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Selling Whiteness
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      My last three years in high school, I was in Northern Virginia. I hung out at Springfield Mall and Wakefield Recreation Center. Though I had lame handles and an erratic shot, I still managed to get into pickup games, and each time I hoisted up a brick, my buddy, Kelvin Nash, would holler, “Riceman!” I was supposed to fill it up, you see, but rarely did. Son of a lawyer, Kelvin is now a real estate agent in Dallas. He married his college sweetheart, with whom he lost his virginity. So much for black sexual precocity.

      I worked at McDonald’s. After I got a Mustang II, I ventured further afield. I’d go to DC to scrutinize the National Gallery and Hirschhorn, and snoop around Georgetown a bit. I checked out Old Town Alexandria, and even drove to Baltimore to catch Orioles games against my eternally shipwrecked Mariners. With its chewed up turf and view obstructing poles, Memorial Stadium was a gritty, well-tattooed sweetheart who called everyone hon. Once, an M’s outfielder just stared in disbelief at my screaming self, with my trident cap and pennant, all marooned in an empty section. That year the M’s were only, I don’t know, a hundred games below .500.

      Excursions to any city remained rare. I was a suburban kid, so shopping malls like Springfield, Tyson Corner and Seven Corners were my main hangouts, where I encountered my community, outside school. There was no Main Street in Springfield or Annandale.

      Appearing in the mid 1950’s, the shopping mall became a quintessential American institution, and emulated worldwide. Ironically, it’s still thriving just about everywhere else, but the USA. I’ve seen packed malls in Leipzig, Dresden, Prague, Budapest, Tarragona, Norwich, London, Peterborough, Glasgow, Edinburgh, Johor Bahru, Batam, Osaka, Tokyo, Kawasaki, Mexico City, Istanbul and, now, in Vietnamese cities. In Kiev, the shopping malls are not doing so great, but that’s understandable.

      Andrew Yang, “Malls used to be a hub for socialization and commerce in many American communities. They were where families would go shopping for school supplies before grabbing dinner and catching a movie. Teens would have their first jobs working retail there and spend their Friday nights with friends. A local mall was an economic boon.”

      Hundreds have closed, with the rest barely surviving, so if elected president, Yang will try to convert these dead malls into offices, churches and recreational centers, “We should provide incentives and funds to help more developers reinvent these buildings and spaces. I’ve been in one giant office that used to be a mall and it was great, with tons of parking.”

      Maybe they should become apartments or even homeless shelters, but there won’t be hardly any sidewalk dwellers, you see, because Yang plans on giving every American $1,000 a month, but the glitch in this plan is that the country itself is worse than bankrupt, a fact that will become increasingly stark, stinking and messy well before the next Puppet-in-Chief is installed. With its manufacturing gone, the US could still hope to become a nation of wheat, corn and soybean peasants, but even that modest aim has been battered by unprecedented storms, droughts and an unblinking China.

      A recent headline in the New Republic, “I Work With Suicidal Farmers. It’s Becoming Too Much to Bear.” In Menomonie, Iowa, there’s a corn maze with “Your life MATTERS” and a suicide number hotline carved into it.

      In Saigon this week, I spent a couple of hours each day in a shopping mall, Aeon, that’s miles from downtown. As soon as its vast, well stocked supermarket and adjacent food stands open at 8AM, people flood in, and they can’t wait until the rest of the shops, on four levels, start their business day. Since Aeon is Japanese owned, all store employees must bow deeply to greet this first rush of patrons.

      I was in Saigon in 2000 when Vietnam’s first shopping mall, Thuận Kiều Plaza, opened, but back then, people simply trooped in to see what is was all about, without buying hardly anything. They winced at the prices. Now, shopping centers have sprouted all over Vietnam, and their main attraction is a taste of the West. They’re selling whiteness, and Vietnamese are buying, since they have much more cash than two decades ago.

      At Aeon, most of the advertising models are white, mannequins have blonde or brown hair, and English is ubiquitous, not to be understood so much as to lend cachet. Even Vietnamese businesses have English names, My Kingdom, Smoothie Town or Ocean Coffee, etc. On a bowling alley poster, three white faces are smiling so earnestly, they look insane. Frozen joy, or joy in rigor mortis. In Aeon’s theaters, four of the six featured movies are American, with the remainders from Hong Kong and Korea.

      At iBasic, a Vietnamese chain, there’s a promotion, “USA UNDERWEAR DAY.” On the poster is a man, a woman, a boy and a girl, all white, of course, though the boy appears biracial, so maybe he’s the adoptee in this fictional family. An American flag is draped on a chair.

      Many shoppers wear clothes with English writing. An intense woman in her early 20’s has this on her breasts, “WARNING: YOU MUST FALL IN LOVE WITH ME.” A sumotori-proportioned four-year-old boy is emblazoned, “ROUGH / LIVE LIKE IT.” A six-year-old girl clearly has no clue what’s on her black T-shirt, “TO HELL WITH EVERYTHING.” A chunky woman flaunts this on her brown denim jacket, “NEWYORK ANGERS.”

      A seven-year-old is tricked out like an American cop, with an oversized toy gun awkwardly shoved into his pant pocket. On the back of his blue uniform, “POLICE” is proudly displayed. The Stars and Stripes, Captain America, Mickey Mouse and Minnie regularly appear. It’s almost cosplay, each trip to a Vietnamese mall.


      I pause to examine a baby blue tank top on a hanger. Beneath “GAME TO EAT / LET ME BECOME MORE POWERFUL” are four depictions of an alligator elongating as he devours a frog, turtle and ostrich. “JUNGLETTIGER / LIVING FOR YOURSELF” is the final message at the bottom.

      As for American food, Aeon Mall has KFC, Texas Chicken, Baskin Robbins and Pizza Hut, not to mention the burgers and fried chicken from Lotteria, the Japanese chain, or the burgers, ribs, wings, pizzas and American styled pastas at Al Fresco’s, based in Hanoi.

      At Vietnamese KFC’s, you can get a piece of fried chicken, cucumber, carrot and lettuce wrapped in seaweed, or you can try the legendary Chizza. Available only in Oriental countries, the Vietnamese version has onion and seaweed-embedded mozzarella, and no marinara sauce, on top of the chicken. Though critics have tried to outdo each other in poo pooing it, the Chizza is a hit. Singaporean Rahil Bhagat laments in cnet, “Each bite of the Chizza showed me regret does indeed have a taste.”

      At Aeon, US businesses are limited to these few fast food joints, with the rest belonging to Japanese, Vietnamese, Koreans, Singaporeans, Taiwanese and even a Spaniard, with his Mango clothing boutique.

      There’s a play area, Molly Fantasy, that has a miniature burger joint, ice cream parlor, flower shop, cake bakery and fire station, with everything cute and idyllic. A child’s fantasy of an American Main Street, it’s a bizarre contrast to the more typical thrift stores, pawn shops, down and out bars, tattoo parlors, boarded up windows and sun-bleached FOR SALE signs.

      In an Aeon elevator, there’s a travel ad, “GREET AUTUMN IN THE US / “BEAUTIFUL” PRICE / YOU DON’T HAVE TO THINK ABOUT IT.” Although there’s an image of the Statue of Liberty and Golden Gate Bridge, you’ll only visit Los Angeles, Hollywood, Las Vegas and Hoover Dam on this $1,295.79 “AMERICAN WEST COAST” tour of seven-days, two of which you’ll spend on a plane. Since Hollywood is an LA neighborhood, and Hoover Dam is just outside Vegas, you’ll go home with only the briefest glimpses of two American cities.

      Ah, but the four-hour bus ride between them will leave a deep impression of how vast and empty America is, which means it can certainly absorb many more immigrants, such as you and your entire extended family, for example. With its endless freeways filled with huge cars and trucks, and all its homes seemingly vast and boasting a front lawn and back, America is indeed that golden beckoning sign on a Benjamin-carpeted hill.

      What you won’t see are the many thousands of homeless Americans living in squalor on Skid Row sidewalks, or sprawled around Union Station, up Main Street to City Hall, and onto Broadway. Nor will you see the beat up luggage, ratty mattresses, shopping carts, tents and garbage along the Strand in Venice Beach. LA’s roofless are everywhere, really, in Duarte, El Monte, Carson, Marina del Rey, Citrus and San Dimas, on and on. They’re just not visible in the handful of spots you’re chaperoned to.

      Millions of Americans with homes and jobs are also not coping that well, judging by the out of control opioid crisis, but of course, you’ll have no inklings of that either, for most of the Americans you’ll encounter at Huntington Beach, The Strip or Premium Outlets Mall seem quite content and, well, huge, so these people must have no problems stuffing themselves. You’ll go home without any idea of how lonely, hopeless and angry the US has become.

      Vietnamese who can’t make it to America must settle for trips to places like the Aeon Mall, for it’s really a theme park, featuring the USA and whiteness. This is how white people live, supposedly.

      In Philadelphia, my wife worked for a decade in a rundown mall, The Gallery. It was a magnet for dollar store browsers, broke assed idlers, the filthy homeless and often unruly high schoolers. Since fights would break out and arrests made, it was hardly a family destination. My wife witnessed quite a bit, but you don’t have to be an urban mall employee to know that mall disturbances, including shoplifting flash mobs and even riots, are no longer unusual in America.

      Normally oblivious, even the New York Times couldn’t ignore this trend, “Chaos Strikes More Than a Dozen Malls, Disrupting Post-Christmas Shopping” [12-27-2016]. Of course, your “newspaper of record” couldn’t acknowledge that nearly all the “feuding teenagers” were black.

      Last year, I gushed about Jonathan’s, a Japanese restaurant chain that’s “an evocation of a much gentler and cheesier America,” with many of its offerings Japanese spins on American comfort food. As the brick and mortar United States is increasingly looted, dismantled or even burnt down, its mythic version will survive, in tiny bits, across the globe, until that, too, fades away.

      Linh Dinh’s latest book is Postcards from the End of America. He maintains a regularly updated photo blog.

      • Category: Culture/Society • Tags: Shopping Malls, Vietnam 
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      1. Linh, do the restaurants there use palm oil for deep frying? I won’t eat any deep fried food here in the US because all the restaurants use some horrible frying blend of soy, canola and corn oils. Palm oil works a lot better for me.

      2. Linh Dinh says: • Website

        Hi Twodees Partain,

        The oils used at sidewalk joints can be pretty dodgy, and MSG is found in most restaurants. That said, palm is the most popular cooking oil here, though it’s often blended with soybean.


      3. Saira Rao says:

        The sound of Death of White America is sweet and dulcet.
        American whites are implicit in this crime
        I have been told to “go back to where you came from” from the time I can remember. We all have. Donald Trump didn’t invent this phrase.
        Trump is a fascist, cruel beyond all measure. He is a liar, a cheater, a racist, a rapist, and all things in between.
        He is also America.
        America hates poor people, Black people, brown people, gay people, trans people. Muslim people, Jewish people, disabled people. There are too many to count.
        White men should beg for forgiveness in front of Women of Color, You should repent by falling at our feet.

      4. This is one of your better pieces. Unusually for you, though, there are a couple of grammatical errors.

      5. Paul C. says:
        @Twodees Partain

        The guy (Ed Group) is pretty good. I don’t trust mainstream (AHA, etc…) health advice.


      6. Dan Hayes says:

        Hi Linh,

        Has there been any reaction against this blatant cultural Americanization of Viet Nam?

        What are the reactions (if any) of the soldiers who fought so valiantly against the American behemoth? If I had been a Viet Cong solder I would be heartbroken with this blatant cultural take-over. (BTW, I also recognize the valor of American servicemen in this bloodbath!)

      7. @Saira Rao

        Good for you, troll quality is about 3/10 however. But let’s use your troll scenario to it’s ultimate conclusion. When you are living in your floorless mud hut remembering what plumbing, electricity, and the modern world use to be like; you can take some comfort that all the bad ol’ rayciss are gone. You may not survive the week with agriculture long since forgotten but you will get your revenge, good and hard.

        • Agree: TKK, brandybranch
        • Replies: @Lockean Proviso
      8. @Saira Rao

        Racist nut case. You’ve become everything you hate.

      9. Anonymous[419] • Disclaimer says:

        Naval Air Facility Atsugi, not far from Tokyo, hosts regular open house for Japanese visitors, who flood in, not so much to look at the jets and helos, as to chow down on real American fast food — pizzas and burgers and fried chicken and ice cream cones — from the usual chain franchises.
        On Guam, Japanese tourists pile into tour buses to visit what is billed as the world’s biggest KMart. There they load up on Spam, Cheese Whiz, Snickers candy bars and Lay’s potato chips. I don’t get the attraction, but whatever, I guess.
        One time on Guam my friend, who was an Air Force PIO, had the task of riding herd on a Japanese TV journalist and crew who were doing a story on the B-52s that flew in and out of Anderson on temporary deployments. Since I speak Tokyo RP ( 標準語 — ひょうじゅんご), she requested I be assigned as translator, and even though I was Navy, it was worked out, and I got a ride in a BUFF. Funny thing was, the Japanese on-air personality, showed up for the flight dressed like a rhinestone cowboy, including a 10-gallon hat. It was both baffling and hilarious.
        Anyway, foreigners have very bizarre views of America. I’m not sure it’s particularly significant, anymore than an American wearing a T-shirt with, or having a tattoo of 竜 (dragon), for example, and having no idea what the kanji means, or understanding that what a dragon represents in the West and in the East differ a great deal.

        • Replies: @blamar
      10. Memorable from Linh Dinh above:

        As the brick and mortar United States is increasingly looted, dismantled or even burnt down, its mythic version will survive, in tiny bits, across the globe, until that, too, fades away.

        • Agree: Mr McKenna
      11. Realist says:

        So much for black sexual precocity.

        A sample size of one…not valid.

        • Replies: @Weave
      12. Yang plans on giving every American $1,000 a month, but the glitch in this plan is that the country itself is worse than bankrupt, a fact that will become increasingly stark, stinking and messy well before the next Puppet-in-Chief is installed

        The US is not broke. It issues its own currency so it can’t go broke. The US is still the 2nd largest economy in the world after China and the world’s largest, most potent military power.

        Linh is seeing the dark side of America. There is another side. Yang’s Freedom Dividend and other policies offer a chance for an American Renaissance.

        This is how America remakes itself.

      13. sb says:

        Reading this fine article again reminded me yet again that the deWesternisation of the Western World that is so prevalent today is about 99% due to American boasting
        The US for generations shouted out to the non white world that race and culture had nothing to do with the good life that whites seemed to have . “Anybody can be an American. Diversity trumps homogenuity . ”
        ( Yes I realise that this had/has a lot to do with the “what are we going to do about the blacks” issue )

        The US ran a non stop campaign against colonisation and also against race based immigration in other settler nations from 1776 until maybe the 1960s . They also strongly opposed monarchical governments everywhere ( never mind the stability -revolution is good )

        If there was any justice it would be only fair that the so called huddled masses yearning to breathe free et al who have found themselves in other so called rich countries were all redirected to the US who started all this world without boundaries hell

        • Replies: @Wally
      14. Adamtash says:
        @Twodees Partain

        I try not to eat anything with palm oil in, due to the deforestation of southern Asia and the destruction of habitats of wildlife. It’s a big problem in the UK because nearly everything contains it.

        • Replies: @Twodees Partain
        , @Biff
      15. Alfa158 says:
        @Saira Rao

        I think Tiny Duck is able to use multiple pseudonyms like this “ Saira Rao “ because Ron’s commenting system allows the use of fake email addresses. That means there is no check on using multiple user names on one address. You just create a different address for each user name and have to remember to consistently pair them.

      16. Alfa158 says:

        Also, some people think they aren’t broke because their checkbook still has lots of blank checks left.

        • Replies: @Mr McKenna
      17. Dejan says:

        Interesting, the Whites on Vietnamese ads. In Europe and US, the coloured people, black and brown, show in ads far above their actual proportion in the population.

        • Replies: @Escher
        , @Anon2020
        , @Alfred
      18. Charlie says:

        The US is not broke. It issues its own currency so it can’t go broke.

        I don’t understand why we need the government to do all the money printing. Don’t we all have inkjet printers?

        • LOL: jim jones
        • Replies: @Mr McKenna
      19. M.Anthony says:

        The former Gallery mall in Philly is being redeveloped as “Fashion District Philadelphia” and is scheduled to open sometime next month, on or around September 19.

      20. The intelligent hung around in the park amidst nature. Malls were for shoppers-in-training.

      21. Anonymous[196] • Disclaimer says:

        I was dead set against Yang’s freedom dividend.

        But the reality is that America is going to have a hard landing, and the only thing that remains is who is going to take the hit.

        At the end of the day, I would rather Americans have cash in their hands than have the dough be in the hands of the government or the hands of these corporations that have no loyalty to America.

        Ling, you more than anyone should realize the benefits of having cash enter rural and run down areas instead of rushing into coastal areas like NY and silicon valley right?

      22. @Alfa158

        Didn’t see the contribution from “Rao” so I read it. Yes, indeed it looks like it has the diminutive drake’s web prints all over it.

      23. fish says:
        @Saira Rao


        …..and there’s the tell!

        Tiny….one would think that every white woman with a brother is one less opportunity for you to get plowed up the tailpipe!

        Loved the choice of “Saira Rao” though!


      24. Kenny says:
        @Saira Rao

        Non white empires such as the Mongols, the Hun, the abbasid caliphate, the Barbary pirates, the Magyar, the Saracens, and on and on and on and on, have ALL tried and in eventuality of time, we defeated the all..Your childish comments are completely inane (and insane as well),and utterly devoid of any genuine grasp of reality..

        We have often driven your kind out of our homelands for SIX THOUSAND YEARS, and if you think that one more try will finally do the trick, then you are a fool..

        In the end, what is sweet and dulcet to you, will become the dirge of sorrow for your silly beliefs and hopes..


        With all due respect, (which is none),
        Go fuck yourself.

        • Replies: @Weave
      25. Kenny says:
        @Saira Rao

        Non white empires such as the Mongols, the Hun, the abbasid caliphate, the Barbary pirates, the Magyar, the Saracens, and on and on and on and on, have ALL tried and in eventuality of time, we defeated them all..Your childish comments are completely inane (and insane as well),and utterly devoid of any genuine grasp of reality..

        We have often driven these kinds of people out of our homelands for SIX THOUSAND YEARS, and if you think that one more try will finally do the trick, then you are a fool..

        In the end, what is sweet and dulcet to you, will become the dirge of sorrow for your silly beliefs and hopes..


        With all due respect, (which is none),
        Go fuck yourself.

      26. Franz says:

        Thumbnail history, Post WWII USA —

        Shopping centers destroy the old downtowns;

        Malls destroy the shopping centers;

        Big Box Stores destroy the malls;

        Amazon/WalMart destroys the Boxes


        Robot delivery from China destroys Amazon-Mart,

        The End

        (Remaining humans surviving in culverts and ruined underpasses; pay no attention to that.)

        • Replies: @Lockean Proviso
      27. Muggles says:

        The good thing about Linh’s writing is how starkly descriptive it can be. Rose colored glasses are nowhere to be seen or read.

        In most advanced cultures there is considerable aping of “foreign” cultures as seen through those rose colored glasses. American blacks (who almost never have actually been to the real Africa, anywhere) promote a fairy tale version of “Africa” with colorful wrapped clothing and odd looking hat wear. However the tiny number of African themed restaurants (other than the fake jungle motif kind) are nearly all patronized by expatriate real Africans. These dishes do not seem to have widespread appeal. Just as no one wants to eat at a “real” Blackfoot Indian restaurant either.

        But there are millions of Indian, Chinese, Japanese, Vietnamese and now Korean places in the large city and suburbs where I live. Many real immigrants from these places too. Aside from anime and K-Pop, not too much actual Asian culture being sold but the food.

        Of course what passes for intellectual/cultural commentary in the US is nearly all self hating. In their eyes what is needed is a new Bolshevik revolution, or maybe a Chinese Maoist style Cultural Revolution. The feminist, confused gender white haters already have their own Red Guards waiting nearby. These people are blind to what America appears to represent in other nations. What America used to be and still, in its bones, actually is.

      28. @Si1ver1ock

        The US is not broke. It issues its own currency so it can’t go broke.

        This is the thinking of a bankrupt nation.

        • Replies: @davidgmillsatty
      29. @Adamtash

        Palm products are sustainable, being cultivated on plantations. Producing palm oil isn’t accomplished by deforestation, but to each his own.

      30. orionyx says:
        @Saira Rao

        Saira, you should ask your doctor to reconsider your therapy. In particular, he should be looking at your Vit D levels and minerals including selenium (you probably have too little) and copper (of which you have too much).
        And make sure you take the meds! Ask a friend, if you find one, to help you stick to the prescribed regimen. Make just as sure you don’t take any non-prescription drugs.
        Either that or, what the hell, keep on downing whatever you’ve been taking and try to die with the least fuss possible.

        • LOL: Dan Hayes
        • Replies: @TKK
      31. @Alfa158

        ‘I think Tiny Duck is able to use multiple pseudonyms like this “ Saira Rao “ because Ron’s commenting system allows the use of fake email addresses. That means there is no check on using multiple user names on one address. You just create a different address for each user name and have to remember to consistently pair them.’

        There could also be more than one idiot posting. I think that’s a possibility.

      32. TKK says:


        Add to the regime long vigorous walks through West Baltimore beginning at midnight with just a smile and your Nike’s.

      33. @Saira Rao


        This is quality trolling.
        Welcome to the Unz Review.

        • Replies: @Jeff Stryker
        , @Saira Rao
      34. Brutis says:
        @Saira Rao

        The individual who wrote this vile post is typical of what you’ll find in the USA. Brown and Blacks are the most racist and violent in America but they call YOU a racist to justify their hatred and then it’s OK. And why is the USA destination #1 for these malcontents, and why don’t they try living in Japan, China or India? Because the Asians aren’t stupid and value their race and culture over this word called TOLERANCE.

        There is not a single non-white country on earth who will take this wave of human trash… so we are the ones who have to suffer their violence and verbal assaults on a daily basis. No good deed goes unpunished and our kindness and TOLERANCE is why America will cease to exist.

        • Replies: @Richard B
      35. Mefobills says:

        Federal reserve notes are not US dollars. Treasury does not issue puchasing power. The only way new PP enters money supply is through deficit spending at debt to private banking corporations.

        Debt is denominated in FRNs but this does not make US a sovereign issuer.

      36. In the USA, I hear now and again that the Vietnam conflict was one we lost, yet from this article it’s apparent that nothing could be further from the truth. People don’t imitate losers. The Vietnamese have willingly submitted to American cultural imperialism, which goes to show that American power is still growing. America’s borders, thought by some to be collapsing, are actually in the process of expanding to include the whole world.

      37. @Linh Dinh

        DEAR MR LINH

        Coconut oil is actually quite good for you.

        My wife drinks it in order to whiten her skin. Vegetable oil gives fried food a more Western taste and I insist on it.

        As for the palm oil used over and over in roadside food, I can attest to how sick it will make you. I contracted Amoebic dysentery in Cebu from tainted pig that had soaked into oil that was used repeatedly in a Calenderia.

      38. @Apex Predator

        Oh come now, maybe a Han Chinese overlord will give them a bowl of rice now and then for a few entertaining negro shines, some rare earth ore dug from the jungle mud, or pulling a rickshaw. Of course, such indulgence will be frowned upon by respectable Orientals who will long remember the cautionary example of Western racial guilt mongering.

        Or, as usual, black short-term thinking will lead to continued overreach such that even deluded woke whites will smell the coffee and put an end to the indulgence of Afro-dysfunction. Of course, the growing Hispanic and Asian segments of the population already harbor few illusions about black megalomania and bullying.

        They should be careful what they wish for before stinging the dutiful white frog that has been ferrying them on its back across the river of life.

        • Agree: TKK
      39. Biff says:

        Palm oil is the healthiest. Others such as soybean, canola oils need industrial stabilizers for shelf life, and those chemicals can cause inflammation throughout the body. Which habitat do you want to save?

        • Replies: @Poupon Marx
      40. @WorkingClass


        So what happens when blacks and tans are all that is left because whites simply die out?

        Will the world look like Detroit when all the whites are gone? When white taxes/GDP disappear what then?

        • Replies: @Anon2020
      41. Earlier this year, I was traveling in a former Soviet republic for research on a couple of commissioned projects. Was astounded by the cleanliness of this nation, its capital city, its rural areas, and its public transportation. It had been decades since I witnessed that level of civic/national pride; maybe since my first trip to Chile in the weeks immediately following the 1988 plebiscite. Graffiti (and graffiti “art”) were practically non-existent; numerous vending machines selling everything from instant coffees, to cigarettes, to electric razors were plentiful and unblemished; payphones were ubiquitous and, again, unblemished; subways and buses (modest though the latter could be) were neat, with not a single homeless person in sight, much less the random pieces of human feces that one typically finds within their American counterparts.

        What a contrast it made with the US, I thought. It made me wonder why people from this nation, with its elegant streets steeped in culture, bother to come here. Why leave all that for this?

        A friend of mine lives in Saigon half the year. She loves it; is always telling me I should visit. Some day, perhaps. Until then, my I will have to enjoy Vietnam vicariously through my subscription to The Mekong Review and your Unz essays.

        Thank you again for another superb essay.

        • Replies: @RobRich
        , @utu
      42. @Franz


        Robot delivery from China destroys Amazon-Mart,”

        Robots in China become sentient, destroy humanity.

        THE End?

        • Replies: @foolisholdman
      43. Wally says:
        @Saira Rao

        – Yeah boy, that must be why all those countless black & brown people are flooding into white majority USA, desperately trying to leave their black & brown shit holes.

        – Blacks & browns just keep on following whites. That certainly proves how terrible whites are.

        – Now try refuting this, unhinged comrade:

        In every instance where blacks & browns are in great numbers, and / or control the governments of cities, counties, regions, states, countries, & continents we see:


        – massive murder rates
        – massive crime in general
        – degraded property
        – massive disease, especially STDs
        – massive drug & alcohol abuse
        – general filth, squalor
        – massive birthrates
        – inability / unwillingness to support their own children
        – massive youth pregnancies rates
        – massive school dropout rates
        – incredibly low IQs & test scores
        – violence as a way of life
        – fathers nowhere to be found
        • Replies: @Endeavor
        , @Jacques Sheete
      44. Wally says:

        “… all redirected to the US who started all this world without boundaries hell …”

        Now exactly who were ‘those from the US who did the redirecting’?

      45. Whiteness sells because your average white guy has a much larger package than your average Asian guy. And your average white girl has bigger breasts. It’s really as simple as that. And if you don’t believe me, then go to pornhub and see for yourself.

        • Replies: @Mj
      46. joannf says:
        @Twodees Partain

        Not for the Orang Utans – so why should we care about the American Primate, or that the Asian one will follow its lead into oblivion a few decades later.

      47. Anon[424] • Disclaimer says:

        Modern propaganda , was created by Edward Bernays , the nephew of Sigmund Freud , using his uncle`s ideas .

      48. This yang character makes me think my dreams of ever cashing in on my social security I paid for a decade will be in vain..

      49. Saira Rao is troll bait and look at all the under achievers jumping at her. So many unemployed so bored of life. sheesh..

        • Agree: Truth
        • Replies: @Truth
        , @Richard B
      50. Saira Rao says:

        Go back to your trailer park and munch the cheap ass wine that you “White Trash” folks enjoy.

      51. @Saira Rao

        Jesus…..what a nutcase, almost nothing there is true or factual BUT narrative worthy.

      52. neutral says:

        I wonder what the war veterans think about this, they fought to repel the American invaders and now this happens. Also, are people not aware of the fact that America is not white any more, surely they all have smartphones there and they must have an understanding about facts of the world.

        • Replies: @GMC
      53. @Kenny

        Well, Magyars/Hungarians are white. They’re my neighbors. Sure, some of them have slightly higher cheekbones, but this is marginal.

        • Agree: RadicalCenter
      54. Anon[424] • Disclaimer says:
        @Saira Rao

        Cállate pedorra . Shut up farty .

      55. Che Guava says:

        Generally a very interesting article, as usual.

        Lotteria and the Lotte Corp. are Korean not Japanese.

        Malls in Tokyo? Not really in the areas you were visiting. There are a few on reclaimed land and islands near Tokyo Bay (and many of those built over a much older and more interesting mixed run-down urban and small-commercial, industrial, run-down park landscape), many very recently as part of the prep. for the stupid Olympics.

        The only mall in the U.S. sense ((like the one in Dawn of the Dead) that I can think of in central Tokyo is Sunshine City in Ikebukuro, interestingly built on land formerly occupied by Sugamo Prison, where many of the (some truly so, some definitely not) ‘class-A war criminals’ were kept.

        Sure, there are several smaller ones, here and there, but generally it is only further out, on artificial land near Tokyo Bay, or some way to the west of Tokyo city, or outside Tokyo prefecture, between Tokyo city and Chiba city, in Chiba prefecture, that something like U.S.-style malls are to be found. I realise there is no definition of Tokyo city, I use it to denote the 23 wards, excepting new developments from Minato, Shinagawa, and Chiyoda wards.

      56. gotmituns says:
        @Dr. Robert Morgan

        Correct, you only “lose” if your initial intent was to win. It’s obvious now our intent was for Corporations to get contracts and move inventory. So, I guess that means we won. Corporations got plenty of contracts and moved plenty of inventory. I was a giant logistical success.

      57. Normally oblivious, even the New York Times couldn’t ignore this trend, “Chaos Strikes More Than a Dozen Malls, Disrupting Post-Christmas Shopping” [12-27-2016]. Of course, your “newspaper of record” couldn’t acknowledge that nearly all the “feuding teenagers” were black.

        Ah yes! Those ubiquitious–and oh-so-mysterious–teen rioters.

      58. Che Guava says:

        I forget Edo ward, not Chiyoda, is the other main one that has much artificial land. Parts of Chuo, too, but those are all pre-modern.

      59. Emslander says:

        America can only remake itself by going back to doing what’s normal. That means growing up sober, marrying and having children. The vast farmland of mid-America is vacant, except for the industrial agriculture, which doesn’t raise food, it raises government ethanol and subsidies for the rich. Real farming, like the Amish do, could support billions of people for thousands of years.

        If you think Yang is going to revive America with the distribution of printed wealth, you need a review of the hisory of the Weimar Republic and Brazil in the sixties.

        • Replies: @Twodees Partain
      60. JohnDoe52 says:

        “It was a magnet for dollar store browsers, broke assed idlers, the filthy homeless and often unruly high schoolers. Since fights would break out and arrests made, it was hardly a family destination.”

        Funny how this could double as an apt description of the current state of American public libraries. A recent article disclosed that libraries have actually started staffing professional social workers to help handle all the problems presented by poor and homeless, drug-addicted, mentally ill or otherwise dispossessed patrons.

        I’m looking forward to your next dispatch. Your articles are like a weather report just before the apocalypse.

      61. Jake says:

        “You’ll go home without any idea of how lonely, hopeless and angry the US has become.”

        Very true. White Americans now have virtually no sense of identity beyond being consumers and residents of the homeland of the Most Bestest Country Ever!

        White Americans no longer have identities that matter in daily life, that provide comfort and strength. They no longer have much of a meaningful sense of family, and what they have is based upon hating the white ancestors, hence it is actually a sense of anti-family. There must be no other allegiance that could rival total allegiance to the Yank WASP Empire, the Anglo-Zionist Empire.

        There is almost so sense of church as community anywhere, save in churches that are fiercely pro-Israel and/or anti-racist, and those ideologies are inorganic and thus false and at the heart of the problem.

        The American Elites have succeeded in creating a nation of half-zombies.

        • Agree: Jacques Sheete
      62. @Saira Rao

        Saira Rao, your vile post and several proud boy, poor white trash responses (victims all) are proof positive that the elite divide and rule strategy of identity politics is working perfectly.

      63. Truth says:
        @Igor Bundy

        It is pathetic isn’t it? Kind of like 10 year olds, at a Mexican birthday party.

      64. Mj says:

        Bigger breasts. But way more cellulite.

      65. @Dan Hayes

        Not really.

        The majority of VN’s population was born after the war. It’s history for them.

        The current Vietnamese leaders are all men & women, who were youngsters during the war and young parents during the lost decade of Socialist economic planning (1975 – 1987). They don’t want to see the suffering again. Furthermore they are the ones making the millions from Vietnam’s rise from the ashes.

        The seniors are just happy to see the country flourishing with new infrastructure, servives, jobs and much improved living standards for their children.

        The ones born between 1975 and 1990 had to endure hardship in their childhood. They are now the mid-level to junior managers/engineers, the small businessmen. No time for reflections if your the helmsman in everyday life.

        The kids born between 1990 and 2000 often saw their small backwater towns/province transform into resorts, industrial clusters. Where there is used to be not even a paved road, now there are new urban settlements. They can’t wait to jump into a drivers seat soon enough.

        The only ones I encountered, who were disappointed were:

        – the romantic-idealistic people, who don’t like the corruption, the lost of larger communal sense and the degradation of the enviroment. You know which type of people I’m talking about.

        – the greedy ones, who feel that their share of the pie is not big enough.

        – people in their 50s, who witnessed the last years of war and had to endure the lost decade as teens/twens, but were too old/too uneducated/too young/too unconnected to benefit from Vietnam’s growth arriving in their communities in the last two decades.

        Now if you are projecting the bitter American vet, who felt his sacrifice was for nothing, onto Vietnam than you are making a big mistake. The only ones, who might share such feelings are South-Vietnamese veterans of the Saigon regime. They have largerly emigrated or marginlized. Of those, who stayed in VN, many find personal comfort that thei overall improved living standard is arriving for the masses.

        You have to understand Vietnam started to reforms 32 years ago, not a few years ago.

        • Agree: Dan Hayes
        • Replies: @Dan Hayes
      66. Biff says:
        @Saira Rao

        To say you touched a nerve is an understatement. I read your post and threw it in the “so what” bin immediately. Others saw themselves in there somewhere – funny how you see it dished out in other directions around here all the time – some people are just too insecure to take it.

      67. Ajeoshi says:

        I think the future of a post-white America will somehow be reminiscent of SEA nowadays: a brutish ruthless layer of Chinese money and power lording over a patchwork of middling tribes precariously coexisting.

        If we are lucky and depending on the infrastructure, tech etc left behind by Joe Whitey we get Kuala Lumpur (where I am at the moment btw) otherwise the future will resemble one giant Manila.

        Gold help us all

        • Replies: @Jeff Stryker
      68. Ajeoshi says:
        @Che Guava

        Lotteria and the Lotte Corp. are Korean not Japanese.

        Most of their headquarters and operations are indeed in Korea where Lotte is known as one of the most powerful chaebol. If i remember correctly though the group was founded by a Zainichi in Japan as a Japanese company.

        • Replies: @Che Guava
      69. Richard B says:
        @Saira Rao

        TUR needs to add “JIDF Troll” to its AGREE/DISAGREE/ETC section.

        That was right out of the playbook.

        Just more Jewish Projection.

        Whites are the ONLY race in history who created a system that permited their authority to be criticized.

        No other race would even consider it – ever. Especially Jews.

        Which means they live in fear of being wrong.

        So they always have to believe themselves to be right.

        This explains their laughable and impossible to believe in Myth of Innocence.

        The MOI says “We never do anything wrong. Things are done to us.”

        No wonder they’ve never changed in 4,000 years.

        Same goes for their proxies.

        They’re vultures and parasites. When the host goes they’ll go.

        But not before turning on each other. A process already underway.

        But they’re literally so full of themselves they can’t see it and never will.

        Theirs will be a Pyrrchic Victory – at best.

        Their real enemy has always been Reality Itself.

        And that’s what distinguishes Whites above all other races, ie;

        That Whites have a stronger Drive Toward Reality.

        Whereas Jews and their Proxies have a strong Drive Toward “Belief”.

        The “belief” that they’re always right and everyone else is always wrong, especially Whites.

        They’re idiots. Beyond the surface smarts they’re basically hard-headed dumbbells.

      70. VFY says:

        Springfield Mall is rebuilt now, it’s called Springfield Town Center, with new restaurants, stores, and a movie theater. It’s still much less crowded than the rebuilt Tysons Corner Center.

      71. Richard B says:

        Good points Brutis.

        But this was no Black or Brown.

        This was a JIDF Troll.

        It’s the kind of comment written by a Troll under the employ of The ADL/SPLC/FBI.

        They’re everywhere.

        Part of the fun of being online is calling them out.

        They don’t see it coming and tend to give themselves away.

        Still, entertainment value aside, a truly loathsome bunch.

      72. Anon[353] • Disclaimer says:

        Great article. The lesson I took from this is to just live life on the surface. Cruise fun spots, direct your emotion and passion into sports and superficial pursuits. The less you know and think about the happy you’ll be. Money, sports, and pussy.

        Linh Dinh when his life involved cruising NoVA in his Mustang and following the M’s:

        Linh Dinh after he read a lot and contemplated the existential vacuum of life and American culture:

        • Replies: @TKK
      73. Escher says:

        Maybe these ads are affirmative action for whites in Vietnam.

      74. anonymous[191] • Disclaimer says:

        “The US is not broke. It issues its own currency so it can’t go broke.”

        Sorry to tell you that the US government hasn’t issued its own currency since 1913. It might print its own money but the Federal Reserve has “issues” the currency. The Fed is owned by a consortium of private banks and they loan their money from the big central bank the Bank for International Settlements based in Basel, Switzerland.

      75. Escher says:

        the country itself is worse than bankrupt, a fact that will become increasingly stark, stinking and messy well before the next Puppet-in-Chief is installed. With its manufacturing gone, the US could still hope to become a nation of wheat, corn and soybean peasants, but even that modest aim has been battered by unprecedented storms, droughts and an unblinking China.

        While I agree with the author on the long term trend, I don’t think we will see any kind of breakdown in 2020. And by the way, China does look like it is blinking.

        • Replies: @foolisholdman
      76. Richard B says:
        @Igor Bundy

        Saira Rao is a JIDF Troll.

        They’re always fun calling out.

        Takes a second.

        Silly to think a black or brown wrote that.

        The comment has Red Sea Pedestrian written all over it.

        Even sitting behind a computer in an air-conditiouned office under the employ of The ADL/SPLC/FBI they still can’t hide the hook.

      77. @Dr. Robert Morgan

        The US won nothing, because the US was only in supporting role.

        Imagine the Indochina conflict as a movie-trilogy:

        – The Communist Viet is the main character in all three episodes. He reached his goal in every part of the trilogy and the ongoing epilog.

        – The pro-Western Viet is the second main character. He loses bigtime. He loses everything.

        – The French character went from leading character in the prologue (French Indochina) to be villain in the first part of the trilogy.

        – The American character, who had a short screentime in the first part, reached none of his goals. The audience considers him the villain. He is shown in the epilog, but overall he is not that important. Fans of the actor might disaggree here.

        – The shadowy Chinese character, who played a minor role in all parts, is in some quarters the real twofaced figure. He could become the villain, if the studio makes a sequel/reboot.

        – The real winners, according to many movie-critics, are actually the two henchmen characters: the South-Korean & Japanese. In the ongoing epilog these two are shown to be bigtime winners alongside with the Communist Viet.


        If you read Linh Dinh’s columns, you might think the US runs the show in Vietnam, but this is far from truth. Hollywood and US-based Big Business might have some influence in Vietnam and a presence on the billboards. US Big Business wants to sell the “upper-middle-class living style” to the Vietnamse – at least the material aspects.

        But Vietnam is modelling itself more and more after its’ fellow Confucian societies, who already made the transistion from agricultural societies into industrial societies. They have a massive presence & influence. On all levels – in all sectors.

        Not a single American musician has the cloud that even some C-List Korean popband have in Vietnam.

        The average Vietnamese worker hasn’t got the money to go the multiplex cinemas to watch American movies, but after a hardworking day in the factory he/she turns on the TV/smartphone and watches some Korean/Japanese soap-opera.

        Average Joe in the US gains nothing besides a few cheap trinklets, but lost factory jobs & runs a trade-deficit.

        • Replies: @Jeff Stryker
        , @GMC
      78. @Saira Rao

        What’cha gonna’ do when the White mans welfare checks stop? You gonna’ have to get off your lazy ass and earn a living? Good luck with that, maybe you can push a little ice cream cart around, you know, the ones with the little bells.

        I do agree White Liberals/Commies are the dumbest creatures on the face of the earth. Not one other species works for the destruction of its own kind.

        • Replies: @Jeff Stryker
      79. “Hardly” cannot be used to modify a negative in English: e.g., “won’t be hardly ” and “without buying hardly anything” are both ungrammatical. This error ruins the flow of your writing in this piece IMHO.

      80. America, Skynyrd tried to warn us so long ago..

      81. Peeps need a Troll-Vaxx …

      82. @Ajeoshi


        It is always good to hear from you, my Italian expat bro. You don’t post enough and you bring a particular insight that is refreshing. Last I heard you were in Korea.

        • Replies: @Ajeoshi
      83. @Another German Reader

        Vietnam is Buddhist, not Confucian. That is China and Korea.

      84. @Johnny Walker Read


        Rao is South Indian, not Mexican or black.

        • Replies: @Johnny Walker Read
      85. glueballs says:
        @Che Guava

        You should visit the multi-level shopping complex at Roppongi Hills Mori Tower. If that isn’t a large shopping mall, I do not know what to say. Right in the heart of Tokyo.

      86. @Wally

        In every instance where blacks & browns are in great numbers, and / or control the governments of cities, counties, regions, states, countries, & continents we see

        Long story short.: We typically see what we want to see.


        • Replies: @Wally
      87. Whiteness sells because Whites are generally more ostentatious and outgoing than naturally reserved Asians who yearn to be a bit more colorful and to have more fun.

        Likewise, Blackness sells because Blacks are the most unreserved and outgoing of all the races. Whites sees this and think of it as freedom from the confines of traditional European mores. As a teenager in a predominantly Black school, I would listen to various exploits of my African classmates and would think why can’t my people be like that? Why can’t we White people have fun like the Blacks? As an adult, I know why.

        • Replies: @Anonymous
        , @Onebelowall
      88. TKK says:

        Wow! What a contrast.

        Look at the reading material:

        Hard Times
        On Killing
        Upside Down
        Occupying Wall Street

        Perhaps we should eat, drink and be merry, because when we are all in our inevitable DIRT NAPS ( hurtling toward us at a ferocious speed)-

        What will any of this matter? Perhaps Epicurus was right.

        Mr.Linh, I hope living in VN brings you joy. America is in, what I call- SLIPPAGE.
        Dying by a billion cuts, and someone we don’t know, someone pitiless and unseen, has signed a NDR behind our backs.

        The Epstein charade has forced even the most complacent citizen to realize that we are grist for the mill of that club to which we will never belong.

        Your writing is a tonic, the more I read the more I appreciate it. But to analyze America is akin to being Sisyphus in a garbage dump.

      89. GMC says:

        I’ve thought the same, and I was there in 70-71 and I’m going back this yr. for my first time – 49 yrs. ago. By 71, most of us knew it was a BS war so we did our tour . My Colonel was a good guy and he was with us 100%. Many of us had a yr. or so in college already – we felt no hate for these people and treated them, as best we could – it was a war going on. I’m going to try to look up Mr. Dinh. I also noticed that my good friend and neighbor, where I live now, was in Nam too – Russian Army – while I was in the American Army we were paid by the same bankers. Vietnam’s Central bank is Rothschilds. I live in Crimea . Spacibo Unz Review

      90. Nodwink says:
        @Che Guava

        the stupid Olympics


        • LOL: Che Guava
      91. @Jeff Stryker

        Matters not to me. He/She or whatever the f*ck that entity is can kiss my hairy white ass. These SJW/commies are the most racist group of people one will ever find.

        • Agree: TKK
      92. GMC says:
        @Another German Reader

        Better have a look at who owns the Central Bank of Vietnam last time I looked it was Mr. Rothschild. In other words , my good Russian friend, Lev, that was in Nam , at the same time I was in Nam { American army} got paid by the same – Bankers. CCCP Gov were Zionist oligarchs too. Took me awhile to research this so ….Germany knew this CCCP Gov. in the 30s- also – Hitler was pretty smart about the Zionists. Spacibo Unz Review

      93. Wally says:
        @Jacques Sheete

        Keep on pretending, sucker.

        You cannot show us where it’s wrong.

      94. @TKK

        Well put, and I totally AGREE..

      95. The more appropriate title would be: Selling global consumer culture which has, historically, white face

      96. Angharad says:
        @Saira Rao

        Saira- Trump is a Jew.

        A Mischling Jew. America has been co-opted by Jews. They control every insitution in America.

        When Whites are gone- you’ll be left with are implacable Jews and Chinese rulers, and each other.


        • Replies: @Anonymous
      97. Alex says:

        I enjoy reading Linh much like I enjoyed watching the show COPS while in college when it made me feel good not to be one of the tattoed, jobless, bare-chested idiots who kept getting arrested. I guess he helps me experience hopelessness vicariously from the comfort of my couch…

        Having said this though, I drive to Baltimore and Philly quite often, I used to live in Long Island and I walked all over Queens and Brooklyn and while I saw pockets of poverty, I also saw tons of amazing places and I was never mugged in all my thousands of miles of urban hikes in the US. I walked from Philly to Camden to see the USS New Jersey, I even took my 8 year old son there once as there are nice places in even in NJ… I park by the shot tower in Baltimore and while there are lots of homeless people there, I enjoy Fells Point and Federal Hill quite a bit. Same with Philly, Pittsburgh and the hundreds of smaller towns I visited.

        This reminds me of how my american literature professor used to categorize writers;

        Romantics describe birds, flowers and the beautiful clouds but the don’t see the garbage cans lined up in the alley.

        Realists describe the clouds, the flowers and the birds but they mention the garbage cans.

        Naruralists open the lid of the closest garbage can and describe its contents….

        Next to Linh, naturalists are inveterate optimists…

      98. Anon2020 says:
        @Saira Rao

        You are quite right Ms. Rao. Whites are plain evil. Trump and his evil supporters are making this country unsafe for all blacks and browns. You should pack up your whole family and move back to the paradise that is India, where you will never encounter any racism, sexism or bigotry of any sort; more importantly, where you can be master of your own brown universe, perhaps becoming the next prime minister of India.

        Hurry on back now. Don’t let the door hit you on the way out.

        • Agree: bruce county
        • Replies: @Druid
      99. sasu says:
        @Saira Rao

        Actually, Saira Rao is a real person, though “troll” is an apt description.Yet another opportunistic ingrate child of immigrant parents. Decided to run for Congress in Colorado and couldn’t believe it when her anti-white platform didn’t play well. Backfired, in fact.

      100. @Saira Rao

        “America hates poor people, Black people, brown people, gay people, trans people. Muslim people, Jewish people, disabled people. There are too many”. Period.

        There.. I fixed it for you.

      101. Anon2020 says:

        Interesting, the Whites on Vietnamese ads. In Europe and US, the coloured people, black and brown, show in ads far above their actual proportion in the population.

        Ads featuring blacks and browns will never sell in Asia. They associate blacks and browns with poverty and diseases. Only in the cucked white world do we worship the blacks and browns.

        • Replies: @Maowasayali
      102. @Saira Rao

        A Muslim chick sporting a Hindu name. Nothing is more fake than that.

        • Replies: @anon
      103. Anon2020 says:
        @Jeff Stryker

        Much of America’s “soft power” came from pop culture perpetuated by Hollywood, then further amplified through commercialization of American products peddled through these movies, TV shows and music — Coca-Cola, fast food, sneakers, hoodies. American cities are made out to be much more glamorous than they really are. Beautiful white megastars help whip up white worship the world over.

        However, now that Hollywood is starting to show more “diverse” casts in its movies, its influence will decline, bringing with it white worship. The rest of the world do not view blacks and browns as equals of whites, no matter how hard Hollywood peddles it. Which is why Hollywood is peddling rap music through its movies. Jews got American whites to worship blacks with pro sports, jazz, gospel and now rap. We will see how much Asians fall for the same. Most Asians still think of blacks as violent, stupid, lazy and poor, but their youth seem to have taken to rap, tattoos and graffiti, which is a tragedy.

        When Hollywood dies, so will America’s soft power. And Hollywood is certainly committing a slow suicide, each new show sinks deeper into sexual depravity with all the LGBTQ madness.

        • Agree: Druid
        • Replies: @Ajeoshi
      104. @Saira Rao

        You can kiss my ass, and then go lose another primary.

      105. Che Guava says:

        Thank you.
        You may well be correct. My impresssion is based on seeing the Lotte empire in Seoul years ago, not on a detailed knowledge of the corporate history. It is certainly much bigger than any of their operations in Japan (except, pehaps, confectionaries).

        It is (and long has been) a mainly Korean company. For junk food, I would alwayv prefer Lotteria to McDonalds.

        OTOH, I try to minimise eating of junk food.
        Only eat it in winter, really.

        • Replies: @Ajeoshi
      106. Anon2020 says:
        @Che Guava

        I noticed in Japan as elsewhere in Asia, the mall is where you go to get the best food, in a nice temperature controlled setting. In America, the food in the mall is the worst, still mostly disgusting greasy fast food. American mall operators still don’t get that food is what draws people to the mall.

        • Replies: @Che Guava
        , @Anonymous
      107. @Si1ver1ock

        ” The US is not broke. It issues its own currency so it can’t go broke.”

        Unless that’s sarcasm, you’re uninformed about money. Issuing money backed by nothing always results in the destruction the the monetary unit via the loss of value of that monetary unit. When the money has lost 95% of its value, it’s effectively all over for the usd.

        We reached that point around 2009. We’re now at 98%, +/-. When it really takes off, you’ll need $500 trillion to buy a taco at a sidewalk stand.

      108. Durruti says:

        Yes, Epicurus,

        Yes, well written comment.

        Yes, I agree….. mostly, with all due respect,

        Dying by a billion cuts,

        Yes we are. Yes our Country. Yes our History. Our spirit is wounded. We are taking a beating.

        I exist. Have children, grands, My Ex, girlfriend, ex girlfriends, buddies, students,

        I have hope while I breathe. I’ll never surrender.


      109. RobRich says: • Website
        @Nicolás Palacios Navarro

        What former Soviet ‘republic’ is this?

        • Replies: @Commentator Mike
      110. @Emslander

        All good points, Emslander, especially :

        “Real farming, like the Amish do, could support billions of people for thousands of years.”

        The vapid little outbursts from the Yangtards and their ilk just point out how ignorant of economics most people are.

      111. Alfred says:

        A lady friend who is “hôtesse de l’air” with Air France posted a recent advert for cabin staff on FB. You can take a look:

        Air France Recruitment Advert

      112. Thomm says:

        I am amazing at how many WN wiggers fell for the most obvious troll comment of all time – #3 from ‘Saira Rao’ aka Tiny Duck.

      113. utu says:
        @Nicolás Palacios Navarro

        Go to rural New England and you will be even more impressed with cleanliness.

      114. Anon2020 says:

        Yang’s Freedom Dividend and other policies offer a chance for an American Renaissance.

        And where is that money going to come from? Are we just going to give it to anyone who walks across the border, as we surely will or the left will be crying foul, or with massive fraud. The Dems already want to give free healthcare and free education to all illegals, this will only follow.

        Meanwhile, Yang also wants maximum importation of “skilled” labor, i.e. any Chindian who can fog a mirror.

        Rather than being America’s savior with his short-sighted policy, Yang will hasten America’s demise.

      115. Che Guava says:

        I know the place, and have passed through there many times, never stopping, it is a shopping place, but nothing like a shopping mall.

        Seriously, you have a good-hearted reply, and much appreciated, but a space like that is nothing like a mall, it is an attempt to extend the luxury hotels above to swindle the people changing trains below. Of course, I admire the desgn and architecture to some extent, it would be a great place for a certain new kind of zombie movie, since many of the people there now are already, in some sense, zombies.

        I also wonder how it does in an earthquake, sure, in the last big one (coinciding with the big wave), those buildings all remained standing, a testament to our building rules. One architect had been arrested, and several buildings condemned *before* the quake.
        Still, people in those tall buildings were almost thrown around like dolls.

        I prefer the low-rise Tokyo of my childhood and youth, Even the -5 (our scale, I suppose 5 Richter scale) off Fukushima last week, made things crash and clang in my third-floor office.

      116. Che Guava says:

        No, you get the best food in more old-style places.

      117. Radish says:
        @Dan Hayes

        Topical to your comment: one time at the Ace Hardware bargain bin area I saw a “U.S. Air Force” hat. I looked at the tag on the inside. “Made in Vietnam”.

        Imagine the worker sewing these hats with the logo of the source of thousands of tons of bombs dropped on her country. It’s a hell of an item. Topics of globalism and war and, just, amazing irony.

      118. @RobRich

        I would assume Byelorussia. I’ve never been but everybody who has says that it’s extremely neat, clean and tidy.

        • Replies: @Republic
      119. @Biff

        I can attest to the superiority of the Paleo, Keto, Atkins Diet. Along this line, the best oils are peanut, avocado (highest usable temperature), and olive oil. Stay away from palm and canola, oils. Eschew carbohydrates and sugar, to an extreme. Your overall health will improve across the board. I lost 45 pounds without dieting. Amazing results.

        Check it out for yourself.

      120. Vietnam – such a beautiful country with such beautiful people

      121. @Kenny

        All you say is true, Kenny. But all former empires have collapsed from within. Internal rot, not external enemies are and probably destroy the America we know. What remains after the collapse and sequestrations will be quite different. But collapse it will, and the blood will flow.

      122. Hossein says:
        @Twodees Partain

        Palm oul is horrible for health and also it’s production has contributed greatly to deforestaion and other environmental hazard.

        • Agree: Commentator Mike
        • Replies: @Twodees Partain
      123. Will says:

        “Son of a lawyer, Kelvin is now a real estate agent in Dallas. He married his college sweetheart, with whom he lost his virginity. So much for black sexual precocity.”

        Since when do exceptions/outliers disprove averages for the group? Time for a statistics refresher, Riceman.

      124. @Si1ver1ock

        There is no dark side of America, there is only the Black Hole of depravity that is America.

        Thinking Yang’s Freedom Dividend is anything except DEATH THROES makes me know the desolation is complete. America remakes itself as a singularity of the gravity of greed and indolence.

      125. Republic says:
        @Commentator Mike

        Last Dictator in Europe

        • Replies: @Parbes
      126. Punisher says:
        @Saira Rao

        The death of white America is the death of America. If it wasn’t for white Americans thinking outside the box and inventing things like the internet, Facebook and being the first on the moon America would not be a superpower. Black people have never contributed or invented anything to make this country a superpower. Once America stops being a superpower and have the world’s currency it will collapse

        • Replies: @utu
      127. utu says:

        Once America stops being a superpower and have the world’s currency it will collapse

        This might be a good outcome for Europeans.

        • Replies: @Ajeoshi
        , @Jeff Stryker
      128. @Hossein

        Let me guess; you prefer lard, right?

      129. Can anyone tell me if this is some new UNZ policy or hackers at play, or what?

        Too Much Commenting on This Thread. Take a Break.

      130. but you don’t have to be an urban mall employee to know that mall disturbances, including shoplifting flash mobs and even riots, are no longer unusual in America.

        Same goes for Hong Kong.

      131. Parbes says:

        Bravo – you just slandered one of the few sane and stable national leaders in Europe today with the exact same stupid epithet used by neocons, Anglo-Zionists and the globalist “liberal” immigration-lovin’, “Holocaust”-worshippin’, Atlanticist fanatics of the tyrannical EU. I bet you also think that “Putin is a thug”, don’t you?

        People like you with unreconstructed minds still unable to get over the Cold War brainwashing, three decades after it ended, are THE PROBLEM in the so-called “white nationalist” movement in the U.S. today. With your mentality, you will never get anything accomplished for the endangered white nations and societies in North America or Europe; you will only HOBBLE.


      132. pdb says:

        Linh, you are a funny guy. And an actual journalist! (We have 5-6 of those in the USA)
        I have to read more of your stuff…

        • Replies: @old smokey
      133. Weave says:

        If only they were all Clarence Thomas there wouldn’t be a problem.

        • Replies: @Realist
      134. Weave says:

        This post made my week. Bless you.

      135. @Parbes

        Maybe you’re right about Republic’s intention but I took his statement as a compliment of the way that country is run.

        • Replies: @Parbes
      136. Ajeoshi says:
        @Che Guava

        hehe I would say in the seemingly eternal (and at times slightly comedic) quarrel between Japan and Korea, when it comes to food the Japanese way is preferable.

        To be entirely honest I’m really not a fan of the Rising Sun munchies but their approach to food is way healthier. Korea has way too much junk food, too much meat, too much fried stuff, too many snacks and a rather Westernized approach to food consumerism.

        As a result there’s an appalling obesity epidemic visible among a large segment of pre-teen and teenage population in Korea, which on the other hand seems to me a non-existent phenomenon in Japan

      137. Ajeoshi says:

        Provided that by that time there will still be anything recognizable as historical Europe left.

      138. Ajeoshi says:

        their youth seem to have taken to rap, tattoos and graffiti, which is a tragedy.

        I confirm that, the negroification/hollyweirdification of Chinese and Korean (an Malay and Filipino) youth is appalling in both speed and depth. Japan seems a bit more immune but I may be royally wrong, maybe some of the Unz Japanophile column can chime in on the subject.


        Thailand appears to be a slightly more insular culture, despite the enormous number of foreigners living there. Maybe because in terms of sexual degeneracy the local entertainment output is second to none.

      139. Parbes says:
        @Commentator Mike

        Doesn’t seem like that to me. But if it really is, then he should have made himself clearer and less cryptic.

      140. @Saira Rao

        White women don’t belong to you and are not your breeding stock, you arrogant manbeast. Women who choose to remain childless choose themselves and do not hurt society. We will not breed in a race war. I don’t necessarily endorse mating with persons of color, but choosing to remain free of children is a great choice for any woman. There is no point in being the white man’s slave and giving up your own freedom and development. So if you want white mothers, you’d better pay them for that labor at the very least. You expect women to breed for free? Not going to happen anymore. Reproduction is economic production and needs to be compensated. F8ck that. Won’t happen!

        • Replies: @Jeff Stryker
        , @Druid
      141. @Saira Rao

        The main beef I have is that Linh Dinh doesn’t apparently know what a white person looks like. Those people in the ads are NOT white. They’re modeling Western advertising. Those people are not white and are not portraying whiteness. How did this get posted here?! Stupid!

        • Replies: @mcohen
        , @Republic
      142. @utu


        Why would it matter for Europeans when their continent is a caliphate?

        Now that African and ME refugees have replaced the American GI’s in Germany and the US military is largely gone is Germany a safer and better place?

        If Sweden is now thrust into rape and anarchy does the influence of the US have any component?

      143. @Jayne Says


        From a white male Gen X perspective, this is fine. Many Gen X males will leave the US for retirement and resettle in Asia or Eastern Europe depending on our savings. We can have families and homes there.

        But a fair number of Gen X and Gen Y women will have little in retirement. No kids. No husband whom they managed to extract alimony or community property from. No nothing.

        Phoebe from FRIENDS today would be over fifty years old and still hanging around the Central Perk. No husband’s savings to spend, no college age children to look after her, nothing. Males no longer find her quirkiness an attractive conquest.

        Women get a great deal in exchange for access to their vaginas. They get a house, a man’s savings, children to look after them in old age, pensions, insurance payouts.

        Let me put it in Gen X terms. Joey and Phoebe from FRIENDS were born in 1968 and 1966 respectively. They’d be in their early fifties today.

        Joey can always move to Belarus or Philippines and start anew. Marry a 20 year old. Have children. Start a survival business. Buy cheap property.

        Phoebe would be 53. The quirkiness that is sexy in a young woman curdles into churlish eccentricity in middle age. She is no longer an attractively evasive and independent young woman-she’s a weird spinster. She could never accept the fundamental bio-social transaction of her vagina for a house, a family, a man’s salary, his pension, his insurance policy.

        So she is alone with little resources. She cannot up and move to Philippines or Belarus like older males can and simply start anew.

        The black and Hispanics are extraordinarily fecund. The US is becoming more and more like Brazil. The middle-class ennui that produced Gen X and grunge and Ethan Hawke is gone-today Ethan Hawke would be a whigger rather than a brooding slacker.

        White males can take off. Liquidate and move on to other countries. As the US gets worse and worse, more and more will do so.

        And then Gen X women will be trapped in Favelas.

        • Replies: @Druid
      144. @Anon2020

        True that. But you left out the obvious fact that black is associated with dirt and grime.

        Read the Youtube comments below this (((racist))) advert for laundry detergent from China and you’d be surprised just how many people are not “cucked”.

        I think they call it “negro fatigue syndrome”, which, according to the Jews, is the “new antisemitism”. LOL

        • LOL: Biff
        • Replies: @Commentator Mike
      145. Ajeoshi says:
        @Jeff Stryker

        Thanks bro, I’m currently on holiday in KL, not much of a vacation though as all the seagull excrement going on in Asia at the moment is keeping me glued to the phones and laptops half of the time.

        By the way BIG TIME islamification visible in what was once known as laid-back, fun, Islam-lite Malaysia

        • Replies: @Commentator Mike
      146. Druid says:

        India, the rape capital of the world. And now, they’ve got Modi for ruler destroying the average piss- ant

      147. S says:

        As you probably realise, they want to ‘mix’ the Vietnamese away racially, something the powers that be are obsessed with doing just about everywhere and with everyone. The idea being, as The London Times once gently put it regarding rebellious Irish, to make your people ‘more mixed’, ‘more docile’, and which ‘can submit to a master’.

        From their vantage, they’ve got to start somewhere with this process. Being that the Vietnamese have had more contact historically with Europeans (ie French and Anglo-Saxonish US), as opposed to say Africans or Middle Easterners, it makes sense they’d work with that first.

        All this psychological preperatory work will pay off for them when someday (if they can swing it as they have recently done with Japan) they can force upon the Vietnamese imported wage slaves, ie so called ‘cheap labor’/mass immigration, the economic and political basis of the multi-cultural society.

        By the way, as harsh as it may sound, the Vietnamese were right to follow their natural self preserving instincts, and not accept the ‘Amer-Asian’ children left behind by US service members after the Vietnam War.

        Had they been allowed to stay in Vietnam the United States simply would have cynically and shamelessly used them under the cover of copious amounts of crocodile tears as a divide and conquer, divide and rule, ‘minority’ wedge against the 99.99 percent plus population of the historic Asiatic Vietnamese people.

      148. Druid says:
        @Jayne Says

        I recognise you. You’re a white woman!!!!’

      149. @Maowasayali

        Also in Asia whiteness in associated with beauty and black with ugliness. They never bought that slogan “Black is beautiful”. The model on the right in the photo of the ad Linh Dinh opened his piece with looks more Eurasian than white. Eurasians are also popular in in the modelling and pop business in Southeast Asia.

      150. @Ajeoshi


        Interesting about Malaysia. Maybe it’s their way of resisting westernised globohomo. After all their own identitarianism would have a muslim flavour. On the other hand I see that 70,000 people attended the Manila Pride Parade. What has the church done to resist globo homo there, and the Philippines is officially a Catholic country?

        • Replies: @UrbaneFrancoOntarian
      151. Dan Hayes says:
        @Another German Reader

        Another German Reader:

        Thanks for your very thorough and much appreciated response to my query. From it I certainly was presented with the current Vietnam situation!

      152. mcohen says:
        @Jayne Says

        I agree silly mistake for a supposedly well travelled man.Most whites i know are no different to other races.A few good looks and the rest average.
        Each to his own.Give a dog a bone.
        European white man has for so long been ahead of the game it is no wonder there is jealously and resentment.
        What i find terri terri terrifying is when asia starts to thrash its self to death from over population and the have nots tear it all down.
        Watch hong kong.This is a harbringer of times ahead when china fails and the long march seems like childs play.
        When the dragon bites onto its own tail the head will come off.

        • Replies: @foolisholdman
        , @denk
      153. @Commentator Mike


        They are all Eurasian locals-mostly the children of European men and local women. I’ve known a few whites whose kids were in show business in Philippines.

        Eurasian looks are preferred.

        If you were to Google Philippines or Thai actors you’d find that many are the children of white men.

        Of course in the Philippines Eurasians have been a substantial group for hundreds of years. Spanish Mestizos are powerful and influential in the Philippines.

      154. blamar says:

        LOL, 419. When I was stationed in ITALY, my Italian friends always wanted me to bring godawful-nasty “pizzas” from the American PX. And tasteless (probably frozen for 3 years) American ice cream from the Commissary. -I guess it was just so different from what they were used to? Yes, some things…like American Marlboros or steaks from the Commissary were much better than you could find in Italy. —But pizza and ice cream????

      155. Truth says:
        @Commentator Mike

        The one with the massive “eve’s apple?”

        Yeah, coumd be Eurasian.

      156. Anonymous[664] • Disclaimer says:

        Whiteness sells because Whites are generally more ostentatious and outgoing than naturally reserved Asians who yearn to be a bit more colorful and to have more fun.

        Yes and, unlike blacks, Whites remain high functioning and have a proven history of creating world shaking civilizations. The top Whites can even beat Asians at their own game, by being more creative and continually churning out world leading technologies.

        The other reason is that Asian countries only see the Whites that either made it onto the media, or had enough initiative to leave their own country. So with the exception of Thailand (which is full of alcoholic sex fiend expats), most Asian countries get an overall positive impression.

      157. Anonymous[664] • Disclaimer says:

        When Whites are gone- you’ll be left with are implacable Jews and Chinese rulers, and each other.

        Chinese will outnumber the Jews, which means the Jewish evolutionary strategy will be to send out their jewesses to marry successful Chinese men and, with their children, create an inner caste of Jewish Chinese to run mind games on the rest.

        • Replies: @Maowasayali
      158. Anonymous[664] • Disclaimer says:

        Street food can be way better than standardised mall fare, but you need local knowledge to know which are good and which are not. Sometimes you even need to know when the family members change shift because one brother can cook and one can’t!

      159. @Lockean Proviso

        Robots in China become sentient, destroy humanity.
        THE End?

        Dunno. Could be the beginning of an intelligent civilization.

        • Replies: @HallParvey
      160. @Escher

        China does look like it is blinking.

        Blinking? China is fantastically busy and has stats that most governments would celebrate. Dream on, little matey!

      161. @foolisholdman

        When that happens, will the new planetary rulers worship their creators?

        • Replies: @foolisholdman
      162. denk says:

        you don’t have to be an urban mall employee to know that mall disturbances, including shoplifting flash mobs and even riots, are no longer unusual in America.

        Normally oblivious, even the New York Times couldn’t ignore this trend, “Chaos Strikes More Than a Dozen Malls,

        HOng KOng is burning.
        Air traffic total shut down, subway paralised.
        Molotov cocktails flying.
        Gene Sharp’s swarming adolecents attacking police, ransacking court houses, invading police stations….

        Courtesy of the world’s no 1 shit stirrer.

        The Smoking gun…

        Senior murkkan consulate official,
        aka the resident murkkan shit stirrer, Julie Eadeh, was caught red handed giving instructions to HK ‘freedom fighters’ Joshua Wong and his cohorts in a hotel suite.

        If you think uncle scam would be embarrassed,
        you dont know the sob !

        From the horse mouth….

        State Department spokeswoman Morgan Ortagus

        ‘Whats all these fuss ?
        Everybody knows that our shit stirrers, er, ‘diplomats’ do this kind of shit every single day around the world.
        Our diplomat was doing her job and we commend her for her work,”

        I kid you not , this is what the sob says,
        check it up if you dont believe.

      163. @mcohen

        Watch hong kong.This is a harbringer of times ahead when china fails and the long march seems like childs play.

        Hong Kong is a ‘classic’ color revolution*. I don’t know how it will play out but it will, for certain, not result in a regime change. Not in Hong Kong, still less in China.

        *Complete with Victoria Nuland analog. (“This is the sort of thing our diplomats do every day.” State department spokesperson.)

      164. @HallParvey

        When that happens, will the new planetary rulers worship their creators?

        Who knows? Maybe (I would hope) they will have more sense than to worship anyone or anything.

      165. On Alcoholic Sex Addicts in Asia

        To me prostitution is better than the teenage girl down the street raped by a stiff penis with no conscience. The prostitute has her commodity, which is hers and hers alone, and has her money.

        This is better than a teenager girl’s parents coping with a teenager who has to live down a trauma.

        The police don’t have a case and the taxpayer is not supporting some guy in prison for umpteen years.

        You don’t have angry bitter young woman seduced by some man who puffed himself up to get laid who wants nothing to do with her or some kid he impregnated her with whose life is ruined as the court system pursues him for money he does not want to pay.

        Most American women don’t want to see their undesirable SMV downgraded more. So they refer to males who move to Asia as “losers” who have to pay for sex.

        But prostitution does a community good.

        Ajeoshi, like myself, is married in Asia and like myself he probably does not use prostitutes. He has no need to do so.

        However, he would agree.

      166. denk says:

        This is a CIA/MI6/Soros joint op.

        Pelosi gloating over their handiwork…

        ‘What a marvelous sight,

        She was looking at the image of those
        swarming adolescents.

        Are you popping a champagne for the
        drama too ?

        • Replies: @mcohen
      167. @Anonymous

        So far it’s the other way around: successful Jewish men marrying ugly Chinese women and their offsprings are called “Chibrews” (Chinese + Hebrew) lol

        • Replies: @Truth
      168. Republic says:

        Lukashenko is a thug, a humorless dictator who murders political opponents by having them shot in the back of the head; he’s imprisoned and tortured thousands and rigs “elections” crudely but effectively.

        The place is like North Korea, sealed off from the West. Until very recently it was very difficult to get a visa to that place.

        I have been all over the world and like to visit exotic countries but could only get a transit visa to Belarus.

        If one would like to see what life was like in the USSR, go to Belarus.

        A few years ago two American Balloonists on a round the world flight were shot down and killed by a Mig when their balloon drifted into Belorussian airspace.

        I lived for several years in a neighboring country and worked with many of their talented citizens.

        • Replies: @Parbes
      169. Republic says:

        Malaysia is a really nice country. A low cost of living with a interesting culture of three races. You might have heard of the Kuala Lunpur war crimes tribunal where Bush was indicted for war crimes. The West had two of its planes destroyed in retaliation

      170. Republic says:
        @Jayne Says

        Those people are called white monkeys in China.

        Used in advertisements and even business deals, when a white backpacker is given a good suit and he pretends that he is a local business director of a local company.

        local “Monkey protectors” get them jobs for a 20% commission. Going rate is around $120-150 a day.

        • Replies: @Maowasayali
      171. TMG says:

        Thanks so much for the serendipitous blast from the past. I grew up in Springfield and Annandale and frequented the local malls as you did though probably a bit earlier as I graduated from Annandale High School in 1976. I can remember the opening of Springfield Mall a few years before that as well as the opening of Tyson’s Corner Mall even earlier. I have very many fond memories of Friday or Saturday nights at Springfield Mall with my band of teenage knuckleheads going to the movies or hanging out at the Time Out Arcade. We saw many of the great 70s disaster flicks there such as Jaws, Earthquake and The Towering Inferno. Wakefield Park was another great hangout. Again, I can remember it’s opening. The park and the REC center were just a slight detour from the bicycle trek around Accotink Lake, a loop I rode innumerable times well into my twenties.
        I moved to the Fredericksburg area in 91 and haven’t been to Springfield Mall in 25 years or more. I hear it has changed a great deal and it ain’t what it used to be. An old, old friend recently commented to me about that mall that our voices still hung in the rafters despite its decline. I’m thinking now that a pilgrimage to Springfield Mall in the near future is in order. Thanks again for stirring up the memories.

        • Replies: @Mr McKenna
      172. Parbes says:

        No, you slandering liar – Lukashenko is one of the few sane, independent, and non-Russophobic leaders in the sorry declining continent of Europe today, who has kept his country from becoming another US-EU ass-kissing vassal state so far. I’m sure you think that the Ukraine and Baltic repubs of today are great places with great leaders – right?

        “I have been all over the world and like to visit exotic countries but could only get a transit visa to Belarus.”

        So if a country refuses to grant Your Highness (or other dubious Westerners like you) more than a transit visa, that automatically makes them a…bad nation “cut off from the world” blah blah blah! OK, got it. Great, super-objective, super-logical yardstick for evaluating a nation, dude – I’m really impressed (!) WHO THE FUCK do you think you are?? You sound like the stereotypical globalist asshole, man – or rather, like a typical hyperarrogant, self-centered, cretinous American Cold War “commie-bashin’ right-wing conservative” dinosaur, which is of course what you are.

        Actually in today’s world, any nation that desires to stay socially, culturally and politically healthy and stable NEEDS to isolate itself as much as possible from all the toxic influences and destabilization coming from the West, by carefully limiting contact with “Westerners” – and especially “Americans” – to a carefully vetted few. If Belarus and North Korea are doing that, then good for them.

        Like I said in my previous comment – the so-called “white nationalist” movement in the U.S. today is unlikely to get anywhere, or accomplish anything for the endangered white populations of North America or Europe, so long as it is chock-full of unreconstructed, fanatical Cold War troglodytes like you whose main loyalty is to strident anti-communism, anti-Sovietism, anti-Chicommism etc. and “American” domination, above all. You characters are deadwood that simply needs to be retired, or die off.

        • Replies: @Republic
        , @Peter Akuleyev
      173. @Ajeoshi

        Same thing in Toronto

        Asians of all stripes are aping the ghetto black culture, bumping to rap, “fucking bitches”, getting tattoos, wearing earrings, etc. Their level of consumerism is absolutely horrific; spending hundreds or thousands of dollars on clothes to “flex”, I’m assuming on white people (I suspect this comes from an inferiority complex). You get the impression that all Asians are rich. True, many of them are, but you really think the Filipino in $500 Yeezys can afford it?

        The one group that seems immune to this are Japanese. Don’t know if it’s because they’ve been in Canada and established roots for much longer. Also, 90% are at least 25% mixed with white.

        But I say let them live out their delusions, pushed on them by the J-media. It lowers their fertility and that’s perfectly fine with me. We just have to deal with a bunch of yellow men thinking it impresses us when they rev their engines at a red light.

        • Replies: @Truth
      174. @Commentator Mike

        Is following Arabized Islam (Saudi Arabia) really a rejection of Globohomo?

        I’m sure to an average Malay, it is.

        But we know better.

        • Replies: @Commentator Mike
      175. mcohen says:

        Love chinese denk chinese.especially chinese dumplings.
        China like hardball economic want eat eat fuck fuck baby baby more more.

        No denkie

        • Replies: @denk
      176. Republic says:

        sorry to learn about your mental disorder. Really hope that you can get help soon. I understand that Belarus has free psycho treatment.

        If you go there please give my best regards to your buddy Lukashenko

        Maybe that mental hospital in Minsk has internet so you can continue to post on Unz

        • Replies: @Parbes
      177. Realist says:

        If only they were all Clarence Thomas there wouldn’t be a problem.

        True, but the vast majority are not.

      178. Linh Dinh says: • Website
        @Dan Hayes

        Hi Dan,

        You may find this grimly amusing. In 1961, the National Liberation Front published a platform that included this item, “Combat all forms of culture and education enslaved to Yankee fashions; develop a culture and educatifon that is national, progressive, and at the service of the Fatherland and people.”


        • Replies: @Dan Hayes
      179. Dan Hayes says:
        @Linh Dinh

        Hi Linh,

        So sad in light of the sacrifices that had originally been made. And let it be noted that I am no fan of the Viet Cong, but brave men and their sacrifices must be recognized and honored!

        It sadly reminds me of what happened in Ireland following their overthrow of the Crown. There they also valiantly resisted for a while, a prime example of their staying out of World War II and being England’s cannon fodder. But eventually they too succumbed to the blandishments of the zeitgeist, becoming an EU lackey. But everyone’s having a good time, so who cares (except for a few benighted retrogrades!).

        • Replies: @Linh Dinh
      180. Parbes says:

        Har har har so very funny… Meanwhile just keep on keepin’ on wit’ dat neocon exceptionalism and NATO hegemonism, cowboy, shatting remorselessly on Belarus and any other place that hasn’t gone full Atlanticist/globohomo yet… Yah, dat’s what’s gonna MAWGA (Make American Whites Great Again), mannn!

      181. Linh Dinh says: • Website
        @Dan Hayes

        Hi Dan,

        It’s very predictable, really. Harold Pinter said during his Nobel acceptance speech, “As a salesman [America] is out on its own and its most saleable commodity is self love. It’s a winner.” America is unmatched as a salesman, and foreigners are mesmerized.

        In 1997, Lieutenant Colonel Ralph Peters wrote in Parameters, the US Army War College quarterly:

        Most citizens of the globe are not economists; they perceive wealth as inelastic, its possession a zero-sum game. If decadent America (as seen on the screen) is so fabulously rich, it can only be because America has looted one’s own impoverished group or country or region. Adding to the cognitive dissonance, the discarded foreigner cannot square the perceived moral corruption of America, a travesty of all he has been told to value, with America’s enduring punitive power […]

        It is fashionable among world intellectual elites to decry “American culture,” with our domestic critics among the loudest in complaint. But traditional intellectual elites are of shrinking relevance, replaced by cognitivepractical elites—figures such as Bill Gates, Steven Spielberg, Madonna, or our most successful politicians—human beings who can recognize or create popular appetites, recreating themselves as necessary. Contemporary American culture is the most powerful in history, and the most destructive of competitor cultures. While some other cultures, such as those of East Asia, appear strong enough to survive the onslaught by adaptive behaviors, most are not. The genius, the secret weapon, of American culture is the essence that the elites despise: ours is the first genuine people’s culture. It stresses comfort and convenience—ease—and it generates pleasure for the masses. We are Karl Marx’s dream, and his nightmare.

        Ours is also the first culture that aims to include rather than exclude. The films most despised by the intellectual elite—those that feature extreme violence and to-the-victors-the-spoils sex—are our most popular cultural weapon, bought or bootlegged nearly everywhere. American action films, often in dreadful copies, are available from the Upper Amazon to Mandalay. They are even more popular than our music, because they are easier to understand. The action films of a Stallone or Schwarzenegger or Chuck Norris rely on visual narratives that do not require dialog for a basic understanding. They deal at the level of universal myth, of pre-text, celebrating the most fundamental impulses (although we have yet to produce a film as violent and cruel as the Iliad). They feature a hero, a villain, a woman to be defended or won—and violence and sex. Complain until doomsday; it sells. The enduring popularity abroad of the shopworn Rambo series tells us far more about humanity than does a library full of scholarly analysis.


        • Agree: Dan Hayes
        • Replies: @Jeff Stryker
      182. @Commentator Mike

        Whiteness is indeed beautiful in China.

        Chinese people, especially Chinese women avoid the sun like the plague because dark skin is associated with manual labor and toiling in the fields (i.e. peasants and the uneducated).

        Ironically, China is the last place where Whites and “whiteness” is still admired.

      183. denk says:


        Is it true that (((they))) are the mastermind behind the empire of chaos ?

      184. @Republic

        The Chinese locals do not refer to White models as “white monkeys”. It is a term used by the “expat” community in China, according to the South China Morning Post.

        The term “white monkey” sounds derogatory and hence I suspect it was probably a subversive Jew who invented it. The Chinese love Whites; Jews do not.

        Foreigners who can barely speak Chinese in search for casual jobs are most likely to accept this kind of offer. They are processed by a third party which is an English-speaking local agent that takes a cut for the transaction that usually ranges from 20%-30%.

        “Most are here on student visas to learn Chinese, but they never go to class,” Alice, an agent who wished to withhold her identity, told SCMP.

        “Chinese want the most foreign-looking foreigners possible – dark eyes and dark hair are a no-no. Sharp facial features are no good, either. They want tall, with white skin, blond hair, blue eyes, and a round, cute face. Muscles are very good – there are many topless jobs for guys with good muscles,” she said.

        Below is a White guy in China who says it’s kinda cool to be a “white monkey” but because his brain has been short-circuited by Jewish Media all his life he thinks it’s bad of the Chinese and calls it racism–even though it is pro-White racism–and, of course, he is totally oblivious to the fact that it was some Jew who came up with the anti-White term. Beta cucks like him would be lunch meat in Zion.

      185. Truth says:

        Successful Jewish woman marrying ugly Chinese man and having babies through gene splicing.


      186. Truth says:

        Asians of all stripes are aping the ghetto black culture, bumping to rap, “fucking bitches”, getting tattoos, wearing earrings, etc.

        Well the “bumping to rap” part is actually black… I’ve heard that white guys “fuck bitches” but I have never seen it happen, so I cannot confirm nor deny.

      187. @TMG

        Northern Virginia is mostly Asian and Latino now, with some SWPL types sprinkled in the nicer areas. Maryland, by contrast, has a lot of Hebrews and Negroes–though it’s full of third-worlders too. Pick your poison.

      188. @Alfa158

        Well put, and all-too-accurate.

      189. @Charlie

        Very soon, high-res color printers will be issued to all people of color so they can simply print out whatever money they need. What could be simpler?

      190. @Ron Unz

        Is the commenter “Saira Rao” the same person who ran for Congress, or just some anonymous person trying to pass themself off as her?

        • Agree: eah
      191. @Linh Dinh

        DEAR MR. LINH

        In the Philippines I knew a Philippine National Policeman who’d worked as a security guard in 1984 on the set of MISSING IN ACTION and Norris-who has oddly enough spoken publicly of his Irish-American father’s alcoholism and the extent to which it affected him-was himself a strong drinker who was robbed at a foreign exchange kiosk while under the influence by three thieves on one of the main boulevards and left dazed by injuries.

        While Norris was nice enough, according to the policeman, a stuntman was killed on the set of the film.

        Even less savory I knew the former tennis coach of the Manila Intercon which housed Coppola’s American crew. During long shutdowns in production of APOCALYPSE NOW, they supplemented their income by shooting pornographic films in the lobby.

        • Replies: @Commentator Mike
      192. eah says:

        …mall disturbances, including shoplifting flash mobs and even riots, are no longer unusual in America.

        Yang is smart enough to know this is one big reason so many malls are in trouble, but may not be honest enough to admit it — nor that the kind of reuse for failed/abandoned malls he is proposing (office space etc etc) has been tried many times before, and is nearly always a waste of taxpayer money (if there was genuine opportunity there taxpayer money wouldn’t be required) — a lot of the higher quality human capital needed to make that kind of thing work has often left the area by that point.

        A brief suggestion about the person commenting as “Saira Rao” — as you may (or may not, I don’t know) be aware, this is a real person (also something of a troll) — I believe she lives in CO, and even contested an election there — her Twitter account is well-known, and she may have other social media accounts or websites (?) — anyway, my point is that the person commenting here as “Saira Rao”, who has only made 3 comments, and all on your work, does not include anything in the optional “Web site” field — so there is really no way to know for sure who this person “Saira Rao” really is — I suggest you ask Ron Unz to verify the identity of this person, and if it is not the real Saira Rao, then consider not allowing these troll comments by this asinine impostor.

        See also comment #194 (thanks to “greysquirrell”).

      193. anon[247] • Disclaimer says:
        @Anonymous Snanonymous

        Anonymity Snakeinus- a new breed of reptile seen off the coast of Ganga near Ayudhha Ram Mandir

      194. From the biblical Sarah comes the copycat Muslima Saira and Rao comes from Rai a cognate of reign meaning to rule, then how is it not as fake as a three-dollar bill? And don’t F around reptiles lest they sting you…

      195. Che Guava says:

        I am not 100% in agreement. As native Japanese dishes, consider katsudon, katsu curry, oyako-don, etc.

        There is a place on a platform on the Jnban line, I think Toride, they phut friied chicken in the soba. It is madly popular.
        ah. So, there is native junk food.

        Also consider the much higher market penetration of U.S.-style fast-food in Japan.

        If you are in Korea and can read Hangul, order in Korean, what you order will be accopanied by six types of namuru. That is not bad, nutritional.

        Sth. Korean junk food (leaving the American base), also fun, pizza slice for one. Sure wouldn’t say that Korean cuisine is as wide, but it is very enjoyable.

        To me, it is very annoying of that the hotness is always toned down. Not all Korean food is chili-hot, but some is, aftすせせr

      196. Sparkon says:

        In Russia, they sell their whiteness a little differently, but in Russia, almost everything takes a back seat to patriotism, as it should.

        In recent decades, a folk song about a “dark Moldavian girl” has become very popular in Russia as a symbol of the partisans (of WWII) — although the song was commissioned originally for the Russian Civil War — and is often sung today by “flash mobs” that show up spontaneously in public places and provide rousing renditions of patriotic songs like Smuglyanka – The Dark Girl. (smoog lyanka)

        This performance of «Смуглянка» is from the May 9, 2011 commemoration of Victory Day. The lead singer is Sergey Astakhov. I can’t identify the other Russian stars in this performance, but their rendition is super – супер.

        I think most Russians would rather sing and dance than go to war, and with their history, who could blame them?

        Раскудрявый клён зелёный…

        • Replies: @Maowasayali
      197. @Sparkon

        I grew up thinking Russians looked like Joseph Stalin or Yul Brynner–the power of Jews to shape our opinions is simply shocking in that what we think is real and true is actually the complete opposite of reality and truth… that is unless you think Yul Brynner could pass for Fyodor Dostoevsky’s Dmitri Karamazov?

        In other words, has it never occurred to you that Stalin wasn’t Russian or that even something as trivial as the girl in the “dark Moldavian girl” song wasn’t Moldavian but a Jew?

        • Replies: @Jeff Stryker
        , @Sparkon
      198. @Maowasayali

        Yul was Russian, so it is not hard to imagine him looking Russian.

        He sort of looks like Putin.

        • Replies: @Maowasayali
      199. Linh Dinh: “In 1961, the National Liberation Front published a platform that included this item, “Combat all forms of culture and education enslaved to Yankee fashions; develop a culture and educatifon that is national, progressive, and at the service of the Fatherland and people.””

        Reads like it could have come from an NSDAP manual, and reminds me of King Canute attempting to command the tide. But the USA is the center of technological civilization, and its national motto, e pluribus unum, is an eerie prefiguring of the Borg dictum “You will be assimilated!” Germany fell hard, but now is jumping into the fire as willingly as Vietnam, even importing negroes, both sand and lip plate varieties. Some part of this, perhaps even the whole, is simply due to the fact that modern technology is race and culture neutral. Thus, it spreads without effort. Re-engineering humanity into culture-less, race-less blobs of protoplasm, and turning the world into one vast shopping mall is part of that wonderful project. No wonder everyone is in a hurry to join up!

      200. @Jeff Stryker

        Yul looks almost like a negro in the movie poster– a striking resemblance to Woody Strode, the Jewish prototype of the “numinious negro”.

        But whatever…

        Yul Brynner was so Russian-looking that millions still remember him as the King of Siam (Thailand). LOL

        • Replies: @Jeff Stryker
      201. @MalePaleStale

        Actually I agree that Whites have become too accommodating, emasculated, reserved, etc. It seems that there’s a preception that all white guys are lame [email protected]$$ docker wearers who can’t jump, can’t dance, can’t @#%&, etc.

        • Replies: @Jeff Stryker
        , @Hank Yobo
      202. Sparkon says:

        In other words, has it never occurred to you that Stalin wasn’t Russian or that even something as trivial as the girl in the “dark Moldavian girl” song wasn’t Moldavian but a Jew?

        It has occurred to me many times that neither was Stalin Russian, nor was Hitler German.

        Nevertheless, between the two of them, the Austrian and the Georgian led pushed millions of fine German and Russian youth to slaughter each other in titanic battles over the course of several years, and all for what? Marxist-Leninist ideology, or some fantasies about Lebensraum?

        Certainly, no one can blame the Soviet Union for defending itself when Germany attacked. In fact, I think it was Stalin’s policy to make that happen, i.e. to provoke Hitler by massing Red Army formations in menacing dispositions up close to the border, in the same way Roosevelt provoked the Japanese by moving the Pacific Fleet to Pearl Harbor.

        Stalin’s advance troops were equipped with mostly obsolete tanks and aircraft, while the USN’s battleships parked at Pearl Harbor were similarly obsolete, a fact known to astute military observers since U.S. Gen. Billy Mitchell’s surface ship bombardment demonstrations in the 1920s showed the vulnerability of capital ships to air power.

        You see from the video that Russian patriotism is quite alive even fervent, because their fathers and grandfathers were defending the homeland against the German attack.

        Imagine how much more difficult it would have been for Stalin and his propagandists, even Jewish ones, to rally Russian patriotism, and the other Soviet nationalities, if the Soviet Union had been the aggressor against Germany.

        In the past I’ve suggested it was Roosevelt who convinced Stalin to let the enemy strike first, but perhaps I’ve got their roles reversed. Indeed, there is good evidence of substantial Soviet penetration of the Roosevelt administration, on the one hand, while on the other, I’ve never heard the slightest suggestion that there were any American agents in Stalin’s inner circle, and so it is not so much a question of who was shagging whom, but rather how much? and how often?

        For that story about what the United States shipped to the USSR during WWII under Lend Lease run by likely Red spy Harry Hopkins, see From Major Jordan’s Diaries

        Well, it’s been said the the Jews own Hollywood. I think you could even argue that the Jews own propaganda. Edward Bernays was Sigmund Freud’s nephew. As their ship was docking in NYC before an American speaking tour in 1909, Sigmund Freud confided to Karl Jung “They don’t realize we’re bringing them the plague.”

        Well, here’s Hollywood’s take on the Soviet Union from 1957, brought to you in “…glorious Technicolor, breathtaking CinemaScope and S t e r e o p h o n i c S o u n d.”

        “Sweet Siberia” by Cole Porter from Silk Stockings

      203. @Maowasayali

        Wikipedia him.

        His father, Briner, was the son of a Swiss-German and Russian mother of partial Buryat ancestry.

        Yul’s mother was of partial Russian Jewish ancestry from Moscow.

        Millions remember Elizabeth Taylor as Cleopatra and I have been to Egypt and she does not look Egyptian.

        • Replies: @Maowasayali
      204. @Onebelowall

        Everyone in Haiti or a Brazilian slum can jump, dance and screw. They do a great deal of all three. Japanese can do none of these well. Is Port-a-Prince better than Tokyo?

        • Replies: @Onebelowall
      205. @UrbaneFrancoOntarian

        I am not up to date with what’s going on in that part of the world. Some time ago I was told that there was a debate or conflict between Arabisation and Islamisation going on in that region, but I’m not clear what’s the difference. I wish someone would explain the intricacies of this and its implications for the future there.

      206. @Jeff Stryker

        I think there’s a happy medium between the two.

      207. Sparkon says:

        I woke up this morning with some OCO (Obsessive Compulsive Orientation) in my eyes, so while I gulp coffee, I begin with that first Russian female singer in the video «Смуглянка» Smuglyanka.

        You see, I paused that video right before the announcer in fact IDs all the participants in the “New Year’s Blue Light 2012” production, and wouldn’t you know it, the first and featured female singer to appear was Елена Воробей — Yelena Vorobey — who was born Еле́на Яковлевна Лебенбаум, or Yelena Yakovlevna Lebenbaum, if that tells you anything. She was not picking grapes — nor was anyone else, dark, light or indifferent — but Yelena was wearing a uniform in the video, like all the others. Surely by now the song transcends a strict literal interpretation of its lyrics — or their relevance to anything anyway — which serve mostly as a familiar framework to hold the beautiful melody and rhythm together.

        Воробей (Vorobei) in Russian means “Sparrow,” and the ensemble of Russian dancers were in fact airmen from the VVS. The other two ladies are Natalya (Наталья) and Yulya (Юля-Julia), but my tin ear hasn’t been able to get their last names correct so that Gooble will cough up some good results. I already spent too much time with Воробей, which had me going in circles because it definitely is not a typical Russian last name, and I only happened to stumble onto her name while reading the comments under the video, which is the source for my observations about contemporary Russian patriotism.

        The music for “Smuglyanka” was composed by Anatoliy Novikov with lyrics by Yakov Shvedov, who was possibly probably Jewish. The song has transmogrified from its original spirit and purpose, which was to glorify Grigory Kotovsky, who had led two rebellions against Tsarist Russia in Moldova. Wikipedia:

        He made a career from a Russian gangster and bank robber to eventually becoming a Red Army commander and member of the Central Executive Committee of the Soviet Union.

        Kotovsky was killed by Seider Meyer in 1925, and Meyer himself was killed by some old cavalry pals of Kotovsky in 1930, but all of those messy details are swept under the rug, and this spirited performance by Vorobey and the others shows how it’s done in Russia.

        Getting back to Hollywood and Silk Stockings, it seems Central Casting really did a pretty good job with the trio of Red heavies — Brankov, Bibinski, and Ivanov — who were sent to retrieve the straying Communist composer in Paris. Failing in their task, they were rhapsodysing about their likely fate and ultimate destination in the “Sweet Siberia” dance number, where Peter Lorre either doesn’t know the words, or can’t sing and dance at the same time.

        Brankov – Peter Lorre –

        (born László Löwenstein; 26 June 1904 – 23 March 1964) was a Hungarian-born American character actor of Jewish descent. … Lorre caused an international sensation in the German film M (1931), directed by Fritz Lang, in which he portrayed a serial killer who preys on little girls.

        Lorre left Germany when Adolf Hitler came to power. His first English-language film was Alfred Hitchcock’s The Man Who Knew Too Much (1934)

        Bibinski – Jules Munchin – Born to Russian parents in NYC in 1915

        Ivanov – Joseph Buloff – Born on January 20, 1899 in Vilna, Russian Empire

        As they say, two out of three ain’t bad.

        Finally, in case anyone gets any funny ideas, I’m pretty sure Joe McCarthy never interviewed the Sweet Siberia Three — Brankov, Bibinksi, and Ivanov, or Lorre, Munchin, and Buloff, either three — but it might make a good movie.

        Maybe Moskvallywood could do it.

      208. @Saira Rao

        Trump is a fascist, cruel beyond all measure.

        Oh, I don’t know that it is immeasurable…
        I propose that cruelty could (and should) be measured against the contemporary “gold standard”
        …. the metric Benjamin.

        You may, however, prefer it written in your native tongue, thus: בִּנְיָמִין נְתַנְיָהוּ

        Against such a towering icon of base malevolence, Trump is little more than a “B-list” comedic fig leaf.
        He probably registers no more than a 0.2 on the Bibi-ometer.


      209. @pdb

        And an actual journalist! (We have 5-6 of those in the USA)

        I thought Gary Webb turned the lights off on the way out?

      210. Haven’t been to Philly in decades, but the mere mention of The Gallery really took me back to my high school years. When it first opened, The Gallery quickly became a hub for teens from a couple different neighborhoods….kids who never before mixed. Also bored suburban young adults who generally had the best weed….even Quualudes. Downers seemed to be the perfect compliment to the late 1970s.

        Lost my virginity to a girl I first met there. Met up with her in ’11 after connecting thru a Facebook group. A mid level government bureaucrat. Sensed she was disappointed how her career turned out.

        But we survived the decade. No small feat.

      211. @Jeff Stryker

        Hulk Hogan’s stunt double was killed off set in Manila by a drive-by shooter in the 1990’s.

        • Replies: @Jeff Stryker
      212. @Commentator Mike


        I don’t doubt that. One American who lived in the bowels of Cebu city told me that when two motorcycles come by with four shooters the target doesn’t really have a chance. They’re done.

        And it is surprisingly easy for foreigners to get shot. One Korean told me a Filipino woman will drop everything to have an affair with a foreigner she perceives to be a ticket out-her husband, her kids, boyfriend, whatever.

        The foreigner had no idea she is married and he is shot by someone he never met.

        And sometimes foreigners were shot for simply being rude.

        • Replies: @Commentator Mike
      213. @Jeff Stryker

        Brynner’s Wikipedia bio has crypto-Jew written all over it; so does Stalin’s (and just about anyone else who is famous) was my main point.

        Incidentally, if you really think millions still remember Elizabeth Taylor as Cleopatra from the 1963 movie by the same name, then you’re probably a boomer in his 70s.

        Most people under 50 remember her if at all, as the fat and unlikely love interest of the late and formerly black Micheal Jackson, who, speaking of selling Whiteness, did more of it ironically than anyone else I can think of in the most recent past quarter-century.

        I have yet to decode what that just-too-weird relationship was all about, but some have suggested that Taylor was really a male-to-female transgender (a little Jewish man) and Jackson was a female-to-male transgender.

        In any event, Jackson’s transformation from a black man to a female-looking white and young Elizabeth Taylor look-alike is indeed very curious and conspiratorial to me.

        The Oligarchs love to mock us, sometimes they do it openly by taking their pants off and shitting in front of us.

        But because we have been so brainwashed and or so dumbed down we believe that a fat and old hag could be the love interest of the “King of Pop” who could have screwed any woman he wanted but chose Taylor instead.

        I mean, only a “crazy conspiracy theorist” like me would not believe any of this BS, right?

        To make things more complicated, Jackson was also rumored to be a pedophile and molested children at his Neverland Ranch. Confused?

        It seems the Oligarchs love to confuse us as much as they love to mock us.

      214. @Jeff Stryker

        Yes it can be a dangerous place. The brother of one of the Black Eyed Peas was shot dead in Angeles City some 10 years ago as well as others.


        There were even cases of somebody getting killed almost on arrival, like outside the hotel after the ride from the airport. And people were killed by robbers coming out of money changers.

        • Replies: @Jeff Stryker
      215. @Parbes

        Parbes, you are a sick Bolshevik defending the very people who destroyed the Russian Empire, one of the greatest civilizations on earth, and who continue to feast on the carcass. Lukashenko and Putin are both traitors to the Russian nation. They are building nothing, they are simply squirreling away wealth and selling their resources to China. I meet Belarussians in Poland all the time these days. There is no future in Belarus for anyone with an ounce of ambition or dignity. Russia at least can offer interesting careers to people who want to live in Moscow but the countryside and small towns remain impoverished and bleak in a way most Americans can’t imagine. The willingness of the American right to suck up to Putin is squalid.

        • Replies: @Parbes
      216. ajeoshi says:

        Jeff, Mike

        Eons ago when i was working my very first job in the financial racket in NYC i met this Pinoy American dude employed as a stock broker.

        Like every professional haughty upper-class Pinoy wannabe he claimed partial Chinese and Spanish ancestry. Not surprisingly the guy spoke of his Motherland with a mix of bitter venom, utter contempt and sheer terror.

        Specifically he told me the place was hell on earth for Filipino Americans. That’s because at the time there was a kidnapping epidemic going on. A kidnapping epidemic specifically targeting them as they were perceived as fabulously wealthy.

        The guy relayed to me the story of some other Filipino dude working at the IT department of the firm whose uncle had just been taken away a few months before during a trip to visit his relatives. The poor sod had his ear sawed off within hours of the kidnapping.

        The whole Filipino coomunity basically organized a collection to get uncle Ramon back as his family, although far from poor, couldn’t even dream of coming up with the ransom money they demanded.

        Mind you this was the late 90’s, since then the local economy and the overall situation somewhat improved so I don’t know if it’s still such a hyper-violent $hithole.

        I visited the place (only Metro Manila) just once in 2012 for what turned out to be the most bizzarre “business” trip I ever experienced.

        The whole place oozed a really odd vibe, like I don’t know an East Asian country that went through a nuclear holocaust only to be rebuilt (in the loosest meaning of the word) as a mix of Idiocracy and a low-budget Asian porn.

        • Replies: @Jeff Stryker
      217. @Commentator Mike


        Yep, Manila is that bad. Stay away from it if you can (My business was in Cebu).

      218. @ajeoshi


        Actually, drug dealing lowered the rates of kidnapping. Meth became popular, and all of the sudden people had an economy. Corruption and drug-related petty crimes went through the roof, but the kidnapping subsiding.

        Most of the kidnappers were police officers, remember.

        Once these police could become high-level drug dealers, much more lucrative, the kidnapping dropped off.

      219. Parbes says:
        @Peter Akuleyev

        Scat you neocon twit. You are a hypocrite, liar and slanderer like all of your ilk. Every single thing that you wrote in your stupid post here is outright bullshit not even worth replying to. EVERY LAST ONE of the Bolsheviks, Jewish or Slav, was a far more honorable and laudable man than a wannabe-comprador Atlanticist POS like you. There’s a reason people like Stalin had cretins like you gulagged. Now you regime-change sewer rats are gathering in places such as Poland to try to pull off your despicable tricks again – the governments of Russia and Belarus had better beware, if they have any brains.

        Do the world a favor and go KILL YOURSELF.

      220. @The Alarmist

        This shows how ignorant people are of fiat currencies of which there are two kinds: one based on debt and the other based on credit.

        The Constitution permits the US government to issue bills of credit which were what Lincoln’s greenbacks were. Bills of credit actually are a paper derivative of the English tally stick currency which lasted 800 years. Governments can issue bills of credit without taxing the people or without issuing debt instruments. They are not inflationary because a government must get something of value before they are issued.

        The US government could pay off all of its debt tomorrow with bills of credit. So the answer that the government can not go bankrupt is absolutely correct. And bills of credit are at their absolute best when a government is so called “bankrupt.” In fact the Supreme Court said the issuing bills of credit were part of the government’s war powers. Lincoln paid his soldiers and military suppliers with them.

        But banks hate them because banks can not issue them. Banks want a fiat currency based on debt, not on credit.

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