hearts to help these people. If each of you snowflakes sponsor one family the Palestinian problem will be solved. Besides, what can be a better place to live than Europe or the US. A better life awaits them there and here.

        The whole love and hugs thing for these folks is highly entertaining keeping the Jester endlessly amused.

      27. @jester

        /the Western world trumpets their concerns and objections all day/

        You’re obviously not from America.

        Those who “trumpet their concerns” are few and far between here. Most still have no clue what’s happening on the ground over there, though the net has changed the landscape somewhat, thank God for that.

        As for sending money to Palestine, those organizations once involved in so doing were accused of abetting “terrorists” thanks to the most powerful lobby in the country. It didn’t matter if the funds were actually being used for humanitarian purposes or not, that’s what the Lobby does: fight to shut down every avenue of foreign assistance.

        And attempting to link the Palestinian cause of self-determination with the problems of mass migration to the west is just sloppy propaganda. Lame.

        Anyhow, thanks for showing us who you really are. Saves us a lot of time.

      28. anonymous[144] • Disclaimer says:

        Everyone loves these Palestinians so much but no other Arab country wants them.

        — but then Arab countries want Jews even less

        — fact is, so many countries don’t want jews that they have to kill, blackmail & bribe to get jews into a country,
        — and once there, they subvert it.

      29. @A123

        /In this case, the consideration was the height and construction of the buildings providing fortified “sniper’s nests” higher than the barrer, intended to allow violent PLO/PA assassins the opportunity to target defenseless Jewish children./

        Two facts demonstrate you’re a liar:

        1. The apartment building owner wanted to build a high concrete wall at his own expense to satisfy Israel’s alleged “security concerns.” He even offered to pay for security cameras that Israel could use.

        2. Close to the apartment building, breaches in the “security fence” were created by Israel and have yet to be repaired.


        Keep ’em comin’, Shlomo. It’s a real pleasure to demolish your facade.

        • Replies: @A123
      30. A123 says:

        The apartment building owner wanted to build a high concrete wall at his own expense to satisfy Israel’s alleged “security concerns.”

        WOW!!! Less than 1% of the cost to you is a “solution”. [laughter]

        Keep up the Taqiyya lying for your murderous Blood Prophet. At this rate with 30 to 40 years of practice you might deliver your first credible lie…..

        Sorry… You don’t get to butcher any Jewish children today…. Tough break….

        PEACE 😇

        • Replies: @AnonStarter
      31. @A123

        Read the article, Shlomo. He agreed to pay the cost in full.

        And even if he didn’t, you folks have already drained enough of our tax dollars to pay for 100% of it.

        As for lying, Zionists are the grandmasters of prevarication:


      32. I have no idea why people come to a race realist site to virtue-signal by sticking their tongues up the assholes of IQ-75 Mohammedan rabble who are little different from Negroes. If you love them so much, go live with them.

      33. Anon[505] • Disclaimer says:

        You’ve been discredited off of this board many times over, especially in your fake animosity toward Islam, if for no other reason than the many times proven and often Jewish stated alliance with Islam toward the destruction of the West.

        Go help your Semitic brethren fuck camels in the dessert and leave civilization to its creators.

      34. Anon[505] • Disclaimer says:

        Take your racist swastika lies and go away….

        LOL… says the racially-inbred, ethnonationalist Jew with texts full of explicit genocidal and dispossession intent toward all out-groups.

        If racism and the swastika are anti-Jewish, then they are implicitly two of the most morally correct things that we have at our disposal today.

        Whats your wager on the increase in the tally of the total number of nations that the Jews will have gotten themselves kicked out of, for being complete jerkoffs to non-Jews, by 2100?

      35. @Priss Factor

        We are all Palestinians now, Priss.

      36. @jester

        Everyone loves these Palestinians so much but no other Arab country wants them.

        FACT CHECK: There are millions of Palestinian refugees living in a variety of Arab countries, such as Lebanon, Syria and Jordan.


        That number does not even include Palestinian exiles who have individual residency permits in other Arab countries (usually in the Persian Gulf) for work purposes, the economy of Palestine having been thoroughly demolished by you-know-who.

        Here is a suggestion,,all readers of this site who feel the Palestinians are hard done by are encouraged to sponsor a family:
        1. Send over enough money every month to cover their living expenses

        Can we deduct that money from the billions in aid we give the Zionists every year?

        2. While doing so proceed to US Immigration and sponsor them

        Why can’t they just be allowed to ‘make aliyah’ to Palestine?

        3. When they arrive in the US, feed clothe and house them until they can get on their feet

        You know, generations ago, before the Nakba, the Palestinians used to run farms and businesses and take care of themselves just fine.

        We already see the effects on Europe of mass and uncontrolled immigration.

        All those wars for Israel in the ME sure haven’t helped!

        • Replies: @Andrew G. Benjamin
      37. The clampdown is further evidence that western support for Israel is indeed based on shared values – those that treat the Palestinians as lesser beings, whose rights can be trampled at will.

        Poppycock! Western support for Israel has nothing to do with “values”; it is simply evidence of (((ZOG))).

      38. Sean says:

        Two US congresswomen who support BDS – Ilhan Omar and Rashida Tlaib, who has family in the West Bank – have announced plans to visit.

        Israeli officials have indicated they will exempt them both, apparently fearful of drawing wider attention to Israel’s draconian entry restrictions, which also cover the occupied territories.

        ‘Twas Trump’s idea to keep them out. Western politicians are using Israel as much as being used by it.

      39. Ace says:
        @Honnête Juif

        Sounds like a proposal for a good action movie. Did you post it here by accident?

      40. The article is an entirely political opinion piece without historical context and is devoid of reality.

        Everything is so, unless it isn’t. Judea and Samaria are territories, not a nation, for which two people make a claim. For the world at large, represented by the UN that is dominated by the Islamic agenda, the claim is settled in favor of a nation and people who never existed, except that they do as Southern Syrians and Jordanians, Lebanese and Egyptian – the last for example is the actual nationality of Yasser Arafat, the “father” of the Palestinians.

        In actuality there never were a nation, country, culture, civilization, or People who can be called “Palestinian,” except for the area’s indigenous people, Palestinian Jews.

        The Arabs from everywhere came in at the turn of the 20th century as workers who helped build the nascent Zionist State. Most were invited in, others came on the heels of the first. I refer you to: https://en.wikiquote.org/wiki/Zuheir_Mohsen There are no ancient “Palestinian” buildings even in the territories to attest to an ancient Arab civilization except for a few mosques built by Bedouin tribes. There is no evidence of an ancient Palestinian civilization. There is however, evidence of people who are obsessed with Jews and Israel in the negative sense, of being antisemites.

        There never were such realities as a Palestinian language, cuisine, religion, script, history, architecture, archaeology, art, music, currency or coin, because the Palestinian Arabs are Arabs from anywhere and everywhere. All the characteristics listed however can be attributed to the Hebraic. For anyone doubting these words, I refer them to all the great museums worldwide that never have displayed Palestinian artifacts – meaning other than Canaanite (pre-Hebraic and Hebraic ones.)

        The Palestinians as a nation and people were invented on Lubyanka Street in Moscow by KGB operatives around 1964. Refer to Mitrokhin Archives I & II and the appended.

        For more backup on Palestinism – another form of Jihad some in the west have joined – as the Palestinian Movement and narrative is nothing but jihad, I refer you all to:

        1. https://www.scoop.it/topic/the-palestinians-the-invented-people-of-a-fabricated-nation
        2. https://www.realclearworld.com/articles/2011/12/13/yes_palestinians_are_an_invented_people_99796.html
        3. https://gellerreport.com/2018/08/how-palestinians-invented.html/
        4. https://sonsoflibertymedia.com/how-the-palestinians-were-invented/
        5. https://www.gatestoneinstitute.org/11401/palestinian-people
        6. http://www.indaweb.com/oil/editorialopinion/tzemach.news.service01l.htm
        7. http://www.imninalu.net/myths-pals.htm

        • Replies: @AnonStarter
      41. @Digital Samizdat

        I refer you to BLACK SEPTEMBER. The Palestinians were thrown out of Jordan and then Lebanon. While many still live in these countries, they are hardly as welcome as the ones living inside Israel and don’t want to leave. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Black_September

        The fact is, Palestinians are unwelcome in Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and the other Arab states, and the Persians (Iran) just use them as human fodder, the same way they used their children in the war they waged on Saddam Hussein.

        In Judea and Samaria (West Bank only means the west bank of the Jordan River) there are many Hebraic artifacts. There are no Palestinian Arab artifacts. Moreover, the so-called and mislabeled West Bank is Jewish territory pursuant the Mandate, Balfour, San Remo, League of Nations and other international agreements. It is not “occupied” territory, except if you correctly say it was occupied when Jordan annexed it, and later occupied by Arab interlopers.

        Here’s the map for anyone who might agree that the Arabs and Muslims control 99+% of the territories of the mideast and that the Jews might have a right to 1%. Or as it seems, every people have a right to a national homeland, except the Jewish People, even though the Jewish People had lived in that homeland before any European or American people lived in theirs.

        1. http://tinyurl.com/y5fgoj3j


        The Jews have every legal, ethical, moral, and historical right to their homeland – far more than any of you reading this have a right to yours.

      42. And …

        the catholic people “have every legal, ethical, moral, and historical right to” the Papal States


        and the italian local population have to live without civil rights and under military domination

      43. @Andrew G. Benjamin

        So many words, so little to say.

        The “Palestinians are invented” hasbara is a transparent diversion. Arguendo, let’s claim that, prior to the early 20th century, there was no such thing as a “Palestinian.” Well, European Ashkenazi Jews, who, beginning in the late 19th century, were shipped en masse to Palestine were not indigenous to the land, unlike myriad Arab families who had been settled there for centuries aforetime.

        So when the project to displace indigenous Arabs began in earnest, this couldn’t have escaped their attention, particularly since they began to suffer mistreatment at the hands of zionists from the moment the latter began its regional infiltration:

        They were slaves in their Diasporas, and suddenly they find themselves with unlimited freedom, wild freedom that only a country like Turkey [the Ottoman Empire] can offer. This sudden change has planted despotic tendencies in their hearts, as always happens to former slaves [‘eved ki yimlokh – when a slave becomes king – Proverbs 30:22]. They deal with the Arabs with hostility and cruelty, trespass unjustly, beat them shamefully for no sufficient reason, and even boast about their actions. There is no one to stop the flood and put an end to this despicable and dangerous tendency. link

        Now, even if Arabs proximate to Palestine endeavored to counter zionist infiltration with their own variety of migration, they certainly weren’t less entitled to do so than European Ashkenazi Jews. In fact, it’s safe to say that they were wise to do so in order to mount a demographic defense.

        That they may have adopted the name of “Palestinian” to describe themselves says nothing of whether their families had roots in Palestine centuries before the late 19th century. Nor does it negate the fact that Balfour and San Remo explicitly mentioned indigenous Arabs’ right to self-determination, nor does it make Jordan part of the Palestine Mandate, nor does it undermine any one of the numerous UN security council resolutions that explicitly reference “occupied territory.”

        In short, you offer nothing more than a transparent red herring, and readers at unz.com are a bit sharper than those on the lowbrow platforms whose administrators your people so easily harangue into submission.

        You won’t find any traction for hasbara here, Andy. Not gonna happen.

      44. Unlike you, since you’re sharper than me, I am not afraid to use my real name and real facts. You see my real name, and below you get the real facts. No more Fake News and Fake Myths.

        There indeed were indigenous Arabs in “Palestine,” a name well-into the fifties used by media and the general culture to refer to Jewish Palestine. Up until the early sixties “Palestinians” referred to Jews in the media and culture. Even Hollywood.

        Around 1964 the Soviets extracted both Yasser Arafat (an Egyptian) and Mahmoud Abbas (a Lebanese-Syrian), and sent them to Patrice Lumumba University, the KGB Spy school, to train them to think like “Palestinians.” Meaning like a Jihadi, for the Palestinian movement was never a liberation movement, but a Jihadi movement. To each his own I say.

        Moscow, the last I looked, happens to be in Russia, and is not Palestinian territory. Moscow invented the Palestinians because they were exporting revolution into Asia and Africa at the time, as all Arab nations were Russian clients to whom Russia sold its weapons. Israel was a US client to whom America sold its weapons. Russia was in a serious cold war conflict with the US, as it is today, and the mideast was the field of battle. We took out Saddam, and now Iraq is a US and not Russian client. Israel took out Egypt and Jordan, and today both are US clients. In fact, seeing the light, today most Arab states are US clients, most Muslim states are US clients, and only Iran and the Syrian dictator, Hizbollah and Hamas, buy Russian weapons and propaganda.

        The documentation behind this deliberate and contrived invention and fabrication of the Palestinian people and nationhood is detailed in the Mitrokhin Archives I & II, released to global scholars from the KGB archives. Mitrokhin was the chief archivist of the KGB regime. Once you’ve read it, you cannot unread it. You’ll know.

        The Palestinian tragedy, the NAQBA DELUSION, is a hoax. It was actually a Jewish Tragedy of 2-3 times as many Jews having been expelled from their lands: https://www.jpost.com/Opinion/The-Jewish-Nakba-436834

        For the so-called “Palestinians” are merely Arabs from nowhere and everywhere.
        Meaning, Arabs who settled in the former Palestinian Territories, first, not many, to Arabs who came to work in Israel around the turn of the century – migrant workers, many, who were there temporarily and stayed on. The early Zionists were welcomed by the Arabs who had no work. The story is the same today.

        First the Romans threw the Jews out of Palestine – from a land far larger than the current Israel (see the maps), then others, the Mamalukes, Arabs, Ottomans threw out the former occupiers until the Brits threw out the Ottomans. Then the Jews already there and other Jews returning from Europe, Russia, America, Australia, Germany, threw out the Brits.

        And took their land back.

        It is how it goes in the real world, because while other empires fall, the Jews are Eternal.
        And of course, Chosen. But everybody knows that, it’s even in the Q’uoran – Jerusalem is the Jews’ land.

        The so-called “Palestinians” are southern Syrians mostly who inhabited – and still do – most of Jordan (back then Trans-Jordan.) The Jews, and not Arabs, were the indigenous people of western Jordan. Ask any tour guide in Jordan and he’ll confirm it and smile. So will maps of the ancient tribes.

        The West Bank actually only refers to the west bank of the Jordan river, land specifically Israeli. The Jews have inhabited those lands – even according to the Jordanians who know – for thousands of years. The Palestinian Arabs from Gaza (Egyptians), Lebanon and the former Palestinian territories, were nomads in earlier periods who traveled across the area to Northern Africa and back. Some did not, and just herded goats. The Jews had a commonweal thousands of years before the birth of Islam on that land.

        The Mandate of Palestine, with maps below, define the theft of Jewish land by Arabs according to the former facts on the ground described above. The second theft was the West Bank, clearly Jewish land, as you do not even see it defined on the Mandate Maps. It doesn’t exist. It is Israel.

        These facts, contrary to the maps you may have seen in the media suggesting Jewish theft of land, or the chopping up of the West Bank into settlements, are not propaganda, but the actual Mandate, legal, factual, physical:


        The slashed vertical line was formerly Jewish land now in Jordan!

        Not mandated land mind you, but the lands from the ancient maps for which there is archaeological evidence aplenty. NOT ARAB land and never was Arab land!

        In fact, the Mandate agreed to internationally included ALL of Jordan.
        According to these facts that can hardly be disputed, the Arabs stole over 70% of the Jews’ lands.

        No one disputes that there was a small population of Arabs living on the land. No Jew, no Israeli, no Arab. But a small population in an almost deserted nation during the Zionist era does not make for a nation or a people. It makes for a nomadic tribe.

        I refer you to a number of explorers and travelers in the 19th century like Mark Twain (aka Samuel Clemens, a respected journalist) and others. I refer to you to the thousands of 19th century photographs of “Palestine” showing it to be nothing but bare, desolate, overgrown with weeds, strewn with fields of rocks. I refer you to museums worldwide displaying thousands of tons of Hebraic artifacts and no Palestinian Arab artifacts. I refer you to the myth of the Philistines, sailors who were actually Greeks, and not Arabs. I refer you to the Turks who ruled that land under the Ottoman Empire for hundreds of years, who are also not Arabs, but genetically like Hungarians.

        The Hebrews are back in their homeland speaking their ancient language written all over the artifacts being unearthed every day. God is Good.

        • Replies: @AnonStarter
      45. @Andrew G. Benjamin

        Well, you’re likely to rank among the top hasbarats of unz if you stick around. I’m sure you’ll make great friends with A123, Lot, and Fran — if you don’t already know them, that is.

        First off, nobody here is impressed by you using your real name. Aside from regular columnists, we have some anti-zionists brave enough do so, usually retired or semi-retired folk with little to lose.

        But given the fact that zionist influence over American institutions of government and media happens to be not only the single most politically incorrect topic to discuss publicly, but the topic most likely to yield real-life, deleterious consequences for those not recruited by Team Zion, I’m sure your bravery comes at little cost to you. Oh, you may still be disliked, but that’s a far cry from losing your job or being threatened with imprisonment, like Liberty crewmen, don’t you think?

        It’s why most folks here use anonymous handles, and one can hardly blame them given the climate of intimidation that Team Zion has precipitated throughout America:

        So chest thump all you’d like, Andy, it means nothing, and pretending like that climate doesn’t exist and those threats aren’t real accomplishes nothing more than to confirm your allegiance.

        It certainly does nothing for your protracted bore of an argument.

        Your contention that the Palestinian cause was introduced by the Soviets is a good example, particularly since Zionist infiltration of Palestine and its concomitant Arab response began many years before the Soviet Union even existed. What’s more, the right to self-determination of non-Jewish Palestinians was explicitly referenced in both Balfour and at San Remo, so the argument that such a cause was “invented” by Mitrokhin is patently absurd. That both the USA and the USSR supported Middle Eastern parties for the purpose of advancing hegemony or curtailing the advancement of the other is an entirely separate and unrelated issue, another red herring of yours.

        The remainder of your post consists of even worse rubbish. To itemize:

        1. Jews were compelled to leave Arab lands largely as a consequence of Arab indignation over zionist aggression and displacement of 700,000 Palestinians from their homes — the implementation of Plan Dalet being orchestrated well in advance for decades. Call it an injustice if you wish. What goes around, comes around.

        2. Your quote from Zuheir Mohsen does nothing to negate the fact that Arabs indigenous to Palestine are justifiably referenced as Palestinians. Mohsen was a pan-Arabist, emphasizing Arab unity over divisive nationalism. His own views contravened those of the PLO charter and he fought with them openly:


        3. Palestinian Jews, Christians and Arabs had lived in relative peace with each other well before Herzl began his project in earnest. Dr. David Wasserstein, professor of Jewish Studies at Vanderbilt University and an expert in the history of Jewish-Muslim relations has correctly asserted that, were it not for Islam, Jews would have certainly gone the way of the dinosaur:


        In fact, conflict among these groups was the exception to the rule during the 1,000+ year epoch of Muslim suzerainty. In contrast, since the late 19th century, which marked the beginning of zionist dispossession, conflict has been the general order of the day.

        4. When you use Scripture to justify Jewish possession of Palestine, you fail to mention that said possession is conditioned upon Israel’s fulfillment of its Covenant with God. Deuteronomy 28: 15-68 spells out the consequences for Israel’s failure to uphold the Law, and it’s rather obvious to anyone paying attention that contemporary Israel does not uphold the Law.

        As such, it’s merely a matter of time before they’re scattered to the four winds. Yet again.

        5. The Qur’an nowhere supports the fantasy that Jews are unconditional owners or trustees of the Holy Land — at all.

        6. Your maps are a contrivance predicated upon the falsehood that either Balfour or the Mandate (or both) conferred exclusive possession of the region (however you parse it) upon Jews and Jews alone. It did no such thing and there would be no international consensus concerning the final status of Palestine, even after the 1947 Partition Plan had become a non-binding, General Assembly resolution.

        Were it otherwise, we’d have to impose upon the history of deliberations the impossibility that all nations agreed upon your understanding of both Balfour and the Mandate while their alleged consensus failed, rather demonstrably, to affect that end.

        In fact, after the miserable Partition Plan of 1947 was justifiably rejected by those representing Palestinian self-determination, the UN formed a Special Committee on Palestine (UNSCOP) with the intent to resolve the clear inequities inhering to the Plan. UNSCOP was still deliberating when the Mandate officially ended, and Israel seized the opportunity to unilaterally declare statehood and begin its implementation of Plan Dalet.

        UNGAR 181 never made it through Security Council proceedings. And the rest, as they say, is history.

        Again: Had Balfour given the imprimatur of “absolute possession” that you imagine it did, there would have been no need for continued deliberations upon the final status of Palestine — neither in the League of Nations, nor in the UN.

        That said deliberations occurred is sufficient evidence that there was no international consensus concerning it. That they could not conclude before Israel made its de facto declaration of war is sufficient evidence of its flagrant disregard for international law.

        But, of course, all of this is irrelevant to those who hold the Talmud to be sacred. I understand this, because I understand faith. That said, reason is the root of my faith, and reason does not allow me to share yours: a manifestly primrose path to a difficult destination.

        I’d rather the destination be rosy and the path be difficult. God knows, it just makes more sense, at least to those who know how things really are.

        7. Incidentally, your references — all of them, including that of the satirist Twain who prefaced his defense of Jews with a declaration of willingness to defend the devil, should he be so inclined — don’t constitute evidence of anything more than your inability or unwillingness to present well documented population statistics for Palestine circa 1878.

        Allow me:


        That’s a population of 86-87% Muslims, 9% Christians, 3% indigenous Jews, and merely 1-2% foreign born Jews.

        In 1900, approximately 564,000 out of 600,000 Palestinians were Arabs. That’s 94%.

        So … before the first waves of Ashkenazi Jews were shipped en masse to Palestine, Palestine was inhabited by a large, majority Arab population.

        Incontestable facts.

        As for land ownership, you won’t fare much better, Andy. Here’s the UN map displaying results of a 1945 land survey:

        At that time, Arabs remained in possession of 85% of Palestine, while Jews owned less than 7%.

        Hard, cold numbers, Andy.

        As for “making the desert bloom,” Palestinians had been doing that well before zionists arrived:


        In fact, it’s been proven that British — rather than Jewish — governance improved Palestinian agriculture yields:


        I just love the smell of roast hasbara on a quiet Wednesday afternoon. Don’t you?

        Indeed, God is good.

      46. It would require of me to write a thesis refuting your revision of history, but I have no time to do that.
        It is a fact that the Jews of ancient Israel (I keep religion out of this discussion other than humorously use the Chosen People), never gave up ownership of the land the Romans renamed as an insult, “Palestine.” Not willingly and formally relinquishing the territories to others does not represent a willing transfer of property.

        That you evict the owner of a house because you either wanted to have the property for your own use, or just as punishment for resisting, does not make you the owner. The Nazis learned that the hard way.

        That you transfer ownership by default, or by the unwilling absence from property of the former owners, does not make for a legal transfer either. No matter that the later owners, Mamalukes, Arabs, Christian knights, Ottomans, and then the Brits, were to whom each, in succession, transferred the Jews’ property. It certainly does not represent the transfer of Israel to Arabs by the mere virtue that a number of Arabs moved to Israel, most of them during the Zionist period, as migrant workers who now make a claim for the state. I can post the census’ too, but have no time.

        The most important factors to understand in this argument, if one were not driven by antisemitism, but historical facts on the ground, is that:
        1. Palestine was never a nation or country. There are no “Palestinian People.”
        2. Palestinians included various Jews and Arabs, their numbers changing at different periods in time.
        3. No one denies that there was an indigenous Arab population.
        4. People whose mania and obsession are the Jews, ONLY deny that there was an indigenous Jewish population, continuous through the ages, and evidenced by tons of Hebraic artifacts in museums worldwide. In other words, the denial is similar to, and runs on parallel tracks, to Holocaust denial, and the machinery is oiled by the same nasty and entirely wrongheaded and hateful ideology. That ideology is an obsession, a mania, an addiction. AKA, mental derangement.
        5. Two people make claim to the same land, but there’s only the Jewish heritage that supports the claim with physical and legal evidence.
        6. No one can deny the 1920 Mandate Map that shows that the land of Israel is but 23% of Brit Palestine (not included are French Palestine), the West Bank is included AS JEWISH, and given this fact, the Muslim Arabs were given, without any logical reason other than bribes, 77% of Palestine, even though much of it was historically Hebraic. In other words, the Palestinians were given twice as much land as the Jews and have had a homeland since 1948.
        7. What drives the antisemite is the conviction that every people deserve their own homeland, sovereignty, self-determination, but the Jewish People. And, accordingly, they will go through all sorts of intellectual hoops to defend their views and specious documentation, while totally ignoring vetted and accepted documentation that would prove that the Israelis had a state thousands of years before Islam and Christianity, making the Jews’ legitimacy over their land not only solid and true, but FAR more legitimate than the claims of the French on theirs, the Brits on theirs, the Russians on theirs, the Spaniard and Irish on their lands, and even the Americans on theirs.

        • Replies: @anarchyst
      47. /It would require of me to write a thesis refuting your revision of history, but I have no time to do that./


        You have time to inundate us with falsehoods, but no time to address my comprehensive exposure of them as such with anything other than deflection.

        I’ll accept that as a tacit concession of my points.

        But I’ll also add the following:

        Examining the 1920 Mandate for Palestine, we read


        In Palestine, the Balfour Declaration’s “national home for the Jewish people” was to be established alongside the Palestinian Arabs, who composed the vast majority of the local population; this requirement, amongst others, was not to apply to the separate Arab Emirate to be established in Transjordan. [emphasis added]

        So not only did the League of Nations no longer consider Jordan to be part of Palestine, the “national home for the Jewish people” clearly didn’t comprise the entirety of what was afterward called Palestine, since it was to be established alongside a home for Palestinian Arabs within that territory as per the explicit stipulations of the LoN Charter.

        As such, your maps prove nothing but your fraudulence.

        The remainder of your unhinged rant is little more than a claim to “ownership” that attempts a non-Scriptural argument, which is amusing, as Scripture is the closest thing you have to a legitimate claim. Perhaps that’s why Ben Gurion, in spite of being an avowed atheist, still referred to Israel’s borders as those of the Promised Land.

        When you speak of “legal evidence” in the 21st century C.E., you’re going to have to present something binding in international law, not just Israel’s Antiquities Law. Sure, it’s “legal” for Israel to confiscate land on the pretext of locating artifacts. That the law in Israel is written to discriminate in favor of Jews is hardly a secret:


        And you’re playing the “anti-Semite” card with me? Seriously?

        The hallmark of a desperate zionist, to say the least.

        You haven’t the slightest clue.

        • Replies: @Sovereign
      48. The people of “the Land of Canaan”

        The people of “the Land of Canaan” was (ca. 1875) 90% from Arabhebrew culture, 8% from Christian heritage and 2% from rabbinical tradition

        The Askenazi people (yiddish people) came from Russia

        you confuse people with words and fantasy literature

        between the first and the nineteenth century there are very few changes in “the people of the land” (“am ha’eretz”) of “the land of Canaan” because the culture of the people of the land was not rabbinical Judaism (Yehuda ha nasi and the Mishná [ca. 200-])

        the religious cultures of the hebrew peasant of the first century was very similar to the primitive islam


        (A) one history is the history of the “(fugitives [and for the palatial scribes]) outlaws bandits”: ‘the tribes of fugitives, freemen and bandits that not pay taxes‘, that is the history of ‘the ArabHebrew goatherds of the land of Canaan’ who rightly hated pigs, and they loved goats: the pig is the slavery of the valley under the power of the palaces, the goat is the freedom that leads to the great open space: the desert

        This is one history, at the end of the Late Bronze Age, remember that “Moses” father-in-law is an Arab priest (Exodus 3,1) and Yahweh is a divinity that came from the south, and “Esau” is the first and older son of Isaac

        (B) Another history, very different history … is the history of an Aramaic ruling class (= “Jacob”) that came to the “land of Canaan” with money, books, pamphlets and Persian power

        this Aramaic ruling class was created in the forge of three empires, the Assyrian empire, the empire of the Chaldeans and the Persian empire

        DeuteroNomy 26,5: “my father was an Aramean”

        (C) A third history … is the history of a religion, Judaism, widespread in the ancient world (specifically spread like fire by gunpowder among women) and that continued to extend until the early middle ages

        three history, three different stories, although of course one can find a Russian 60-70% European and 40-30% Turkish-Syrian-Persian who in his childish and / or religious fantasies believes descent from an ArabHebrew goatherd of “the Land of Canaan”

      49. Sovereign says:

        I am amazed and appreciative of your patience in taking the time to thoroughly destroy “Benjamin’s” hasbara. The facts you have presented are well known to those with the desire/interest to look for the truth and many are from the efforts of Jewish researchers with the morality to do the same. In my time observing comments on this topic, I have learned that the Zionist angle is always to obfuscate the truth with a myriad of tactics… presenting things out of context, twisting half-truths, or just straight up inventing things, which occurs at an amazing frequency in hasbara posts. Often the aim, I believe, it to overwhelm the reader with minutiae to a) attempt to prove their point and b) convince the reader of his/her intelligence. Scratch below the surface, however, and the only thing left to see is the sheer dishonesty of the poster. You can only hide the truth for so long. Well done.

        • Replies: @AnonStarter
      50. @Sovereign

        Thank you. I greatly appreciate your compliments, particularly given your personal experience, which has taught you well.

      51. anarchyst says:
        @Andrew G. Benjamin

        “God” is not a real estate agent.

      52. @A123

        you always end your Zioblabber with Peace…shouldn’t it be RISE UP AND KILL in accordance with your satanic bablyonian talmudism??

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