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The coronavirus was spread throughout China by travel associated with the Chinese new year. Now the virus is being spread throughout the US by travel associated with spring break.

The coronavirus escaped from China, because governments and airlines waited too long before they stopped flights in and out of China. The US government and airlines are waiting too long to stop domestic flights in the US.

Government carelessness is also a contributor to the spread of the virus. President Trump agreed that the US passengers who had been quarantined for weeks aboard the Diamond Princess cruise ship in Japan who were free of the virus would be flown to the US on two chartered planes, but the 14 Americans who tested positive for the virus would remain in quarantine. However, State Department officials and a top US health official instead flew back the infected Americans on a plane with uninfected passengers. It is entirely possible that the health passengers were infected and now are spreading the virus.


In Europe the virus is now spreading from Italy, because European Union officials refuse to implement border controls. By refusing to take sensible actions until the situation is out of hand, governments then resort to widespread mandatory quarantines.

The virus appears to be an engineered bioweapon that escaped from the level 4 lab in Wuhan. My understanding is that the development of bioweapons is prohibited but nevertheless is done in a number of countries. The fact that governments are complicit in the illegal activity means that they cannot acknowledge that the virus is man-made.

To prevent future escapes, publics must demand the cessation of bioweapon research.

Globalism is also a culprit in the spread of the virus. The interdependence that globalism creates means that there is constant travel across national borders that serves to spread illnesses globally.

• Category: Foreign Policy • Tags: Bioweapons, Coronavirus, Globalism 
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It is difficult to get reliable information about coronavirus. The information difficulty is further complicated by interest groups using the outbreak for their own agendas. For example, many both inside and outside China are using the spread of the virus to criticize the Chinese government. Others, both inside and outside China, claim the virus is a bioweapon unleashed on China by the US. Still others say the global elite has decided to implement a program to reduce the world population and that Bill Gates, one of the global elite, said some months ago that a global pandemic would break out at this time. Some Internet sites attract traffic by posting reports of massive numbers of Chinese deaths and crematoriums running 24/7. The official Chinese story has been that the virus originated in a market that sold wild animal meat. The fact remains that Wuhan, apparently a city larger than any in the US, has been locked down for a month.

Francis Boyle (University of Illinois) is an expert on biowarfare weapon research. He wrote the Biological Weapons Anti-terrorism Act of 1989, which is the US implementing legislation for the 1972 Bio-Weapons Convention. In interviews (see for example, https://www.activistpost.com/2020/02/us-biowarfare-act-author-studies-confirm-coronavirus-weaponized.html ) Boyle says he has read four scientific studies that confirm beyond doubt that the coronavirus is an engineered bioweapon. The studies show that the virus has elements added to make it easy to spread and elements that reduce the ability of the immune system to resist the virus.

Boyle reports that the bio-engineering work that makes the virus easy to spread was done at the University of North Carolina, and that the work that allows HIV to be added was done in an Australian facility. He shows that Chinese scientists from the Wuhan BSL-4 biowarefare lab were present in both the UNC and Australian labs and participated in the research. The Chinese scientists returned to Wuhan, each with an essential part that enabled the Wuhan lab to produce what we call the coronavirus, the official name of which is CoVid-19.

Boyle says that the virus’ escape was an unintended event, and that such escapes from biowar labs have happened before.

Scientists now say that a person with CoVid-19 can be contagious for 30 days without showing symptoms. As the virus can be spread through air and touch and has a 9-day life on surfaces, it can spread far and wide before it shows itself. As the death rate is now estimated to be 15-18 percent, it is a major threat.

In China the escape of the virus coincided with the internal travel associated with the Chinese New Year, thus quickly and widely spreading the contagion. Americans and Europeans have found comfort in the few cases outside of Asia and in reports that only Asians have died from the virus. However, this might only reflect the time delay in the appearance of symptoms. Globalism makes every virus spreadable. The Western World might be in for a shock as it has turned out that the 14-day quarantine period is insufficient. Scientists now say the quarantine has to be 27 or 30 days to be effective in preventing the spread of the virus. Considering the number of exposed people who were released after 14 days, the Western world should be prepared for a large and rapidly increasing number of infections.

The view that only Asians were infected (the early cases in the West were Chinese people) and that Americans had been thrown out of China for collecting Chinese DNA supported the belief of those who regard the virus as a race-specific biowarfare attack on China. Again, the long incubation period would be the explanation for lack of deaths so far among white races. Considering that Iran has now reported Iranian deaths from the virus, the virus is unlikely to be race-specific.

What can be done? Perhaps very little. Boyle reports that the weaponization of viruses for biowarfare is a felony punishable with life imprisonment. Yet, Boyle says that every country with the capability engages in the work despite its illegality. Boyle says that the National Institute of Health financed the work at the UNC facility. As US, Chinese, and Australian governments are complicit in the felonies, they cannot tell the truth about the situation without implicating themselves. Thus coverup stories such as the claim that the virus came from eating infected bats.

Moreover, few qualified to speak out can. The reason is that so many micro-biologists and virologists are involved in the illegal work. Boyle says the US alone has 13,000 scientists involved in illegal biowarfare work. People do inhumane work because of money.

Boyle is an expert, but one authorities can easily discredit. An active civil libertarian and strong critic of the US government, he opposed the Vietnam War, pointed out Amnesty International’s cooperation with US foreign policy, opposes the sanctions on Iran and Israel’s treatment of Palestinians, supports the Hawaiian Sovereignty Movement, and has a number of other positions regarded as controversial. He became persona non grata when he was the first to state that the anthrax in the anthrax letters sent to US senators in the aftermath of 9/11 to stop any independent investigation and opposition to the police state measures that were put into law could only have come from a US government military laboratory, and when he published “Biowarfare and Terrorism,” which exposed the US government’s initiation and expansion of an illegal biological arms buildup. Boyle, the person-to-go-to for the media, found himself banned. Today he is interviewed only on Internet programs and is termed a kook by those who control the narrative.

• Category: Science • Tags: China, Coronavirus 
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There is no evidence that Russia is interfering in the 2020 US presidential election in order to reelect Trump. Nor is there any reason for Russia to prefer Trump, who has done nothing for Russia. Indeed, Trump has imposed sanctions and endangered Russia by withdrawing from arms control agreements. The claims of interference reported by the New York Times come from unnamed sources, described as “US intelligence officials,” in a recent briefing of the House Intelligence Committee organized by Rep. Adam Schiff. We do not even know if such claims were made or whether this is another of Schiff’s many inventions planted on the New York Times, Schiff’s partner in crime and fake news.

Schiff is the highly partisan chairman of the House Intelligence Committee who was a driver of Russiagate and the subsequent effort to impeach President Trump. He is a known liar, having been caught in numerous lies and misrepresentations. Schiff arranged these new claims of Russian interference in order that, in the event of Trump’s reelection, the Democrats can tie up Trump for the entirety of his second term with bogus charges just as they did Trump’s first term. In that way the Democrats, the political party of racial minorities, sexual perverts, and immigrant-invaders, can prevent Trump from politically organizing white Americans whose lives, careers, and safety have been harmed by global US corporations transferring their jobs abroad and by the increasing attacks on white Americans as racists and “white supremacists.” Despite the First Amendment, white Americans are losing the right of free speech, because if they “offend” a protected category of person when they exercise their free speech right, they risk being fired from their job and being investigated for a “hate crime,” a crime that can only be committed by white people. White Americans are slowly being marginalized, and, rightly or wrongly, they see Trump as a protector.

If intelligence officials actually made the claim of Russian interference, money is the reason. The intelligence community gains more power and a larger budget the more threats, real or imagined, that can be claimed. The intelligence community, which has badly served Trump during the Russia-gate and Impeach-gate hoaxes, is worried that they will experience cutbacks during Trump’s second term. Therefore, they are determined to keep the “Russian Threat” alive.

The notion of Russian interference in US elections is hilariously funny. There is interference in US elections from many sources. Interest groups interfere with massive amounts of money. The Israel Lobby is the most notorious. Even if the Russian government went all out to interfere in American elections, Moscow could not possibly match the influence of the Israel Lobby.

Powerful private interest groups also interfere. Candidates who stand for election need their campaigns financed by Wall Street and the banks, the military/security complex, the extractive industries (energy, mining, and timber), agribusiness, the pharmaceutical corporations, real estate interests, and so on.

The political parties themselves interfere by rigging electronic voting machines, by making voting difficult for supporters of the opposite party by such means as culling voting lists and providing an insufficient number of voting precincts for all to vote. Democrats have also been noted for voting grave yards by stuffing ballot boxes with votes of dead people.

Many US elections are simply stolen. Many Democrats believe, not without reason, that the US Supreme Court stole the 2000 presidential election for George W. Bush.

The obvious conclusion is that even if Russia tried to influence the election, Russia’s efforts would be insignificant compared to the many powerful forces interfering in American elections.

So what is the purpose of stressing Russian interference? Moreover, the complaint of interference doesn’t set well coming, as it does, from the US, whose government has massively interfered in foreign elections—recently Honduras, Venezuela, Ecuador, Bolivia, Brazil—and invades and overthrows governments—recently Serbia, Georgia, Iraq, Libya, Ukraine, and almost Syria— when election interference is not possible.

Schiff might succeed in tying up Trump’s second term. Trump’s patriotic American base has been successfully brainwashed by neoconservatives to view Russia as a dire threat to the United States. This indoctrinated view of Trump supporters and right-wing talk radio, makes unfounded charges of Russian interference believable to flag-waving Americans. The consequence is that Trump’s base is susceptible to Democrat charges that Trump has sold out America to Russia. If you listen to Hannity and Rush Limbaugh, what you hear is: “yes Russia interfered in our election, but it had nothing to do with Trump.” So, Schiff will ask, “why hasn’t Trump stopped Russia from re-electing him?

A country ruled by propaganda and disinformation has no capability of knowing what its interests are, much less how to defend the unknown interests. A brainwashed population cannot hold on to its country.

Americans have been brainwashed to believe that multiculturalism, that is, a flood of non-European ethnicities becoming a majority of the population, is in their interest. Americans are told that a flood of non-European immigrants are needed to provide business energy and innovation and to prevent population decline by having high birth rates. White Americans are told that it is in their interest to become a minority that can be dispossessed by the “replacement population.”

As the entirety of the Democrat Party has swallowed this line, what happens when one of them again becomes President? Considering the virulent propaganda against white Americans, will they become endangered like Jews in Nationalist Socialist Germany?

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Winston Churchill said that Russia was “a riddle, wrapped in a mystery, inside an enigma.” Having read two contrasting news reports of attitudes in Russia, I understand what Churchill meant.

General Valery Gerasimov, chairman of the Russian General Staff, has concluded from Washington’s many NATO intensified drills on Russia’s border that Washington and its NATO puppet states are preparing for a major conflict. In a briefing to foreign military attaches in Moscow, Gerasimov said that the increased number and scale of military exercises conducted by NATO members indicates that the alliance “is purposefully training its troops to be engaged in a major military conflict.” https://www.rt.com/news/476178-nato-big-war-kremlin/

The Kremlim’s spokesperson said that the Russian government trusts the opinion of General Gerasimov.

To be clear, based on analyzed evidence the Russian military sees Washington and its vassals preparing for war with Russia. The Russian government states that it trusts the opinion of the Russian military leadership.

Yet, a contemporaneous poll published by the Levada Center, an independent Russian pollster, reports that 80% of Russians see Washington and its NATO vassals as “friends.” https://tsarizm.com/news/eastern-europe/2020/02/18/poll-4-out-of-5-russians-view-west-as-a-friend/

“Only 3% of Russian respondents said they see the West as Russia’s enemy, Levada said. Another 16% said they view the West as a rival.

“Two-thirds of Levada’s respondents (67%) said Russia should treat the West as a “partner,” while 11% said Russia should treat the West as a “friend,” according to the Kommersant business daily’s breakdown of the data.”

The extraordinary difference between the view of the Russian general staff and ordinary Russians is hard to explain. Who is communicating with the Russian people? Their leaders? Or the Western funded NGOs and media that feed Western propaganda to the Russian people? Are the Russian people still listening to the Voice of America?

If these contrasting news reports are correct, then Russia is faced with the fact that the awareness of the government that Washington and its European vassals are an enemy intent on war is not shared by the Russian population. This implies a total failure of communication between the Russian government committed to Russian national sovereignty and the Russian people who apparently see no risk of being colonized by their friends in the West.

How can the Russian people, humiliated by American sanctions and endless denunciations of their elected president, who led them out of American captivity, and threatened by Washington’s nuclear missiles on their border, possiblly believe in friendship and partnership with Washington?

If the polls are correct, and the Russian people do not understand Washington’s hegemonic impulse, Russian sovereignty is not a sure thing.

• Category: Foreign Policy • Tags: American Military, Russia 
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I remember when censorship in America was a limited phenomenon. It applied during war time—“loose lips sink ships.” It applied to pornography. It applied to curse words on the public airwaves and in movies. It applied to violence in movies. There could be violence, but not the level that has become common.

Today censorship is ubiquitous. It is everywhere. In the United States censorship is both imposed from above and flows from the bottom up. Censorship is imposed from above by, for example, TV and print media, Google, Facebook, Twitter, and by laws in 28 states prohibiting criticism and participation in boycotts of Israel and by President Trump’s executive order preventing federal funding of educational institutions that permit criticisms of Israel. Censorship flows from the bottom up by, for example, people of protected races, genders, and sexual preference claiming to be offended.

The ubiquitous censorship that today is characteristic of the United States has shut down comedians. It has shut down criticism of non-whites, homosexuals, transgendered, feminists, and Israel. Official explanations are shielded by labeling skeptics “conspiracy theorists.” The ubiquitous censorship in the United States is an extraordinary development as the US Constitution guarantees freedom of expression and a free press.

We owe journalist Abby Martin appreciation for reminding us of our right to free speech. Abby is suing the state of Georgia, one of 28 states that have violated the Constitutional protection of free speech.

Abby was scheduled to give the keynote speech at a conference at Georgia Southern University. She discovered that in order to speak publicly at a Georgia college she had to sign a pledge of allegiance not to criticize Israel. Her refusal to sign resulted in the conference being cancelled.

Here we have the state of Georgia blocking free speech because it will not support the Israeli position on Palestine. See: https://www.lewrockwell.com/2020/02/no_author/journalist-abby-martin-sues-state-of-georgia-over-law-requiring-pledge-of-allegiance-to-israel/ . Also: https://www.timesofisrael.com/filmmaker-who-wouldnt-sign-georgias-oath-not-to-boycott-israel-sues-us-state/

Think about this for a moment. More than half of the 50 states that comprise the United States have passed laws that are clear violations of the US Constitution. Moreover, these 28 states have imposed censorship in behalf of a foreign country. Americans have gags stuck in their mouths because 28 state governments put the interest of Israel higher than the First Amendment of the US Constitution. When government itself is opposed to free speech, what becomes of democracy and accountable government?

Why would 28 states legislate against the US Constitution? One explanation is that the state governments were bought by the Israel Lobby with money under the table, by promises of political campaign donations, or by threats of financing rival candidates. How else do we explain 28 state governments imposing censorship in behalf of a foreign country?

Abby Martin is one person who will not stand for it. She has brought a lawsuit that—if the US Supreme Court is still a protector of the First Amendment—will result in the 28 state laws and Trump’s executive order being overturned. The protection of Israel against boycotts parallels state laws passed in the 1950s that prevented Martin Luther King’s movement from boycotting businesses that practiced racial segregation. These laws were overturned by the Supreme Court.

The outcome of Abby Martin’s suit will tell us whether the US Constitution is still a living document.

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White people aren’t supposed to know that they are being demonized by the New York Times, PBS, universities, the Democrat Party’s Identity Politics, and corporations, and if they find out they are not allowed to protest. If they do protest, they are in even more trouble.

Those Americans empowered by “white privilege” who are still a demographic majority are too scared and too intimidated to open their mouths or use their pocketbooks to protest their demonization and marginalization. Facebook and Twitter will drop them, denying them their virtual existence. Indoctrinated and mindless white friends will shun them as racist, anti-semitic white supremacists. Twenty-eight US states will fire them if state employed and deny them contracts if their protests have anything to do with Israel. Deserted and isolated on social media, their life will be over. This is what “white privilege” means.

Throughout the Western world truth is out of favor. Indeed, truth is objectionable. It offends Identity Politics, feminism, the Israel Lobby, the military/security complex, Monsanto/Bayer, the extractive industries, the pharmaceutical industry, the “woke people,” the transgendered and every other interest that desires to be unaccountable and free of criticism.

Today it is much more important to be sensitive to “woke people” and the Israel Lobby than it is to tell the truth. Truth has ceased to be a criteria in news reporting and analysis. Indeed, it is increasingly dangerous to challenge official explanations. It gets you fired and left unemployable in the media, the educational system, and Google.

In Canada and Europe a researcher who challenges the official Holocaust story can be imprisoned regardless of the objectivity of his research. The question should be: is he right or wrong, not has he violated a taboo lobbied into law. Even research that reports massacres of Jews can put a researcher in prison if he doesn’t support the official number of exterminated Jews and official means of extermination. If a researcher finds that two million Jews were machine-gunned into open trenches but there were no gas chambers, he is toast if he publishes his findings.

Alternative media websites that favored normalizing relations with Russia found themselves on a PropOrNot list designating them to be “Russian dupes or agents.” Both myself and Stephen Cohen, the last honest Russian expert in American universities, are on the list of “Russian agents and dupes.”

In other words, if a person supports normal diplomatic relations with a nuclear power capable of terminating life in the United States for eternity, this person is a Russian Agent. This means that Presidents John. F. Kennedy, Richard Nixon, Jimmy Carter, and Ronald Reagan were Russian Agents.

What has gone wrong in American understanding of the world that four Presidents of the United States are considered to be Russian Agents?

Another example of the inability of Americans to think straignt is that Internet sites that warn of dangers of vaccination suffer harassment and denunciation instead of open discussion whether they are correct. There is evidence that vaccinations cause more deaths than they prevent. This evidence should be carefully investigated, and the results honestly reported. Is this still possible in the United States?

To tell truth about anything in America or anywhere in the Western World is becoming increasingly difficult and is very costly to truth-tellers. Just consider the threatment of Manning and Julian Assange. Both are in prison, despite the fact that neither of them should be in prison according to law. But truth-tellers are no longer protected by law or by the truth. Assange is in prison because Washington demands revenge for Wikileaks bringing to light Washington’s war crimes. Manning is in prison because Manning will not give false testimony against Assange. A democracy governed by a rule of law cannot produce these results. Therefore, we know certainly that the United States is definitely not a democracy ruled by a rule of law.

So what is the United States? A tyranny that is acceptable because its propaganda produces a chauvinistic population that supports at any cost the tyrannical government as long as it advertises “foreign threats”?

As America and the Western World have many lies among their foundations and historical development, indoctrinated people are hostile to truth that disproves the lies that are the foundation of their belief system. Peoples, such as Americans, Canadians, and Europeans, who are accustomed to a diet of lies, are naturally hostile to the truth.

My article, “PBS Assaults White People” ( https://www.paulcraigroberts.org/2020/02/12/pbs-assaults-white-americans/ ) is a statement of fact, not an opinion piece, but some of the websites that traditionally have been eager to repost my articles are now shying away from statements of truth, because the cost of stating truth has risen so high.

What I think has happened is that many Americans no longer know the difference between fact and opinion. They think everything is opinion and the best opinion is the politically correct opinion. A factual statement that is not politically correct is not treated as a factual statement but as a politically incorrect opinion that brings denunciation of the writer. Whenever I peruse comment sections I encounter this common confusion of truthful fact with disapproved opinion. This is now happening in universities with renowned professors silenced on their subject matter, because the facts are politically incorrect and are objectionable to feminists and people of color, few, if any, of whom have any comprehension of the subject matter.

According to news reports, white professors and administrators at Cambridge University have been individually assigned a person of color to monitor their speech, reading lists, lectures, and university policies for anything that would be offensive to persons of color. Yet we hear that white people muzzled in this way have “white privilege,” while black professors denounce white people as “racists.” Isn’t this “black privilege” instead of “white privilege?”

The non-white professors at Cambridge don’t have a white monitor to prevent their accusation of racism against whites, or to make certain that hatred of white people—colonialists and the sort—is not featured in their reading list or in their lectures, whereas no white professor can have on his reading list Karl Polanyi’s book, Dahomey and the Slave Trade or Jean Raspail’s Camp of the Saints. As Karl Marx has been labeled an anti-semite although he was Jewish , Das Kapital will soon disappear from amazon.com and from university reading lists.

• Category: History, Ideology • Tags: American Media, Political Correctness 
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The New York Times’ assault on white Americans, about which I wrote yesterday ( https://www.paulcraigroberts.org/2020/02/11/the-new-york-times-assault-on-white-americans/ ), is not unique to the New York Times. White people are the targets of Identity Politics—the political ideology of the Democrat Party. The demonization of white people is the main focus of “Black Studies” in universities and schools. Corporate adds now engage in attacks on white ethnicities, such as this Scandinavian Airlines ad:


Not to be left out of the fun of beating up on white people, PBS announced that the propaganda film, The Long Shadow ( http://thelongshadowfilm.com ), will be aired 697 times on 176 PBS stations and channels across 70% of the US.

The Long Shadow is an ignorant or intentionally propagandistic film. The premise is that white-imposed institutional anti-black racism, “guided by the South’s powerful political influence, steadily, deliberately and at times secretly, established white privilege in our institutions, laws, culture and economy.” This is an amazing lie. Slavery was universal. Muslims held millions of white slaves obtained from raids on European coastal towns. Was this “Muslim anti-white racism, guided by Islam’s powerful influence,” or was it the appropriation of labor, as were feudal dues or the modern income tax on labor? How come slavery is only something whites did to blacks, and not something that Muslims did to whites or blacks to blacks? As the historic record makes certain, the black slave trade originated in Africa in the black king of Dahomey’s slave wars against other black tribes.

When whites held whites as slaves, was this white-imposed anti-white racism?



These questions are carefully avoided by The Long Shadow film, by the New York Times’ 1619 Project, by Black Studies, and by Identity Politics as is the question: Where did the black slaves come from?

The answer is that they came from the black kingdom of Dahomey.

Does this mean that blacks, “guided by the black king’s powerful influence imposed anti-black racism and institutionalized this racism in Dahomey’s laws and homegrown African institution of the black slave trade?”

What about the Jewish slave traders? Are they also responsible for institutionalizing racism?

Why did slavery only cast evil over America and not over Greece, Rome, Europe, the Muslim world, and black Africa? What kind of bullshit game are PBS, the New York Times, Identity Politics, Black Studies, school districts, and corporations playing?

How is it that slavery is white racism when every race has owned slaves?

According to The Long Shadow propaganda, the filmmakers are two “privileged daughters of the South, who were haunted by their families slave owning past” and made the film as an act of exorcism. Slavery in the US ended more than one and one-half centuries ago. Does anyone really believe that today, after 55 years of minority preferences in university admissions and employment, two people in the 21st century are remorseful over a feature of an ancestor’s society in the 19th century? What sense does this make?

What is wrong with the New York Times, PBS, universities, and Democrats that they are unable to comprehend that for the United States slavery was an inherited institution, not one created by the Founding Fathers or by Southerners?

The answer is that they are determined not to understand anything. The intent is to demonize white people.

If Jews are demonized, it is hate speech and anti-semitism.

If blacks are demonized, it is hate speech and racism.

But when whites are demonized it is OK, but it is not OK for whites to protest their demonization. So, how is there white privilege when whites are the only race whose demonization is encouraged, and, if whites protest, it is regarded as proof that they are unrepentant white supremacists?

The demonization of white people is so out of hand that today white Americans and Europeans are demonized worse that Jews were demonized in National Socialist Germany. No good can come from this. Swedish women are already paying a huge price ( https://www.paulcraigroberts.org/2020/02/09/swedish-government-aligned-firmly-with-migrant-invader-rapist-murderers-against-swedish-women/ ).

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Dean Baquet, the executive editor of the presstitute New York Times, announced on August 12, 2019, the “1619 Project” which reinvents American history and reduces it to racism and slavery. As I wrote in my remarks on the project on August 22, 2019, the New York Times has an agenda which is to dehumanize and demoralize white Americans of the original colonial era ethnic stock so that left indefensible and overwhelmed with guilt they will accept their fate as their country is overrun by non-white immigrants touted by the New York Times as the real founders of the country.

The 1619 Project portrays white people as the source of all evil in America. The project is distinctly anti-white. Nothing comparable could be said about blacks, Jews, or any other race or ethnicity as the 1619 Project says about white people. Only white people can be demonized like this. It is the intention of the New York Times that the 1619 project becomes the basis for the American history curriculum in all schools. The Buffalo, New York, public school system has already announced that the 1619 project is required for all students. The teaching of hatred of white people is on its way to being the primary goal of US education.

Liberal historians have complained about the untruthfulness that characterizes the project, but American liberalism has already been swept away by Identity Politics, the ideology of the Democrat Party, which teaches that white people are the oppressor class and everyone else is the victim class. Hillary Clinton herself labeled the American working class the “Trump Deplorables.”

When the New York Times announced the 1619 project, I noted the lies on which the project rested ( https://www.paulcraigroberts.org/2019/08/27/a-note-on-the-new-york-times-1619-project/ ). The New York Times wrote: “In order to understand the brutality of American capitalism you have to start on the plantation.”

There were no plantations in the British Virginia colony in 1619.

The 1619 Project claims that the British colonies that evolved into the United States 157 years later were racists from the beginning because 20 black slaves were brought to Jamestown in 1619. Not that facts matter to the 1619 Project or to the New York Times, according to John Rolfe who recorded the event at the time, the 20 Africans were a Dutch man-of-war ship captain’s offered payment to the colony for food for which the Dutch ship was short. Historians have corrected this original report by John Rolfe and say the ship was an English warship, White Lion, which had seized the slaves from the Portuguese slave ship, San Juan Bautista, in an act of piracy. To cover up the piracy, Rolfe said the ship was Dutch.

In 1619 slavery as an institution did not exist in the Virginia colony. Slavery evolved gradually and legally from indentured servitude and was not recognized in law in the colony until 1662. Until that year, blacks were considered indentured servants and some were able to gain their freedom ( https://www.nps.gov/jame/learn/historyculture/african-americans-at-jamestown.htm ).

The importance of 1619 is not that a warship unloaded blacks, captured from the Portuguese, in the Virginia colony. The importance of 1619 is that it was the year that the Jamestown British colony in Virginia formed the first representative assembly. But this is not what the NY Times emphasizes.

The 1619 Project also ignores that there were hundreds of thousands of white slaves in addition to white indentured servants in the colonies. See, for example, They Were White and They Were Slaves: The Untold History of the Enslavement of Whites in Early America, 4th Edition ( https://www.amazon.com/They-Were-White-Slaves-Enslavement/dp/0929903056/ref=sr_1_1?keywords=White+Slaves&qid=1581376154&s=books&sr=1-1#customerReviews ).

The 1619 Project further demonstrates its totally propagandistic nature by ignoring that slavery in 1619, and for a long time before and after, was universal. Millions of white people were held as slaves by people of color ( https://www.paulcraigroberts.org/2019/03/12/whites-were-slaves-in-north-africa-before-blacks-were-slaves-in-the-new-world/ ).

The propagandistic 1619 Project also carefully avoids asking where black slaves came from. Did the white British colonists sail over to Africa, kidnap some black people and and sail back to the colony with them? No. The black king of Dahomey originated the black slave trade in his slave wars against other black tribes. When Dahomey had more slaves than they could afford to keep, they began selling them to Arabs and later to Europeans who needed a work force in their new colonies. The socialist Karl Polanyi provides a history of the black slave trade in Dahomey and the Slave Trade (1966), a truthful account for which the propaganda known as Black Studies has no interest. And neither does the 1619 Project, the purpose of which is to destroy white confidence and to teach hatred of whites who are already on the path to second class citizenship like female Scandinavians ( https://www.paulcraigroberts.org/2020/02/09/swedish-government-aligned-firmly-with-migrant-invader-rapist-murderers-against-swedish-women/ ).

Some critics of the anti-white 1619 Project interpret it as an effort of a Jewish newspaper to shift black Americans’ focus on Jewish slave traders to whites instead. The Black Muslims’ book series, The secret Relationship Between Blacks and Jews, reveals that Jews were major beneficiaries of the trans-Atlantic slave trade. Various Jewish authors are the sources for this conclusion. One wrote that “Jews were about twice as likely to be slave owners as the average white Southerner,” and another wrote that “in all the American colonies, whether French, British, or Dutch, Jewish merchants frequently dominated” the slave trade ( https://www.unz.com/article/jews-selling-blacks-book-stirs-reparations-movement/ ).

In a book titled Jews Selling Blacks: Slave-Sale Advertising By American Jews, the Black Muslims published a large collection of the actual historical ads that Jewish slave traders placed in newspapers advertising black slaves for sale . Needless to say, the books published by the Black Muslims are banned by amazon.com on orders from the Jewish Anti-Defamation League.

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If the coronavirus proves to be serious, as it does not appear to be at the present time, many economies could be adversely affected. China is the source of many parts supplied to producers in other countries, and China is the source of the finished products of many US firms such as Apple. If shipments cannot be made, sales and production outside of China are affected. Without revenues, employees cannot be paid. Unlike the financial crisis of 2008, this would be an unemployment crisis and bankruptcy of large manufacturing and marketing corporations.

This is the danger to which globalism makes us vulnerable. If US corporations produced in the US the products that they market in the US and the world, an epidemic in China would affect only their Chinese sales, not threaten the companies’ revenues.

The thoughtless people who constructed “globalism” overlooked that interdependence is dangerous and can have massive unintended consequences. With or without an epidemic, supplies can be cut off for a number of reasons. For example, strikes, political instability, natural catastrophes, sanctions and other hostilities such as wars, and so forth. Clearly, these dangers to the system are not justified by the lower labor cost and consequent capital gains to shareholders and bonuses to corporate executives. Only the one percent benefits from globalism.

Globalism was constructed by people motivated by short-term greed. None of the promises of globalism have been delivered. Globalism is a massive mistake. Yet, almost everywhere political leaders and economists are protective of globalism. So much for human intelligence.

At this point of time, it is difficult to understand the hysteria over coronavirus and predictions of global pandemic. In China there are about 24,000 infections and 500 deaths in a population of 1.3 billion people. This is an inconsequential illness. Compared to the ordinary seasonal flu that infects millions of people worldwide and kills 600,000, the coronavirus so far amounts to nothing. Infections outside of China are minuscule and appear to be limited to Chinese people. It is difficult to know for certain, because of the reluctance to identify people by race.

Yet China has huge areas in quarantine, and travel to and from the country is restricted. Nothing like these precautions are taken against seasonal flu. So far this flu season in the US alone 19 million people have been sickened, 180,000 hospitalized, and 10,000 have died. The latest report is that 16 people in the US (possibly all Chinese) have come down with coronavirus, and none have died. https://www.cnbc.com/2020/02/03/the-flu-has-already-killed-10000-across-us-as-world-frets-over-coronavirus.html

Perhaps the coronavirus is just warming up and much worse is to come. If so, world Gross Domestic Product (GDP) will take a hit. Quarantines prevent work. Finished products and parts cannot be made and shipped. Sales cannot take place without products to sell. Without revenues companies cannot pay employees and other expenses. Incomes decline across the world. Companies go bankrupt. You can take it from here.

If a deadly coronavirus pandemic or some other one does erupt and there is a world depression, we should be very clear in our mind that globalism was the cause. Countries whose governments are so thoughtless or corrupt as to make their populations vulnerable to disruptive events abroad are medically, economically, socially, and politically unstable.

The consequence of globalism is world instability.

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The Democrats are toast because they are incapable of producing a leader and are the politicians of divisive Identity Politics. The party’s ideology is anti-white and anti-male.

The party is also ensnared in Biden’s corruption. The Obama regime used Ukraine as a money laundering operation. Billions of US taxpayers’ money flowed to Ukraine and most then flowed back to Democrats like Biden and Son. The Clintons perfected this kind of scheme and accumulated $1,500 million in their “foundation” and $120 million in their private pockets. Tell me, from where did a poor boy from Arkansas and a second-rate lawyer get this amount of money?

The utterly corrupt Democrats have spent the entirety of Trump’s first term in CIA/FBI orchestrated coups—Russiagate and Impeachgate–for which they never could produce a gram of evidence. The US media is so corrupt and so devoid of integrity that the Democrats could get away with this with the media. But not with the American people, a growing majority of which trusts neither Democrats nor the lying corrupt media, CNN least of all.

This doesn’t mean the Republicans are any good. I criticize Trump all the time and have pointed out real reasons for impeaching him, but these reasons impose on Democrats’ corrupt interests and relationships and are ignored. Trump will win a second term because he is not perceived, as Democrats are perceived, as anti-white, and whites are still a voting majority despite Democrats’ efforts to reduce white Americans to a minority that can be democratically persecuted. Indeed, many whites already feel this way. They cannot say anything, intentionally or not, that “offends” a preferred minority protected by “hate speech” and “hate crimes,” protections denied to white Americans. Yet white Americans have to endure 24/7 slander that they are racists, white supremacists, misogynists, homophobic, anti-Semite and whatever the term is for not caring for the “transgendered.”

Trump also speaks for the working class dismissed by Democrats as the “Trump Deplorables.” It is the working class that has paid for “globalism” and trade deals by having their jobs given to foreigners. The way America is ruled, it benefits the One Percent with crumbs spilling down to the top 10 percent. No one else benefits. Trump is a multi-billionaire who aligned with working Americans. That’s how he got elected. I remember driving through working class neighborhoods and seeing only Trump signs. That’s when I knew he would be elected. The Democrats have abandoned the working class and the poor for Wall Street money. Bill Clinton and Hillary showed them the way.

During Trump’s entire term he has had to spend his energy resisting the orchestrated attacks designed to remove him from office. It seems clear that this is perceived by those Americans who have been seriously harmed by globalism, jobs offshoring, unlimited immigration legal as well as illegal, wars, and racial and gender quotas. The obvious link between the Democrats and the military/security complex in the attack on Trump has destroyed the image of the Democratic Party. The Democrats are now a party of war.

This leaves the Democrats as a party that does not in any way represent working Americans. One of the Democrat candidates for the presidential nomination is a capitalist who has more billions than Trump. The Democrats are determined to prevent “socialist” Bernie Sanders from getting the presidential nomination because he might do something for the working class.

A serious question remains. As the military/security complex despite the efforts of CIA director John Brennon, the efforts of FBI director Comey, the efforts of the Obama Justice (sic) Department, and the presstitutes failed to assassinate Trump with words, will bullets be next?

America is a destroyed country. America’s schools and universities teach disrespect if not hatred of white people and heterosexual males. The epithets are driven in year after year–rapists, racists, slavers, misogynists. This anti-male propaganda shows up even in corporate ads such as Gillette’s infamous putdown of men. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=koPmuEyP3a0 2w“

The impact of such a demeaning diet on young white males is devastating. Some seek refuge by becoming feminized and supportive of the attack on their race and gender. NPR is full of such males as are American universities. Parents of white males in elementary schools find that the feminized teachers have no interest in the academic success of their sons. Little is done to help them; much to demoralize them.

Other young white males seek refuge in suicide. On June 18, 2019, the Los Angeles Times reported that “The rate at which young Americans took their own lives reached a high-water mark in 2017, driven by a sharp rise in suicides among older teenage boys . . . Suicide is now thought to be the second leading cause of death for Americans between 10 and 34.” https://www.latimes.com/science/la-sci-suicide-rates-rising-teens-young-adults-20190618-story.html The Journal of the American Medical Association reported that for the age group 14-24 the suicide rate of males is four times higher than that of females.

In America, the role of men and the respect they once had as providers and protectors has been stripped away. Today senior white male professors are upbraided by deans and sensitivity officers and sometimes ordered to sensitivity training because they used the words “girls” in class.

At Cambridge University, white professors and administrators have assigned to them a person of color to monitor their speech, reading list, lectures, and attitude in order to guarantee that no literary expression and fact of history, law, physics or biology “offends” a protected minority.

That a faculty as prestigious as Cambridge’s, a university ranked as number two in the world after Oxford, would accept this humiliation is proof that whites in countries that still have white majorities are now second class citizens. One wonders what follows after this. Will white professors next be sent to re-education centers? Will they be deported like Jews in Nationalist Socialist Germany? What will happen to white people who are continually demonized in universities and the media and by Democrats?

These questions are not entirely rhetorical. In 2017 the Huffington Post allowed a feminist, or a parody of one, to raise the question of denying white men the vote:

“If white men no longer had the vote, the progressive cause would be strengthened. It would not be necessary to deny white men indefinitely – the denial of the vote to white men for 20 years (just less than a generation) would go some way to seeing a decline in the influence of reactionary and neo-liberal ideology in the world. The influence of reckless white males were (sic) one of the primary reasons that led to the Great Recession which began in 2008. This would also strike a blow against toxic white masculinity, one that is long needed.” (The article, “Could It Be Time To Deny White Men The Franchise,” by Shelley Garland was published on April 13, 2017. The article has since been taken down as the author’s identity could not be confirmed.)

Paul Craig Roberts
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Paul Craig Roberts has had careers in scholarship and academia, journalism, public service, and business. He is chairman of The Institute for Political Economy.

Dr. Roberts has held academic appointments at Virginia Tech, Tulane University, University of New Mexico, Stanford University where he was Senior Research Fellow in the Hoover Institution, George Mason University where he had a joint appointment as professor of economics and professor of business administration, and Georgetown University where he held the William E. Simon Chair in Political Economy in the Center for Strategic and International Studies.

Dr. Roberts was associate editor and columnist for The Wall Street Journal and columnist for Business Week and the Scripps Howard News Service. He was a nationally syndicated columnist for Creators Syndicate in Los Angeles. In 1992 he received the Warren Brookes Award for Excellence in Journalism. In 1993 the Forbes Media Guide ranked him as one of the top seven journalists in the United States.

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